Naked Facebook Photo Lands an Abusive Boyfriend Behind Bars

Meet Joshua Simon Ashby, the twenty-year-old douchebag who took it upon himself to post a naked picture of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook because he was in a jealous drunken rage after she called off their 5 month relationship.

Asshat, meet the readers, readers … What an asshat.

As a result of his bad judgement, he has been sentenced …

… to four months in prison.  Seems suitable to me, and I think it sets a good precedent – kt is believed that this is the first incident in which someone has had to serve jail time resulting from a crime committed using a social media site.  Ashby was sentenced under the morality and decency section of the Crimes Act.

Hilariously, the judge in this case allowed Ashby to be photographed by the media.  He even insisted that the defendant stop hiding his face behind the sheet of paper he was using as a shield.  The judge stated that having Ashby’s picture taken had,”a certain symmetry to it.”  Nice!

Just prior to posting the revealing photo, Ashby  sent the following text to his ex-girlfriend: “I’m going to kill you” and “Dead bitch.”  He sounds like a keeper doesn’t he? I can’t imagine why his girlfriend broke up with him to begin with. This whole thing could have been avoided.  Clearly his charm is unparalleled. I’ll bet she’s having second thoughts now, huh?

Initially, only the 218 people listed on his ex-girlfriend’s Facebook profile page had access to the nude photo, but Ashby took it upon himself to make it publicly available by hacking her Facebook page and changing her password. Just prior to the whole nude picture incident, Ashby also stole and cut up two of his ex’s dresses. And … she forgave him.  Why!?  She finally came to her senses and called things off once and for all after a verbal altercation became physical.  Apparently in a rage, Ashby pushed her down and broke her cell phone.  Holy pyscho pants!  I’d say it’s a good thing this guy is behind bars – he could benefit from some anger management classes.

Apparently I am not the only one in whole support of Ashby’s incarceration – Ashby’s parents completely support the judge’s decision that their son do jail time as well.  They both voiced a hope that this would deter other people from the “dark side” of Facebook.  Hmmm, I’d say that this crime has nothing to do with the dark side of Facebook and more to do with their son’s serious rage issues and abusive tendencies.

Perhaps this is a good lesson for everyone – never under any circumstances send nude photos to a person that appears to be even slightly of their rocker. Or, you know, be prepared for the fallout of said nude photo.  Even those off their rocker can sometimes surprise you.

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6 thoughts on “Naked Facebook Photo Lands an Abusive Boyfriend Behind Bars

  1. my abusive ex boyfriend posted a naked, underage photo of me and he didn’t go to jail. they just deleted the picture and the police said they couldn’t do anything.

  2. Never give ANYONE a nude photo that you are not completely prepared for the entire world to see. It’s just prudent in today’s reality.
    Good to see people treating the online world as the real world.

  3. I’m glad to see his parents aren’t trying to stand up for their precious innocent little snowflake. There are far too many parents who insist their child is the greatest human on earth in spite of damning evidence.

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