Women Whose Names End in ‘A’ Have More Sexual Partners

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In this week’s installment of stupid I give you the latest craptastic survey done, not surprisingly, by a dating site.  In an effort to link a woman’s name with the number of sexual partners she has had, a French company surveyed a group of ladies.  They concluded that women whose names end with A are more likely to sleep around:

“The survey, conducted by Smartdate and printed in 20minutes.fr, found that on average, women have 4.4 sexual partners during their lifetimes, but gals with names finishing in “a” have more — specifically Laura (9.7 partners), Tania (9.6) and Lola (9.5).”

May I suggest that next they try to prove that people whose favorite color is green are money grubbing whores, or those named Jennifer have a preference for thongs, or better yet, women with the name Harriet never shave their legs.  Right.  find the whole thing silly and slightly offensive, but at the same time does it even really matter?  Does the number of sexual partners a woman has had really say anything about her as a person?  To me it seems like a non-issue, and frankly, it makes me wonder if the person tallying the results of this survey may have had one to many run-ins with a girl whose name ended in an A.

Even the folks over at Smartdate admitted that a large number of women who completed the survey had names ending in A.  You don’t say!?  I think that perhaps that would sway things a bit.  Still – I have to ask our fine readers, does your name end with an A?  Do you think there is any truth to this study? Moreover, are you within what’s considered the ‘average’ amount of sexual partners – 4.4 over the course of a lifetime?  I personally find 4.4 sexual partners in a lifetime to be on the low side, but maybe I am hanging out with too many girls whose names end with an A.

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34 thoughts on “Women Whose Names End in ‘A’ Have More Sexual Partners

  1. There is a much larger, more scientific study I’ve read that found the average for both men and women is 8, which seems a lot more realistic. I think 4.4 is definitely low. At 22 I’m past that, and so are most of my close friends. Maybe older people from more repressed times are bringing down the average? Ooor people lied on the survey? Or they just interviewed a bunch of prudes?

  2. Well I’m 20 and I’ve had 3 partners… unless you count oral… but who does? My name ends in “i” or “e” depending on how technical you want to get. Or if you want to be really liberal, my given name ends with an “a” if you spell it as my ethnic group does. Man, I’m all over the place with vowels! Hopefully my sex life will reflect this!

    • @Gigi, I am being sincere in asking this question. I am curious and don’t know any 20 year olds that I could ask this question to. (or any that would be honest with me other than saying “because”) Can you explain why/how oral sex doesn’t count as sex? I know that most young-uns don’t count it as sex, but I don’t understand why.

      • It totally counts as sex, I figure if you can orgasm from it and it involves your genitalia it is sex. (super tired while writing this so sorry if my definition blows chunks) if you* gave/received oral with someone other then me when we were in a committed relationship you would be having sex and cheating on me.
        *not actually you in particular obviously, I’m solely into penis (no offense ladies I’m sure you’re all wonderful in bed but vaginas are ugly), not to mention I try and limit myself to penis not ten or more years my senior which I’m pretty sure would rule you out anyway.

  3. My given name (Alexandra, pretty sexy name, right?) ends in ‘a’ and I’ve had 2. I’m only 19 though, I’m sure that could change.

  4. Let me put it this way: there is an awful trend among college students where male pleasure is focused on. Hooking up with a guy quickly in his dorm room could easily lead to him getting a blow job, whereas you might not be touched anywhere but through your clothing. I don’t think I ever hear of the reverse as a common occurrence. Sadly we have built up a culture of young women who feel embarrassed about being eaten out but think nothing of going down on a guy they just met. I think this alone has come to separate oral sex and intercourse for many young adults. When you get into same-sex sex then the rules could easily change. It is hard to count something as sex when you received little to no benefit from the interaction. Sure there is some arguable enjoyment of it (I would never do it if I wasn’t enjoying it!) but many girls do it out of a sense of obligation, they feel it is expected of them- but they don’t want to go “all the way”. Of course, most religious people would tell you that oral sex obviously counts as sex. But when tallying up the number of partners you have had, we always say “wait, we aren’t including oral are we?” and it is always a resounding “no.” If it was mutual oral, then I would just go ahead and count it. Chances are though if you have gone that far with our current modern man, you have had intercourse with him also. But defining sex as something which gives you an orgasm is tricky… I’ve probably had one on the dance floor with a guy!

  5. I’ve checked on the internet and apparently a national survey in France established in 2007, that the average French woman (whatever her generation) has 4.4 sexual partners in her lifetime. Apparently it’s including older women who used to have only a couple of partner in their lifetime…

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  7. The amount of lovers a woman has had is like the condition of the kitchen in your favorite restaurant, better left unknown.

    • Does it actually matter to you? I mean I refuse to share it on the premise that it is none of their goddamn business, and I’ve never asked them how many people they’ve slept with because I don’t care AND it’s none of my business.

      • Did you ever see one of those coffee cups that says “#1 dad” or “world’s best boss”? How many do you think are made that say “#23455 DAD” or “resonably good boss”?

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