Woman Gives Birth to Twins With Different Daddies

Twins fascinate me.  When I was a kid I wanted to be one, give birth to a set, or at the very least befriend twin sisters that would astoundingly finish each other sentences and have wacky ESP moments.  My brother had two sets of twin friends, all of whom I wanted to marry. I used to stare at their beautiful identical faces in the hopes that …

… they would fall in love with me.  At the same time, and fight over me.  Sadly it never happened.

Needless to say I am also fascinated by the recent mind-boggling twin story out of Poland.  It appears that a woman in Poland has given birth to a little boy and his adorable sister from another mister.  That’s right a set of twins with different fathers. The mother admittedly was having sex with her husband and another man while she was ovulating.  And yes, I swear to God I am neither making this up nor stealing the plot line from Steinbeck’s East of Eden.

As if being a twin weren’t amazing enough, now these two babies that shared a womb will have different fathers.  And I mean really, what are the chances? I guarantee these twins will end up being artsy as all hell.  Just because.

The occurrence of having twins with two different fathers is extremely rare -so much so that there are only 7 documented cases.

I have a feeling that this married woman had alot of explaining to do when the DNA results proved that her babies had different fathers.  Looks like this husband wasn’t the type to snoop around in his wife’s e-mail account, otherwise he might have found out that is child was going to have a half-brother or sister, and sooner than he thought.

Sadly, or who knows, maybe thankfully, the mother of the twins has divorced her husband.  Silver lining?  She is now living with the other twin’s father.  I’d say that’s a made for TV movie or a Tyra Banks show episode at the very least.

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89 thoughts on “Woman Gives Birth to Twins With Different Daddies

  1. The ick-factor is huge for me here. A married man has sex with his wife- little does he know that slippy gushy feeling is not only his wife’s happy juices…but the baby batter of another man. Gag.

  2. Of course it’s disgusting. But then, any cheating is. I don’t think it’s a matter of her being divorced – it’s no surprise the husband divorced the woman.
    It’s unfortunate that will be the start for the kids’ lives.

  3. I think this is probably pretty common, if you factor in the number of women who cheat. The “7″ number is only a result of most men being too stupid to get there children’s DNA tested. Even under the most ideal circumstances it’s a 50/50 chance that the children a dude thinks are his are actually his.

    • I haven’t yet started my stats class but I’m going to go ahead and call bullshit on your mathematical calculations…!

          • Also a reason for the jewish matriarchy system. But 50/50 chance? That’s ridiculous. And my birth certificate listed my father as *******. So I am a familial pessimist. But my mother was pregnant with me when she got with my sister’s father. Like 7 months pregnant. There was no deception (besides allowing me to believe he was my father). You are watching too much Maury…

          • @jess 50/50 at best. All women cheat, it is as an intrinsic part of a woman’s makeup as two x chromosomes. I am willing to bet you have cheated and so have all of your female friends. Take into account women tend to have more lovers when they are ovulating and you have the 50% number. Funny story a friend of my cousin is seeking to get child support from her ex-BF (she has a new baby). Apparently in her state you have to get a DNA test to prove the child is his. She didn’t have the form with her but I wanted to see it. I would like to know how many “fathers” you can list on it. It must be common for a woman to be unsure of who she should seek child support from, so the form must list more than one potential “father”. It would be interesting to see how many slots they provide.

          • ‘All’ statements are usually incorrect. ‘All’ women do not cheat. I would question ‘most’ women cheating, but ‘all’ I can safely negate.
            I would not oppose mandatory paternity testing though. I like the truth getting out there, and way too many men are kept in the dark.

          • @Kai, I can’t see Paternity testing becoming mandatory. The shear volume of women who commit paternity fraud would overwhelm any system. Lets say a hospital handles 300 births a year, and 200 of those the fathers are present. That means at least 100 dudes finding out there wives are cheating on them, how many of those do you think will freak out? Plus all the women who would sue because the government “ruined” there marriage. Not to mention all the dudes who couldn’t face the truth and sue because the test “made there wives unfaithful” or some such crap.

