Spike TV Lists “7 Cutest Feminists”

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So Spike has complied a list of their interpretation of the seven cutest feminists, and I’m not sure whether to be offended or amused. I mean, this is of course the channel best known for all manner of wrestling (which, like NASCAR, is somehow considered a sport … kind of) and CSI reruns.

That said, though, I do find their choices kind of interesting. And funny. And a little bit insulting.

Anyway, from Spike, “The Top Seven Cutest Feminists”:

#7: Jennifer Baumgardner

Like most bi-sexual writers from Fargo, North Dakota, Jennifer Baumgardner has had a storied literary career focused on political equity, feminist rights, and a long-term sexual relationship with a founding member of The Indigo Girls.

Yup, the author of works such as Young Women, Feminism and the Future and Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics should definitely be known for bedding an Indigo Girl. And being cute. That’s huge.

#6: Kat Banyard

Author of The Equality Illusion and director of UK Feminista, Banyard has spent the majority of her professional life furthering the feminist cause and ensuring that women throughout England enjoy the same rights as their mildly effeminate male counterparts. (Which, judging by their national soccer team, includes the procurement of disease-free prostitutes and struggling to stay competitive in World Cup matches with Germany.)

Ouch, Spike, just … ouch.

#5: Kirsten Gillibrand (although Spike misidentifies her as “Kristen” Gillibrand)

The former Asian studies major and current New York senator is a self-described feminist who has worked tirelessly to occasionally fight for women’s rights in various political forums. During an interview with Womensrights.change.org, the former sorority girl turned tobacco defender claimed that “we’ve reached a point where women really can get elected at the highest levels of government all over the country” and “I have no doubt that we will see more women in elected office in the coming years.” (She also listed “bad breath” and “male flight attendants” as her turn-offs later in the article.)

Wow, it’s definitely cute to refer to someone working tirelessly to occasionally fight for women’s rights. That’s cool, Spike, really cool.

And, hey, bad breath is perhaps the most universal turn-off there is.

#4: Nina Hartley

The esteemed adult film actress is well known to both sexually frustrated teenagers who enjoy her on-screen performances and socially aware women’s rights leaders who appreciate her off-camera insight.

You know, I honestly do think that female porn stars are onto something. Think about it, they have a certain power over men that is illustrated both by their film’s content (well, usually) and of course the droves of men (and okay, adolescent boys) that buy their stuff.

#3: Naomi Wolf

Perhaps one of the most influential third-wave feminist authors in recent memory (the first two waves were mostly build-up, like Lord of the Rings), Wolf burst onto the gender-stereotyping scene with her international best-seller “The Beauty Myth” in the early ’90s.

Aptly assigning blame to both men and societal standards, the admittedly brilliant book boasts a level of sophistication and wisdom that both empower women and earned its author J.K. Rowling-type money.

I’m not going to say that “international best-seller” means outstanding book (just look at Danielle Steele), but you’ve gotta give Wolf credit for both quality writing (I mean, even Spike is complimenting its content) and racking in the dough.

#2: Jessica Coen

The saucy editor of Jezebel.com has established a large and diverse following thanks to her unique voice and creative approach. Blessed with classic good looks and an irreverent writing style, Coen has become an iconic figure in both the feminist and literary worlds since first joining the Gawker family at just 24 years old. (Plus, she’s not afraid to curse like an Irish dock worker while Tweeting about University of Michigan Football games, which seems to shatter at least 13 gender stereotypes.)

Jessica Coen is cool. Not cute. That is just selling her sooooooo short!

#1: Nicole Kidman

The “Days of Thunder” – yes, she was in that, star has spent years helping raise awareness for women’s rights throughout the world, including a recent crusade in Haiti to discuss the post-earthquake sexual exploitation ravaging the still-recovering nation.

The fact that she in all likelihood actually had sex with Tom Cruise sort of negates the feminist thing for me, I don’t know.

This list is just silly to me, as it’s probably intended to be (sometimes I evidently miss these things). Also, there are much cuter feminists out there that Spike just totally missed the boat on. Still, it was good for a chuckle … although I can’t help feeling like that chuckle came at the expense of a feminist principle or two.

What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “Spike TV Lists “7 Cutest Feminists”

  1. Let me just say that I love Jezebel. Although I would rather have a list about the sexiest feminists rather than the cutest ones. It’s rather silly; like patting the cute lil’ feminists on the head and sending them on their merry way.

  2. Jeeze relax, it’s Spike not the New Yorker. In my experience if the title contains the words “top ten” it is more than likely a space filler. And nothing fills space like hot chicks and or jokey put-downs. I bet even the illustrious Zelda Lilly drops in a few space fillers from time to time (wink wink).

  3. I don’t have a problem with it. I see the concern with “aww, look at the cute little feminists” but really? It’s Spike. They’re talking about hot women one way or another, here they just happen to be attractive and ostensibly feminist. A woman can be both. I really don’t expect any more of Spike, and I really don’t think anyone else is going to form feminist opinions based on their ‘cuteness’ ratings.

  4. The fact that there’s a list of the seven cutest feminists is just hilariously missing the point so much it’s hard to be too offended…

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