Pro-Life Billboard Targets the “Dangerous” Wombs of African-Americans

photo of sexist racist billboard planned parenthood pictures

Austin News reports that a new pro-life billboard erected along Interstate 35 has caused some controversy. The billboard (shown above) displays a smiling African-American boy sandwiched between wrap-around text which reads:  ”The most dangerous place for some children is in the womb.”

The ad has come under fire for being racist, as both the billboard and the subsequent television ads seem only to be targeted at African-American women.

Now if that ad doesn’t strike you as racist, maybe this one will. According to the Florida Independent, the …

… same group, called “Heroic Media,” which describes itself as a “faith-based non-profit” and counts less-than-average Jane Sarah Palin among their supporters (she recently hosted an event called “Evening of Hope” for the group back in August), has begun branching out from its Texas headquarters and has set up billboards and begun broadcasting television ads in Florida as well.

The Florida ads are a little more blatant in their race-centric message than their Texan counterparts, showing the black silhouette of a pregnant woman or a small, frowning African-American girl with the tagline:  ”The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.”

According to Heroic Media’s website, the real aim of its ad campaigns is to create a media onslaught against abortion that would mirror the “well-researched, targeted mass media campaign” that caused attitudes toward smoking to decline so quickly and effectively “within a decade.”

But why African-Americans? Surely white, Hispanic and Asian women are having abortions as well? According to Kim Spiers, Heroic Media’s director of communications, “The overwhelming majority of abortion facilities are in minority neighborhoods. We think they need to know that.” No word yet on whether Heroic Media also plans to hand out gift certificates for its services, to further mirror Planned Parenthood.

But in all seriousness, what is Spiers suggesting here? That Planned Parenthood is the racist entity? If you guessed yes, then you’re correct!:

Planned Parenthood® is targeting African American women and children by concentrating their abortion facilities in urban neighborhoods. In the process, they have managed to successfully kill the hope and future of the next generation of African Americans. Planned Parenthood’s actions are the ultimate exploitation of African American women and an assault on the dignity of life. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger had a plan. She wasn’t interested in removing the cause of poverty, illiteracy, illegitimate births, or other social ills, she just wanted to eliminate the result, the pregnancy, …the innocent life. She wanted to, “stop the reproduction of the unfit”. Please help us, provide another voice for African Americans to listen to, to choose. A voice that encourages the heroic decision to become a mother.

That oh-so-subtly terrifying accusation of racial cleansing should be taken with the rather large grain of salt that Heroic Media’s brave message of racial understanding — the one which stated “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb — was actually banned from Texas billboards and their statistics about Planned Parenthood sound almost comically shifty, including:

“Planned Parenthood has placed 60-78% of
their abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods depending on how you want to interpret the data.”

Not that they, of course, provide a link to the raw data so that you might interpret it yourself.

I’m not particularly interested in getting into a debate about abortion – typically speaking, you’re either pro-life or pro-choice, and all of the arguing in the world won’t change most people’s minds, especially in the United States. But I do think that nearly all of the ads, data and statements made by the organization and its spokespeople seem patronizing at best and deliberately misleading at worst. An accusation of attempted “racial cleansing” is more than a little destructive, especially when the data used to make those claims depends on how you want to interpret it.

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49 thoughts on “Pro-Life Billboard Targets the “Dangerous” Wombs of African-Americans

  1. Yeah, making minority women have 1+ children that they really cannot afford will totally make them more economically successful. Because having babies is cheap and easy! Just don’t ask the conservatives for money to raise the baby you forced them to keep, you dirty socialist.

  2. No matter your view here, it would behoove you to watch a documentary which explored this topic by digging into the records of racists, the eugenics groups and Planned Parenthood. They share similar friends , associates, and founders. The film I speak of is called- Maafa21- and I found the information it presented very alarming. Seeing the documents and listening to the racist audio kinds cuts thru the emotions and the hype and allows you to get to raw facts. See for yourself- More at their website:

  3. The reason it is viewed as racist is because the liberal mind is racist. Just because it’s a black kid does not mean it is referring to blacks.
    Most people would just assume that the kid is a place holder for a kid. Black people make up less than 15 percent of the U.S. population, so it would be very hard for the majority of abortions to be by black people.
    If this site assumes anything, it is the liberal perspective, therefore liberal people assume the worst in folk, whereas most normal people assume the best.
    If you disagree with me you are a dumb ass.