          • You are assuming that of the women who cheat, the vast majority go so far as to get pregnant with the other guy. Your numbers are absurd.
            But even under your scenario – who cares? It’s hardly the hospital’s fault. The obvious thing to do would be to send the testing away immediately, but not have immediate results. Send the results a couple days later once the initial stuff has calmed down, and everyone’s back home.
            As for suing, like all other frivolous lawsuits, that goes through only as long as people (judges and citizens selected for jury) are dumb enough to decide it works that way. Any judge with a brain would through out the charge on lack of merit.

          • @Boring. Fuck off. Like seriously, fuck right the hell off you pathetic sack of shit. You can’t match up to LeDouche’s level of douchery, but the fact that you’re trying really makes it special.

          • @erin, that is quite a little rant, to quote the bard “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

  4. Boring, “All women cheat”, can the same be said about men? I still don’t know how to take you with some of these comments. Don’t know if I’m wasting my time here, but I still can’t figure out what makes you tick. Some of your comments can be very thought provoking, while others are just out there.
    Some women cheat just like some men cheat. Some people actually can have healthy trustful relationships, either way, this story is just wrong. I still can’t get Jess’s first comment out of my head, yuck.

    • Some men cheat, not very many actually. The perception of men cheating more comes from the fact that there is very little societal stigma for a women who is cheated on, if a woman finds out her man is cheating she will scream it from the rooftops, loudly and for the rest of her life. Men are embarrassed by a cheating spouse or GF and tend to keep it to themselves. Also women have more opportunity to cheat being that they are the ones most commonly pursued, while a man has to go out and find a woman to cheat with. Also women are very skilled at hiding affairs (a fact) and feel very little if any guilt. A man who cheats knows that he is betraying his significant other and the harm it may do to his relationship though it may not stop him. A woman sees infidelity as something for “herself” like a haircut or manicure. Ask any woman “if she is truthful” she probably knows more women who had affairs than men “though the women were probably never caught” and has probably had many affairs herself. And most likely feels no guilt about it. A It is just a universal attribute of women, the only difference between women are those that care enough their significant others feelings to hide their affairs and those that don’t.

      • You are so full of bullshit! Editors, can I suggest that I wish his mother had aborted him like all other evil women do? It didn’t get Douche kicked, so I’m assuming I’m good too.
        You pickled bog trotter.
        Men cheat just as often as women do. Probably more. Men view it as their god-given right to fuck women and use them like the sex objects they view them to be. You know this is true, and if you don’t, you’re even more ignorant than I previously believed.

        • I counter with the fact that your anger exposes you, only the guilty would be so riled up by such a broad statment. I am not your husband or BF, your actions are your own. A litte advice if you want that story to fly next time you tell it, be a little calmer.

        • No, you stupid cunt, I won’t calm the fuck down. Because I prostesteth so goddamn much because women. are. not. cheaters. Humans cheat. It pisses me off to no end that my fidelity is called into question simply because I possess one more X chromosome than you do. I’m this pissed off because I am so fucking sick of being offended. I don’t cheat. I have nightmares about cheating on my boyfriend because I know it would destroy the best thing I have in my life.

          Do us all a favor and make like boring suggests, drive off a cliff.

          • First off, what!!!???? Drive off a cliff? I think your guilt is making you loopy. Perhaps that is the cause of your nightmares? Don’t worry I wont rat you out.

          • Your argument is really ingenius. There’s no way to counter it because I can either (A)ignore it and thereby let you assume that you’re correct, (B) tell you you’re wrong and be told that I’m lying or ignorant, or (C) get pissed off and be told that it’s solely because I’m guilty. You’re a motherfucking genius, you are. There’s no possible way to debate your statements. So yes, I’m perfectly content fantasizing about murdering you. Makes me feel a whole lot better.
            LeDouche, you’re next. I miss a ZL conversation where women weren’t constantly attacked. Makes me want to stop reading the comments altogether. At least trolls on Jezebel get blocked.

          • My point exactly Erin. I’m telling you, it won’t be long before this site is dead.

        • Why does it offend you so? I did not say that women are stupid evil harpies or that they are somehow less than men. Only that given the opportunity and a mutual attraction a woman will stray. Ask your self does the vitriol directed at me seem like the honest protests of the innocent, or the rage of the guilty. And be honest with yourself are you certain if given the opportunity with someone you fancy but could not mantain a relationship with you would not stray? Even if no one was looking?

