Let’s Talk About (Oral) Sex, Baby!

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that oral sex is on the rise … or at least that conversations based around it are. Whether contemplating the convenience of shaved vs. bushy or the Catholic church’s historic ban on acts that don’t lead directly to procreation (a category that oral sex definitely falls under, as does masturbation … do Catholics not orgasm or something?), it’s all over the place right now.

Okay, just want to get out there that oral sex, both giving and receiving, is a source of great pleasure for me and millions of women all over the world. The idea that oral stimulation is gross or wrong or whatever is just so far off my radar screen it’s ridiculous (unlike Paris Hilton, I’m not a hypocrite).

Oral sex is increasingly common for young women to partake in, both in addition to and as an alternative of intercourse. Researchers out of the University of Alberta recently conducted a study on oral sex (must have been a lot of fun), concluding that it’s unquestionably part of what researcher Brea Malacad refers to as “the sexual revolution of the 21st century.”

Anyway, an interesting conclusion to be drawn from Malacad’s work here is that researchers, sex educators, and safe-sex marketers need to get on the cunnilingus caboose. The fellatio freeway. Route 69. Whatever.

In all seriousness, though, this is an activity that young women are partaking in, and it’s about time that we put that into the mix instead of burying our heads in the sand.

From Medical News Today:

Viral urban myths such as rainbow parties (an alleged group-sex event where women, all wearing different colored lipstick, perform oral sex on men) and media reports of the “exploitation and over-sexualization of young women,” as Malacad explains it, was part of the decision to undertake the study to understand what young women are really doing and what it means for the teens, parents and for sex education in general.

Well, it’s kind of a relief to find out that, according to official research, “rainbow parties” are an urban legend (although I’ve heard otherwise from some pretty reliable sources). It does bring up some interesting questions, though, into what would motivate teenagers to get in on the action. So to speak.

“Both intercourse and oral sex were associated with mostly positive emotions overall, which suggests that most young women are engaging in these activities because they enjoy them,” said Malacad. “Based on the results of my study, there is a percentage of women (just over 30 per cent) who feel powerful when performing fellatio. Apparently some women find it empowering and believe that it can wield a lot of power.”

Ah, fellatio, the act that sunk a hundred politicians (and a pro golfer or two). All joking aside, though, there is some truth to the reports of that feeling of empowerment. Not to sound crass, but there’s quite a lot of guys that will be literal putty in your hand if they think they’re getting a BJ out of it.

And yeah, sexually it’s pretty damn exciting to know that a guy’s going to trust you with his junk in your mouth. It’s an interesting irony that men get such pleasure (evidently … I’m not a guy, obviously, so this is hearsay) and pain from the same basic location, and fellatio … it really kind of exploits that, in a way.

Anyway …

Malacad’s findings reveal that behaviours and attitudes towards oral sex are changing. Her research shows that while 50 per cent of respondents viewed oral sex as a less intimate activity than intercourse, 41 per cent believe oral sex to be as intimate an act as intercourse and the remaining nine per cent view it as more intimate than intercourse. And while Malacad’s findings indicate that certainly oral sex has become more accepted, she says the act is hardly the “new goodnight kiss” among young people as has been suggested in some media reports.

You know, I was talking to my best friend (a guy) on the phone while researching this article, and we got on to the idea of the intimacy of intercourse versus oral sex. I completely disagree with Malacad’s findings here, actually, and so did my bud. I think oral sex, based purely in pleasure as it is, is an incredibly intimate act.

Depending on your sexual proclivities, it’s possible to have intercourse without kissing, with minimal touching other than the obvious … uh … connection, and with no real inherent trust.

Oral sex is by its very nature far more up close and personal.

But does the media really fuck with the minds of adolescent girls in terms of sexuality? Kind of.

On the one hand, young women are criticized for being oversexualized, and on the other, they are encouraged to freely express their sexuality. [Malacad] refers to Kim Catrall’s character Samantha in the Sex and the City television series, a woman who was strong, independent, empowered and who very sexually aggressive, as being a role model for women to be accepted as sexual beings.

