Offensive Advertising Part One of Two: It is Okay To Spank Your Wife if She Doesn’t Buy Fresh Coffee, Don’t You Know

The title really speaks for itself – vintage sexist ads that don’t fail to offend anyone!

I’ve compiled a list of my top favorites, and a second list will be soon to come. For now, sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and point and laugh at the way things used to be, and thank your lucky stars for how far we’ve (sort of) come!

photo of vintage sexist coffee ad retro pictures

I … I … I just … I don’t even know what to say. This is inappropriate on so many levels. ‘Buy our coffee or else your husband will beat you’ …? Which is totally, you know, appropriate, because you didn’t buy our damned coffee. It’s just a simple case of crime and punishment. Oh, woe be unto you!

photo of vintage sexist ad kill a woman pictures

What? I don’t even understand what this one is trying to get at. What does postage have to do with it being legal to kill a woman? Is she disobeying him? Overcharging him? Did she break the postage machine?

picture of vintage sexist ketchup ads photos

Ugh. Finally. I kept having to entice my male friends to come over to open my catsup bottles with the promise of a pair of my skinny jeans.

photo of vintage volkswagen car ad sexist advertising pictures

I couldn’t get past the first sentence of this one. “Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things.” Oh. Wait. I just saw something better. “She can jab the hood. Graze the door. Or bump the bumper. It may make you furious, but it won’t make you poor.” Dad, are you reading this? Can I have a car now?

photo of vintage child marlboro ad cigarettes pictures

“Shit, that irrational Mommy’s going through tobacco withdrawal again! Get her more before she whacks me again!”

photo of flying dutchman tobacco pictures vintage ads

Someone I used to date went to a school where the mascot was the Flying Dutchman. Maybe if he had smoked this tobacco we wouldn’t have broken up. Also, I love being led around by the nose. No really. I like being comparable to a dog or the especially-sexy and appealing sea bass!

photo of young girl sexy with teddy bear love's soft pictures sexist advertising vintage

Be soft. Be innocent. Be underage.

picture of vintage van heusen shirt sexist ad photos

As if one advertisement encouraging spanking and hitting your wife wasn’t enough, now, we have two. The first two women look really interested in being spanked and orally attacked. Psh. Who needs consent? C’mon now.

photo of vintage sexist men are better than women ad picture

This is a pretty common ad that people look to when they want to exemplify the sexism in the mid 1900s. Don’t bring a woman hiking. She will fall off of a cliff, and you will have to have the bother of holding on to a rope while you admire your sweater. And that is terrible.

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5 thoughts on “Offensive Advertising Part One of Two: It is Okay To Spank Your Wife if She Doesn’t Buy Fresh Coffee, Don’t You Know

  1. Well, we pretty much had this post on 2/14/10 written by Ashley. It even contained the “coffee spanking” and “ketchup” ads.
    At least you managed to get through a post without mentioning that you are a student at Oberlin College.

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