          • Honestly, no I would not stray. Because it would eat at my soul and destroy me. I realize you can’t empathize, seeing as you’re lacking in the soul department.

          • I have never cheated on my husband, and he is definitely the father of our baby.
            But who knows, we’ve only been together for 12 years. I guess there’s plenty of time for me to start cheating and have another man’s baby.
            *crossing fingers*

        • Boring, I’ll be the first to agree with you on some of your “perceptions of females.”
          No sex, man or women is perfect, nor are they the same. I firmly believe that men and women are vastly different in their thinking, emotions and behaviors. Whether it is hard wired or not, could be open for debate. I will also say that I have worked in a male dominate field for over 20 years and I would prefer that. I personally don’t like working with *most women. I find that women are *in my opinion, more back stabbing and love to play games, while men are much more direct in their approaches. I can’t say this is a fact and can’t lump all women or men in these catorgies. It’s only my experience and how I feel.
          Where I have to draw the line is at your “all women” comments. I’ve known women who would cheat on their boyfriends/husbands because they believe they have earned it. I’ve known some who will go after married men just because they can. I have also known women who have had pregnancies after telling their mate they were on birth control just to snag a man. Yes, those types of women do exist.
          I have also known women who value their relationships and in no way would ever cheat on their mate. Women who enter a relationship based on friendship and trust. Women who are top notch caring people with everyone they meet. Married men are off limits, not only out of respect for the other female, but for respect of themselves.
          I just wonder how badly you’ve been burnt by possibly poor choices in women.
          I have no time or patience with the types of women I described in my second paragraph. Just like I wouldn’t have the patience with men of the same. I don’t think that this subject falls into a male vs female role, but that more of the character of the individual in question.

  5. Boring sure lives in some freaky ass world.
    I’m going to Home Depot to get stuff to put up a fence so his world doesn’t gate crash into mine.

      • Boring – I’m single. I can fuck whomever I want.
        When I was married, I had no interest in another man.
        I figure that the day someone else looks so good to me that I’d violate my own code, it’s time to re-evaluate the relationship.

        • A pretty speech, but I notice you did not expressly deny cheating (not that that means anything), nor comment on the tons of your female friends who no doubt cheat. Don’t get me wrong, it is not as if I hate women who cheat. That would be like hating women who have breasts or teeth. I am just saying that it is a fact of life (granted one that should not be dwelled on overmuch).

          • She also didn’t expressly deny that she is, in fact, a newt. But i feel safe to extrapolate both conclusions from her statement.
            If you’re looking for the direct, here you go:
            I know of two women who have cheated (using the broadest definition possible). One is a friend of friends for whom I have no respect, and the other one I lack full details of the situation, having heard all at least second-hand.
            I absolutely accept that there are others of my female friends who may have cheated without telling me.
            But I have never cheated. So I can give you at least one direct refute. But then, you believe all women lie as well, so what do the words matter to you?

          • You have some odd thought processes, don’t you?
            So, I have to state very clearly, in a loud voice:
            “I do not cheat!”
            Was it good for you?

          • @Kai did I say all women lie? Or is that just a way to make my arguments sound like an angry attack on women?

          • No, I was under the impression that you had made that statement in previous conversations.
            If I was incorrect, then either you’re assuming not all women lie, but perhaps I am, or if you’re willing to believe me, then I’m disproving your “All women cheat” theory.
            Or perhaps it is explained away my assuming I’ve never had a chance?

  6. Boring, I’ve never cheated on a guy in my life. I’m not perfect, I’ve done bad things in my life. But that is one thing I would never, ever do. Until you have an actual study to cite, instead of your little gems of personal experience and anecdotes, I refuse to believe that women cheat more than men, or vice versa.

        • Point of fact I have never cheated, not out of some feeling of moral superiority, it just has never worked out that way. As for being cheated on, I am sure I have. However all my GFs have respected me enough to at least keep it from me.

