Arkansas Grocery Store Censors Magazine Cover Featuring Elton John and His Family

An Arkansas grocery store decided that this week’s US Magazine featuring the smiling faces of Elton John, his husband David Furnish, and their extremely adorable, newly adopted son Zachary, was too offensive for the sensitive eyes of the young children that frequent their store. As a result they decided …

… that censorship was their only option.

Apparently adoption via loving, filthy rich parents is morally reprehensible but those smut magazines featuring large captions about which celebrities are cheating on each other–those are totally fine.  Also,  those glossy photos gracing most magazine covers that treat women as mere sex objects–way less harmful then a happy gay couple with their child.  Totally ridiculous!

Harps, the store that pulled this crazy ass censorship, claims to have had numerous complaints from shoppers over the Elton John cover.   The management at Harps went ahead and covered the happy new family with protective shields that are normally reserved for their porn mags.  The shield read “ Family Shield: To protect our young shoppers.”

WTF?  Way to perpetuate bigotry, asshats. Quite frankly I am shocked that they didn’t burn the magazine out in the parking lot and ask members of the Westboro Baptist Church to attend.

This morning when just about every major news outlet covered their bigotry,  Harps removed the shield and made this public statement:

I am so not impressed.  The silver lining? Harps plan of censorship was not tolerated, and that my friends, is terrific news!

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11 thoughts on “Arkansas Grocery Store Censors Magazine Cover Featuring Elton John and His Family

  1. This would create a wonderful opportunity for you to educate your seven year old on homosexuality,much like the Lewinsky Clinton ordeal opened up the fascinating world of oral sex to our children. Evilbeetdouche has been helping me with my posts,lol.

  2. Who thinks they decided to censor this and not every Cosmo mag ever? Because gay men adopting is way more indecent than SEX! 1000 KINDS OF SEX! RUB HIS JUNK WITH A BAMBOO PLANT! IT’LL DRIVE HIM WILD!1! also you aren’t good enough.

      • They also really like the phrase “packed with nerves.” I’ve only managed to purchase a couple of the magazines, but every time they try to convince me there’s this magic spot on his balls that’s “packed with nerves” and that rubbing strange objects on it will drive him wild. I think they just want to make me look like an idiot juggling my poor boyfriend’s balls.

        • My favorite thing ever is when my sister had a Cosmo and I decided to read an article that purported to teach how to give a great hand job, and one of the tips was to bat his shaft back and forth between your hands (like a cat playing with string or something). I started cracking up because I could just imagine a) how ridiculous that would look and b) how NOT GOOD that would feel (which my husband confirms).

          • Ha! I only do that as a joke….
            Their articles are always about how to make the guy have a better experience; they’re never about what he can do to make you feel better. And god forbid they should include anything pertaining to lesbians.

    • So? The two are not mutually exclusive. Only one of the men could be the biological dad, and presumably a woman contributed an egg. So the second man needed to adopt the baby and the woman needed to sign away on parental rights in order for this baby to be the child of two men.

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