Canadian Women’s Hockey Team Under Fire For “Unladylike” Post-Game Celebration

If you haven’t heard, or just don’t follow the Winter Olympics, Canada won the hockey match against the United States last night and had a pretty raucous celebratory party to commemorate their epic win.

The girls were filmed on the ice after the match smoking cigars and swilling beer, not because they were celebrating their win, but because they’re unladylike … according to many critics.   Even the IOC, or International Olympic Committee, is taking a disciplinary hand in what went down last evening.  They’re currently investigating last night’s actions and will decide if the female players of the Canadian hockey team will be chastised for their behavior.  The IOC states that their behavior was not what they expected from an Olympic team and naturally, the women’s hockey team released the expected subsequent statement:

“The members of Team Canada apologize if their on-ice celebrations, after fans had left the building, have offended anyone. In the excitement of the moment, the celebration left the confines of our dressing room and shouldn’t have. The team regrets that its gold medal celebration may have caused the IOC or COC any embarrassment.”

I don’t know, guys.  Maybe it’s just me, but personally? I think their celebration was — and pardon my expression — fucking awesome.  I mean, it’s understandable that athletes of this caliber are, yes, held to a certain standard but my main question aside from ethics is this: would such a stink be raised if it were a “traditional” men’s team doing this type of celebrating on ice?

I’m thinking … probably not.

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37 thoughts on “Canadian Women’s Hockey Team Under Fire For “Unladylike” Post-Game Celebration

  1. Yes, a stink would be raised. It’s unsportsmanlike.

    I’m Canadian, happy for the win and thought it was awesome too. But it’s not very dignified, which is what the Olympics aspires to be.

    Regardless, nothing will come of this.

  2. No one would complain if it was the men’s team celebrating in such a manner.
    The lack of support for women’s hockey makes my blood boil. Canada’s men’s team defeated Russia the other night, and the streets of downtown Toronto were flooded with people shouting, waiving flags, and making a general spectacle of themselves. Canada’s women’s wins, and….well I saw some happy Facebook status. But all was quiet downtown.
    These women have a ridiculous record and are fantastic hockey players. They dominate in a way the men’s hockey team has never been able to do. But no one gives a shit until they hold their post-gold party on the ice? If no one else is going to throw an out of control celebration for these women, then they should by all means do it themselves.
    It infuriates me.

    • I think part of it is expectations. The men are in a hard battle, and Canadians felt redeemed by the Russian game after the disappointment of losing to the Americans (in a spectacularly poor showing).

      The women, on the other hand, have been continually on top. Was there ever any doubt that they would win? It was 2-0, after a couple of massive blowouts of poor teams. I’m not saying the sex has nothing to do with it, but it’s also a lot less celebratory when it’s jut the report of news you already knew.

      • I do not think it is just the circumstances.
        For example, most people are fairly confident that Canada is going to win their game against Slovakia tonight. However, I can gurantee you every bar downtown with a TV is going to be jam packed tonight, and when I get up tomorrow morning, someone will have vomited on my front steps in celebration.
        This was certainly not the case last night. (Well, maybe someone threw up on my steps and the snow storm covered it- I might conceed that one).
        For every men’s game, the city has held its breath and then screamed afterwards (either in celebration or frustration). But no one gives a shit about the women until they do something naughty? It’s ridiculous.

  3. Good for the women for winning, and good for them for celebrating.
    If they had the underagers drinking, then there is reason for condemnation (not because I see anything wrong with eighteen-year-olds drinking, but because illegal activity of any kind is pretty bad for the image).
    If the issue is that they shouldn’t have been out on the ice, I think that’s fair complaint.
    But if it turns out they’re being censored for being unladylike, screw them. (Which sport are we talking here? hockey? and you’re concerned that their *parties* are unladylike? Hell yeah!)

  4. You betcha,they played a good game aye. Last night I dreamt I was a bar of soap in Marie-Philip Poulins shower,that hose-er can skate!