        • Logically speaking, it would make a lot more sense to assume that he has been cheated ON so many times to assume that all women cheat.
          Hey, I know men who feel that way. Or women sick of dealing with some quality in men they’ve crossed a few times who decide it’s innate to the sex.

          • But what kind of problems must this guy have if he always chooses women who lie to him and cheat on him? If this is such a common occurrence for him, I think the problem is likely HIM and not women as a gender.
            Here’s a hint: someone who is less attractive can make a far better and more loyal mate. If boring’s dating playboy bunnies, I’m not surprised he’s getting burned.

          • @Erin So now your saying that it is pretty women who cheat eh? You better stop now you are coming around to my point of view by inches. The funny thing is you know I am right but are to stubborn to admit it. You have exposed your personal behavior over and over by your comments. I don’t want or need your confession however, but maybe there is someone in your life who should know what you are up to? Maybe if you tell them what you are up to you can get rid of some of that guilt that makes you so angry, think about it.

          • It worries me that you’re so convinced that everyone is lying to you. Perhaps you should seek psychiatric help, you appear to be schizophrenic.

          • @Erin, says the women with the wild mood swings, so who is it today, Good Erin, Bad Erin. Or foaming at the mouth, spitting flecks of saliva at her moniter Erin?

          • Definitely rabid Erin. What can I say, you infected me and I have yet to get the shot for it.

  7. “All women cheat and lie about it and if you dare to tell me otherwise I’ll just say you’re being a lying harpy!”
    Fantastic, we’ve let troll #1 essentially fuck up any further discussion. So….anyway, weird that she managed to get twins by two separate men, amiright??

    • eh. I’m happy ignoring people when there’s a conversation going on around them. There wasn’t something else derailed here.

    • For the life of me, I’ll never understand how anyone can live their life out with such a distorted view of 50% of the population.
      I’ve gone through a lot with both of my ex husbands, but it doesn’t color my view of all men. It doesn’t make sense to even allow it to color my opinion of THEM.

  8. I think the fact that my life has been such a hellhole the past few days (starting with my hard drive of 6 years dying and me realizing somewhere along the move all my backups up and vanished and today starting as me driving to a lake 6 miles away and for the first time ever locking my keys in my car and having to walk back home to get my spare then walk back to the car in 28 degree weather and then just having my day get worse) has really colored my view in the fact that I’m not even vaguely annoyed at borings opinion of women, I haven’t cheated but I’m still young, who knows. and I’ve known people who’ve cheated by not any 50% of people, so why let it get to you? also if anyone has a computer not from the 90′s I beg you to be thankful that your not on the hallway floor (only internet point that’s not wireless) and to have pity for my bruised, sore ass (tile floor).

  9. I could never ever cheat. I am predisposed to think of cheaters as sacks of shit. But when I reevaluate, I’m not the best person to ask, as I’m very different in how I approach men. I am so ridiculously picky. I have to really really really like someone to date them. I find so much fulfillment in friendships and with myself, that I wouldn’t want to waste my time. And I’m still young enough to go out dancing and make out with randoms at clubs instead of throwing myself into a relationship for the sex. I also have a very low level of tolerance for pretenses, I don’t like to start a relationship with a stranger. I like knowing people and I like experiencing falling in love without the pressure. So at that point, it doesn’t make any sense at all for me to consider cheating. If a relationship isn’t working, I will try and fix it, but ultimately I’ll end it if I can’t.

    • Firstly your fine with making out with strangers but you’d never start a relationship with any of them? Wtf?
      Secondly I don’t think I would cheat but then I was thinking what if I was in an abusive relationship and afraid to leave but I had the chance to grasp a bit of happiness by having a quick fling would I do it? and my answer was a solid fuck yes. If I’m not afraid for my life though I’d want to believe I’d break up with the person before I would cheat on the person.

      • I actually never said I’d never start a relationship with someone I made out with randomly, but the likelihood is pretty close to zero. For that to happen we would have had to had some type of connection other than physical. Maybe in between dancing and making out if we went to get a drink from the bar, we would have an actual conversation, enjoy each other, and make plans to meet again. Now this is possible, but it would more likely just lead to a hookup. Which isn’t a relationship. The huge trend in college campuses right now is starting relationships stemming from one-night stands. I dislike that. Not that it is wrong, but I just don’t have the willpower to date someone I’m not fully in to. I might make out with a guy I think is cute and then talk to him and find him annoying, boring, stupid, or mean. On the other hand, I could do what makes me happy and make out with people I want and date people I want. In general I can do what the fuck I want, yay!

