Spanish GQ Has Some Serious Explaining to Do

Irina Shayk, a Victoria Secret model and girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, appears nude in the December issue of Spanish GQ. There’s one little problem—apparently she didn’t pose nude.  It seems they Photshopped …

… off her panties.

It appears they used the doctored images to up this month’s readership, and they even went as far as to add a blurb on the cover of the magazine in an attempt to entice readers by saying, “Want to see the most beautiful creature in the world nude?”

What a bunch of asshats!  Irina, after finding out that GQ manipulated her photographs, is pissed off enough that she is suing:

In a statement, Gael Marie, managing director of Elite, Irina’s modeling agency said: ‘Supermodel Irina Shayk is the victim of ‘photoshop’ and breach of contract over photo approval in GQ Spain.

‘The Intimissimi ambassador dawns the cover in an Intimissimi lingerie body suit but unfortunately was photoshopped to appear naked in 3 images of the 14 page spread.  ‘A contract was signed on behalf of Ms. Shayk by Elite Model Management where she was to have approval of the interview, cover and images and was refused that right by the publication.

‘Ms. Shayk was not nude and did not approve these images. Irina Shayk NEVER saw the images, cover or caption that was used in GQ Spain.’

My advice?  If they were so gung-ho on using their fancy new Photoshop program, perhaps they could’ve Photshopped out that nasty cigarette dangling from her hand instead of her panties.  Seems to make a hell of alot more sense to me, anyway.

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27 thoughts on “Spanish GQ Has Some Serious Explaining to Do

  1. This is so messed up, I hope she gets a boatload of money from the lawsuit and laughs all the way to the bank (not that it sounds like she needs the money). Not only because of what she had to go through personally, but also to deter magazines from attempting this type of weird invasion of privacy / misrepresentation of photos in the future.

  2. Now here’s an interesting question. You can’t just ‘photoshop out’ panties. You have to photoshop something else in. And whose did they use?

      • Not cool.
        But really, I can’t believe they left such a glaring oversight in this story. I mean, if you could just *photoshop away* clothing and see what was underneath, just think of the sort of world we’d be in!

    • I dunno, maybe they have some stock labia photos or something…

      On a totally unrelated note, is anyone else getting assaulted with ads whenever you come to the site? I have to close like 3 per page, and my anti-spyware program is pretty good.

      • My computer is going nuts with pop-up blocked banners, also if the talking/interactive ads don’t shut up I’m going to go nuts and actually study for my finals instead of puttering away on the internet.

      • I have no issues due to the way I have set up my computer, but I get that ‘popup blocked’ notification pretty often.
        Hey ZL! You’re damn lucky you managed to attract a good group of commenters before you trashed the site. They’re the only reason I mess around with the obnoxious advertising, wide useless purple banners, skinny frame of actual text, frequent posts with nothing to do with feminism and popups.

          • Rach, which one of us are you trying to insult? My money is on Kai but it could also be Joey… or me or Erin, probably not V.

          • @ Copa

            Kai, naturally. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions a’course, but she’s the only one who’s ever a complete and utter cunt about it.

          • Ok! If that’s the case, Rach, you can fuck right off.
            I find that I disagree with Kai with some frequency, but it has never crossed my mind that she’s a cunt….

            Pot, meet kettle.

          • *every* story? not quite. *many* stories, yes. Maybe even most. And WOW in that very post I gave the reason for my return. AMAZING where reading comprehension will get you. :D
            As for my supposed ‘cunt’-ness, either you have really low standards (not likely, as evidenced by your free insulting), or you have an amazing tendency to take things personally. Which comment was it that pissed you off so royally?
            (Thanks Erin!)

          • One thing I love about us Zelda Lillians…attack one of us, and attack us all!
            Hey Copa, Hey don’t exclude me!!!! – I’ve been called a cunt before, just in real life not on the net :)

          • Huh I only chose Kai because she had posted a couple times on this thread, I would never have guessed she would be given the title cuntiest cunt of them all.
            I think that should be a vote-in position personally, though I’d probably be forced to nominate V as she complains when I don’t get her called a cunt.

          • Very, very rarely do I agree with anyone 100% of the time and Kai is no exception. I find her to be rather conservative on some issues, but I always find her responses to be well thought out and succinct.
            If you find this to be evidence of cuntdom, I suggest you look in the mirror and see if there is a little green monster lurking about on your shoulder.

            Just a thought…
            Is Rach from the UK? Because cunt has a completely different connotation there – although I suspect that even if she is a Brit – it is common knowledge that cunt is a nasty insult in the USA.
            That makes it even worse, in my opinion.
            Low brow and unimaginative on one hand, ignorant and trashy on the other.

          • Hell Copa, you know when you get older you complain about everything :)
            Also, If memory serves me right, Alzaetia was appointed the resident ZL cunt a long time ago.

          • I *am* rather conservative on many issues. :)
            Bur I certainly don’t want to usurp anyone else’s titles!

          • @Kai, I definitely read that comment as “usurp anyone’s titties.” God knows I wouldn’t want you to do that!

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