Facebook Girls.info The Internet is For … “Sexy Chicks?”

photo of hot facebook girl pictures

Oy. Right on the heels of today’s awful internet story comes another misuse of social networking: Facebook Girls.

That’s right, “Facebook Girls.” A blog where “users over 18″ submit pictures of the “hot, sexy chicks of Facebook.”

Alright, first of all, there is no way that these girls are 18. There just isn’t. I will …

… not believe that they are of legal age unless presented with their birth certificates, in person, with their parents present.

Second of all, who the hell is submitting these pictures to this website? Since the girls on the blog are obviously not 18, then they must mean other Facebook users over the age of 18. Great! So random adult-aged people are saving pictures of “hot chicks” to their desktops and sending them to someone only described as “anon.” Or this one person is just putting random people’s pictures of their website without their consent? Oh, and before you go off on a “Pictures we put on Facebook shouldn’t be considered private!” tangent — yeah, I know.  But putting some random person’s personal picture on your website seems like a privacy violation of some sort, doesn’t it? Though also, to be fair, I don’t think that all of these pictures came from people’s Facebook accounts. Some of them just have to be from softcore porn websites.  I’d imagine that Facebook might be responsible in moderating some photos that show too much skin, right?

Something else strange? “Facebook Girls” the website has a Facebook Group. Forgive me, but I just do not understand this. What is this website trying to do? The information bar says “Invite your friends please. This group has potential.”  Uh … I’m still drawing a blank here. Potential for what?

Personally?  The only thing I can think of is lawsuits.

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5 thoughts on “Facebook Girls.info The Internet is For … “Sexy Chicks?”

  1. Regardless, it is a violation of copyright law to take other’s photos and place them on your own website (unless they’ve acquired permission to do so).

  2. It is definitely true. I’m a photographer. The photographer is actually the person who holds the legal rights and owns the photos. You just can’t take someone’s photo and do whatever you want with it without permission. Anyone that doesn’t want their photo on it can have it taken down.

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