WikiLeaks Julian Assange’s Rape Allegations

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I imagine that some of you have been following the media rush on WikiLeaks lately, which has come to a climax with the arrest of WikiLeaks’ creator Julian Assange. Although many would see Assange arrested on charges of terrorism (mainly Sarah Palin), he has been arresting on charges of sex crimes, namely rape and sexual assault.

The full account of the alleged crimes can be read here, but the kind summary would be to say that two separate women have accused Assange of forcing unprotected sex on them, which was described …

… as ‘violent.’ I should also point out that the article I have linked to points out several uncharacteristic behaviours on behalf of the victims; one let Assange stay in her apartment for over a week following the sexual assault, and then threw a party for Assange later that week. The other victim did relate to her friends via text that she did have sex with Assange, but did not relate that she had been forced into the situation.

Many of Assange’s supporters have declared that the allegations by the two women are false, and have been made up as a conspiracy to imprison Assange.

Assange was released last Thursday on bail, which may have partially been put by documentary film maker Michael Moore, as he had offered $200,000 to help free Assange. From eOnline:

“I am publicly offering the assistance of my website, my servers, my domain names and anything else I can do to keep WikiLeaks alive and thriving as it continues its work to expose the crimes that were concocted in secret and carried out in our name and with our tax dollars.”

“As for the alleged sex crimes committed by Asssange, for which Interpol issued an arrest warrant and UK authorities have taken the unusual step of denying Assange bail, Moore asks that people not “be so naïve about how the government works when it decides to go after its prey” and not to buy the “official story.”

Now, taking into account that WikiLeaks has posed a considerable threat to various governing bodies, I can see how his timely arrest could seem suspicious. And the stories put forth by his victims are not exactly the typical rape allegations; they are much more complicated than the ‘man forces himself on woman, woman goes to police’ story. However, regardless of how you feel about WikiLeaks, I think it is somewhat troublesome that people are willing to ignore these women’s claims in favour of supporting a man who represents something they believe in.

I can’t really claim that these women’s stories are true, but I feel it is unjustified to assume they are false because they are complex. Just because there is cause for conspiracy, doesn’t mean there is one (and if this was a conspiracy, it’s a rather poorly laid out one). I think how horrible it would be to be one of these women, and have your assault fall to the background as people cheer on support for your attacker (should their accusations be true). The man could have discovered the cure to cancer, but if he is guilty of these crimes, he deserves to be punished for them, regardless of his other efforts. I have already heard many people comment on how these women’s stories don’t seem ‘good enough,’ and that is extremely troublesome to me. I certainly hope should I ever find myself a victim of sexual assault, the proceeding events end up falling into a story arch which is ‘good enough’ for others, and my attacker isn’t a man revered as a rebel leader by so many.

I hope that when these charges go to trial, the process is as clear and just as possible. Taking into account the accusations already made by the defence, I don’t think it will be possible for these assaults to be tried independently of Assange’s involvement in WikiLeaks, and I think that is quite the shame.

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18 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Julian Assange’s Rape Allegations

  1. I do agree that dismissing a woman’s accusation of being raped so quickly is wrong, but in this case there’s probable cause to ignore these women. Not only that but the reverse is true, how could we so quickly jump to the conclusion that they aren’t lying? Their stories don’t quite match up with the facts. Not only that but the timing is also horrid and too coincidental.

    • Except fact is, we don’t know the facts. We aren’t a jury, and we haven’t collected evidence. That’s why trials are held in courtrooms with verifiable evidence, and not through newspaper articles and online blogs.
      I just can’t imagine being the victim of an assault, and having complete strangers comment on my case and how my timing invalidates my claims.
      As I mentioned, I have no idea whether or not these women are telling the truth. But I certainly won’t be dismissing their claims due to the level of convenience associated with the attacker’s other endeavours.

