Twenty-Six Year-Old Autistic Woman Raped at Side of Road; No One Helps

This has been all over the news for the past few days and the more I find out about it, the more horrified I become.

An Ohio woman was raped this past week in her home town of Toledo, by local teenaged boy Anferney Fontenet.  The boy has been taked into custody for questioning and has since admitted to raping the woman.

The woman claims that the teenager assailed her on the side of a busy road and raped her while drivers reportedly ignored the situation.  After being questioned by police, various eyewitnesses claim that they did, in fact, see a sexual encounter taking place at the side of the road, but decided not to intervene because they were unsure whether or not the sex was consensual.  It was also reported that another driver slowed down, leered and beeped.

Finally, after what was probably the ninety-fifth or ninety-sixth passerby, a motorist phoned in a complaint to the police station claiming that a woman had been raped at the side of the road.  The woman, an Autistic woman with a bi-polar disorder who also uses a cane to walk due to balance issues, advised law enforcement officials that her attacker had been a high school-aged boy with a pair of scissors.  The victim stated that the boy had threatened her with the scissors and ordered her to comply with the sex act or he’d stab her.

Fontenet, who was taken into custody this past week, is now being charged with both rape and robbery upon his own admittance.

What kind of society are we turning into that a rape can occur on any broad-daylight afternoon on a busy street and no one comes to the rescue?  What kind of person drives by a forcible sex scene on the side of the road, shrugs and drives by because it could be something ‘okay’?  Furthermore, what kind of teenaged boy accosts a disabled woman at 2:30 in the afternoon, threatens her with scissors and rapes her?

Who moved the rock

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168 thoughts on “Twenty-Six Year-Old Autistic Woman Raped at Side of Road; No One Helps

  1. Who moved the rock? wft?

    A fucked-up teenage boy, that’s who. Unfortunately, they exist.

    It’s called the bystander effect. First, people are very strong about minding their own business. Second, even if they notice something is wrong, nobody helps, because everyone assumes that if help was needed, somebody else would help.

    Anyone familiar with the Kitty Genovese case? Wikipedia has a good summary, but i won’t link to avoid moderation hell.

    At the side of a road is a tough one, but the lesson is – never assume someone else will help. Do it.
    And if you’re in trouble, and you’re able, never appeal to the world in general, or to a crowd. Pick out a single person you see, be it ‘hey man in red shirt over there!’ or whatever, and ask them for help.
    People are usually good and willing. Crowds let terrible things happen all the time.

  2. A woman called the police while it was happening, but she was afraid to help all by herself. I can’t imagine not helping. Unless I had my baby with me.
    But I can understand that a woman on her own would be very afraid to inject herself into a situation like that.

    • My thoughts exactly. If I can see that a situation is clearly too dangerous like if there’s a gang involved or the assailant has a gun then I’ll just call it in but in this case I would have been out of the car and trying to help. Like you say, the only exception would be if I had my son with me because I’m not willing to risk his safety.

      I really don’t get the people who said they weren’t sure if it was consensual or not. First off, if you’re not sure but it looks like rape then call it in or intervene. Sure it might be consensual and they might tell you to get lost but that’s not a huge deal. Secondly, if someone is having sex on the side of the road you call the cops, period. It’s either rape or indecent exposure and the cops should be involved in either case.

  3. If this is the same story I read about, the local police are now talking of charging the lady who made the phone call for something. Top of my head and just woke up, I can’t remember the exact charge. Which I think is bullshit.

    The women did the correct thing and called the police. She was supposed to get involved and try to stop the rape? How many times have they told rape victims themselves “not to fight the attack if you think your life will be in danger,” but they expect this bystander to interfer. What about her life?

    • I saw a news conference where the police said the woman had done the right thing by keeping herself out of danger. How could they be charging her now?

      • As someone who has actually interfered in an attack (a man was viciously beating his girlfriend in an alley) and been injured by the attacker (just bumps and bruises, thank goodness), I have to agree that sometimes simply calling the cops is the best option.

      • Thanks Alzaetia, I must have read it wrong or maybe saw one of the first reports. I just looked it up again and it’s exactly as you said. It also reported that she is having a hard time accepting the fact that she couldn’t do more at the time.

        I am glad that I had misread this. My first reaction was WTF.

  4. No one wants to say this, but there is a very disturbing apathy about criminal behavior in the black community. Violence is just accepted there as a normal part of life, it’s very frightening especially for the decent black people forced to live among it. What to do?

  5. I go to University of Toledo and live in Toledo and knowing there was a situation I could of potentially seen and possibly stopped makes me really sad. This is horrible.

  6. I’d be a bit more weary of intervening because really, I like to think fucking kids aren’t stupid enough to rape in PUBLIC.

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  8. I like Google and appreciate their contribution to society, but they need to seriously get Phil Gluyas off the net. He’s been tormenting people for years. Here’s a brief analysis of the situation that may help Google understand how crazy Gluyas, and people like him are:

    It all sounds good. They call themselves neurodiversity activists. Self-appointed activists, that is. They’re also cyber terrorists, who often use fictitious names to terrorize families raising severely autistic children. Indeed, these serial cyber-bullies, ranging in ages from 18 to 40 something, are a new breed of sociopath, hijacking the Asperger’s diagnosis to justify obsessive sadistic and narcissitic behaviors. Of course, not all neurodiversity activist are crazy like Gluyas. But let’s get back to Gluyas and his reign of terror.