“I guess, depending on the perspective, young women’s sexuality can be seen as a positive, empowering thing for women or a very negative thing,” she said.

I lost my virginity when I was sixteen, and I was absolutely the last, by far, of my circle of friends to do so. Messages from the media had nothing to do with it, though, nor was there a lot of pressure from my boyfriend at the time (which I took for granted then but really should have appreciated more in retrospect). My friends didn’t overtly pressure me to just do it, either … although not being able to contribute to their conversations unquestionably played a role in the pressure I put on myself to just get it over with.

That was all back in the ‘90s, but it’s interesting to note that sex education is still nowhere near where it needs to be.

This mainstreaming of oral sex is a change in the tide of sexual behaviour; it also means that sex educators need to catch up to the trends, noted Malacad. With many young people still ignorant to the fact that sexually transmitted infections can just as easily be passed orally, a whole new topic of discussion needs to appear in the safer sex curriculum delivered to students. The results of her study also show that there is a seemingly untapped market for makers of safe-sex products, too.

Indeed. The idea of giving head to a guy wearing a condom kind of grosses me out, not gonna lie. I know it makes sense and that it’s downright irresponsible not to take precautions, but I just can’t get over the idea of running my tongue all over what’s basically a balloon … sounds like a blast, doesn’t it? And if that’s my mindset (and the mindset of many, many adult women like me who are educated enough to know better), what hope is there for adolescents?

If Malacad is to be believed, there’s a lot of money to be made in the “safer-sex” market, so if you have any ideas beyond the flavored condoms that taste like cherry-flavored balloons that are out there now, get them out there.

What are your thoughts on the, uh, oral tradition in terms of sex?

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79 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About (Oral) Sex, Baby!

  1. Love oral, hate the aftermath due to textural issues.

    I’m gonna join you on the “please invent something that doesn’t feel like a balloon” bandwagon. That squeaky noise you get when it rubs on your teeth… ick.

  2. i hate to agree with zelda but believe me as a man i feel completely helpless when a girl gives me an oral sex(BJ) i feel she is completely in charge of my life at that moment and some times i hate that feeling and some times i like it ,i just hate to be vulnerable to a women holding my penis in her mouth and dictating the situation ,so score one for women ,usually we men want to have the upper control during sex but not in oral sex ,so ladies please be gentle and don’t hurt us we are under your molars,oh by the way ladies you can learn a lot from porn sites how to do a great Bj job .by extending the period and doing manipulations Japanese girls do they are fantastic please study these techniques and we men will worship you at that moment more than any god on earth ,as my mother used to tell me when i was a kid study study study (she did not mean Bj she meant books :)

    • You are incredibly condescending, aren’t you, little man. I’m betting you’ve never given a girl oral, have you.

      And no, I’m not going to “study, study, study” porn. Douchenozzle. If you can’t handle a woman having any power during sex, stick to your little imaginary Japanese twats.

      • Erin, I hesitate to get involved here but I was just reading along and everything seemed fairly harmless until you suddenly flew off the handle and started personally abusing another contributor who may have been an imbecile but that’s far better than being a psycho. You should take a look at your hostility issues – it’s not a good look. And don’t bother giving me a poisonous serve cause the chances of me coming back to this mindless place are virtually nil.
        Peace sister

    • By implying people should study porn he is indeed being condescending. People need to think about what they are saying, even on the internet.
      Also, this is a prime example why men can come off as idiots. Men should know that porn perpetuates unrealistic expectation and is often nothing more then actors acting. Yes, their is a visual aspect to a oral, but porn expresses nothing more then just visual and an unreal version at best.
      If christopher had used a reliable book source, one grounded in reality, to talk about advice for oral then we might be cool. When other men ask me about oral sex for women I tell them to look into yoga, the book “3 minute orgasm” and about extended organisms(learn to increase the length of female orgasm ). These are reliable sources on human pleasure and you wont find any mention of them in porn.
      Also, when popping into a topic about oral, not blowjobs… ORAL, men should really keep try to make some effort to talk about something other then their own penis…I dunno…say..THE VAGINA. Juuuuuuust maybe a tiny tiny bit of effort for that tasty wet pink chasm of sweet…Whoa..Erm.. *cough* It should really not be that hard…erm no i mean …difficult.

