Push-Up Bras That Increase Bust Size Up to Two Cups: Uh … Why?

I never understood the whole push-up bra thing. I, a woman who does not have ample breast tissue — at all, never saw the appeal in it. However, there’s clearly a market for it, just like everything else: a company by the name of M&S has designed a push-up bra to bulk up your boobs two cup sizes. You know … Two cup sizes is a lot. Like, a lot even for a breast augmentation. That’s huge, excuse the pun.

According to the new product line:

Unlike other push-up bras, which usually just squeeze the breasts together, the new product by Marks & Spencer is meant to make them look bigger overall.

The ‘Add 2 Cup Sizes’ bra uses a super-light foam insert weighing half that of the gel pads used in other boosters.

I mean, the concept is a hell of a lot better than plastic surgery, but how is it even an option for some women? I can understand that push-up bras come in handy when trying to fill out that shirt or dress that’s just a hair too big in the chest, but if you’re a B-cup walking around with D-cup-appearing breasts, aren’t some people going to wonder what’s up? Dating someone and giving them the impression that your cups literally runneth over, only to find during a hot and steamy moment that your breasts are more like half-deflated balloons than voluptuous ripened mangoes? I’d imagine it’s got to be kind of awkward — but don’t read me wrong; I don’t mean awkward in that a woman should care what a mate thinks of her breasts, but awkward in the obvious difference between pre-bra removal and post-bra removal. I kind of think it might cause some discussion to a certain extent, yeah? Or at the very least, confusion?

A lot of men and women would consider it “false advertising,” (though it’s not like we should be “advertising” anything at all) and it kind of gives one the wrong impression of who we are physically. I’ll tell you — physical embellishment is much, much more apparent than say, that of a personal character nuance, clearly.

On the flip side, I think push-up bras could be great for those women who are staunchly opposed to (or don’t have the cash for) a semi-permanent surgery. It gives women the, uh, confidence, I guess, to strut their stuff as if they had some stuff to strut. But yet it comes full-circle once again, leading back to the negative. See the aforementioned example. The facade can only last so long, ladies.

So, ladies (and gentlemen!). What’s your take on the push-up bra, especially a push-up bra that exaggerates your bust size two cups? A little much, wouldn’t you say?

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45 thoughts on “Push-Up Bras That Increase Bust Size Up to Two Cups: Uh … Why?

  1. I refuse to wear super heavily-padded pushup bras. I have small boobs–why hide it? Besides, why give my fiance the illusuion of something that he can’t really have? I don’t ask him to wear a codpiece, after all.

  2. I know who I am and I’m satisfied with my breast size. Seriously,lots of guys like small breasts,this one included. And every guy I know hates implants!

  3. In my opinion, since in our culture, the pressure for people to look a certain way is immense, if people do not meet this standard, they may use artificial help such as make-up, surgery or even push-up bras. I think this is wrong and people should love their bodies the way they are, provided that they’re healthy. Confidence is far more important than appearance.

  4. I’m already satisfactorily endowed so I think 2 cup sizes would look goofy and exaggerated. I agree with the awkwardness that must come when the bra is removed and the difference is discovered. Just…that can’t end well.

  5. I always thought pushups were not so about how much they were, but where they were. And how much they show in a low-cut top. Which I do understand. If you have a low-cut top, you may not want a vast desert of chest showing through there, you want cleavage. Also, your boobs hanging out to the sides and hiding under your arms is not such a good look. So I get it.
    Of course, this is not for if you are going to a bar or a party, where there is drinking going on, and certainly not to be worn with your slutty high heels. These things are only to be worn in your sub-sub-sub basement with the blackout curtains, so that there is not chance that you will inflame any of the menz and force them to rape you. :P

    • What on earth…?
      I get the idea of being modest in public. But suggesting that showing your body off will “inflame any of the menz and force them to rape you” is completely ridiculous.
      It is NEVER a woman’s fault for being abused. To perpetuate this thought just gives men an excuse for an unacceptable crime.

