Have a Kim Kardashian Butt Without the Surgery

The “Biniki” is a new product on the market and after taking twenty minutes to digest what it’s supposed to do, I then moved onto actually pronouncing it. Forty minutes later and I’m still having trouble.  It doesn’t exactly slide off of the tongue.

The Biniki is sort of a pair of panties that have a garter belt looking thing hanging on the underside that’s supposed to trim and lift your “saddlebags” and firm your bum.  According to the product’s website, the Biniki (just as awkward to type) “holds up the weight of the buttocks”, “smooths out the back of the thighs” and “maximizes small/flat derrieres” among a myriad of other positive-sounding things.

More or less, it’s a bra for your backside, am I right?

I kind of like the idea of smoothing out the backside, but it doesn’t look very comfortable, nor does it look like it’d be seamless under clothing.   After browsing the site for various views of the product, there’s also a happened to be a link on the site for a “Maniki.”  To see a, well, very unfortunate photo, please click here.  I promise you’ll at least be … entertained, if nothing else.

Bottom line is that with the Biniki, all roads end at a perky posterior.  Then again, arching your back and sticking your bum out like the models in the photos does, too.

What do you guys think, worth the hype or just another gimmick product?

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35 thoughts on “Have a Kim Kardashian Butt Without the Surgery

  1. Interesting. I’d be interesting in trying it if I didn’t have to do anything to get a hold of it, just to see what it would look like. Otherwise, it’s just very gimmicky.

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  3. HAHAHAHAHA! wow… um I’m not sure. I was thinking maybe that wash off cream stuff that dissolves the hairs? But then I thought, no that s**t hurts and his butt would be all red or sore looking. So I’m going with wax… I honestly have no idea but for some reason that amuses me more. Maybe someone should email them to find out for sure? haha!
    Also, I don’t know about you. But I often have problems with ‘riding’ underwear. I can’t imagine these things staying in place as soon as you walk or sit or stand or anything.
    Serisouly can you guys see that picture of the guy with the pants over the top? sorry but it looks like he’s squishing his butt together, it looks rediculous.
    For those who want to wear them more power too em. But personally… I’d rather not.

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  5. Is it wrong that as soon as I saw the pictures of that girl I heard Tyra Banks saying “notice in the second photo she’s doing the booty tooch”.
    I watch FAR too much America’s Next Top Model.

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  7. WHY did I click that link? O god! Is it really so difficult (for men and women) to do a few squat thrusts? THAT is how you get the bomb booty.

  8. Hey, I saw a Maniki (or whatever) in the movie “The Hangover”!!!! I had wondered time and again what that thing was for and now I know! Thank you!!!

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