  3. now now erin ,we should not go down the gutter we want a respectable debate ,for once i wish women would hear us men,we have a different brain circuits than women so things you might think pleases us might actually not ,take e.g the women on the view they keep thinking they know every thing about sex and when they talk they make me so mad about their assumption about men ,now let me get back to you about discussion on blow jobs.
    my imaginary Japanese twats are excellent in Bj they are not imaginary check the porn sites they are masters like those using the ginzo knifes same in Bj japense women are mights expert a women can learn if she is willing to help her lover.by the way i also think that swallowing semen is very good for women because semen contains Semen contains citric acid, free amino acids, fructose, enzymes, phosphorylcholine, prostaglandin, potassium, and zinc,these according to dr Oz and to my biochemistry education is excellent for women s skin and many other benefits,and it makes any man the happiest on earth to see his wife or girl friend swallow happily its a great feeling for a man and i presume a women also as for me on giving oral sex i go back to my main answer i hate pubic hair it acts like an irritating dental floss l ,i do oral sex only if the v.jajjay smells like channel #5 its heaven or poison :)

    • Oh goodness, where do I start… This leads me to believe that you’ve never actually had sex with a Japanese woman, or any woman for that matter.

      Here’s the thing; porn isn’t real life, and the sooner you learn that the better. Have you ever actually tried one of those positions? They’re unsustainable and uncomfortable, for the most part. They’re made for getting the right camera angle and showing the most action possible. There is nothing sexy, loving or giving about some tattooed jerk grabbing some poor girl’s head and making her gag and choke. Those girls pretend to enjoy what they’re doing. What they enjoy is the couple hundred bucks they’re getting in payment. I won’t ‘study’ porn, because I happen to give fantastic head as is, and to use porn techniques would lower my standards.

      I think you’re unhealthily projecting ideals onto Japanese women. I’m fairly certain that there are plenty of Asian, African, Caucasian, Indigenous and mixed race women who are all fantastic between the sheets. It’s not limited to one particular race or nationality. Good sex doesn’t come from a country. It comes from wanting to please your partner, and them wanting to do the same for you.

      As for the control issue, which absolutely boggles my mind… If you were sleeping with a real woman who you cared about and trusted, you’d be perfectly fine with letting her have some control in the bedroom. There’s nothing more fun that entirely surrendering yourself to your partner and letting them please you and themselves without any interference. Real men aren’t afraid of giving up control.

      If you EXPECT women to swallow, I think you should have to swallow semen. It goes a funny consistency once it’s exposed to saliva, which makes me gag. You try drinking something bitter and salty that turns to jelly once it’s in your mouth and tell me that you enjoyed it. Until I get over my texture problems, I’ll just take my daily multivitamin, thank you very much. My fiance doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

      You can just stay away from MY va-jay-jay. It’s not glisteningly, pre-pubescently hairless, and it smells like a vagina, goshdarnit, not like perfume. I am proud of the fact that I am a woman, not an airbrushed little girl. Thank goodness for the fact that there are mature men who appreciate a woman who isn’t a figment of their imagination.

      • I could be desribed as a ‘tatooed jerk who roughly gags women’, but a) I’ve only ever done with very close friends of the opposite sex and b) never paid for it.

        You know, just like countless men need a stern dominatrix woman to dominate them, so do countless emancipated women need the same thing.

        Once one is a competitor in today’s patriarchial power games, irrespectible of gender one tend to start needing these things. For some it’s bondage, for other – toilet related stuff, and for a third group – throat related domination.

