Robert Pattinson’s Female Fans Are a Little Bit Obsessive – So Why Aren’t Men?

Robert Pattinson just finished filming Water for Elephants alongside Reese Witherspoon in Tennessee, and according to Reese, Rob’s presence caused a bit of commotion.  It appears that his numerous fans were stalking him both on and off the set.  Francis Lawrence, the film’s director, was amazed at the lengths Pattinson’s fans would go to in order to see him in the flesh:

[Lawrence said about 50 people would line up outside the film’s set, and some would camp out for hours in the hallways ...

... of the hotel the cast and crew stayed in.]  “All day, all night long, it didn’t matter. People were there to try to catch a glimpse,” Lawrence said

It seems Robert Pattinson cannot take a shit without being harassed by his many female admirers, but you know what?  I don’t really get his cult appeal  - but then again I am not hugely obsessive about the Twilight books either.  He’s attractive, but he is no Simon Baker (the dude from the Mentalist that I want to do dirty things to), frankly.  When I was in junior high, I was madly in love with Steven Tyler.  My first concert was Aerosmith when I was just 11 years old.  I dressed like a mini-ho and sobbed real tears when I saw the well-past middle-aged Steven Taylor strutting around on the stage.  So I kind of understand the lusty thoughts teen girls, and even grown women, have over Robert Pattinson.  But just because I can understand it on a vague level doesn’t mean that it still doesn’t kind of baffle me.  And why it doesn’t work both ways.

I have always wondered why guys don’t scream and carry on at quite the same level prepubescent and teen girls do when they see their unattainable celebrity girl-crush.  Why don’t we see hundreds of boys carrying signs and crying in the streets when Taylor Swift comes through a town? Why is it that girls appear to make monumental spectacles of themselves over celebrities?

Why is it that women wear their hearts on their sleeve for men that will never even take a second glance at them most times, and men can sit back, fold their hands behind their heads, kick their heels up on their desks and say, “Yeah, Karolina Kurkova is pretty hot.  I’d do her,” without spouting tears of frustration that they will never even occupy the same airspace as their celebrity obsession?

But hey.  Everyone claims that we’re hardwired differently, don’t they?

And incidentally, now that I have admitted to my odd childhood crush (I should also add that I was also in love with Sydney Carton from the novel Tale of two Cities), I want to hear who yours were.  SPILL.

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23 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson’s Female Fans Are a Little Bit Obsessive – So Why Aren’t Men?

  1. “I have always wondered why guys don’t scream and carry on at quite the same level prepubescent and teen girls do when they see their unattainable celebrity girl-crush.”

    Because if we say things like “the (chick) from the _____ that I want to do dirty things to” we get called on it. So we stay silent…shhhhh

    • But if you must know my being a science fiction nerd my crush is Jessica Alba. Mostly because of her role in Dark Angel, and just ignore what happened with fantastic 4 that was a fluke.

  2. Yeah, might have something to do with the fact that excessive obsession by men towards women isn’t exactly kindly regarded.

    If dozens of 40 year old dudes showed up to clamor for KStew, somebody would call the police.

    • I’m with you Katie, on both points. Slater in “Heathers” just drove me wild and how do you go against Han Solo?

      I also had a crush on the boy who played Atru in The Neverending Story.

      I think RP is a lousy actor (he nearly ruined Dali for me in Little Ashes) and I don’t think he’s at all attractive.

  3. I never had crushes when I was really young but I was obsessed with Julian Casablancas from The Strokes while I was 13 – 15 haha. Not that I don’t think he’s a bit of all right now, because I totally do but I’m not so crazy about it.

  4. Plenty of female stars have had to take out restraining orders though. Perhaps female obsession is viewed as being more harmless? Obviously there are stereotypes like the bunnyboiler, but in terms of stars taking legal action against people stalking them, the ones that hit the news are usually female stars defending against male stalkers. Perhaps male obsessives are fewer but a bit more on the intense side?

  5. Maybe it is because the hordes of guys who would show up have less of a chance to end up sleeping with the person they are crushing on? Men are known for taking on groupies, sometimes with the purpose of banging as many as they can. A female rock superstar could never do that and not be crucified by the media. Plus, when it comes down to it, men are sexually threatening. I don’t know if it is legitimate to fear male sexuality to a certain extent more than female sexuality, but the facts are that a man is more likely to rape someone than a female.
    My obsession in younger years: Batman

  6. Because teenage girls are dumb. And some girls never mentally grow past that.
    I don’t see any other reason. The screaming legions were dumb when I was thirteen and watching my friends, and they’re dumb now.
    Obsessed men are seen as more threatening, so they are less acceptable than obsessed girls or women.

  7. My teenage crush (since about 14) that still lingers today (at the ripe old age of 23) is Nick Cave, of The Birthday Party, the Bad Seeds, and Grinderman fame.

    He is only very marginally attractive, but wildly talented and completely insane. His music is the only kind that sounds like that, it’s beautiful and imbued with a sense of rioting darkness, even in its most somber and romatic passages. His lyrics have made my cry, made me want to have sex, and made me want to go beat something up and burn down a building. It’s absolutely incredible to me that a man who can write such terrifying stories through song can also write some of the most tender songs of pure love and devotion that I’ve ever heard. (For example, “Still in Love”, “Shoot Me Down” and “Right Out of Your Hand”, and in a different vein of love (the kind that turns you inside out and makes you want to spill your guts all over the floor) “Loverman”.

    I love his books, too… they’re a delightful mix of horrifying, awkward, clever, and relateable. His brain must be an amazing thing to see.

    I think I’d pass out if I ever met him. Just fall over, rigor mortis style.

    So… yup.

  8. Rabid fangirling aside, I think one of the biggest reasons that men don’t go after their celebrity crushes is because of the security involved. Lots of security personnel probably don’t feel a directly threatening presence from a group of young women with signs. Why not? I don’t know. Any large group of obsessive people would scare me, because they possess a terrifying mob mentality and cannot be stopped. Maybe people in general just see these girls as less of a threat because they giggle. A giggling girl in a hallway is typically perceived as being less threatening as a young man doing the same thing.

    This would be a very fascinating social experiment to conduct, in fact. Assemble a group of young men and a group of young women and have them use social behaviors that are as identical as possible and have them inact some of the celebrity-obsessive behaviors outlined in the article. Have them do this in public to celeb look-alikes (with mock personnel), then ask for reactions from on-lookers.

  9. River Phoenix when I was thirteen-fifteen. I traded teen magazine pics with a guy; he got my Alissa Milano pics & I got his Phoenix ones.

    After that my focus turned solely to men. Thus began the reign of Gary Oldman. Despite his politics, I’d still hit it like the hand of an angry goddess.

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  11. Yeah, but it’s more than just the movie. This site used to follow what the arcots were doing, too, and anything related to Twilight- not just the films. And they’re not even keeping up with that stuff anymore. There’s been so much going on with Rob and Taylor right now, and half the stuff, they haven’t posted anything about. There’s also been some Twilight mentions recently in other popular things that if this were a few years back, they definitely would have posted but whatevs. Clearly fans have moved on from this site because there’s barely any comments on the EW pictures, and as I said before, I think this is also factoring into why they aren’t posting like crazy here anymore.

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