Planned Parenthood Attempting to Get the Pill Classified as Preventive Medicine

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Planned Parenthood is attempting to get hormonal birth control classified as a preventive medicine under the new healthcare bill. If this were to happen, insurance policies would be required to pay the entire cost, as customers under new plans must have all preventive care covered (this law does not apply to existing plans). Although birth control is not considered preventive by groups such as the Centers for Disease Contril, the new healthcare bill gives Health and …

… Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wide latitude to determine what should be considered as such in new insurance plans. As such, Sebelius has ordered a study to be completed by the Institute of Medicine that will determine what should be included as preventive care.

Predictably, conservative groups such as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Heritage Foundation have come out against the bill. However, poll numbers even among members of their own faiths suggest that support for this new proposal is strong. 81 percent of women and 60 percent of men agree that birth control should “definitely” or “probably” be considered preventive. This support is also nearly as high among Catholic women with 77% believing it should be covered under the new law. Indeed, the poll also shows that there is much evidence for making birth control preventive: 48 percent of women making under $40,000 per year say that cost often prevents from using birth control consistently. For women between the prime baby-making ages of 18 and 34, this jumps to 55 percent. Thus, it is quite clear that by diverting a small amount of money towards universal birth control, the potential monetary and emotional toll of pregnancy-related care can be vastly decreased.

And I think that should make everyone on all sides of the fence happy.  Well. Almost everyone.

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22 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Attempting to Get the Pill Classified as Preventive Medicine

  1. I see no reason that birth control should not be covered. Maybe if women can access birth control the welfare system won’t be so overloaded with women who can’t afford their 8 kids and the state won’t have to attempt to take care of as many foster/adoption kids.

  2. I doubt if having insurance cover BC will cause more than a small reduction in unplanned pregnancies. BC isn’t magic, you have to be responsible enough to use it properly and consistently to have it be effective. And lack of responsibility is what is causing the problem in the first place. But insurance should cover BC, after all you pay to cover medical costs and BC is a medical thing.

  3. 95% of women are on birth control pills at some point in their lives. I don’t give a shit what those stupid conservative groups say because you can’t argue with that number. Clearly they’re hypocrites, because the chances are very high that they have been on the pill themselves/ have been physically involved with a woman who was currently on the pill.

    Even Catholic women overwhelmingly support this, and the religion expressly forbids the use of contraception. I really find it stupid and annoying that religious morals could possibly be used to justify not insuring the pill, because real human behavior shows that this particular moral means jack to almost all women.

    I don’t have $150 a month to spend on my pills, so I sure as hell hope my insurance continues to cover most of the cost.

    @boring – you’re so wrong. I am VERY responsible about taking my pill every day. I’ve been on it for 6 years and I have NEVER missed a dose. But if I don’t have money, I can’t take the pill. And condoms break, more often than we might like to think. How does that mean I’m not responsible? That all other wome non the pill aren’t responsible? Obviously we are, because we decided to go on the pill in the first place. That is a responsible thing to do. If we were irresponsible, why would we bother getting contraception? I’ll admit that some people can be idiots when it comes to birth control, but I think you’re underestimating people in general.

  4. Yes, Shannon read your comment and responded appropriately to the views your comment expressed. Perhaps you’d like to refer her to a library as well?

  5. I would sure consider them ‘preventative medicine’. I would wonder what they are currently classified under, and what the differences are besides the payment.

  6. Boring, whenever I make a decent point to refute whatever brainless platitude you’ve just stated, you accuse me of not being able to read. I am perfectly literate, thanks. Maybe you just have short-term memory problems and can’t remember what you’ve just written?

  7. Yes I have told you your reading sucks, many times, and I can’t be the only one. It seems to me you are one of those people who cannot see the world as anything else but a reflection of themselves. I belive it distorts your understanding of what you read. It is very telling that all of your posts tell some story about yourself. Narcissism look it up.

  8. Sucky writing begs for sucky reading. although that does not appear to be an issue here.
    Your posts are all colored by your intense dislike of assertive women. How many times have we read about how women have done you wrong?

    I think if I knew you in person (assuming you go on and on about this crap in real life), I’d fuck you over for the sheer fun of it.

  9. What? I am not even sure what you are saying. It is like you spilled crazy on your keyboard. What women that did me wrong? I think you are mistaking me for a country song, or maybe one of the voices in your head. As for the screwing me over, am I supposed to be surprised that a militant crazy feminist would have it in for me?

  10. That’s cute boring, but yes, you are the only person who has ever criticized my reading comprehension skills. I’m an English major and I get straight A’s, so you’re definitely barking up the wrong tree. Try again! Where you get off calling me a narcissist is a mystery to me, but you’ve been grabbing at straws this entire time haven’t you? After all, there must be SOMETHING wrong with me since I annoy you so much. Funny, you’re the one who’s supposed to be the troll getting under other peoples’ skin.

  11. Your comeback for being called a narcissist is to brag about your straight A’s as an english major? That is just…..sad.

  12. And for the record Shan I can’t find it in me to be annoyed at you, whatever has damage you has left marks so obvious and close to the surface, it is hard to do anything but pity you. Here is some free advice, maybe if you stop talking about yourself so much, people mite like you more…just sayin.

  13. Hmmmm, kind of off today aren’t ya? And by the way “I think most of” by definition means not “just you”…..Clearly.

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