    Case in point: A Phil Gluyas, aka “Timelord”, “Fenric65” , an angry man from Australia, has, for the past several years, socially abused, psychologically tortured, bullied and harassed dozens of persons with disabilities (mostly families with autistic kin) on the internet. Gluyas often calls mothers and sisters of autistic children, “failures” and “hateful witches.” It’s unclear why. It appears he does this, after someone responds to one of his hateful comments. How ironic.

    Gluyas likes to threaten everyone with lawsuits for slander, after he just finished slandering you. Quite confusing for those who don’t know his game.
    And so obsessed and hateful is this Gluyas man, he’s created numerous blogs, where he makes lists of “aspie enemies” and personally attacks each one of them, slandering as the word slander doesn’t apply to his behavior.

    Gluyas has a few friends. For instance, Andrew Ackner, a college student who managed to win an award from the Autism Society of Michigan, and later, secretly attacked people on the internet who have severely autistic children (see catetaylor1). Ackner has won the praises of Nick Dubin (author who discusses bullying and aspergers) and Judy Markowitz, a teacher. Apparently, Markowitz and Dubin don’t know Andrew Ackner goes by youtube name, ASD4EVAselfspeaking or his connection to Phil Gluyas. Yes, Andrew is not the person they think he is. Let’s see Andrew, the wonderful asperger’s autism advocate, as he joins in on a brutal cyber attack of a disabled woman raising a severely autistic brother.

    See it here:

    Andrew Ackner is your typical con. He poses as an angel of light. A helper. An intellectual asset to the [autism] world, while tossing toxic words into the internet sky. Andrew has learned to duck, weave and hide outta the spotlight. Phil, on the other hand, being the more mature and experienced mixed personality disorder he is, is bolder. He hides, but then can’t help himself and comes out ready to wrestle the world and tell everyone how to behave, as he’s behaving badly. Phil declared war on one of his blogs against a woman who has a severely autistic son. He’s posts that she’s a failure, though her son is a complex case that has stumped dozens of professionals. But Phil likes to abuse women in distress. He enjoys it. Calls them failures. Mocks and stalks his “aspie enemies” on the net. Then, if anyone dare tell him to stop, he threatens to sue them for slander. Accuses the person he’s abusing of abusing him. He’s mass confusion.

    Gluyas has a few allies. Mainly, a bunch of other nuts who go by: ASDchamp, Malcase, Endersdragon, CubeDemon, etc. People like this blame others for their behavior, of course. It doesn’t matter what the Phil Gluyas of the world say or do, they will justify even physical attacks, because they blame ‘aspergers syndrome” and say they’ve been “being bullied” by others in society. Yet, evidence shows it is not society that has bullied people like Phil Gluyas and his bitter cronies; it is THEM who abuse others. They go on You Tube and religiously give thumbs down and make abusive comments to families who post videos of severely autistic children. True Aspergers does not present like this. It’s time for these cyber terrorists posing as ‘aspies” to be exposed for what and who they are and how they operate.

    Still more, Phil Gluyas and others like him; justify the Virginia Tech shooter, claiming he was “bullied” by others in society. Gluyas has a case in Australian Federal Court, where he justified physically attacking others because they provoked him. How convenient. The judge didn’t buy it, thank God. Back to the VT shooter: he wasn’t autistic or aspergers. He was mentally ill. Like Gluyas.

    Mentally ill people like Gluyas and Ackner are clever, mind you. Clever enough to manipulate and massage the Aspergers diagnosis and find naïve doctors to label them. Of great interest is the surge of Asperger’s defenses (most these people get diagnosed in their 20’s & 30’s) being used for criminal behaviors.

    How these fakes and frauds of the Asperger’s circles must slobber as they fool others.

    1. – Mar 26, 2008 … “TimeLord/Phil Gluyas and his gang of Autism Mafia have a real penchant ….. There seems to be a high percentage of aspies who end up with”
    2. Andrew Ackner's Asperger Anecdotes – Home
    Aspergers, Autism, ASD, Speaker, Presentations

    4. “ Philip Gluyas is the deranged-looking man on the left, with the patchy beard, …”
    5. Jan 13, 2010 … Phil Gluyas’ History of Brutality. 2 weeks ago …
    6. Phil’s World V.8 – Aspie Enemies

    7. Apr 9, 2009 … “Another reason that I thought I would post about this is that two of the looniest looney tunes in the neurodiversity movement, Phil Gluyas …”…/642547 –

    8. Google: Phil Gluyas and evil

    9. or Phil Gluyas and court or phil gluyas and crazy

    10. Here’s nice boy Andrew Ackner harassing an older man who is raising a severely autistic son: Find the story here: Oct 25, 2009 … “Ari Ne’eman, Lying Scumbag. Ari Ne’eman is a dishonest college student who … Andrew Ackner called my house eight times between 3:34AM and …”…/prank-phone-calls-courtesy-of-ari.html

    11. Phil Gluyas/Timelord also likes to abuse autistic women, … – Cached – Similar

    • It’s ok. We all need to let it out sometimes…even as completely random posts not relevant to any of the issues at hand whatsoever at all not even in the slightest tiniest bit *cough cough*
      but go ahead, get it out. not a lot of people in this world who will actually be there for you and let you unload your crap so feel free babe.

