Mike Bennett’s Pornography Search: This is Probably Why We Can’t Get Anything Done in the Senate

Are you paying attention, Senator Bennett? Your peers, and by virtue, President, are addressing “disrespecting women” and there you are, checking out nudie photos of women during a Senate meeting. That’s great. Maybe if you were paying more attention to what’s going on, you’d see that the measures being addressed at the meeting were the same ones going against your own beliefs.

The conference was held to discuss a possible requirement to force women seeking abortions to purchase (out of their pockets) an ultrasound to check out the baby that they, for whatever reason, don’t want. Psst … did you forget? You’re the one who’s so vehemently against forcing women to get pre-abortion ultrasounds, even though you’re anti-choice to begin with … or was that just a facade to gain more state popularity?

Bennett speaks to the Sunshine State News and defends his actions:

“[The email was sent by a woman] who happens to be a former court administrator … I was just sitting there, bored as they were debating the abortion bill.”

“Bored … as they were debating the abortion bill.”

I just have no words.

Congratulations, Senator Bennett, you deserve the Holy-Crap-What’s-This-Guy-Doing-In-Government award today. Many, many are considered, but few are overtly chosen.

… And by the way, in case you weren’t paying attention: the measure passed the Florida House and women in your state are now required to get a pre-abortion ultrasound.

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38 thoughts on “Mike Bennett’s Pornography Search: This is Probably Why We Can’t Get Anything Done in the Senate

  1. What the hell was with him switching quickly in between things, and the random dog video? Was that meant to throw people who may have been looking off track or something? Seriously, I’m baffled. What a perv too, he was surrounded by other people AT WORK. He couldn’t even wait until he was alone in his office?!

  2. What was the name of the Roman chap that played the fiddle while the empire burned,I can hear violins sometimes.

  3. You ass wipes are so fucking stupid. Every fucking article out there says it came up on his screen and the he quickly exited out of it. But of course some dumb ass site such as this has to get all shocked and offended by it. What a bunch of crap. It is only because he is a Republican that it is so offensive. I guess if Monica Lewinsky were under the desk sucking his cock, smoking a joint, and on her cell setting up an abortion appointment it would be cool. You morons make me laugh!

    • Yup, he totally exited out of it quickly, as evidenced by the video. Wait, no he didn’t. He repeatedly viewed it for more than 20 seconds each time. Douchenozzle.

    • Did you watch the video, stupid? It showed up twice during the short period that it was filmed. he was quickly minimizing it and then bringing it up again to stare at! Are we not watching the same thing?! Can you not count?! TWICE!

    • Actually I’ve realized that was probably a repeated clip. However, this is straight from the article:

      “But the one image we caught on camera wasn’t the only thing Bennett had viewed. It appears other files, including at least two videos, may have been downloaded, too. He was also caught on camera watching a video of a dog running out of the water and shaking itself off. It is unclear if he also thought that was an email about a bill being debated on the floor.”

      The man was blatantly ignoring what was going on, a VERY important discussion about a bill that he was OPPOSED to. He couldn’t be bothered to pay attention. That’s what this blog post is about, the fact that it was porn just made it even more of an outrage. We are concerned about the bill he ignored, the porn is secondary. Get it?

  4. I can´t believe this. These kind of people only get into the government for the money, they could not care less about the bills or the people they are supposed to represent. He displays pure indiference for topics he should be passionate about. This is as bad as it gets, he should be fired.

    • Your right,we should fire a shit load on both sides of the aisle. I guess we can come November,and I hope we do but I’m not holding my breath. An ill wind is a stirring.

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  6. Well I never! Next thing you will tell me is that he is human! Everybody that has never goofed off at work raise your hand, and then shut the %$^$ up!

      • He is a person, doing a job, nothing special about it, we are all just people. It may seem special from the outside but someone in it it is just everyday drudgery.

        • Well, the ‘special’ element might be that he is involved in representing the public opinion, which I think most people would agree is pretty important. He’s in that position to pay attention and give an opinion, which may vary from the vast majority of jobs which allow goofing off from time to time. He’s not doing data entry in a 9 to 5 position; he is affecting people’s lives. It would be like a doctor opening emails on his Blackberry during a surgery; the decisions he makes directly affect people, and if only for that reason, he should really try to pay attention in his high profile, well paid position.

  7. @The Wicked 7 “Well, the ’special’ element might be that he is..”
    Beat that straw man! Your anger is out of line, you should seek therapy, if you learn to let your rage go you will be much happier. :)

    • I just so happen to be a rage free kind of gal.
      However, I have heard that individuals with anger management issues often project their anger on others, so perhaps this is where the mix-up lies.

        • Makes you wonder how boringusername would react if someone really showed genuine anger instead of simply contradicted his/her views.

        • But haven’t you noticed how negative and rageful we all are? This place was such a mess before boringusername came along to help us mend our ways! :D

  8. @Erin “Makes you wonder how boringusername would react if someone really showed genuine anger” don’t take your bitterness out on me, ever think of just talking it out with the person responsible for it? That’s the grown up way. :)

  9. @Joey “You know,I tried that whole maturity thing once,I didn’t much care for it.”
    Speak up, I can’t hear you from your parents basement!

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