        • I don’t think it’s a matter of summoning your willpower to date someone you don’t fully like.
          It’s that *sometimes* a person you hook up with turns out to be someone you actually are interested in further, and it can turn into a relationship.
          A friend of mine is now engaged to a guy she at first thought would be a one-nighter, but whom she talked to more afterwards, realized she really liked, and who then turned into a long term relationship.
          The immediate sex thing is not for me, but if you’re going for it, I wouldn’t rule out the hookups as dating material without further evidence.

          • haha, I think hookup means different things to us. To me it means nothing further than making out. I rarely have sex with people only once (twice actually)… and I already knew both of those guys for quite some time. And I still know them, and hang out with them, and am friends with them. And like I said, I don’t rule out getting to know people I meet at clubs, but generally it is way too loud to talk, I’m drunk, we have different accents and get confused. There just generally isn’t much of an opportunity for connection other than physical in those situations. I meet guys all the time who I get to know and hang out with, without actually dating them till later down the road. It is also quite exciting because there is a lot of sexual tension with some of my friends- sometimes I encourage it and it turns into something more, and sometimes I ignore it :)

          • I’m using it to refer to anything temporary and physical.
            Just suggesting that while a hookup is obviously not necessarily dating material, it isn’t necessarily not either.

      • One is physical; the other is emotional. some people enjoy satisfying physical urges but don’t feel the emotional pull to the same people or to anyone for the time being.
        It’s not the way I work either, but it’s not that strange.

  10. I have not cheated. I’m not some bitch in heat that needs to fuck every Tom, Dick and Harry. Were that my nature, I wouldn’t have gotten married. I know alot more women who were cheated on than men, and having been in a male dominated military background, I knew plenty of men for comparison. I propose a new comment award system- opposite of Zingers. We”ll call it Dip-shit awards. You fucking win Boring!

    • I dislike that you reduce cheating to being “some bitch in heat that needs to fuck every Tom, Dick, and Harry.” Cheating is not black and white, it is filled with gray areas, and it does not necessarily make you a bad person. Sure, there is the person that does fuck everyone possible for the sheer hedonistic pleasure. However, I find that cheating is usually due to complex emotional situations and the dynamics of the individuals within the relationship. I’m not saying that cheating is acceptable or right, I’m saying that it can not be reduced to just not being able to keep it your pants.

      I also dislike all of the finger-pointing that has gone on in this thread. Both males and females cheat on their partners. Statistics generally report that men cheat more often, but th

      • *but that should be taken with a grain of salt, as there could be variables that cause that statistic to be higher for men. For example, women may be less likely to report cheating due to societal expectations.

        • And I dislike when people jump in a conversation all sanctimonious without taking into the consideration the context. Boring directed towards me,

          ” I am willing to bet you have cheated and so have all of your female friends. Take into account women tend to have more lovers when they are ovulating and you have the 50% number. ”

          Hence, my defense in likening his description to a bitch in heat.
          And, if in a committed relationship, you decide to fuck someone else, for whatever reason, without first ending your relationship, you are doing something bad. Your own good deeds/bad deeds scale will determine if you are a “bad person”. Not me. So go point your little finger of dislike elsewhere honey-bunny…

          • That whole “honey-bunny” thing was really cute. I hate saying that something is bad in every situation. I’m not going to judge someone as doing a bad thing for cheating. I can think of numerous hypothetical situations where ending the relationship is for some reason impossible, and I will not judge someone for getting nookie or looking for some emotional support.

  11. I have been mostly unwillingly in an ‘open’ relationship. Had a kiss, felt wrong.

    I don’t know how some people can do it, being in a long term relationship built on his mostly cheating for 2 years.

    My original comment was that I read a book by Lynne Pemberton, called Eclipse, which the main theme is this. Read it, great book.

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