      • I’m not dismissing the claims due to his other endeavours.
        In fact, one reason I’m dismissing the claims is that the last time they DID show up in court, they were thrown out due to insufficient evidence to even bother calling forth a jury.
        Kinda like should have happened in that Duke case a bit back…

  2. Here’s some hints if you want to avoid being in the place of these girls:
    -If you are assaulted, speak up right away, or soon – don’t wait until the guy’s wanted by the government for something else.
    -If you are assaulted, don’t keep hanging with the guy, don’t tell your friends how good the sex was, and don’t ask to see him again.
    -If you are assaulted, don’t put up a website explaining the top ways to get ‘revenge’ on men, by falsely claiming rape.
    -If you are assaulted, don’t choose as your lawyer someone who’s interested in the case as a chance to change the law to make more sex illegal.
    -If you are assaulted, and your case is thrown out because of lack of evidence, don’t bring it up again later just when the government happens to need a good reason to go after the guy.

  3. I have mixed feelings about WikiLeaks, and negative ones towards its founder. I am not dismissing the rape claims because I think he’s a hero. I think he’s a scumbag who has issues with the United States and enjoys embarrassing them, and thus lowers the potential good of a leak-website by publishing embarrassing gossip instead of using discretion to reveal documents that matter.

    But I don’t think he ‘raped’ those women. Because of the evidence, not because of my feelings.
    The government previously thought the allegations were bunk as well, and later decided they were a convenient way to get the guy, since they apparently couldn’t charge him with anything real.
    The suggestion that consensual sex becomes non-consensual when the girl later decides that two-timing or no condom was a bad idea is ridiculous.

  4. I’m not sure there are many people who would ‘ignore’ the claims of rape just because they agree with what Wiki-Leaks is doing.

    The fact is, someone is listening. There is a trial, with evidence and a jury. In my opinion, those women are acting a little shady.

  5. Lord Assange is being persecuted by the corrupt government oppressors. We shall avenge you. You lick-spittle lackies of the Wall Street War Machine on this blog who attack him would do yourselves a favor by seeking his forgiveness.

  6. I’m really iffy on what to think about this case. On the one hand, if Assange did what these ladies accuse him of (namely, violently physically prevent a woman from using a condom and holding her down to prevent her protest) then he is a rapist. However, the problem here is that, if the accusation are true, these ladies are both the biggest doormats in the history of ever. From what I’ve heard floating around online, there was little in the way of protest, and repeated sex with Assange simply because “it was pointless to resist and she was tired to fighting to get him to use a condom.” Of course, the ladies also didn’t follow the rules of being legitimately raped; which is to say, they weren’t virgins picking posies off in a field of magic and love when an evil rapist came up to them and violently raped them despite their repeated and effusive protest. Also, they didn’t immediately go to police and have a rape kit done, etc etc etc….Point is, it’s kind of a gray area.

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  8. I don’t want to comment on this case in particular. But, this raises some very scary concerns about consent. I completely agree if you consent to something you can only consent if you have all the facts. But as a trans-man if I have sex with a woman, and she later realizes I wasn’t born a man. Would I be considered a rapist? I feel like consent is a game time decision. Based off what I know at the moment yes I consent. Hindsight is amazing, but until we stop creating a society where men are viewed as either tamed or untamed sexual predators, that sex isnt something we do to each other but with each other. I think that those game time decisions should be able to stand. Just a thought.

    • I think you’ve got a point. I can think of few occasions when it would be acceptable to change your mind about the consent you gave someone. You can’t make someone a rapist when you gave them full consent when you had sex.

    • If you deliberately lied about some part of you, and a woman had sex with you based on that lie, it seems there is some precedent for revoked consent. (case where a twin brother slept with his brother’s girlfriend, possibly case where a person lied about religion.)
      But other than impersonation, it all seems a little silly. “He said he was rich, and I slept with him, and it turns our he is not rich! Rape!”
      “He looked white but it turned out his grandpa was black! Rape!”
      I think this is one of those ‘caveat emptor’ situations.

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