Responding to Sexual Assault Claims, Julian Assange says He’s Fallen “Into a Hornet’s Nest of Revolutionary Feminism”

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I’m honestly uninterested in whether or not Julian Assange is innocent, though he is now wanted on suspicion of rape, sexual assault and sexual coercion. Not because it’s not important, but because there is no way to know as of yet, and hopefully, though it hasn’t always been the case in the past, the court system will work its magic on him. What I am interested in is Mr. Assange’s claim that he is “a victim of radicalism.” He says, “Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism. I fell into a hornets’ nest of revolutionary feminism.” That’s some powerful language, but how purposeful is it?

For those who like to read books on planes, you may be familiar …

… with the third book in the very popular series by Stieg Larsson, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (we’ve written about it before here). While I will say that I never made it past book two (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was great, The Girl Who Played With Fire less so) the feminist bent of these books is clear, and indicative of Swedish society. His books feature a strong central female character, Lisbeth Salander, and deal with dark topics such as incest, rape and sexual abuse. In fact, the book was originally translated to English was “Men Who Hate Women.” Larsson’s characters enter into nontraditional relationships, and the women have healthy sexual appetites that they are not punished for. Many have debated whether they are truly feminist or not, and I’m not making the claim that there’s any real connection with the translated title and Assange’s statement, but it is an interesting coincidence. Swedish society is progressive to say the least (Sweden is doing just finejust look at their views about paternity leave), and they’re not going to let Assange go. He seems aware of it as well, and his use of the term “revolutionary feminism” indicates that he may be more of a misogynist than I originally thought. Blame whoever you want Julian; you obviously live for the drama, and it looks like it’s not going anywhere.

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10 thoughts on “Responding to Sexual Assault Claims, Julian Assange says He’s Fallen “Into a Hornet’s Nest of Revolutionary Feminism”

  1. Lord Assange, we abandon our feminist tendencies to support your war of truth against the ruling political classes. I retire to the kitchen, abandon my Jimmy Choo footwear and bear thee a child.

  2. I agree with you on the “revolutionary feminism” bit. Until we’re running around with AK’s in a guerilla war for vaginal dominance he’s barking up the wrong tree.

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