  6. my chest is the first place i gain weight, and its also the first i lose it. i have pants that i’ve owned since high school, but a size range of tops and bras that go from covering a 32c to a 32dd. i fluctuate even within a single month, im at least a half cup bigger than whatever my current size is when im bloated from my period.
    sometimes i feel like wearing a top or dress that my boobs aren’t currently that size. in go the boobie inserts. it keeps my shirts from sagging or gaping, and is just a better fit.

    as to the comments about a potential lay being disappointed, how is this different from using makeup to cover acne? we don’t balk at some concealer. but plenty of guys are disappointed the morning after when they see a girl without her makeup.would you begrudge somebody makeup before a night out? no? not if it made her feel as though she looked nice.

    ps. small boobs probably shouldn’t be described as half-deflated balloons. small says nothing about shape, and descriptions like that are probably what lends to women being self conscious about their chest in the first place.

    • I think there’s a difference between a pushup bra that makes you look perky and slightly bigger, and stuffing an extra two cup sizes.
      It might be expected that you look a little different without being all made up, but if the clothes come off and you realize the entire body shown came off with it, I’d be creeped out.

      I think as a guy, I would see a bra that stuffed as a huge insecurity red flag.

    • Actually though, yes, I would begrudge someone makeup. I think it’s utterly ridiculous that people paint themselves to the level they do, and I think it sets up an unrealistic expectation of their looks.
      People who wear makeup all the time look like shit without it, both because others have come to expect the perfect face, and because of how awful makeup is for your skin.
      I think a guy has every right to be disappointed if you present yourself as very different from the way you are.

    • tootall,

      Exactly. And how about, “It gives women the, uh, confidence, I guess, to strut their stuff as if they had some stuff to strut.” That implies that a woman’s self-confidence and attractiveness is based on what’s in her bra. How about encouraging women to be confident about the bodies they have, instead of shaming them when they take steps to deflect criticism of their bodies (i.e. wearing that maligned push up bra).

      • well, unfortunately many women only use their breasts as a symbol of sexiness and confidence. might not be right but it’s true.

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  8. I love my push-up bras because they take what little I have and make it look like I have a small gully of cleavage. It’s very exciting for me. No way would I attempt to convince people that I’m two cup sizes bigger, though. That’s just ridiculous.

  9. Had to laugh. Visiting the kids and my husband and his son were just remarking when that commercial came on. Especially how disappointed one would be once the bra came off!

    On a more serious note though, I have suffered from breast cancer. When do you think the could/would make a bra for us with two different breast sizes?

    • perhaps a pushup bra with removable padding, so you can leave the padding in on the small side, and take it out on the larger side?

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  11. Would I personally wear them? No. I think a DDD is quite enough, thank you. I don’t want to wander into fetish territory.

    Is it a good idea for some women? In an ideal world, we’d all be happy with what we’re born with, blah de blah blah. That would be great, but we live in reality land. As it stands though, thousands of women have breast augmentation surgeries performed every year. If these bras can help them feel better about themselves and the way they look without them having to surgically alter themselves, I’d say it’s a win.

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  13. I have no strong feeling about it one way or the other…at least on the face of it.

    I will say this, however, when I’m with someone sexually for the first time, and I take off their bra and what looked to be C’s are closer to A’s, I have a moment of mild irritation; like I’ve been lied to. I don’t know if that’s fair of me, but that’s my gut reaction. It’s not the fact that the breasts were small (I adore small breasts if the person wearing them is up front about them), it’s about the masquerade. I don’t think it’s needed.

    I think it’s fine if you have a particular dress that you want to rock some cleavage with, but wearing one all the time to make it seem like your breasts are bigger seems…I don’t know, fake. Faker than implants, really. However, in the end, it’s all about what makes you feel good. If you like push-up bras, then by all means you wear one. I’m just throwing out my opinion.

  14. I’ve never needed a push up bra because I was already a full B cup in 4th grade, and I am now a DD. I always wondered about what happened when a girl who always wore a push up bra got naked for the first time with a guy.
    My older sister is an A cup and one time she wore a push up bra, and I was like WTF?? And people kept commenting on it and giving her weird looks, so she never wore it again. I say just embrace what you’ve got. Truth is, I wish I had smaller breasts. Big boobs SUCK.

    • So, your sister wore a push-up, and you shamed her out of wearing it in your larger-boobed superiority? And people commented on it? No one comments on my push-up bra on my A cups.

