Lady Gaga Doesn’t “Live Her Life in the Way Someone Like You Does”

Ouch. Whatever you do, do not ask Lady Gaga if she thinks it’s creepy that she refers to herself in the third person sometimes. She’ll only vaguely belittle you. T magazine’s Horacio Silva asked just this question, and Gaga responded thusly:

… if you’re an artist, it’s not … I don’t live my life in the way someone like you does. I live my life completely serving only my work and my fans. And that way, I have to think about not what is best for my vagina but what is best for my fans and for me artistically.

I don’t really listen to Lady Gaga, but I’ve definitely told off some detractors of her wardrobe. (Seriously, making fun is like the LEAST interesting response to her uncanny fashion sensibilities.) I like her over-the-top, somewhat post-sex styles — they add some fancy to what can be a bland pop culture universe. I also appreciate that she speaks openly about her present celibacy. She can’t get to know anyone, so she doesn’t feel responsible sleeping with anyone. It’s not how everyone chooses to do things — and I guess it’s not a choice Gaga makes specifically for her vagina, apparently — but when you’re a spokesperson for M.A.C.’s AIDS fund, it aligns.

All of that to say, I was a mildly disappointed with the T interview. Maybe my expectations are just high, but for all of the artists Gaga talks about collaborating with — “Terence Koh or Francesco Vezzoli or Frank Gehry” — I really wanted her to know what the word “artifice” meant. Also, I know she lives her life very differently than moi — I don’t just, thank you, thank you, serve my work and fans – but “someone like me” still talks about herself in the third person sometimes. Ashley out.

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27 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Doesn’t “Live Her Life in the Way Someone Like You Does”

  1. I’m tired of her schtick. All she has going for her is her outlandish fashion sense. Her music is derivative and her quotes are often as off-the-wall and narcissistic as anything Megan Fox says. She’s pushing the envelope as far as it can go with clothing so her actions will have to follow suit and then she’ll be just another Courtney Love in training (although LiLo has a head start on that) who marries some emo-tragic fellow musician, pops out a rugrat, and goes off on the crazy train.

  2. I found my son sitting in his room this afternoon with a pop-up laundry basket over his head singing Poker Face. The resemblance was uncanny.

      • I dunno…there was a guy sitting in the student lounge at my university recently who was singing that song whilst playing acoustic guitar. It was pretty fantastic, I gotta say.

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  4. I get sick of this. Her clothes and style aside, she’s a talented artist. That aside as well, if you think she or any other celebrity is so awful, just don’t pay attention. Even unanimous hate can keep a celebrity afloat, just look at Perez Hilton.

    So get down off your bloody high-horse if you hate her so much and go invest your time in an artist you do actually like.

    • She’s all over the place, bit hard to ignore her. I also don’t think she’s a talented artist. Her songs are so electronically modified that you could make anyone sound good. If it weren’t for her ridiculous get-ups I doubt anyone would be paying attention. She’s just fame-hungry, it’s best not to feed people like that and then they’ll go away.

        • And John Mayer is a fantastic blues musician, but that’s not the what he sells on the radio. She, .like him, sells tween pandering crap on the radio. And that’s what I’m going to judge her by.

  5. Honestly, I love Lady Gaga. I love that she dresses weirdly, I think she has a fantastic voice…I just don’t care what she says in interviews.

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  7. I like Lady Gaga, too. She’s funky, eccentric, and her music is fun and I can totally jam out to it in my car. She’s not hurting anyone, so I don’t see any harm being done.

    • It is fun to jam out in the car to her music. If Bad Romance comes on my boyfriend will sing along. I love him all the more for it haha.

  8. Like Madonna she is one smart women. She has a voice and the smarts to figure out how to market herself. She also knows how to put tid bits out there for the gossip rags to pick up and run with.

    As far as music goes, I’m still stuck in the old days! Bon Jovi and such.

  9. I get what she is saying! She makes sense in a weird way. I’m a BIIG gaga fan. She always makes sense to me. I can always understand what she is trying to say. She is very artistic & very different. She would never put anyone down intentionally. She has a very kind heart I can see that.

  10. Okay I’m probably asking for it, but am I totally dumb for not getting how what she said is condescending or creepy? It’s not like we are close or anything so I don’t exactly take this sort of thing personally. I like her music. I don’t know how much of it she writes/constructs herself or how much, uh, musical airbrushing, so to speak, is applied to it, but I enjoy it. And like Whit and Erin says it’s fun to jam to in the car. I don’t really have the desire to overanalyze everything she says or does.

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  12. I like how you conveniently left out the part where she’s bat-shit insane

    “I have a spiritual guide, not a therapist but someone who in my mind is connected with a higher being, and he helps me a lot. What I like about him is that he doesn’t speak to me like I am a normal person. He understands that I have an eccentric way of life and personality. And he also understands that I am famous, and I appreciate that. He tells me that I no longer serve my life in the normal way that people serve their life, that I must serve the greater good in my service to the universe.”

    She’s just another dumb, drunk-ass guida with a God complex who likes playing dress-up.

  13. Sure, some of her music is fun and catchy, but she isn’t exactly Sarah McLachlan in the talent department, is she?

    ANYONE can sound good with today’s synthesizers.

    I sneer inwardly and shy away from outwardly anyone who refers to themselves in the third person.

  14. I dunno, I think in her mind she is an entertainer, and she lives her life like one. I can’t think of a single picture I’ve ever seen of her where she looks like a normal person while doing normal person things. While some artists step away from the performer when they, for example, go grocery shopping, I don’t think Lady Gaga does. Her persona is clearly very much the person she wants to act like all the time. Is it weird? Yes, a bit. Still not a good reason to hate her.

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