Women Have Adverse Effects to Shower Caulk-Type Silicone in Buttock Implant Surgeries … Go Figure.

Am I the only one around nowadays that think butt implants are totally ridiculous?  Really? And even more so, being surprised at botched surgery jobs by unlicensed providers?  Come on, now.

Six women in the Newark, New Jersey area are currently under treatment at hospitals due to the consequences of allowing ill-advised “physicians” (who aren’t even licensed to practice what they’ve preached) to inject their backsides with Grade Z silicone.  The compound allegedly used is similar to that of, well, shower caulk.   The women receiving treatment at a Newark hospital had undergone surgery in order to reverse the damage that had been done by the faulty silicone and also had to endure a round of antibiotics, should any infection present itself.

According to the Associated Press, “non-medical grade” silicone was used in all six, unrelated at this point, cases.

You know, I’m not judging a woman for wanting to alter her appearance — whether you do or you don’t, it’s none of my business and all your prerogative.  The beauty of choice.  However. If you’re going to go and physiologically change things up on your body, at least use the forethought to go to a plastic surgeon — or physician — that’s licensed and knows what he or she is doing.  As for those who might cry, ‘well, these procedures are so expensive, it’s no wonder these women are seeking black market bootys,’ — get a clue.  If you can’t afford to pay for butt implants, maybe there are other, more meaningful things you should be worrying about — like spending money on health insurance that’ll probably help out with your ill-advised back room body reformations.

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10 thoughts on “Women Have Adverse Effects to Shower Caulk-Type Silicone in Buttock Implant Surgeries … Go Figure.

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  2. I can understand why women want surgeries like rhinoplasties and breast implants–it’s because they can’t alter that part of themselves through working out, eating differently, etc. Butt implants, though…you work the butt enough and in the right way, chances are you can get a damn sexy ass. I don’t see any reason why anyone would want surgery for something they could get naturally, albeit the hard way.

    • Well, most of the women who get butt implants *probably* don’t want tight, trim, firm little asses. They want more volume–they want J-Lo booty. Which, I guess, could be achieved through diet–but the rest of you would get bigger too, I bet.

      • Most nice asses come from muscle mass and tone, which can actually be achieved if worked properly. Granted, not at the same levels for all women, but definitely some degree.

        Then again, can’t understand why people want surgery for something they could naturally get by hard work and self control? It’s stupid, but simple to understand – it’s easy! Or at least, it seems so. People aren’t too big on that whole ‘hard work and self control’ thing.

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  4. I went from reading the article about the WW2 pilots to women now shooting their asses full of silicone,its an interesting juxtaposition.

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