    • I’ve found that liberals try to see the best in people (ex. welfare isn’t for lazy shits who won’t apply for jobs, which tends to be what conservatives think). Usually pro-choicers assume the worst of the anti-choicers, and vice versa.

      • Creating a business friendly tax structure,so that they can reinvest and expand would do a greater good. Welfare dependency isn’t much of a life.

      • Welfare is a tool to create a dependence on the state. Just as longterm unemployment .
        If the progressive rich, who claim to want higher taxes on the rich, really believed in what they claimed, they would be sending checks to the government now.
        Hey, Bill Clinton, you say you don’t need another million, then write a check for a million to the government. Why do you need Congress to pass a law?

  4. I used to be pro-choice. I would invite anyone who questions the claims maid by these groups to ask Lavern Tolbert an African American woman who was on the PP board for years. She insists that there targeting has been racist. There is also a new book coming out next month written by Abby Johnson former PP director who left over a year ago. Abby attests to their form of racial targeting and how they deceive young women to get as many abortions from them as they can.

        • Most persons in housing projects are black. It’s the same thing, J. It’s oppression by the rich white man. Look at he Senate, the House of Representatives and the White House. Uh, forget the White House thing, no wait, he’s half white.
          Now, do you understand?

          • Rich whitey doesn’t care about oppressing anyone,they care about making money,thats why their rich.

          • Joey, I am really hurt that you would attack me in such a horrible and vicious manner. I was just trying to take the conversation further by replying to your post, which I innocently thought you had ended prematurely.
            If you ever tell me to eat shit again, you roofucker, I’ll piss in your pouch and drown your children.

    • They deceive them to get as many abortions as possible…what, do they tell them that abortions make them shit rainbows or something? Because in order to have an abortion you need to get knocked up, which , while it may be by accident, is usually something that Planned Parenthood can’t magically make you do.

      • “Because in order to have an abortion you need to get knocked up, which , while it may be by accident, is usually something that Planned Parenthood can’t magically make you do.”
        Well said, Erin.
        In fact, this is what they try to PREVENT.
        The name is Planned Parenthood, not Drive Thru Abortion Income Generator.
        PP provides first and foremost – education and birth control.
        Many, many PP sites do NOT provide abortion services.
        This group (HEROIC Media? Really?) is a pack of lunatics and I expect no less when I see Palin at the helm.
        Why is it so fucking hard for people to think this shit through? It isn’t rocket science. READ. LEARN. THINK!

  5. I am not saying I agree with either side but calling the billboards racist b/c they target minorities is ridiculous and banning them even more outlandish!! Major corporations in America target minorities constantly, such as McDonalds, and their billboards are not banned. Hey, I am pretty sure it is targeting women here too, why don’t we also tag it as sexist? Why deem their efforts racist just because it is an emotional topic. Throwing around words like racism, by either group, seems like adding fuel to the fire just to receive attention.

    • Really, Lou?
      I’m having difficulty wrapping my mind around your argument here. Have you ever taken a marketing course? if so, you know that there is nearly always a “target market”, and hopefully, this market is as large as possible. More potential customers = more potential sales = more potential profits. Ridiculously simple concept, one that even a kindergarten student can grasp, correct?
      You state “Major corporations in America target minorities constantly, such as McDonalds, and their billboards are not banned.”
      In order for your argument to have merit, you need to provide at least one example of a McDonald’s billboard that is blatantly geared to the African population and ONLY to them.
      In order to make it completely valid, please be certain that fear is used to market the fries and burgers to this target demographic.

