Drinking Certain Adult Beverages May Not Cause Weight Gain … Tell That to Some of My Facebook Friends

Happy Monday!  I’m feeling well-rested and almost back to normal after my vacation and thought I’d do a piece regarding liberal libations in celebration of last week’s vacation.  I did come across this study this past weekend and it definitely got the gears turning.

While we all have those friends on Facebook that we, you know, haven’t seen in fifteen years or more that suddenly and magically appear in our ‘Friend Request’ boxes and are almost unrecognizable because of all of the weight that they’ve gained … in their face. You check out the photos and the fat-face syndrome is completely understandable in their circumstance: they’re rarely photographed without a beer or sugar-laden fruity drink in hand.

However, winos do not appear to be the case in this study.  Results state that of 19,000 women studied, a very select few only saunter drunkenly into the ‘obese’ mold and scientists state that there is a large numeral discrepancy regarding weight gain in those who swill beer as their choice of poison rather than wine drinkers.

Researchers interviewed the women regarding their drinking habits and concluded that 38% of women who admitted to being “non-drinkers” gained more weight over a thirteen-year period than women who copped to drinking wine did.  In fact, results stated that the more wine women consumed, the less overall weight they gained over the study’s thirteen-year span. Obviously, a greater weight gain was experienced by those who drank highly-carbonated alcoholic beverages such as beer or heavily-sugared or carbohydrate-loaded drinks like White Russians and, eh, Hurricanes.

Although the study’s results are quite interesting, Catherine Collins, who is a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, warns against the consumption of alcohol as a weight-loss aid:

“If these women have a healthy diet and lifestyle and are having one or two units of alcohol a night then that has less calories than someone who instead has a chocolate bar to unwind. It’s a question of “what’s your poison? … Of course if women were drinking more than two units a day they would put on weight. What this survey shows is that moderation is key to a healthy lifestyle. People who drink wine may be more likely to snack on sugary and more calorific treats.”

Kind of makes me super-glad that I practically lived on wine this past week, rather than indulging in the drinks that’d make me feel bloated and totally non-functional.  Cheers!

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23 thoughts on “Drinking Certain Adult Beverages May Not Cause Weight Gain … Tell That to Some of My Facebook Friends

  1. Good to see you back!

    YAY for wine! I have wondered about this, myself. When I am at home, I have no alcohol in the house – at all. My ex was/is an alcoholic and I don’t want to ruin the healthy distrust that my kids have for booze.

    However, when ever I am with my guy, particularly when we are traveling, it is the norm to have one or 2 glasses of wine with lunch and dinner. I always come home 10 or 12 pounds lighter, too.

    Is there a correlation? Possibly. I kind of think so because we also eat very well – he is a gourmet cook.

    • It’s great to be back, thanks! :) Although I’d like to be doing my writing from our beautiful French Quarter balcony in New Orleans, I guess home will have to suffice for now. LOL!

    • Perhaps you get a lot more activity when you go places? Or the eating well also goes with eating quality foods, and in reasonable amounts? Or snacking less? I can’t believe that wine itself is going to drop the pounds, but I can easily see associated factors.

  2. I personally don’t drink. It’s just not my thing. And I don’t think even the potential for magical wine-related weight loss is going to change that.

  3. Of course a modest amount of non-fattening alcohol isn’t going to suddenly blimp you up. A modest amount of most things is reasonable in an otherwise healthy diet. Alcohol is like sugar and fat and all the other things. It’s all a matter of volume, and what else you have.

    I suspect the binge-drinking never-seen-without-alcohol people have poor diets associated with all the drinking as well, which would compound the problem.
    (This is not an always thing, but when was the last time you saw someone pounding back the drinks …with a salad. Wine-drinkers are more likely to be drinking moderate amounts with moderate amounts of other food in reasonably healthy meals.)

    • Wouldn’t surprise me. Look at the menus at places that typically serve giant cocktails and such like chilis and applebees. Back in my pub days we’d always have a family size bag of chips sitting on the table and frequently chocolate bars too.

      Wine is something most people drink with a nice meal. It’s not the sort of thing one chugs then chases with a plate of cheese fries.

  4. I wonder how much of this has to do with lifestyle as well?
    As in perhaps a non-drinker has had several children, and are more foucsed on raising their family than maintaining a thin figure or going out to drink, whilst a drinker could be single, keepin’ it tight for the audience and goes out to drink a lot more?
    Also, Rhonda- last night not only did my lady friends and I chug wine, but we ate a whole cheese platter. Wine begs for food, and we just didn’t have the heart to deny our good friend pino grigio.

  5. Well now I’m a bit disappointed that I don’t like wine. It would appear I am doomed to moderation in sugary drinks.

  6. My skinniest years were those in which I lived on vitamins B and P – beer and pot.

    If law school taught me one thing it was that you don’t get fat on beer if that is all you live on!

    • So very true, Goo. I lost a ton of weight when I was depressed and just drinking beer all day every day. It’s when I stopped, and started eating again that I gained all the weight.

    • Come to think of it that applies to me too. Of course I wasn’t smoking the pot (I’m too sweet and innocent…) and I was working shifts of up to 17 hours doing hard labor on a farm so that might have had more to do with it.

  7. I have something to say about this – fuck my life.

    I’m a student – I eat poorly and seldomly, and I drink myself into oblivion during the weekends. Aww shit.

  8. I’ve noticed fat face syndrome and I’m only in college. People I knew from high school have all gained 15-60 pounds since I last saw them. I am one of the few people who has lost weight since going to college and I think it’s because I don’t drink (and I’ve also started making better lifestyle choices). Most of the people I know get plastered all the time and order Cousin Vinny’s for lunch and dinner (cousin vinny’s is this really dirt cheap, greasy, and nasty pizza place in my area that delivers till 4 am).

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