  15. I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE padded bras – they keep your breasts cooler, they provide the best support I’ve ever received – I started wearing them in my mid-teens. Forget wire, I can’t tell you how many times the wire broke through and right into my breast (not good). The other thing as far as your partner goes, it was never a concern or thought – the sex was great – it’s not always what you have, but what you can do with what you have. I’m just as comfortable without as I am with – if my partner did have a problem I would try to get him to understand my “point of view” (no pun intended). . .but, I never had to. And, it still wouldn’t change the way I felt.

  16. I’m with you Dawna……My b cup breast size didn’t bother me untill my weight went up and down with the pregnancy’s of my 3 babies. Eventhough I always got my high school figure back, my boobs suffered in the process. I am still a size B but the gravity of the weight gain and loss took it’s tole! I’m not trying to fool anybody because my husband knows what’s underneath. He likes the fact that my padded push up bras make me feel better about myself when we go out in public.

  17. As a woman with very small breasts, I have always been embarrassed about their size. I would love to get breast augmentation surgery, but a) I don’t have the money, and b) it’s a serious struggle within myself–my feminist beliefs vs. surgically augmenting a part of my body to please myself and others. But, I wouldn’t wear a push-up bra that increases me by two cup sizes. I feel like that’s “false advertising” as well. Plus, I wouldn’t want that moment when/if an intimate partner were to remove said bra and discover the truth.

    I have always been jealous of women with large or average-sized breasts. I know it’s a useless jealousy, as women with large breasts tell me they would love to have smaller ones. I don’t think that’s true though. They say that because they’ve never lived the small-breasted life. It sucks.

    • I think for some people there’s an element of grass is greener syndrome, but that’s not true for everyone.
      Personally, I would like proportional breasts. Ones that fit the rest of my body, and don’t stand out spectacularly either way. Ones that make me look feminine, but not whorish. Ones that fit the clothes that are out there.

      I suspect that while some women would just prefer big and bigger, many are with me.
      But if I had to go one way or the other, I would rather be smaller. I am not an overtly sexual person, and I don’t want to stand out any more than I have to. I spend the majority of my free time in physically active pursuits. I run, swim, bike, hike, climb, and such. For that, boobs are nothing but annoying. I would *love* to be able to go around in little tank tops with shelf bras, or little croptop bras, and never have to worry about a thing. Personally, I get no benefit from large breasts – I just spend all my time trying to cover them, and strap them down so they don’t cause me pain.
      Sadly, I have never lived the small-breasted life. But it would fit the rest of my life very very well.

      Not to mention the benefit the whole world would get if my boobs had instead been given to someone who would enjoy them to their fullest extent. :D

      • I imagine similarly that some of the women wishing for larger breasts would change their mind if they only knew the difficulties, but I believe that many really do know what they would enjoy.

        Of course, it’s difficult for them to know. There’s a huge difference between large natural breasts and large silicone ones.

  18. The point is not that it’s false advertising. Everyone knows it is, but guys don’t care. Seriously. We like eye candy even though we know there’s nothing to grab there.

    You may as well say the same for high heels. Why wear them? It makes your legs look longer than they really are.

    Why wear corsets? Why mascara, eye shadow, concealer, foundation, false eyelashes, lipstick, earrings, necklaces/etc.?

    Even in Muslim countries where they cover from head to toe, they still buy cosmetics. When you think about it, it doesn’t make sense does it? Women like to take the effort to look good and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    If you think it makes you look better, and others see you making the effort, and it gives you confidence, why not?

    If you don’t like them just don’t wear them. If you feel pressured to wear them ’cause everyone’s wearing them, either follow suit or be different.

    • THANK YOU ANONYMOUSE!! You made a great point! Like I stated in my comment, it’s for me to feel better about myself. If wearing a push up bra makes you feel good, BY ALL MEANS, DO IT!

  19. As a women who has tried the “two sizes bigger” bra, it is ridiculous. I wear padded bras, since it just makes me feel better with my overall figure, and I thought I’d try it out. Wow they are horrible! it reminded me of fem-bots from Austin Powers, at attention and up to my chin. I’m all for something that makes me feel good, and portions my body, but woo… as long as the clothes fit (aka not too small and not hanging off) then any size girl can look sexy.