      • Merc, or anyone in charge I would appreciate it if the above post from Georgie Girl was removed. It completely misrepresents me and fails to take into account that the stuff that has been mentioned there has been brought on by attacks on me. I am acting in defence of myself and of the Autistic Spectrum. These people are hurtful and dangerous to the community and need to be exposed in an appropriate manner and that is exactly what I have done.

        Thank you in advance.

        • HAHAHAHA

          Best advice is that both of you take your fight back to your own blogs.

          This blog is a commercial blog – that is, the web hosting is NOT free.

          I would hazard a guess that no one tells Sasha what to keep or remove.

          • No, it comes down because it is defamatory, and the source of the information that Georgie is relying on has been found guilty of defamation. Sasha, remove the comment – or I will go after your entire site through the courts as compensation for allowing your site to spread defamatory information – which BTW is NOT protected by the FIrst Amendment!

  9. Just discovered this libelous entry by Georgie Girl. And I’d just like to say that my brother Nick Dubin, is aware of my blogging and my commenting in response to you morons and approves of it. And he would tell you himself to bark up somebody else’s tree and to pee on someone else’s rug, but he just can’t because he doesn’t want to lose connections he has acquired through his hard work. Me, on the other hand have no problem with burning bridges if it means fighting those of you jerk-offs who threaten the ASD Community that I love and am a true fighter for, which is why all I have to say to you is fuck off, because you’re a dumb bitch whose only venue for speaking are stupid Curaqi blogs. I guest speak on ways that we can help my fellow Spectrumites to be successful members of society and thrive socially. People pay me to do it sweetie, and I have a good reputation amongst the circles who have hired me. Do you give guest speeches and advocate?? Come talk to me when people care about the dumb shit you have to say to listen to you, and then I’ll show you respect and will debate you.

    Until then you’re out of you’re element.

    • I almost made it through that with a straight face–until I got to:

      “you’re out of you’re element”.

      Please, if you want to be taken seriously, familiarize yourself with the differences between “your” and “you’re.”

      • Forget it Sydney, you’re out of your element. My grammar on a stupid blog where the professors in my English-Creative Writing major are not grading, and a blog that nobody cares or would cite in anything IS NOT THE ISSUE HERE!!! And while I’m busy referencing the Big Lebowski, neither is “Jeffrey Lebowski… (the millionaire)”

        The issue is that one of these days you are all going to have to face the fact that you’re Goddamn morons.

        I already illustrated this but since you’re too incapable of understand what I say to you morons, I shall be completely blunt… The day I give a flying fuck about being taken seriously by dumbshits like you, who think that this blog is a formal forum where I should actually pay attention to my spelling and grammar… I WILL HAVE A TAG ON MY TOE!!!

        You guys are insignificant blops below my radar, whom I just stumbled upon while googling my name to look up the name of this conference I just spoke at for resume purposes.

  10. You’ve got a nice, professional blog yourself there, Mister.

    “I urge anybody to listen to what I have to say. If all of the people who are necessary will take to heart my story as well as my insight in how to make Aspies sucessful; the power of the podium that is held by myself, a few other Aspies and numerous experts will be held by more members of the great group known as the Autism/ Asperger community.”

    What makes you successful, “Aspie”? Ripping apart other people for no apparent reason than because you “can” because you have a disability? I have no problem calling an asshole an asshole no matter what their problem is, so guess what? Get fucked.

    And it’s BLIPS, moron, not BLOPS.

    • Well first of all that’s from my personal professional website, it isn’t a blog. And no it’s not my disability that is why I can rip people apart, it’s the fact that I know what I’m talking about and that these people are evil and pose a threat to my ASD Community. That also is the very apparent reason that you are too fucking stupid to understand.

      I’m an asshole. I don’t criticise people for their typos, but then again I’m not a little prick who trolls the internet without any qualifications. Which is why you can go fuck yourself because it’s not that you are below my level, it’s that you’re not even on the level below me. Same goes to Alzaetia google all the conferences I’ve spoken at I spoke at Western Michigan University just five days ago, and when you do feel free to do something to occupy your hands so I don’t read anymore bullshit from you. I can’t function on this message board, this is a stupid message board that I don’t give a damn about etiquette because none of you are worthy of it.

      • But yet you keep posting. lol You’re a funny, funny guy.

        Oh, and “these people are evil and pose a threat to my ASD Community.” What people? All of us, here, on a feminist website? lol you’re deluded.

      • “Your” ASD community? I’ll have to be sure to let the many people in my family and friend group who have been diagnosed on the ASD that they’re “yours” and that you speak for them.
        I bet they think you don’t.

  11. Well, you certainly told us didn’t you. Phew, now the burden of not knowing I was moron has been lifted. What a relief.

    By the way, what size toe tag do you think you wear? I will have one wrapped, ready and waiting.

