British Con Man, Paul Bint, Claims to Have Slept With 2,500 Women

Recently I came across the ridiculous tale of Paul Bint , a con man from England (the slimy looking guy in that cheesy pin-striped suit in the photo above).  According to reports, Bint swindled the unsuspecting out of roughly 3 million dollars, but that’s not the highlight of his story.  What I found most interesting is that days after his early release from prison (for fraud) Mr. Bint bragged to the press that he had managed to not only con people of their money, but in the process slept with over 2,500 woman.  He is quoted as saying:

“What I’ve done is turned a lot of my dreams into reality.”

Um. Classy?

Is sleeping with 2,500 women even feasible?  More importantly, why even bother sharing that with the world? I’m left wondering how anyone has the time for that much sex? Wouldn’t it become a bit of a chore after awhile? Wouldn’t his delicate parts get a little, you know … chafed?

If his claim to have bedded that many women is  factual, wouldn’t that mean that he had to sleep with multiple (or even dozens) of ladies on a daily basis?

The Paul Bint story got me thinking about the world’s obsession with the quantity of sexual partners other people have – inevitably, the magic number always comes up amongst friends or significant others.  While in relationships, many people want to know how many people their partner has slept with.  It seems our society is fixated on numbers.

We’ve visited this before, but how many partners is one too many—10? 20? 2,500?  More importantly does it really matter? Is less better or is more better and why is that woman, for the most part, tend to keep quiet about their number or round down while men notoriously are known to round up or embellish.  According to statistics, the average number of sexual partners for an American woman is 3 (I sense some rounding down) and 8 for men.    Why is that men are high fived over numerous partnered when women are shamed.  Will that ever change?  Was the Duke Fuck list, penned by a young woman, the first shift off the pendulum?

Who knows – maybe we’ll be seeing female versions of Paul Bint in the near future.

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18 thoughts on “British Con Man, Paul Bint, Claims to Have Slept With 2,500 Women

  1. The difference between how men and women are regarded as to sexual partners is all about effort, isn’t it. Even the most handsome, famous and wealthy of men must put effort into getting a particular woman to sleep with him (though that effort varies with the amount of previously mentioned qualities a man has). Women on the other hand are pursued, it is a rare woman who is not constantly bombarded with offers of sex (in fact it is one of the complaints women repeat ad nauseam). If man has lots of partners it means he has charmed (or paid for) lots of women, a woman has lots of partners it means she as accepted lots of offers. One indicates effort and skill the other lack of discrimination. Which do you think is more worthy of praise?

    • One more thing, you should take Bint’s (isn’t bint a english insult?) numbers with a grain of salt. Although con-men are known for being charming they are also known for lying.

  2. Just did the math on it…

    Assuming he’s been having sex for 20 years (based on his age as far as I can guess), he’d have to have sex with a woman every 2-3 days. If he’s only been having sex for 10 years, it’s 1-2 days.

    I wouldn’t touch this disease-encrusted jerk with… well, anything.

    And before anybody leaps on me about “It’s his body, his choice”, Imma tell you that there’s no freaking way you can be sexually responsible with that many women that often. STD panels won’t show anything that quickly, and if he was getting his blood drawn that often he’d be a raisin by now.

    • Humility in common social discourse is a pretty new thing, bragging about ones accomplishments used to be more socially except able. It is at worst borderline now.

  3. How on earth could such a greasy looking man have seduced so very many women?
    Quick! If you don’t have sex with me now, the earth will explode and all of existence will be destroyed!

    • Blurry, there is such a thing.

      It’s too many when you can’t physically be responsible about it. Someone who’s having sex with multiple partners should be getting tested in between. To have sex that often, you’re not giving enough time for potential infections to show up in panels, so you’re putting someone else at risk. Irresponsible.

        • Condoms aren’t 100% effective at preventing STIs, contrary to popular belief, so that blows your theory, Joey.

          Within 6 weeks after exposure, herpes, gonorrhea and chlamydia can all be detected in a panel. HIV and syphilis can take up to 6 months to be detected. I have never had sex with someone who’s had sex with someone else in the last 6 months, and I demanded a clean STI panel before I would touch them. Paranoid, maybe, but I’m not going to live with herpes or HIV just because I couldn’t keep it in my pants for a little while.

          It’s up to both partners, really. I guess so long as he’s disclosing to the women that he’s having sex with multiple partners, he’s got a clear conscience. However, at the very least he should be keeping a list of the women, when he had sex with them and contact information so that he can contact them if he does turn up with a little gift or two. Again, responsibility.

          How can so many adults behave like horny teenagers? I don’t get it.

          • That works great if you’re dealing with committed relationships only.
            Not so much with random hookups. And while ruling out randoms is not a bad idea, it is not everyone’s idea.

  4. Meh, I don’t believe him. Unless you’re a rock star, do you even have the opportunity to meet that many women who are willing to have sex with you?

  5. For starters, he shuold masturbate before he comes to see you.This will slow him down. #2 0ne Prozac a month shuold work wonders.#3During intercourse he must not tighten his butt muscles, to tighten locks and loads ,and he will lose control. #4 masturbate him, bring him almost to climax and then grip tightly around head of his penis. do this 4to 6 times and then let him come. Do this often and he will get the hang of it. Also his concentration on pleasing you shuold be his main aim in your encounters. He owes it to you.

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