  20. Yea, I do agree that on some women a push-up gives the illusion that their breasts are much bigger than they actually are, however I have a different need for an extreme push-up bra.
    My boobs are droopy, have been my whole life, its genetic. These bras don’t do much for me in the way of size (yes, even the ones that promise to add 2 cup sizes, they often don’t in the case of breasts that are already large). What they’re good for in my case is superior lifting. They give me a little cleavage (not as much as women with smaller breasts who wear them) push things together and add some padding where I’m missing some (along the sides) giving my breasts a lifted, rounded appearance. For some women they’re just necessary to make your boobs look perky. If they’re already perky, this kind of bra tends to make them look big and fake. That’s what I’ve noticed.

    • EXACTLY! i have the SAME exact problem, i wear the 2X bra only for comfort and because bras with less support hurt my shoulders(the straps are carrying all of my generous Ds and pressing into my shoulders), i also got backaches before it because of the limited support. Now its extremely comfortable.

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  22. I used to be a 44dd… then I lost 100 pounds and went to a 38 b/c with deflated wrinkled boobs…. ( skin still there from the dd size but nothing to fill them out) so I do wear these bras because they mak,e me feel better….. and my philosophy is if a guy gets past my push up bra,,, he better not give a dang cuz i will be the piece he ever got…

  23. Honestly, I think they come in handy. I am a heavier woman with unfortunately smaller breasts than what is expected of a bigger woman (I’m a 42B) and I wear them because I feel they make me look much more proportional than when I don’t (I’m a 42D with them). It gets hard sometimes to go into big girl stores and sections where everything is made for women with larger busts (which as I have stated, I don’t have) so my already small breasts are swimming in those tops. I guess if your a smaller figured woman it would look strange having this giant breasts all of a sudden but for a bigger girl like me, it makes me look normal. I don’t really consider it false advertising, I mean I wear things like that to make me feel sexy, not give a guy the wrong impression. And if a guy flips over something like that, he’s obviously not worth my time anyway.

  24. I have read all the comments on this page. Some positive about the push up bra and some negative. I do wear them because I to am small and are now able to wear those shirts and blouses that I could not wear before because they were to darn big up top. The first one I ever bought was at Victoria Secret and yes my partner went with me and HELPED me pick it out. His thought on the 2 cup size bigger bra is “If it makes you feel better about who you are then I am all for it” plus he loves the cleavage it gives me in some of my shirts I wear. So my opinion is, if it makes you feel more confident and pretty then who cares what others say and if your with someone who does not understand then they are not the right person to be with.

  25. Considering I almost spill out of a normal 34DD bra, if I do wear a push-up bra, it causes way too much attention that neither I nor my boyfriend handle well. I’ll stick to good ‘ole comfy boulder holders that DON’T cause my back to hurt more.

  26. I would be pissed off if a medium set of milkshakes turned out to be small! What a falsehood! As far as size goes, I love big shoulder boulders but the ideal size seems to be a C-cup. But I still like to nom nom nom on some DD+ ;)

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  28. I do wear these. I buy mine at wal-mart. Have even found some with the original store tag on them at a store we have here called Dirt Cheap. I am literally flat chested. My mom and both my younger sisters have larger breasts. I actually got picked on in high school due to being literally flat chested. I can’t afford the surgery and actually wanted to be able to be physically recognized as “Yes I’m a female, I promise!!!!” I discovered these and can now wear a shirt that will fit! Not even a t-shirt was fitting me right. I had major confidence issues due to it. Now I can put on something and feel confident. So I do recommend these. They now sell the add 2 cup sizes bathing suit tops! I had never worn a bathing suit top before! My man actually wanted to see me in a bathing suit top and suggested it for out trip to the Smokies. I bought 3 after trying them on! He was glad to see me actually have confidence! He knows what’s really there and I’ve been with him for almost 6 years. I felt the need to let him know when we started dating that I wear the add 2 cup sizes bras. So it’s not a “what you see is what you get!” He was fine with it and understood why I didn’t feel comfortable without it! Now when I stand by the women in my family, I actually look like I belong. The rest have larger breasts. I am actually the only woman in my family who is flat chested. So this gives me a little bit of confidence. If it makes you feel sexy then I say wear them! In doing the Romance Parties for a living, I can’t rightly help other women find stuff to make them feel and look sexy if I don’t feel sexy! I have recommended these to a few women clients I have.

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