    • You are such a lying troll. I will never believe that anybody asks you to speak to anybody with Autism or Aspergers in order to help them function in the real world.
      You can’t even function properly on a message board.

    • Bimbo Blurry said “I looked at Andrew’s website.
      He is still a teen – this explains a lot.”

      First of all, I’m not a teen, I’m a college student. You all preach, (more like piss moan and bitch) about equal treatment for you gender, how about your prejudices that a young teenage male isn’t capable of being smarter than you. Welcome back to reality Ladies, I was smarter than you even when I was in high school, because at that point I knew how to have substand to what I have to say, where all you have is a self-righteous tone. So I may be 40 years younger but I’m 60 years smarter than all of you.

      Hypocritical oafs.

      • Incidentally – I used simple deductive reasoning to determine that you are a teen.

        Based on the article In the Autism Society of America – Oakland Division (Winter 2007) where one Doreen Ackner nominates her son, Andrew for the “People Making a Diffreence” column.

        “”I would like to nominate
        my fifteen year old son,
        Andrew, who has Asperger
        Syndrome, for the People
        Making a Difference column.”

        If you were 15 years old in the winter of 2007, the oldest you could be now is 19 years of age. Please note the *teen* part of 19.

        We will forgive you for your arrogance – we’ll chalk it up to youthful idiocy. We even understand what a thrill you get from having strangers pay attention to you on the internet.

        Please don’t expect us to be tolerant of nastiness and condescension. Unless you have something interesting, insightful, amusing or intelligent to the conversation – kindly keep quiet.

        So far all that you have offered is nonsensical ramblings. You’ll be treated as a troll until you prove yourself to be otherwise.

  12. I don’t own anybody sweetie, or my ASD Community. Since you took what I said out of context, it is evident that you have no frame of reference as to what I was talking about. That’s what I can’t stand about all you womynists, you’re neither rational or pragmatic yet you think you should be considered intellectual equals. You think just because you can talk in a snide, pseudo-wise, self-righteous tone, people won’t realize what dumb bitches you are. DON’T take this the wrong way, I hate how in our culture people of my own gender are unfairly dominant and women are considered intellectually inferior.

    Especially since I have recently found the right person and am in love with her, I support the cause of Feminism because my girlfriend and lover supports it and I want her to have as much success in the literary industry that we both plan on being renowned authors in. I also want if I were to have daughters they to get an equal shot. I support Feminism and not a misogynistic bastard that you may think I am. I just would really appreciate if stupid self-righteous bitches like all of you stop interfering, because you hurt it more than you help it.

  13. I hate to gloat, who am I kidding I love to gloat. What’s the matter, none of you self-righteus, pseudo-intellectual ladies have an intelligent response, or are you just pretentiously ignoring me because “my comments don’t deserve a response” (Translation my comments kicked your tight feminine asses and you haven’t a response, so it’s best to leave it alone without digging your nice manicured nails any deeper.)”

    • *sigh*.
      I guess it should be taken as a compliment that this website is successful enough to attract a large number of trolls?

      • but didn’t you hear? He’s a feminist! because his girlfriend and lover is, and he wants her to become just as successful and renowned as he is!

        I have no pity for willful idiots. scorn, at best.

  14. I’m not a Feminist Kai, you bimbos are. My girlfriend and lover is a kind, strong, intelligent, beautiful and Independent woman. Feminists only have the quality of independence (NOTHING ELSE,) as indicative of all of you here. I don’t disrespect you because your women, I disrespect you because you’re stupid, self-righteous bitches who have no right to call me a willful idiot, considering the very nature of Feminism, stop ruining the cause for equality among genders. As Obama has the Teabaggers to thank for passing Healthcare, sexist redneck douchebags have you to thank for them still being able to keep women down.

    • Andrew,I think you may be sitting too close to your TV. When you get frustrated or confused do you drool a little out of one side of your mouth?

      • My laptop is in a completely different room than the TV, first of all. Second of all when I’m frustrated I spit from the center of my mouth (unintentionally) into the jackass’s face that which I’m yelling. So thank you so much for causing me to have to use Windex once I finish here. I’m not as sure what unwilled body activities happen when I’m confused, because unlike you bimbos confusion isn’t such a common occurrence for me.

        • I think you’re just upset because you’re trying to get a rise out of us and we won’t take the bait. Newsflash sweetpea, we’ve been subjected to far more intelligent insults by much nastier people. An internet troll spewing ignorant insults is not going to do anything but make us laugh and pity you for even trying.

  15. First of all Blurry, are you seriously going to sit there and debate with me my age, because I’m pretty sure I turned 20 on April 5, I’m positive I remember correctly, because it wasn’t even a month ago.

    And also be a snide, sarcastic bimbo and ignore the heart of what I’ve been saying to you all you like tootz, because that doesn’t disprove the fact that you’re a pseudo-intelligent, self-righteous cunt. It’s not sexist because it’s the facts, ma’am, just the facts.

  16. All I have offered to you is nonsensical ramblings? Have you been reading what I’ve been saying? You reject reality, and the reality is you’re stupid. If you can’t make sense of what I’m saying, you are too stupid to make sense of it. I may be an intelligent man, but I don’t have the scientific knowledge to cure stupidity.