        Now, I’ve had the honor of providing this for my close friends and not one of them ever hated me afterwards, to the contrary, it has been sometimes a struggle to not let these intimate moments grow on autopilot into full blown relationships. So here are my two testicles. Cents! I mean cents, of course…

      • Manda. you are a “girl power” butch dumb bitch if u think those slutty ass bicthes dont enjoy gettin plowed. theres plenty of other jobs they could have chosen, but they chose to get face fucked, because they like it. stop defending dumb bitches. and stop talking about feminist bullshit, no one cares exept other man hating lesbos.

  4. Get ready I’m gonna get gross.

    My issue with this whole oral sex thing is that a lot of men refuse to reciprocate because they claim it’s totally different going down on a girl. I once got into an argument with a now ex about the fact that he wouldn’t go down on me. I knew he had the stereo-typical reservations. He finally relented on Valentine’s Day (how mother f-ing cliche can you get?) and gave it a go. It was fantastic for 10 seconds and then he made a very big display of pulling a tiny hair out of his mouth. I went ballistic on him and told him A) your man area smells like the inside of a punching bag B) your dick often tastes like, god I don’t even have an accurate metaphor and C) I’ve swallowed enough of your hair without you even knowing (because I’m just that kind and polite) that I could probably make a birds nest. He never got a BJ ever again.

    Skip to my new bf whom I often have to kindly beg to give me a break. It makes me want to reciprocate that much more. Give a little get a little men!

    • sperm is good for you and your skin, yes all genetiles dont taste good, but men dont bleed out of their dick hole and penises dont have two vagina lips that definately holds a little piss residue, witch makes eating a girl out way more unpleasent than giving some head. plus most women are supported by their man, the least they can do is suck a fuckin dick.

      • @dre

        You sound like a selfish little ingrate who expects women to just fall at his feet simply because you have a dick. What cave hole did you crawl the hell out of with your fucked-up entitled attitude? You sound immature as hell, like you just barely got out of high school and think you’re a man because you just got some head. “Most women are supported by their man”—on what planet, may I ask? Didn’t you read the previous posts on how to give and recieve head–it’s not all about you and YOUR dick. Grow the hell up before you start lecturing folks—particularly women—on what the hell to do in bed,because you sure as hell aren’t qualified to, anyway!

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  6. i’ve never give a guy a bj (i’m 19) because ya, i do think it’s gross. or at least the whole swallowing aspect is. the thought alone makes me nauseous. plus, you don’t know where that dude’s dick has been! you can get like mouth herpes and shit.

    • tessa, den u need to try it….. certainly u nt gonna suck every cock cumin ur way, needs to be hygienic… n wat if a man gonna suck ur hole n lick it wid hot tongue n den all the liquid statted oozin out of ur vagina… how wud u feel….???

    • if you havent sucked some dick by the time your 19, your either really ugly or fat or some shit. but even fat bicthes at least get fucked by black dudes. haha

      • @dre

        Ignore the fucked-up troll, please—-I MEAN you, of course! Well, in that case, why don’t YOU partake of the dick yourself, you foul-mouthed freak?!

    • @tessa

      Just get the guy tested—both of you should—then make sure both of scrub real clean in your respective private areas. Also inspect your partner’s dick for strange-looking bumps and lesions—if you see something that dosen’t look good, and he can’t tell you what the hell it is, don’t even bother putting your mouth on it. The same goes for guys giving woman head—if there’s something on her vagina she can’ explain the presence of, don’t even go down there yourself. Either way, both partners have to take precautions to protect themselves.

  7. As a person who has both, adminstered and received, oral sex from both, women and men, I can tell you that both, the grossness level and the pleasure level have everything to do with the steps leading up to the act and the individuals involved. Neither grossness nor pleasure are owned by either gender. If the right buttons are pushed in the proper sequence (a highly individual thing, of course) things even wilder than a little oral succulation have been known to come to fruition, no? If you are not in a place where going down on your partner is appealing, by all means, refrain from doing it. That goes for being gone down upon, as well. Turn offs, as we all know, can be the result of any of many factors. If the idea of burying your face in your lady’s bits is repulsive to you perhaps you are not really into ladies? I’m just saying. Kinda selfish of you if you’re all heavy breathing when it comes to receiving but squeamish when it comes to dishing it back.

