Facebook Page Has Interesting Revenge Idea for “Sluts”

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Well, just when I think I have seen it all, Facebook proves me wrong. Again.

Yup, the latest group? Take a deep breath. No, really. You’re not going to believe this one. Ready?

You can check out the Facebook group “Training Your Dog to Attack Sluts” (yes, you read that right) here.

It’s kind of a non-page, actually, since at the time of this writing it is only “liked” by 546 people (none of which, I’m proud to say, are my Facebook friends). Its wall is essentially blank, there are no discussions, and the information section informs us that the page was founded in March of 2010 but gives no further info.

In other words, it’s nothing at all like the Zelda Lily Facebook page (which is really cool and worthy of a “Like”).

But seriously, I have two basic concerns.

One is the increasing feeling that I live in a surreal world, one that is in a constant state of one-upsmanship that will lead us into some truly distressing places. I mean, training your dog to attack sluts? WTF? What’s next, painting with the victim’s blood? Oh, wait …

Perhaps more importantly, though, there is a certain degree of slut-shaming here that’s really pretty disturbing. I mean, training your dog to attack a woman for her choice in sexual proclivities (or your perceptions thereof)? That’s just … crazy. Seriously. It’s completely bananas.

The word slut is thrown around all the time (along with its cousin “skank”), and its true definition has consequently become sort of muddled.

It’s become a catch-all for everything from a middle schooler’s former best friend who told her other friends that she had a yeast infection to an ex’s new girlfriend. Oh yeah, and then there’s that “the other woman” piece. And I suppose, if you want to be completely technical, a woman who gives away sexual favors easily. And a lot of informal “definitions” that I’m leaving out.

It’s an easy word, no pun intended. It’s all-encompassing.

I know very few women who have not been called a slut. I have been called a slut myself, and there have even been a couple of occasions when I might have deserved it.

But neither I nor anyone else deserves to be willfully, intentionally, and violently attacked by a dog.  Or even have it joked about, like this page is so clearly doing.

I have two dogs, a golden retriever and a black lab. My golden is a silly barking marshmallow that hides in the laundry room when there’s a thunderstorm and wouldn’t hurt a flea, but my lab is extremely protective. If that dog felt that I or anyone in my family was in danger, I wouldn’t want to be on the other end of her.

In addition to the obvious cruelty against a fellow human being, it seems unfair to take dogs and turn them into weapons over what is usually either a misunderstanding or more likely the result of hurt feelings than a legitimate earning of the word “slut.” Of course, I’m a dog lover so I might be more concerned about the eventual fate of a dog that attacks someone, particularly for such an asinine reason, than some would be.

I think the pathetic status of this Facebook page points to that fact that it’s either meant as a joke … or created by somebody with very little time on her (or his) hands. And yet … 546 “Likes” has got to mean something.

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6 thoughts on “Facebook Page Has Interesting Revenge Idea for “Sluts”

  1. Yeah, I’m more worried about the fact that most of those who’ve “liked” the page seem to be women/girls. I find that pretty disturbing. As well as the article about the Romanian student. I was beginning to think I had been silly a few years back, when I was in France on a scholarship and every time I went to the shops and someone asked me where I was from, I’d lie and say I was from a different country. It leaves a bitter taste, being ashamed of one’s birthplace because of some countrymen’s stupidity.

  2. “I know very few women who have not been called a slut. I have been called a slut myself, and there have even been a couple of occasions when I might have deserved it.”

    You slut-shamed yourself. :(

  3. If you look at many of the Facebook pages, they are often set up as a “joke” one liner for people to to “like”, with no intention of adding any information etc at a later stage. They are, effectively, an extension of the idea of collecting as many Facebook “friends” as you can.

    My 14 year old niece has joined such pages or groups as “I’ll tell you I’ve got a big dick even though I don’t have one.” I mean, what is that all about?

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