  17. Shannon:

    1. The only reason I began commenting here is because Georgie with having no knowledge of what she was talking about attacked me and said innacurate things that portray me in a negative light that I wouldn’t have a problem if it were untrue. I found this blog when googling my name to find the name of a conference I just spoke at for a job resume.

    2. My intention wasn’t really to get you ladies to bite into my bait, my intention was the obvious, for you to come to terms with the fact that the very nature of your cause is self-defeating because you people the major reason why Misogyny still exists this day because everybody realizes that you are cocky, self-righteous bitches.

    2.5 Some of you actually are biting into the bait that I wasn’t really trying to lay out, because Blurry took the trouble to research me, and dispute how old I am.

    3. I don’t have a problem with assumptions, cutie, you do. I have a problem when people take their assumptions and are wrong about them. I have preconceived notions of Feminists, I wouldn’t have said the things I said about you gals, if my opinion wasn’t validated by all of your comments and posts on this blog in and separate from this thread.

    4. It doesn’t have anything to do with my theory how old you are. I said most of you may be 40 years older than me (not necessarily all of you) but no matter how old you are I’m 60 years smarter than all of you.

    5. I don’t need to repeat this point, and I won’t be suggestive anymore about it after this either, unless I have a point in doing so but it involves the adjective to describe stupidity, and the noun to describe a woman who is bitchy.

    • Isn’t it so nice to see such wisdom? I’m glad we attract such reasonable, logical commenters. There’s nothing like a good name calling to show the strength of your argument!
      I hope he links to this page from his website. I’m sure future awards committees in his major literature career will want to see this example of his fine prose.

      • F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of the greatest authors in history and arguable the most beautifil, poetic, prose-writer of all time once said, that beautiful, flowery, melodic prose is a beautiful tool, but like all other tools it has a purpose and when it’s used for things that it isn’t meant to be used for, it damages the meaning rather than glorifies it. That is why I don’t try to make it sound beautiful and lyrical as I repeatedly tell you dumb bimbos to fuck off, I’m more interested in the meaning of what I’m telling you than trying to make you think what a harmonic and peaceful individual I definitely am at times (as proven by the reviews I’ve received, the awards I’ve accepted, the respect I earn and the company I keep,) when I’m not being confronted by self-righteous hags like all of you.

        • I love the random Fitzgerald reference, especially since it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand – Kai’s talking about the substance of your argument, not the style. ::snort:: Talk about pseudo-intelligence.

        • Well, Harriet, since you didn’t realize what I was aiming, I’ll explain it to you. I knew what Kai was saying, but since in reality there is nothing wrong with the substance of my argument, except not being simple enough for you bimbos to understand, I decided to point out the purpose of the only truly debatable thing about what I’ve been saying, which is the style.

          Don’t talk about me being pseudo-intellect because you are the ones who thrive on using it.

        • If your purpose here is to drive home the point that people on the Autism Spectrum can live lives just like anybody else, you’ve done a wonderful job.
          You have singlehandedly proved that a person with Asperger’s can be just as nasty and unpleasant as any other asshole.
          Good on you!

        • Listen here sugar, don’t you bring this back to my website. I am leading a very fulfilling life, with the guest speaking, I’m the co-founder and President of a Film Enthusiast club at Oakland U that will be working together with the Film Makers Guild at OU, soon to be a contributor to a brand new Newspaper on the OU Campus, getting good grades, hanging out with brother-like friends and let’s not forget that I’ve recently fallen in love.

          Everybody can be an asshole, I never claimed to be the exception. I look at the world through Aspie Eyes, and say things as bluntly as I see them, which is why when I see a pseudo-intellectual, self-righteous bitch, that’s what I call you. Just because I tell you this doesn’t make me a bad person, I soiled your rug that really tied the room together, but that’s because you bimbos need to move out and move on, because you ruin it for independent women who would be taken seriously if it weren’t for you.

        • Trust me, Andrew, I understood perfectly well what you were aiming at, and I think that your attempt at deflection was hilarious. As if being able to regurgitate F. Scott Fitzgerald’s words somehow makes you smarter or makes your arguments more valid. Nice try.

        • I can’t help but think OU would be interested in reading some of your comments here Andy boy. It’s such a great reflection of your character.

        • Harriet, first of all it wasn’t a deflection it was sarcastically dismissing the point she was making. I did that because sometimes, when people think they’re so right about what is so wrong, there really aren’t a lot of ways to respond other than laughing and making fun of your pigheadedness, which is what that clearly was.

          Second of all Harriet, obviously you don’t have much experience writing academic essays, based on my reference to F. Scott Fitzgerald, but I wasn’t regurgitating Fitzgerald, I was paraphrasing the words of a very credible source to prove that I am right and I plugged it into my own argument, with my own additional reflection and analysis.

          It fit perfectly, and you gals don’t react the way you do to me because of the way I talk to you, it’s because you’re wrong.

        • “Obviously you don’t have much experience writing academic essays.” That made me laugh so hard. The fact that you feel qualified to make a judgment like that based on so little evidence indicates to me that *you* don’t have much experience writing academic essays. Or, if you do, they must be crappy essays. I didn’t want to sink to your level because I think it’s pathetic, but since you insist on keeping things at that level here it goes: I’m pretty sure that I have written more academic essays than you have, given that I’m getting my MA in a Humanities-based discipline on Friday. And my essays are all good, because I know how to utilize the available evidence to make a sound argument that’s not too extreme. Based on what I’ve read from you on this thread, I don’t know if you can say the same.

