Brett Favre: Scumbag or Just Another Sexter?

Photo of Brett Favre

As long as it doesn’t involve children, I have kind of a “live and let live” attitude regarding sexting. It’s not a big thing for me personally, but I can see how it could be pretty exciting for consenting adults. And honestly, I think it’s a lot more prevalent than most people would think on the surface.

Which is why it kind of pisses me off that Brett Favre is taking so much heat for the so-called “sexting scandal” he’s in the midst of.  Basically, Favre got caught with his virtual pants down for the sexually explicit texts and voicemails he left for sports journalist and model Jenn Sterger. News of Favre’s reportedly lewd online life, reportedly including pics of his Viking, broke last fall, and it seems like every time we turn around there’s more to, uh, see.

And the details are getting pretty …

… specific, if this recent piece from Newser is any indication:

Just when you thought the Brett Favre sexting scandal couldn’t get any more disturbing, TMZ comes out with this: The quarterback, in addition to sending Jenn Sterger photos of his penis, also allegedly made a special request of the former New York Jets employee. Specifically, he wanted her to send him a video of herself masturbating, sources say.

Okay, here’s the thing. If Sterger was repulsed and felt threatened by Favre’s actions, it would be pretty deplorable. However, according to a friend of Sterger’s, this was not the case at all.

From Yahoo’s Associated Content:

Allison Torres, 24, met Sterger when they were FSU Cowgirls and said she knew about the texts Favre and Sterger supposedly took part in. From her account of the scandal, the texts were mutual.

Allison Torres also claims she was there when Jenn Sterger received the alleged naked photos of Brett Favre. She recalls when it happened how they actually made fun of the situation.

“I actually saw it when he sent it. We just laughed when he did it,” Torres told Steppin’ Out magazine.

Obviously, whomever sent the picture didn’t stop and think Sterger may have company when she received the it.

“We talked about it like girlfriends talk about that kind of stuff. You have to understand that Brett Favre isn’t the first celebrity that tried to hook up with her.”

Sorry, Brett Favre, but that’s pretty funny in a sad sort of way. I mean, he sends these texts that are clearly intended for Sterger’s eyes only, and she’s sitting there laughing about them with friends. Those reports have got to make the football star feel like the world’s biggest idiot.

So, yeah, Allison Torres claims that Sterger responded to Favre’s messages with enthusiasm … although maybe not exactly the kind of excitement the football star was hoping for.

I think what bugs me about this whole situation is that, were Brett Favre’s name Henry Douchecanoe or something, who would give a rat’s ass?

Do I find sexting particularly enthralling? No, although my experiences have been pretty minimal.

I’ve had a couple of exes send me pictures of their, uh, manhood with an accompanying text saying, “This is what happens when I think of you,” or something along those lines, and it was kind of flattering and all, but it wasn’t like, “Wow, I just saw your dick, get a room and I’ll meet you in twenty minutes.” Of course, I don’t find porn particularly stimulating sexually, so maybe I’m just odd.

And to be completely honest, I recently sent a picture of my bare boobs to a friend (I’d just washed the bathroom mirror and, in combination with trying to figure out the camera on my new phone, the picture just sort of happened). The response was pretty much, “Oh, so those are your boobs, cool, read any good books lately?” I just wonder, though, if I would take public heat for sending a titty pic via cellular device if my name was better known … and my friend wanted to make some money or something.

I don’t know, I just feel like Brett Favre is getting a lot of shit for something that a lot of people do. If Jenn Sterger made very clear that she wasn’t interested—if she changed her cell number or had his blocked, if she deleted his texts and didn’t reply to them, if she went to the police and filed a complaint—I’d be pretty disgusted with Favre.

As it stands right now, though, I think a lot of people are reading about Favre’s frolics well aware that they are themselves living in glass houses … and hoping that their cell phone history doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

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47 thoughts on “Brett Favre: Scumbag or Just Another Sexter?

  1. I agree, dude was just trying to seduce some chick, different dudes have different styles. The same thing has probably worked for him in the past (just not this time). Seems to me the willie shot was just a last ditch effort when giving it the old college try, anybody who hasn’t tried something similar when trying to get into a chicks (or a dudes) pants needs to get out of the house more.

  2. I tried the imagery thing once too. Had Andy Warhol paint a picture of it. Had it hung in a museum, asked the quarry to a viewing. Stood to the side for a reaction…..

  3. A part of me thinks the freaking out about sexting is way overblown. I think it’s a wee bit stupid to send a picture of one’s genitals to someone, but nevertheless, the hype about it is kind of ridiculous.

  4. I guess sexting is the new cybering?
    Who really gives a flying fuck? Either it’s been an extremely slow news day/week/month or someone really hates this man.

  5. If Brett Favre was a typical run of the mill guy, I would agree with you all.
    Problem is that he is a popular quarterback in the NFL. He violated his morality clause with the Vikings and the NFL and violated his marriage vows. His wife already has filed for divorce. I will never understand why these multi-millionaire sports figures are willing to jeopardize their lives and livelihood for a snatch.
    His ego got the best of him and instead of being remembered as a top quaterback for most of his career, he will be laughed at for not retiring and having a small penis.

