Men Who Earn Less Than Their Wives are Likely to Cheat

Apparently, modern men still suffer from delicate egos — at least that is what a new study out of Cornell University suggests.   The study shows that men who make less money than their ladies are five times more likely to cheat than the men who are bringing in more bacon.

That’s right ladies.  Men are still having trouble with the idea of a powerful woman.  I’m wondering — do these same men communicate only through a series of grunts? And if so, how do they even communicate the desire to cheat, anyway?

Cornell sociology grad student Christin Munsch, who created the study, told MSNBC:

“Having multiple sexual partners may be an attempt to restore gender identity in response to these threats,” she wrote. “In other words, for men, sex (outside their relationship) may be an attempt to compensate for feelings of inadequacy with respect to gender identity.”

Munsch conducted the study from 2002-2007.  Participants were 18- to 28-year-olds who were either married or living with a significant other, and had been in their relationship for at least one year.

Munsch’s findings showed that men are the least likely to cheat when their partner earns 25% less than they do.  She also pointed out that there are many other factors involved in cheating aside from  income, including race, education, and religion.

Thankfully,  Munsch’s study also suggested that said cheating was not very common. In the six-year period of her study, her findings found that only 7% of men cheated on their partners, which I think is refreshing.  Yay for the men who didn’t behave like douchebags!

Joking aside, the bottom line is:  feel free to make more than your boyfriend or husband, just make damn well sure you’re not involved with some who suffers from crippling low self-esteem.  Fat-free version?  Steer clear of cave men.

But you already knew that.

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6 thoughts on “Men Who Earn Less Than Their Wives are Likely to Cheat

  1. I also read a while back that men are also statistically more likely to physically abuse their ‘old ladies’ when they make less. If I have time later I’ll find the study and post it here.

  2. So…don’t date an insecure twat whose only aspiration is to work at Taco Bell because he will cheat on you? Sounds good.

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