        • lol This guy is so entertaining. I’m not even going to expend my countless brain cells trying to come back at this Andrew douche with a snarky response, I’m just going to sit back and laugh because not only is it easier, it’s funnier, too. Keep ‘em coming, “Aspie” Andy!

        • @Jules, I agree. I wasn’t quite sure at first if this was legit or not. Somethings just never quite stop amazing me.

        • I feel so lame making the most obvious crack at this, but it’s late, the semester’s just ended so there aren’t too many parties to hit, but the reason your brain cells are countless, Jules, is because you have none to count. You think just because you can say I’m not above you makes it true, I may troll the internet and blog a lot, just like you, but unlike you that isn’t the only medium I speak to, and it isn’t the only thing you find when googling my name. You see my success in the ASD Community, my achievements in Tennis, my stand up comedy, and other things. You’re a feminist, I’m an ASD Advocate but at least I have other shit going, and I at least have the guts to put my FULL name, while saying controversial things, that easily could be taken offensive by people other than you hags, and have no fear in doing it. So why don’t you ladies (not every lady, just you bimbos) grow a pair and get more intelligent before you joke and laugh at me for being ignorant when I state the plain fact that you aren’t my equals.

        • Harriet, I will assume that you are not bluffing because by your last comment I want to believe. So I apologize for jumping the gun when I assumed based on your comment that you didn’t know what paraphrasing was, and assuming that you were unable to tell that it was not a regurgitation and that I was plugging it in very successfully to the point I was making.

          Given that you claim to be getting an MA, I will apologize to you and say that you probably have more experience in academic essays than I do, despite the fact that we operate under different ideologies of Academic Essays, I believe that arguments should be used to be as extreme as necessary within the confines of the arguments. You play more conservatively than I do, and I respect that, moreso than I respect the bimbos here who don’t provide their last names and offer snide remarks when they are proven clearly wrong, and clearly not knowledgable of what they’re talking about, that or in Georgie Girl’s case has said nothing since she first mentioned me and I retaliated in my own defense.

          And unlike most of the ladies when I’m proven to be wrong and noy knowing what I’m talking about, I do these things that is common in a society where all our equal, is that I apologize for it. I am truly sorry for jumping the gun and making assumptions about you that were uncalled for, incorrect, and an instance of poor judgment, as well as crossing the line, however likely to be true they are for Jules, Alzaetia, Indigo, Shannon, etc.

        • I appreciate the apology, Andrew, and I respect the fact that you were able to admit that you made a faulty assumption!

        • Some people believe that admitting when one’s wrong and apologizing for it is a sign of weakness, and that’s because those people are too weak to make themselves vulnerable and admit that reality is something they can’t beat. People like that whom (while I’ve said things about Feminists) are the one’s of my gender that piss me off, because in their attempts to pretend to be manly men, they look even more like cowards because they’re cowering away from their own cowardice.

          I always admit when I am wrong, and apologize for when I cross lines in ill-manners, which is why I’m upset that this isn’t what you were expecting. But life goes on, and I hope that I’ve gained some respect both of you and from you, and to be as frank as I always am, I don’t care about anybody else here on this blog.

    • You know Indigo, I agree with you, it is such a great reflection of my character, and I thik the people at OU would be interested. I’m taking a Sociology Course with Professor Armstrong, she’s one of the few sociologists around, who recognizes that the Ivory Tower isn’t always the right one to stand in, and certain things need to be said so that certain cultures will cut the crap. Maybe she’s like this because she’s still young and hasn’t begun eating boiled goose and compulsively following the rules, like you ladies, but she’s a great Professor. I think she’ll be really impressed by my comments on here. I’ll mention it to her during my class on Wednesday and see how interested she is, then I’ll email it to her, and tell you her reaction.

        • Armstrong is in the Writing And Rhetoric Department, this is a co-requisite course within Sociology And Writing And Rhetoric. I don’t know anything about Human Resources, I won’t be taking any HR classes it isn’t in my area.

      • Better yet, you can make up an e-mail address for her and pretend to be her coming on this message board to praise you.

        • You bimbos clearly still fail to understand how I operate and how my operations are motivated. I have no intention of you knowing her response and if she thinks I did good. I’m only interested in myself knowing whether or not I impressed.

        • Uh huh. Your lack of need for external validation comes through LOUD and clear.

          I question a lot of what is said by this self-aggrandizing fool, but the stand-up comedy? THAT, I believe.
          His very existence is comedic. :D

        • And you know Kai, I respect that, to question is oftentimes the intellectual’s strongest weapon, far more powerful than giving a straight answer to what is wrong with the statements I make and the positions I hold. However this device is only useful when done right and for its intended purpose. Which I have yet to see any indication that you have the knowledge of good rhetoric.

          HAHAHA! HA! My very existence is comedic, yes. And what else is comedic is how humorous I am to post, without any fear under my full-name making it very easy for you to google dirt on me, hehe and thus as easy as the mashing of a few keys for you to build your own set of funnies at my expense.