  8. So, how precisely does it matter that, you think you were the “last of your circle of friends” to lose virginity status? Honestly curious

  9. I’ve found that, with the exception of being at a party (and, at my age, that often means that everyone kisses almost everyone at one point or another), making out is much, much more intimate than oral sex or intercourse. Let’s face it (so to speak) — it is entirely possible to give and receive oral sex, or to have intercourse, without seeing your partner’s face or knowing who he or she is.

    I certainly have friends on whom I would prefer to perform oral sex than kiss.

    • Nope! Haha! My current boyfriend loves going down on me to the point where I often need to ask for a break. Having a boyfriend who’s enthusiastic about going there makes me want to do the same for him, that much more. You should try the same. You’d be surprised what a guy/girl is more excited and willing to do when s/he sees you want to be an equal partner in bed.

      • i do really agreed with sara.my partner really enjoyed it when i go under.she enjoyed few times of complete arousal and that make me feel good.she would beg for more.

      • EXACTLY!!!!

        “Having a boyfriend who’s enthusiastic about going there makes me want to do the same for him, that much more. You should try the same. You’d be surprised what a guy/girl is more excited and willing to do when s/he sees you want to be an equal partner in bed.”

        I wish more girls would read your comment because it angers me when women complain that their sexual needs are not being met … well how about us men then!

      • I agree. I just think Mark was trying to insinuate that with the viewpoint I expressed above there’s no way I’d have a man…apparently he doesn’t realize there are plenty of men out there who actually enjoy cunnilingus.

        • I have to agree with Leo except about the several day thing! need to wash up bro! to me there is nothing sexier than getting my girlfriend off, she grabs my head,looses her breath and quivers…she loves it and so do I. I’ve always believed a BJ is the most intimate sex act and lucky me my girl would give any porn star a run for their money. Oh and one more thing, it’s the best birth control!! Ha!

  10. It took me some time but I finally figured out that my part was to get HER to teach ME what I need to do to make her just nearly completely forget how to breathe. If that takes a little time, effort and tongue work well and all because if she is deeply and thoroughly satisfied the odds are that I will be too.

  11. Oh, one other thing…personally I think that there is nothing like the smell of a satisfied woman lingering for several days in my mustache….good memories!!!

  12. Most of you are talking about BJ’s,,,,what about the woman….my wife LOVES when I go down on her….she has had multiple orgasams in my mouth during a ‘session’…I enjoy pleasing her and swallowing her juices…..AND it makes her happy,happy,happy..a happy wife makes a happy household….

    • agreed with you scot.when a women got multiple orgasm in her man’s mouth, she wouldn’t let her man loose. I do enjoy the sound that they make.

    • Wow kjgh. I’m impressed you were able to drag your knuckles off the ground long enough to delight us with that coherent and worthwhile comment. Thanks for putting in the effort.

      • Sara
        I;m impressed that you have drawn such fervent interest in this blog! You started in Aug 23rd and are still into it on Sept 11th. That can only mean one thing…YOU LOVE ORAL SEX…..especialy giving it. Really really a turn on…..Have any great stories or hot tips to share? I’ll xheck back tomorrow!

        TTYL I hope!


  13. No I just get the emails that tell me the thread has been updated…or people like you and others call me out on stuff like you saw earlier with Mark. Haha. If you want tips ask someone you’re close with or your sexual partner.