  6. I think the most obvious reason that Planned Parenthood is concentrated in ‘minority neighborhoods’ is because it is a NON-PROFIT organization. I’ve worked for various non-profits and they are almost always housed out of extremely old buildings, in old neighborhoods, etc where rent is cheaper. Seems like a practical reason to me…

    Never mind the fact that all the conservatives live in the upper class neighborhoods and wouldn’t want an abortion facility placed where they live to taint their ‘family values’ image. I could just imagine what would happen here if that were the case… The evangelicals would start a letter writing campaign to the local paper and when that was not successful, they would possibly riot outside the building…

    • Yeah, those Bible thumpers are regular letter-writing hell raisers. Bastards with their pens and paper and stamps and Molotov cocktails.

    • Exactly what I was thinking! Also, it’s really quite hilarious that they’re complaining about the location of Planned Parenthood when they’re the ones who have attempted to eradicate such clinics and pushed them to the fringes in terms of where it would be acceptable to have such a clinic – liberal urban centers. Also, urban centers are more populated, so it makes sense that you’d want to put a family planning clinic in a place where you’d reach the most people, regardless of their race.

      Plus, race IS strongly correlated with class (so sad how many people still don’t understand intersectionality); the middle class / rich white people can more easily find a private clinic to procure an abortion or just go to their regular gyno for a scrip for birth control or their annual exam. For people who lack access to regular healthcare (overwhelmingly poor, overwhelmingly minorities), Planned Parenthood is the logical choice for getting care specifically relating to birth control or gynecological services, because of their location, the focus of their services, and the whole sliding pay scale thing. Sure, if it’s convenient middle class/wealthy whites will also use Planned Parenthood services (especially younger women who don’t want that stuff to show up on the parents’ insurance bill), but I would be willing to assert that Planned Parenthood mostly sees people who are not coming in every year on the dot or maybe just need one specific service (like birth control, or STD testing, or what have you) and not necessarily the whole shebang at once.
      The idea that Planned Parenthood is targeting certain races in some kind of grand eugenics scheme is the paranoid delusion of wing nuts who refuse to see the working class / women / minorities as individuals – which is why they can easily scream that anyone considering an abortion is a selfish murderer who can’t close her legs (but then turn around and bitch about supporting the welfare and food stamp money for the resulting precious babies without batting an eye). It’s much easier to do that if you hold generalizations and blanket views of anyone who isn’t exactly like you.

  7. I find it hard to believe that all of you are busy being saintly and stuff.
    Start commenting.
    And LeDouche?
    This is Zelda Lily, not Evil Beet. You have already been indoctrinated by The Zinger Awards, so it is respectful and right for you to get a new tag.
    If you like, we can vote on it.

    • You can read.
      You know the conditions.
      You owe Alzaetia an apology. You need to avoid trollish and nasty behavior. We enjoy sarcasm and humor, but we love intelligent and well thought out replies even more.
      If you want to play here, fine – but we have standards.
      If not, we can simply ignore you and Zelda Lily. We know that what makes this a successful site is the tons of free content that we generate. There is a level of insight and intelligence here that is amazing. All of this makes for more site traffic which makes the ad revenue higher, especially with click throughs.
      This is possible because we have lines that we don’t cross.
      You are not likely to find a more amusing and diverse group as is found here. We frequently argue and sometimes things get heated, but we aren’t cruel.
      We don’t always agree. I have butted heads with more than one person here. In the end, I have respect for them. Even when I’m sure they are wrong.
      In short, grow up. You have shown glimmerings of a fun and interesting persona. It’s a shame that you have a self-destructive bent.

  8. Do you really think I care about the blatherings of a gaggle of middle-aged harpies who fancy themselves warriors against modern phallocentrism?
    Keep gazing into each others navels for the little gems of wisdom you besot on one another and I’ll keep launching harpoons of purity and wisdom in my pogrom against nincompoopery.
    With the exception of the highly-talented Sarah and maven Sasha, the writing is wretched. The lot of you readers only become interesting when rallied, otherwise it’s Aunt Edna’s garden club.

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