          What a Hoot… it’s funny because it’s true HOHO!!!

          But here’s the punchline, your name is Kai, there’s not much of a full name for me to google dirt on you is there? I pretty much only have the stupid things you say, and it puts me dead in the water because you have so much more material on me for you to work with. HAHA… Kai you are a comedic genius, you know that? I guess I’m NOT the next Mitch Hedberg, because that spot is clearly occupied by you.

        • Well, Indigo, I appreciate that you’re doing all this research, but I’ve had her for a Composition Class in the fall, and I just sent her an email saying I will be absent on Monday the 24th, so don’t call bullshit on me.

        • Alzaetia, cutie, quoting something I say and then following it up with simply “Uh…” suggesting that what I said was calling the kettle black, does not prove that you have any rhetorical skills, and also does not prove that I lack rhetorical skills, you snide, pseudo-intellectual bitch.

        • I didn’t call “bullshit” on you, I just can’t locate this person you are referring to. So yes, that does make me skeptical.

  18. This is such a black thing it’s not even funny.
    Liberal Jews have unleashed the savages on us and it’s a nightmare for everyone, including the blacks.
    They’re better off with strict external pressure until they learn as a people to control themselves.
    But that strict external pressure was removed by the friggin Jews.
    Doubt it?
    Do your own research, the 1965 immigration act is an example of their actions and motives.
    Ship em all back to Africa and let them devour each other.
    It’s true that well meaning white people are the major culprits in this.
    Blacks evolved to live in small tribes as hunters.
    There’s nothing wrong with that.
    White evolved from blacks as they moved north into colder climates.
    Getting along and working together became more important in cold weather and that trait was naturally selected over thousands of years.
    Expecting blacks to be able to or even want to live as whites is ignorant and condescending.
    Send em back to Africa and let them live the way they were designed to live.

  19. Oh so you were hinting bullshit rather than directly calling it. That angers me more, because rather than having the guts to call bullshit, take the risk of being wrong over the reward of putting me in my place which you so want, you ride the fence and just suggest it. Coward.

    • Nope, Andrew.

      You are simply an arrogant little asshole.

      I feel completely justified saying this because you have demonstrated it – amply. Please note the numerous names you have called those of us here – despite having absolutely NO knowledge of us at all.

      The Bimbo


      • I am arrogant, and I am an asshole. For my accomplishments and what I am doing with my life I have every right to be arrogant. But I am not little, because I will achieve more in the next ten years more than most people dream of. And don’t use the words connected to the root word simple, because nothing about me is simple, I am not simply anything.

        So feel justified from my comments, because you have more data to go by, I feel justfied by reading throughout the blog that you are a bimbo. I may have less data because I can’t google your name, you have that luxury, but I’m not going to judge you based on you not having the courage to flash your name and say “Dig all you want on me” because you are simply like most other people, a coward and of no equal intellect to me, or anyother person who is a truly wise and educated, as opposed to a pseudo-intellectual.

        • Trust me – i have not, nor will I ever Google your name. I am just not interested.

          The information that I got about you was from YOUR site, your own Mother.

          Come back in 10 years when you have truly accomplished something. It is entirely possible that I’ll be impressed.

          You never know.

          The only thing you’ll get from me for your school day glories is a pat on your cute little head.


    • No, I chose to use the word skeptical instead of bullshit. I don’t need to swear or name call or stomp my feet like a child to get my point across. Unlike you. Swearing or name calling would be an unnecessary means to aggravate you, since it is so easy to do otherwise. Bait, hook, set – fish on.

      • Obscenities are not a sign of lack of intelligence, they once were, but theory on obscenities have changed since you updated your pseudo-intellectual data system of bullshit. You can say that I swear and name call, stomping my feet like a child, because as you do you completely avoid the real issue that you are nothing, and that I’m not acting like a child, it is you who is acting like a child avoiding the truth and denying what I tell you just because you don’t like the way I say it, because we both know that you really just don’t like what I say, the truth hurts. I’ve experienced my fair doses of truth and it ain’t easy. The saying that anything that doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger is bullshit. What it really is anything that causes me near death experiences can only make me stronger. Because that’s where strength is gained from not being a psuedo-intellectual bitch and dealing with things rather than running your mouth with a 20 year old second year college student whom you claim to be smarting than but is destroying all of you with the exception of Harriet Meadow in debate.

        I never said you were aggravating, I said you were angering me by your cowardice, your tip-toeing through what you truly mean to say, and really anger wasn’t the best word, it was more I respect you even less now.

        • Yes, sweetie I know you didn’t say I was aggravating, I did. I wrote it. It’s ok, I understand that your condition makes social conversations difficult for you. You poor thing.

        • Wow… another low blow about my disability from the cowardly bimbo, who isn’t in a fraternity, isn’t the co-founder/new president of a university film club and will not be one of the leading journalists of a brand new campus newspaper with some of my good friends at Oakland University. Who, I want to know, isn’t surprised by this?

          I don’t feel ike a poor a poor thing, because I have a disability and I don’t make it an excuse, while cowards like you use it as a low blow to cut me down. Of course you don’t need to use obscenities at me, because you’re not above making cracks about my diagnosis.