  14. Porn is boring….I mean how may holes can you stick your penis in…or lick………….it’s the same old thing…..stick it here and stick it there……nothing new…different people……and to be honest….I don’t see the concept of Gayness….Gay men still have to stick it in a hole……. a woman has the hole and the man has the stick……”Hole and Stick”

  15. Sara you have a great point about how when the guy is generous with his tongue , the will reciprocate the favor. My current girlfriend was very hesitant about goin down often n my energy for goin down on her n gettin her off actually wore off on her! Now I dont even have to ask for it. But boyy do we love to go at eachothers crotch!! hahaha

    *Also women note: “Spitters are Quitters, and No One likes a Quitter!” ;)

  16. i just randomly stumbled on this bullshit article/comments, and if all of you need to talk to people you dont even know online about advice or opinions on oral sex, all of you people suck at life and should all go suck a bunch of dicks and stop wasting every ones time with your bullshit about men needing to reciprocate, since the start of man kind men have had more responsibility and power, and are still to this day, genetically superior (aside from their brain, ill admit), so for all you women that obviously dont have a very demanding/important job since your blogging about dick sucking, do your man a favor and dont complain if he wants to bust a nut in your mouth

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  18. I am very interested in all women, especially in young women …. long and huge cock is good for oral sex ….. what a great and happy if our entire penis can be the bride of women. …. and then she can eat all the ejaculate semen into her mouth ….. then lick the penis …….

  19. Bout damn time. I been eating vagina like god put a spoon in it since i lost my virginity back n late 80s. For some reason chicks always thought sucking penis was nasty. Why? Here i am getting all kinds of juice and cum all over my face but you to good to put my penis in your mouth, it not like its unshaved and stinks! What is the big deal with not wanting to swallow? good lord if your going to do it, do it right. I can jerk off and have a pile of cum on my belly! Atleast spit it out if you aint going to swallow it, finish the damn job ladies. All my girlfriends that mattered swallowed but been married twice & cant even cum in there mouths, what the hell! Go hard or go home

  20. Let me say this-some of you men here live in the dark ages. There is absolutely nothing as sublime as letting go between lovers. Trust completely and you will find pleasure you didn’t know existed. In places you couldn’t have imagined either. Reciprocation is the key. Keep in mind guys-most don’t take nearly as long as a woman to climax so our jobs are to make sure it happens. This takes effort and dedication to your “craft”. I often go down first and wear her out, multiple orgasms and yes-swallowing who knows what. At the end, who cares. It’s all in the name of a satisfied partner. Her vigor to please me is insatiable at that point…and this is all prior to any sex. Trust is where it all begins and you must be selfless-not selfish.

  21. I can’t ejacculate during oral because I feel that it is abusive to a woman to come in her mouth !!
    Wonder why ??
    I get excited with the thought but when it is happening I just can’t let “Go” .

  22. spitters are quitters…agreed

    ladies…imagine your are on the brink of a big O when you have to give the “tap”…he stops, probably not as good as it can be or should be. You’d love that right[sarcastically]?
    You don’t do it because you like it you do it because he likes it, if you enjoy it too…everyone wins. Love is being able to provide selfless pleasure. Oh and BTW if you don’t like it pretend. If we came up after going down on you and the expression on our face looks like were going to puke that would be hot right? We love that [sarcastically]. If you can’t handle it go find a guy who doesn’t like to lick the beav.

    NOTE: make your hooha as attractive as possible…go get a brazillian!

  23. I luv oral sex, infact all action during sex i luv dem. I wish get a girl dat will be willing 2 give me all dat. Joey i luv ur talks can u give me bit oral sex i will apreciate. People i tell u oral sex is fantastic. But coya what do u mean u don’t ejac.t it a big lie or u re sick.

  24. Im actually 19 and still a virgin (A freak to most I know). Went on a holiday to spain this past summer and met girls beyond beautiful, most of em I saw as friends. On the last 3 days I met a girl that blew me away and I found out she liked me back. They were the best 3 days of my life. The last night she even went down on me on a public park after a passionate kiss. It was around 2 am in the morning. Haven’t been involved in sex but it was such an intimate moment. My instant reaction was giving back which I would have done gladly. However, our group of friends was about to catch up with us so we had to call it quits. I agree with most posts here: giving and receiving is definitely key.

