Teenage Role Models: Miley Cyrus Drunk, Stoned, and Losing Her Virginity

So, Miley Cyrus is set to star in a new film titled LOL, alongside Demi Moore.   Miley’s character will be seen smoking pot, losing her virginity, kissing girls, drunk off of her ass, and flashing her Brazilian wax.  Suburban mothers around the world are going to lose it, and shit is surely going to get crazy.  I imagine Hannah Montana toys across the country will be set ablaze and millions of cheesy Montana-themed t-shirts will be donated to Goodwills nationwide.   Pre-pubescent children everywhere will be sobbing.  And to think that this phrase will be uttered in the film LOL by Demi Moore in regards to Cyrus’s character:

“You’re my daughter … and I won’t let you turn into a porn star!”

So, wait — remind me again why Miley Cyrus is supposed to be a role model to young children?  Oh, yeah, that’s right, it’s because she is on a Disney TV show.  If that doesn’t scream role model I don’t know what does. Enough said; consider me smited.

Little kids love and admire Hannah Montana for that awesome wig and her singing chops, and yet, I don’t think that qualifies her to have to behave like a robot.  Why should she have to choose roles that are wholesome and Disneyesque?  It’s like moving out of your parents house, but still trying to live under their rules and hoping that your bedroom passes their inspection. Honestly?  I think it’s great that she is choosing to do what she wants as opposed to pleasing the masses.  Besides, adults are able to filter what their children are exposed to. Therefore, the little people of the world can go on watching Hannah Montana and belting out The Climb without having to view Miley on the big screen drunk and flashing her vag.   They can go right on loving the Disney version of her and remain blissfully unaware of the very grown up Miley Cyrus.  It seems simple to me.

I have never understood why people think celebrities should be role models.  I can understand thinking Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, and maybe on the celebrity front if you have to pick a role model perhaps Angelina Jolie, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, or Ani Difranco but Miley Cyrus?  Really, that’s the best people can do when seeking out role models for their children?  She is a 17-year old girl on the cusp of adulthood trying to figure out who she is.   Why should she be burdened with setting a good example for 6-year-olds?

If my life were on display as a teen, Miley would look like a saint in comparison. And realistically speaking, I think most people could say the same.  So chill the fuck out people, and remember that you were once there, too.  Let Miley be 17 years old without all of your baggage and demands.   Part of growing up is expressing yourself, being independent, and figuring out who you are.  And don’t we all have the right to be ourselves?

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20 thoughts on “Teenage Role Models: Miley Cyrus Drunk, Stoned, and Losing Her Virginity

  1. Why is Miley Cyrus a role model to young children? Because she asked to be one.

    “I’m not letting any stupid decisions get in my way. I want to be a role model, letting girls know that they can follow their dreams.”
    “If you look at me as a role model I agree with it.”

    I don’t think anyone is expecting Ms Cyrus to grow up perfectly and never make mistakes because people are watching, but she purposefully choose a film role which depicts what sounds like the antithesis to what any teenage girl should be striving. To do this while actually asking young girls to look up to you… well that’s irresponsible and stupid.
    I entirely understand that she can’t be a cutsie teen forever, and that at some point she will have to transition into adulthood, which will ultimately include becoming a sexual being, but this is such a clumsy and trashy way to do it. It’s not that she is trying to grow up as an individual- she is trying to prove that she is a grown up by emphasizing over exaggerated ‘adult’ behaviours in the public eye.
    Besides the fact that young girls will still try to replicate her and recreate her less than reputable behaviour, she is showing girls that the way to adulthood is sex, drugs and booze. And not only is that not true, it’s a pretty dangerous message to be sending girls.

      • Alz, I don’t think she is supposed to be one for the rest of her life, but don’t you think she is pushing the limits just a tad over the top? Maybe it’s also a money thing, sex and scandal sell. Celebrities such as Dakota Fleming seem to be a more realastic way to empower young girls to mature. Only my opinion though.

        • Oh, absolutely. It’s super trashy. Completely.
          I just think that she shouldn’t be judged as a role model for little girls anymore. She’s clearly trying to break away from that, and it’s not her job to make sure little girls aren’t seeing what will probably be an R rated movie.
          The entire “role model” debate strikes me as a way for parents to abdicate their responsibility. I hate the entire concept of getting all pissed off when you have to explain reality to your children.
          Realistically, somebody who’s several years older than your own young daughter should not be held accountable for what influences them.
          I’ve raised a girl. The only teenager that was a role model for her was Daria.
          Cartoons don’t grow up and flash their vaginas in an attempt to escape what they see as candy coated bondage.

  2. What’s sad is that I would have probably acted like this at her age. What is she 16? 17?. When I look back on how I dressed at times, what I thought made me look “attractive” I can cringe. It has nothing to do with parental guidance either. My Mom and I had plenty of fights over my attire, and I was forbidden from leaving the house until I changed.

    I do agree with Wicked, Miley is pushing the limits by over exaggerating “adult” behaviours.

  3. “don’t we all have the right to be ourselves…” Up until what point? The point where you are a drug addict, without a job, living on welfare and food stamps that the rest of us are out working in order to support YOU who wants to do what you want to do/be who you want to be???? That’s how it all starts. Someone doesn’t want to grow up and be a responsible adult…would rather party their life away while we foot the bill. Then, one day, they wake up and think WTH did I do with my life?

  4. duh, everyone knows disney stars aren’t allowed to grow up! they have to remain 14 years old for eternity! it’s in their contract!

  5. Wow. Either I’m boring or not a wasn’t a rebellious moron when I was younger. I still haven’t done half of the things on that list.

    • Hey Erin!
      You are not alone. I never went through a rebellious stage. I never even dated. No interest whatsoever. I figured I would enjoy my friends because once grown up I would not be able to in the same manner. My 1st bf was at 18 and and we have been together since (4 years in november).

      • Well that’s super creepy. I started dating my first bf at 18, too, and we’re at 2 years. I can’t think of any reason I would have wanted to date anyone in my high school, though, let alone bang them. Ick.

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  7. I think it’s not that she is supposed to be a role model. It’s that she is one implicitly. Young children look up to everyone they see – their parents, their teachers, their entertainers.. If she’s going to *be* a role model, people are expecting her to be a good one.

    I too agree, however, that the appropriate response is not to police the actions of others, but to control appropriate viewing material. If people allowed their children to watch movies and TV instead of celebrity reports, what an actress does on her own time would be irrelevant.

  8. LOL is originally a French film. The character Miley plays was a French teenager originally, so I guess it will reflect the reality of European teenagers rather than American, unless you re-write the script to make it more palatable to American audiences… or maybe it is the same reality but American adults don’t want to think of it.

  9. i don’t think celebrities should be role models – their job is to ENTERTAIN US. not raise our kids. my beef with miley is this, though; she has said and considers herself a role model. so, if you’re going to put yourself out there and proclaim that, than f-ing act like one. another problem i have with her is the fact that she’s always like “i love jesus!” uh, i don’t think jesus would dig all your slutty little outfits you seem to like wearing…..

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  11. Jesus is it? Well Jesus had no problem with hookers who had good hearts. Thats hookers! Also, Jesus being God, he had no problem at all with people running around totally naked! like Adam & Eve. What you are talking about are social controls you try to put on others to make your life easier. But since loving others is God’s greatest commandment, your facination with yourself instead of loving others will doom you when your time comes.

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