Hustler Magazine Seeks Photos of Dead Woman For Centerfold

In 2008, the body of hiker Meredith Emerson was found brutally raped, beaten and dismembered on a desolate trail in Georgia.  Her murderer has since been caught and imprisoned and is now serving a life sentence in prison.

Hustler magazine has recently put in a bid to procure crime scene photos of Emerson’s murder scene and has intentions of publishing the photos in an upcoming spread.  While many individuals (including the slain girl’s mother) have voiced a public outrage against this monstrosity of an idea, Hustler states that the photos, if received, would be part of a news story related to the crime.

State Representative Jill Chambers, who also hails from Emerson’s home state of Georgia, states, “Meredith has no way to give permission to have her body exposed and lusted after by people who derive pleasure from this” and is attempting to enact a bill to prevent publications such as Hustler to receive photos of murder victims.

Hopefully legislation will pass to prevent bloodsucking vile-mongers from even requesting such shocking prints or information in the future because not only is it a horrible thing to want to run in a publicly-viewed venue, it’s also shocking and torturous for surviving loved ones to have to relive again and again.

Rest in peace, Meredith.

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9 thoughts on “Hustler Magazine Seeks Photos of Dead Woman For Centerfold

  1. That’s ridiculous. There is no good reason to be publishing those photos. Let’s show a little respect for the dead, ok?

  2. Wait… No publication should use crime scene photos or just Hustler? I’ve seen censored crime scene photos along with stories in other magazines…

  3. It always bothers me when I see people’s dead bodies in magazines and newspapers…wouldn’t want my body splashed across a magazine, I’m sure other people wouldn’t as well.

  4. I think it should be up to next of kin to decide. I don’t like hustler trying to get around the mothers outrage and get photos anyway but I think if the family doesn’t mind who am I to censor.

    • Exploiting victims of crime to sell magazines must be a little hard on the conscience also. Hustler is and always has been a low grade sewer of a publication. Not very interesting and not very good!

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  6. Families should never have to fight to keep pictures of their dead loved one kept private. This is absolutely ridiculous. I can understand the importance of allowing others to see these photos if they think someone was wrongly accused and want to re-open a case, but not the general public.

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