  25. Well I’m an old dude who stumbled upon this thread, and find others’ opinions of oral sex interesting, to say the least. For me, both giving and receiving GOOD oral sex is a prerequisite for any relationship I have had or I ever will have–on an equal level with giving and receiving good conventional sex (and I don’t mean to insinuate that oral sex is not also conventional–just don’t know the acceptable word for “fucking”.)

    Since I’m older–and sexual, by nature–I’ve had sex with many (female) partners, and I’ve asked most of them beforehand if they liked giving and receiving oral, and nearly all said “yes”. My favorite answer from women was “after vaginal sex, oral sex is my favorite”–because that’s how I’ve always felt. And I liked the response “I’m all about oral–it’s my thing”.

    Hearing such replies always turned me on, because I knew beforehand that the person would probably be a great sex partner, because of her attitude. I have the very same attitude, and oral sex and vaginal sex were always my favorite two things.

    No way could I have a longtime or serious relationship with a woman if our sex lives were not fulfilling for us both. For me, good sex is way more than 50% of the relationship–maybe as much as 75%. I can’t help it–I’m sexual, and it’s just the way I’m programmed. And I certainly don’t apologize for it–I love it. And I want the same kind of partner.

    I’ve always wondered how a relationship could exist if one partner wants to have sex once a week and the other wants to have sex 2 or 3 times a day? Certainly it won’t last under those circumstances; it couldn’t for me.

    And no one wants a dud for a sex partner–one who leaves the other sexually unfulfilled. That means if you’re a man, learning to give good oral sex is a prerequisite, and if you’re a woman, vice-versa. Same with vaginal sex–learn to be the best sex partner you can be. You’ve got a happy partner when you fulfill their sexual desires.

    And for the women who can’t swallow semen and the guys who have a problem with taste or smell or hair in their mouths: GET OVER IT. Your partner will gravitate toward someone who isn’t so ridiculous if you don’t.

    Of course one should wash his/her sexual parts before ANY sex–oral included. That’s just courteous (and sanitary). I’m certain in the heat of passion many of us have overlooked it, but I’m speaking about sex in an ongoing relationship.

    And as a man, I happen to like the taste and smell of a woman’s sexual parts. Nature intended it to be that way. If you’re a man and you don’t like the taste and smell–you have a personal problem. And women who say they won’t or can’t swallow semen–you’ve also got a personal problem. And if something as small as getting a hair in your mouth bothers you, maybe you shouldn’t engage in sex (with another) in the first place. Just do yourself, and avoid your little hangups.

    And guess what? You’ve got a larger problem in that you’ll most certainly be replaced in your relationship by a sensible partner who does enjoy all aspects of good oral and vaginal sex. It happens every day–and leaves a dud wondering WHY their man/woman left them. For all duds–now you know the reason why: your (former) partner is getting better sex with another.


    • Because of being sexually assaulted, my only experience with oral sex was being forced to perform it. And by your logic I am a “dud” because I can’t just “get over my little hangups” and I deserve to be left for someone who was lucky enough not to get raped, instead of having an understanding partner who realizes that the trust required for me to feel comfortable with this intimate act will take time and patience. Thanks.

    • Hey, if I squirted (which I don’t seem to have the ability to), I wouldn’t expect my guy to swallow it. And a load of cum to the roof of the mouth is surprisingly less pleasant than one would think, it being all goopy and warm and salty and stuff. It’s really like a huge warm booger. Sound delicious? I think not. I make an effort to swallow, but it’s just about impossible to convince my swallow reflex that this is actually something that should be going down my throat. Good thing my boyfriend doesn’t seem to have the weird sexual standards regarding swallowing that you do.

  26. From my POV as a vanilla straight male, the most intimate and intense sexual experience a man can know is to go down on the woman he loves. It’s an opportunity to experience a far more powerful orgasm – or orgasms – than we males can ever achieve for ourselves, and at very close range. Also there’s no pressure on us to climax, or hold off climaxing, no contraception required, little STD risk for either person. I think maybe society makes some women a little reluctant to suggest it until they know a man really well, which is sad, because it’s something we enjoy, and being directed down there is generally a sign of acceptance.

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