Zelda Lily Zingers: The Best of This Week’s Comments — Did You Get a Zinger This Week?

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I Don’t See the Problem Here on “Child of Lesbian Couple Refused School Admission“:
“It’s not a public school.  The US Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. The school can deny admission to anyone they want. The parents can send their kid to a different school. Why would you want to send your kid to be educated by a group that protects pedophiles anyway?”

pufinstuf on “Outrage Over Little Girls Dressed Like Hookers“:
“Children don’t get to make decisions like that because they are children. Children would enjoy doing a lot of things that aren’t healthy for them. They don’t have the judgment of an adult. And when you let your children do things because everyone else is, you are basically letting other people parent your kids.”

Sydney on “Push-Up Bras That Increase Bust Size Up to Two Cups: Uh … Why?“:
“Besides, why give my fiance the illusuion of something that he can’t really have? I don’t ask him to wear a codpiece, after all.”

Matrim on “Four Children by Four Different Fathers: Feminist Issue?“:
“’I think anyone who keeps having kids from relationships that aren’t stable has some problems.’ Yeah, they can’t figure out how a frigging condom works …”

Finchy on “Laura Bush Publicly Disagrees With Her Husband, Supports Gay Marriage“:
” … Focus on the Family makes me want to focus on living in a cave.”

Joey on “Sarah Palin Targets Female Dems, Slams Them“:
“I had some anti-intellectualism on one of my ankles, the doc gave me some ointment that took care of it.”

Melissa on “Romanticizing the 1950s Through ‘Good Wife’ Blogging“:
While I am a wife and a mother, I am and have always been Melissa first and foremost.”

Squeeziee on “Why is Betty White Suddenly Cool?“:
“Q: ‘Why is Betty White Suddenly Cool?’ A: Because she is the tits.”

Mallory on “Of Subways and Dragons: Man Loses Life For Trying to Show a Woman That Chivalry is Not Dead (But He Is)“:
“I think his friend’s a moron and now he’s dead because she really liked her coat.”

Kai on “Evan Bayh in Need of Aid After Making Distasteful AIDS Joke“:
“I tell the story of when, in a first aid class, I was explaining triage, and the use of green-yellow-red-black to describe progressively more injured people. Green being ‘will be fine’ Yellow being ‘needs help but can wait’, Red, being ‘needs help now or will die’, and black meaning ‘beyond any first aid; going to die no matter what you do, or already dead’.
I then told my class that “red is our highest priority. We don’t help black people. …and then I realized what I just said, and had to clarify.”

Erin on “Catholic Church Excommunicates Nun for Supporting Medically Necessary Abortion“:
“Yeah, the Mother Church prefers for her children to die of preventable problems and prostrate themselves before the will of a few select mortal men.  And for God’s sake, don’t threaten to pray for me.”

Zoe on “The Mademoicelle: Tampons for Stem Cell Research?“:
“I think this is awesome. I just don’t want to have to pay for it. I’d rather they pay ME for it. Or just let me come in and bleed in a cup for you, for free!”

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