  6. Brett Favres wife has not filed for divorce so stop spreading lies on here vchilds! He is still human and people break rules all the time just like that typical run of the mill guy! People also cheat, which is nothing new when it comes to relationships. There has been alot of popular athletes who have been in trouble for far worse, which makes one believe why Brett is getting dissed for sexting! Big deal!

  7. Erin,
    Not ok for people to cheat, which I didn’t say! Just saying people do it all the time! So why is everyone dissing Favre so bad for doing it when it is the norm all over the world!

    • It appears that date rape, politicians embezzling money from the people and murder is also becoming the *norm. Does this make it OK?
      I stand by what I said. Read Deanna’s autobiography. Apparently you must be a Vikings fan.

      Don’t worry Blurry, I don’t expect apologies from twits. And I do agree with you Blurry about not caring. The only thing that bothers me about these professional athletes and their behavior is that there are so many young kids aspiring to be like them. I still believe that a postive role model is better than a negative one. When they sign their contracts for multi-millions they agree to abhold the morality clauses of the NFL. This goes for all professional athletes. You’d think for $40 – $100 million they could keep it in the pants where it belongs.

  8. Blurry Please! That article was based off a gossip website called! What a great source you have given me since I have already read that article too along with many other articles on this subject. Homegirl would have left by now since he as already admitted to the voicemails and texts. You have to do better then that! I don’t have to say anything to the person Vchilds!

    • What part of “eleventy billion hits” skimmed right over your pointy little head?

      It is out there.
      It is in many, many publications.
      In the adult world I live in (one noticeably lacking sports hero worship) this is called “generally accepted information”.
      Do YOU have ANY sources where she is interviewed and states unequivocally that she has forgiven him and is not contemplating divorce?
      And yes, Denise – good manners, common human decency, the laws of social discourse and all that boring old shit does dictate that an apology is owed.
      I won’t hold my breath.

  9. Vchids,
    I have read her book and I’m reading her second book! In her first book she talks about divorcing him bit she doesn’t! In her new book that is out which I’m reading she also talks about compassion and forgiveness. I’m sure that she has forgiving him since she is a very religious women with class and has known about this since August when it first came out! Now as for you……I like how you have to resort to name calling when I don’t agree with you, which is very immature!

    I have not called you a name during any of my
    comments on this blog because I’m an adult. I also stand by what I say since you won’t change that in the first place! So at this point I wont sit here debate with namer callers because you don’t like my comment to you! Debate over.

    I’m also not a Vikings fan at all what so ever!

    • Yep, Just like Elizabeth Edwards did and Elin Nordegren did. Anyway coming out on attack mode I still will call a twit.
      Teens….Hear that Blurry. haha..

      • I’m loving it, V.
        I truly needed the comic relief, especially since it has been such an emotional week. You know that I found out that LeDouche is my father and all, right?

        • Eh better LeDouche then Denise, besides he did have the wonderful line of “pickled bog trotter” which is way better then “you are soooo immature, neener neener I’m better then you” … I was paraphrasing a wee bit.

    • “People also cheat, which is nothing new when it comes to relationshiips .”

      “which makes one believe why Brett is getting dissed for sexting! Big deal! ”

      Those two statements are why I called you a twit, not because you disagree with me!
      Again, assumptions made not in fact.

  10. Blurry you are another one!  Maybe if you take the time to go to their family website and read articles not from gossip websites to see they are still together! So wipe your BLURRY eyes and take a look! I also put some articles below! Looks like she is divorcing him to me! (sarcasm). Make sure to read all the articles since you like to read from all the other billion of sources besides the Favre’s website!   I also see you are also the same type of person like vchilds! Read the damn sites I posted and go sit the hell down because I’m done talking to your ass too! An adult when debating does not act the way the both of you do, but then again you must be a teen. Actions speak louder than words!

  11. Hey everyone Blurry is immature! He can’t act like an adult so he calls people names when disagree with him! Real classy! I Blurry thinks all women think the same! Don’t debate with him because you are a twit when the almighty and perfect blurry says you are wrong!

  12. Hey everyone Vchilds is still name calling because his opinion is different from others! Take a look at his immature name calling! He is such a big person who is on his i don’t like Brett Favre soapbox!

  13. Pingback: Old Mr. Potato Head Commercial Sparks New Controversy in Women – Zelda Lily, Feminism in a Bra

  14. I will pipe in that calling people twits is unlikely to further productive discussion. But since we’re talking about a slutty football player, I’m unsure as to whether the discussion was productive to begin with :)

  15. Haha…I love you guys. Thanks for the laughs this morning. And Erin, you know I don’t ususally call people names or twits. I already told everyone I had the devil on my shoulder this morning egging me one! :) Every once in awhile something gets under my skin. Who in the Hell would think it would be rather Brett Favre is a slut or not.

    @Boring, you are 100% corrent, all this nonsense and HE didn’t even get any!!

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