Your Tango’s “10 Stupid Things Men Say to Women” is as Advertised

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Your Tango recently posted a list of 10 stupid things men have said to women on first dates. Surprise, surprise, stupid is as stupid does. Without further ado:

1. Are those really your breasts?

“Why yes, they’re on my body aren’t they?” Seriously, any guy that ever hopes to actually see them would never ask this, although it might work if you’re trying to pick up JWoww from Jersey Shore.

2. I have a body like a Ferrari.

Again, this line is for the Situation only. Apparently the guy said this while he and his date were waiting in line for coffee. That’s just strange and looks kind of pathetic.

3. I’ve been on this site too long.

I’m sure you have and I probably have, too, but that doesn’t mean I need to hear about how picky you are; it’s really not a turn on.

4. What exactly are you looking for in a relationship?

As the author notes, if you said this to a man he’d be running for the hills. Lots of ladies aren’t ready to settle down right away either.

5. I don’t believe in marriage.

Again, maybe your date doesn’t either, but nothing screams immaturity more than this.

6. I’ll call you.

Okay, this one I kind of take issue with. Sure, some guys don’t mean it, but lots do. If he’s a #5er, then he probably won’t, but otherwise, as long as the date wasn’t a trainwreck, he just might.

7. You’re so hot.

Maybe this is true, but unless you’re already in the bedroom, as the author notes, you should, “flatter from the neck up only.” If you’re grinding up on a young lady in a dance club, maybe that’s a different story, but again, you might be on Jersey Shore, so pick your words carefully.

8. I had a vasectomy.

That’s just weird. Sure, women might want kids some day, but it might not be with you. Also it doesn’t make sense; it seems to imply you’ve got problems down there, which is not exactly the way to get the sparks flying.

9. I’m best friends with my ex.

This is just not first date material. It makes you look like either you’re not over her and/or you two are still a thing.

10. Do you want to split the check?

While I have heard that the asker should do the paying, the man should still be willing to pony up. A polite date will always offer to pay their fair share, but you should still turn her down. If you don’t want to break the bank, take her to Starbucks and not a 4-star restuarant.

Indeed, while these statements are meant to apply to first date situations, they fit just as well at most stages in a relationship. Sure, once you are clearly an item, you can’t start discussing some of the deeper issues, but a lot of these are just common courtesy. Plus, letting someone know you have a body like a Ferrari is just plain weird.

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9 thoughts on “Your Tango’s “10 Stupid Things Men Say to Women” is as Advertised

  1. If this is talking first date only, I’ll accept some of them as ‘you don’t discuss that so early on’. Many of them sound like good things to say a little further along.
    Except for the one about paying. The asker should come ready to pay for the date. BOTH PARTNERS should come ready to pay for themselves. MEN should not be always expected to pay. It is entirely unreasonable for a woman to ask a man on a date and expect him to pay. She’d better not be getting second dates.
    I think it’s reasonable on a first date for the asker to pay, but I think things should move to trading back and forth, or paying one’s own share very quickly. Exceptions acceptable in income-disparate relationships when the moneyed one offers to take the other to places they might not be able to afford themselves. Key is on the communication.

  2. I strongly object to your take on #10. I believe in going dutch, especially early on in the relationship, as we settle in yeah sometimes I’ll pay and sometimes he’ll pay, but I strongly believe in going dutch and paying your own way. If it’s still early in the relationship and you can’t afford the place, say something, not being able to afford a 5 star restaurant shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of and there are plenty of cheap yummy places in the world.

  3. It bothers me so much that women get offended when a man asks to go dutch. My boyfriend will pay for my dinner sometimes, and other times we split; I’m not offended if he doesn’t want to pay for me. I just about killed him on our first date when he insisted that he pay for my dinner.
    Also, I don’t think it’s such a big deal if a guy asks what his date wants in a relationship. It’s important to go into a situation knowing what you want and whether or not your date’s pursuing the same thing. This certainly doesn’t mean that you need to go into extensive detail about what you want on the first date, but I would think you would want your date to know whether or not you just wanted fun or were looking for something more serious.

  4. I definitely don’t agree with your take on number five. Believing in marriage doesn’t make you mature. Maybe I’m taking this wrong, but I don’t believe that marriage is that important. If you are looking for a life-partner, what’s important is that you and your partner are happy together. A certificate or religious ceremony has nothing to do with happiness and the healthiness of the relationship.

    • Perhaps it has more to do with feeling the need to bring it up right away?
      I agree. there’s nothing wrong with knowing your own feelings on the matter, and it’s something that will need to be on the table at some point.
      I think this list makes much more sense as a ‘don’t go into it on the first date’ than a ‘things never to discuss’.

  5. The response to #8 needs a lot of help IMHO. If a guy (when I was single) had said to me “I’ve had a vasectomy”, my first response woldn’t be that’s weird or a thought about kids; it would be something along the lines of just because you can’t get me pregnant doesn’t mean you’re getting any, and it doesn’t mean you don’t have an STD, so fixed or not, IF I decide to have sex with you (not on the first date) you’re still using a condom! Plus, where did the “if you’ve had a vasectomy, you’ve got problems down there” come from?! I’ve never heard of that one, and most men who’ve had one have a higher drive after!

    • I had never heard of the vasectomy thing either but most guys around my age haven’t been snipped so I’m pretty much ignorant on the subject.

    • Perhaps the theory is that the vasectomy would have come due to some sort of problem? I don’t see it either.
      Back before STDs were a big concern, it may have been spiffy to get yourself fixed, but as stated, it doesn’t make much of a difference now.
      I guess it means that you don’t want kids, but that could be just stated on its own. And again, would be kinda weird on a first date.

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