Anne Hathaway Either Really Naive or Just Looking For Compliments

In a recent interview with In Style magazine, Anne Hathaway discussed her woes regarding her appearance.

Hathaway states that she has “really weird features” and that she’s got “large features on a very small face.”  She then goes on to hammer the point forth by saying:

“… But, you know, I’m not going to beat myself up. It’s my face. I’m not very pretty. But that’s OK because I do know that I look like myself, and I think at the end of the day, as nice as pretty is, authenticity is more important.”

… While I agree that authenticity is the most important part of self-value, I think Anne’s putting herself down a little too hard, here.  Whether or not she’s speaking the truth and being “authentic” as she says, I think it puts her in a place where she’ll be pegged as overly-vulnerable and meek, which in a lot of cases is more unattractive than most want to admit. You all know “that girl”:  the one hides her faux-woes in her self-deprecating sense of humor and brush-off’s of compliments — that girl.

I’m not quite sure if Anne is that girl and I don’t really know a whole lot about her to make that sort of assumption but if she truly feels that way, in my opinion, she’s quite mistaken.  Yet, if she’s merely doing this for press and knows that she’s much more than she plays herself out to be, then shame on her.

What do you guys think?  Could Hathaway really be that self-involved that she’d seek compliments through a second rate fashion magazine or does she really not see the beauty that she emanates?

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20 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway Either Really Naive or Just Looking For Compliments

  1. I’ve always thought she was kind of dorky looking. I mean, she’s pretty, but if it was my face, I could find a ton of flaws with it…

  2. I like her eye color.

    But every woman finds some fault with their appearance. Growing up, I hated my mouth – I was always self conscious about my lower lip being too full. Now people tell me I have a nice mouth.

    Go figure.

  3. She’s quirky looking. Drop dead gorgeous but in a somewhat unconventional way. Her features are a little too big for her face compared to average but that’s part of her appeal. I can see why she’d be insecure.

    I’m the same way. Not that I’m nearly as gorgeous as she is but a lot of people have told me that I’m beautiful and I can even believe that some of them really mean it. I can look at my individual features and appreciate them. I have nice eyes and a full mouth and thick wavy hair but I don’t see my whole face as attractive. I think I look too much like my dad.

    • ME TOO. I look just like my Dad and it’s awful!

      I think Anne’s absolutely stunning, and that doesn’t simply have to do with her face. She seems smart, well-spoken, tactful, and conservative (not politically). I think she’s a nice role model. You never see her flashing any of her lady bits and she seems to be a nice person.

      And I would kill for her skin and big eyes.

      • I am told that I look like my aunt (Dad’s sister).

        I am greatly relieved because my Dad (in his younger years) looked like he could have been Elvis Presley’s brother.

        I guess the girls in his class went crazy over him, but he dislikes Elvis to this day.

  4. She’s one of those people who either looks stunning or hideous, no in-between, so assuming she’s being genuine, I completely understand what she means. She’s got a very weird face with very exaggerated features, so she doesn’t look great from every angle, and for a person who’s always getting videotaped and photographed, that sucks. In the photo used for this article, she looks terrifying. Other shots of her look amazing, with or without Photoshop’s help. She may have great *skin*, but her facial features are fuckin’ bizarre, which sometimes works for her and other times works against her.

    Still, from a PR perspective, it was a stupid thing to say even if it’s truly her opinion. When celebrities renowned for their looks whine about feeling ugly it’s always going to sound calculated and disingenuous, and it will always rub people the wrong way because ultimately she gets PAID for her looks.


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  7. I think everyone thinks they are funny looking to some degree. I have a really fat bottom lip and I lisp, so when I talk I look quite strange, like the sync is out on my audio. Yet some people find that attractive.

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