  5. Unsportsmanlike behaviour is always chastised. In Beijing, one athlete (a wrestler, I think) took off his medal and walked off the podium. He was later stripped of it. Several Summer Olympics ago, the US men’s relay team were chastised because after they won, they were preening and posing and being obnoxious.

    That’s the issue that’s being made.

  6. I love me some hockey, but I do think their celebration was in very poor taste–and I would still think that if it was a group of men doing the same.

    • That’s what I was going to say. As my husband (a Canadian feminist) said, “They should’ve waited till they were off the ice to do that.

  7. I agree that smoking cigars and swigging beer isn’t ladylike. However, we’re still talking about hockey players which is hardly a ladylike sport.

    • I hardly think there’s anything wrong with a woman who drinks and smokes cigars. Especially if they’re done in sync with one another. I’m a financial planner for a prolific brokerage firm in NYC and there’s nothing I like better than to end my days’ work with a good German beer and a mini-Cuban at a colleague’s loft. I’m one of the more “feminine” women that I know, too. My point? It’s kind of bizarre to say that “smoking cigars and swigging beer isn’t ladylike.”

      • I personally don’t think weed is worse than smoking or drinking (which are all 3 bad vices). We all saw the media and moral smackdown of Michael Phelps though- and he was nowhere near the Olympics at the time of the bong photo.

        I think in terms of highly professional atheletes, “professional” is the word. Being a role model and presenting a positive public image should be expected from Gold medal Olympians. So it was in poor taste, male or female, to celebrate in such a seedy (public) manner. Being lady-like is not even the issue.

  8. I think the fact that they were doing it on the ice is the issue, although since the fans were no longer there, I don’t really think it’s a problem.

  9. It doesn’t matter if the fans were there or not, there are pictures for all the world to see, much like the Phelps scandal. No pictures, no proof, no problem.

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  11. What a massive load of bullshit. I reckon there are few sexier things than a woman smoking a cigar (and I am straight). Criticising the celebration on the grounds they have been unladylike is absolute crap. Go those girls for drinking beer and smoking cigars.

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  13. Scotty Lago was sent home for pictures taken when he was not in uniform, and well AFTER he won. TMZ foolishly posted the pics of “suggestive” poses a woman was doing with his MEDAL. So he goes home, but they can drink and smoke on the ice at the OLYMPICS? I’m a woman, and I would have been embarrassed if the USA men or women did that! Not when decorum is meant to be kept in place… they should have had a kick a** celebration… somewhere ELSE.

    • Problem is – the celebration isn’t being criticised because it took place on the ice (which may be or may be not wrong), but because it is unladylike, because women aren’t supposed to behave like that.

  14. Once in the article and once by Miree were the hockey players referred to as girls (in a comeraderie manner). I think most people see they aren’t really “girlish”…

    • Yeah no I refer to my football team players as “my boys”, because they’re all so young really. I mean, some of them are my age (I’m 21) so referring to them as “men” or “women” makes my soul weep for obvious reasons.

      As for being girlish, I’ll leave this quote I found somewhere: “It must be very powerful to be a girl if everyone is taught not to be one.” – Eve Ensler.
      I found it inspiring!

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  16. I think the main issue, at least that I saw, was that several of the players on the team were only 18, and as the drinking age in B.C. is 19. They were breaking the law. I think it would have been better if they had waited until they were somewhere less public to celebrate with alcohol.

  17. I think the actual issue here is a legal one, they were smoking and drinking in a public place, indoors. The ice of a skating rink would not be licensed for drinking, at least here in ontario, and smoking indoors is illegal, which I’m pretty sure is the same in BC too. add to that the fact that at least one of the players was underage in that province (through probably legal in her home province) and that it is also illegal to purchase tobacco products for people under 19 (again, at least where I am in canada). basically, they could have been fine drinking and smoking in their dressing room if noone caught them, but they went out on the ice and posed for the media doing these illegal things. that said, i would have done the same :)

    just for the record, i didnt hear ANYTHING about this in the canadian media until i read this article right here. is it possible that this reporting is american sour grapes? :)

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