Colorado Teabaggers Want to Make Zygotes People, Abortion and Birth Control Illegal

In a frightening ad wrought with falsehoods, Personhood USA is pushing a ‘yes’ vote on Amendment 62, the so-called personhood amendment on the ballot in Colorado. If this amendment were to pass, it would define embryos and fetuses as people, thus banning abortion, hormonal birth control and creating hosts of other issues where women could be harassed for not having zygotes germinating inside them.  According to many of the law’s supporters,  …

“such laws truly turn women into breeding cows.” The scariest part about this campaign is that it is being billed as a defense of American rights against an evil, greedy dictator named Barack Obama.

The ad is full of lies, such as the idea that the “abortion industry” is making billions, which is simply not true. Also posited is the theory that America has been in a decline since abortion was legalized in, you guessed it, Colorado in 1967 and that this prompted the Supreme Court, who apparently “hate American values and liberty,” to conspire to rule in favor of Roe v. Wade (a pretty bad argument, since the majority of the justices, both then and now, are Republicans, as was the author of the majority opinion that legalized abortion in the first place). In addition, the video posits that Americans have always been for the banning of abortion, although quite the opposite has been true, with nearly all polls in the past 35 years showing that people believe abortion should be available in at least some circumstances. The “federal grip” then grew tighter (which is total bullshit, since Carter, Reagan and both Bushes were all unabashedly pro-life, with Reagan even hiring a young Justice Alito to try and scheme away around Roe) and now we have the “Angel of Death” Obama and his hellish minions Reid and Pelosi taking over big business and healthcare.

What is clear from this video is that teabagging idiots are not only ill-informed and often blame others for the things they are largely responsible for, but that they really don’t give a fuck about anybody’s rights, not even their own (but I’m sure some mama grizzlies have used the pill once or twice in their lives, just saying). I have often considered potentially moving to Colorado for my PhD, but if this bill passes, forget about it, since it’ll be no better than a Stalinist dictatorship.

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14 thoughts on “Colorado Teabaggers Want to Make Zygotes People, Abortion and Birth Control Illegal

  1. I am in Colorado for my Ph.D. Specifically Boulder, which is VERY liberal. I’m hoping that enough people get out and vote NO on this amendment. There are quite a few very good commercials against this amendment, and I don’t think this commercial will be very influential. Personhood USA can talk conspiracy theories and government craziness all they want, but I think women will be more concerned with their own reproductive choices (I know I am!).

  2. I always knew Obama was the Joker. And a Grim Reaper. But no one listens. Now we have women running rampant with contraceptives. Geez.

  3. With some of these horrific laws that some people are trying to pass, and all the fear mongering (and manipulation of people through fear), moving to another country is looking much more favorable.

  4. @Squeezie, so true.
    When my oldest son was going off to college they sent him a questionairre to best suit him with roomates. The question was “What do you hate the most?” His answer…Stupid people. I still laugh at that.

  5. They tried to pass this law in Colorado under a different number/name in the last election and it got voted down. I think the same thing will happen this time around.

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