          While I don’t feel like a poor thing, because of the fact that I have no reason to feel like a poor thing, you on the other hand ARE a poor thing, because you apparently are not disabled, and YET, you are not beneath my level, because you aren’t even on the level below me.

          But since you like to make low blows so much, I might just call one of my favorite people in the world, whom in my book is the greatest wrestler of all time, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and see if you can become the next protege of “The Dirtiest Player In The Game.” He’s always looking for apprentices, and of course, women to please him.

        • Your overuse of the term “pseudo-intellectual” is seriously grating on my last nerve. As is your choice to use name-calling. Blurry is in no way a “bimbo.” You have absolutely zero way of proving that she is (or isn’t) since you aren’t a regular commenter on this site.

          You know nothing about any of us, and to blather on and on about how dumb we all are (which is actually hilarious because a majority of us have both undergraduate and graduate degrees) is completely asinine. Why are you here? What cause are you supporting other than the one which feeds your own undeserving, entirely overinflated ego?

          By the way, being in a “fraternity,” and being the “president of a new film club,” at a university of which I’ve never even heard does not, in any way, further your credibility. Nearly all of us have been to college, and those of us who haven’t aren’t any less intelligent. It’s rather condescending and rude of you to assume that your education makes you any smarter than anyone else.

          We here at Zelda Lily all get along, even when we disagree. You came onto the scene with an arrogant tone and started immediately calling us “bimbos” and “bitches.” As if we needed any larger of a sign that you are not worthy of our time or dialogue. Please leave.

        • 1. I was using my extra curricular activities not to show off my genuine intellect but to tell Indigo that she can shove my poor social skills up her ass the same place everything she says comes out of.

          I may not be a regular commenter on your site, but since I have read comments by all of you throughout it, I know as much as I can about your character and intelligence, without having names to google.

          And you want to know, why I’m here, it’s not because I get off bring you down, it’s because my name was personally attacked here, and I came here to defend myself. I have done an adequate job. My education doesn’t make me smarter than anyone else, I’m just starting my second year this fall at as you said a school you’ve never heard of. I’m smarter than other people because of natural intelligence, hard work, and learnability of new information, that is why I’m smarter because I’m not there for a GPA or for getting hired in my career, I’m there for self-fulfillment and for being better in what I am going into. I am smarter because I of all things considered, I am smarter than you with all things considered.

        • First, you say that you’re smarter than everyone here because we’re all a bunch of “STOOPID BITCHEZ” but now you’re retracting your statement. Not only do you (allegedly) have Asperger’s, but you’re clearly delusional and suffer manic mood swings that cause disruption in consistent thought pattern.

          I guess someone got told.

        • I’m not going to even address the incoherence of your last post.

          Andrew, you say you came here to refute a baseless claim from “GeorgieGirl.” Correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m sure you will), but shouldn’t your issue be with GeorgieGirl? Blurry, Alzaetia, and the rest of us weren’t the one who said this:

          Andrew Ackner is your typical con. He poses as an angel of light. A helper. An intellectual asset to the [autism] world, while tossing toxic words into the internet sky. Andrew has learned to duck, weave and hide outta the spotlight.

          So, please, I implore you, leave this website. You aren’t impressing us. You aren’t making any friends, obviously. Please stop hurling insults and telling us how smart you find yourself. Also, please do show this “Professor Armstrong” all your clever and articulate posts. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled that her student is calling women bitches.

        • Jules, I know I may be going too fast for you. But I never retracted anything, I am smarter than you, I was saying that my education isn’t what makes me smarter than all of you, but it’s a bunch of different factors that make me smarter than all of you.

          I definitely have Asperger so you can cut that alleged bullshit. Someone did get told but it isn’t you stupid bitch.

        • My friend Phil and I both commented requesting that her comments be retracted. I then attack GeorgieGirl and all of you defened her and attack me back. Don’t give me that crap that I started it.

          I will show Armstrong this blog, she’s one of those, let’s not double dip girls. Saying that if you want to be equal, you can’t double dip. Judging by how I got to know her in the Fall she probably would applaud me calling you bitches, because she can’t stand it when people like you say ” Waah. You can’t call me a bitch, because I’m a woman.” Male or female, if one is a bitch, that is what that person must be called.

          I am not a con, I am an activist, and I never claimed to be an angel of light or portrayed myself that way whatsoever. I am a dim light at the end of the tunnel as many parents will testify, I’m not an all-out good person and I’m not always a nice guy, and I sometimes can be a loudmouthed prick, but the fact still remains that I’m one of the best things going. Definitely better than you, Witty Whitney.

        • Wow, now you’re better than I am! Wow! Please point out the ways in which you are “better.” I am incredibly interested in knowing how you are better, so that I may learn from your totally benevolent ways.

          Since you posted in the wrong spot about my comment (the one where I said your post was incoherent), I’ll point out what was specifically incoherent about it:

          “And you want to know, why I’m here, it’s not because I get off bring you down,”

          What? That makes no sense. Sorry. Also, when you begin writing a list with “1.” it’s typically the norm to follow up with a “2.” But you didn’t do that. This also makes no sense: “I’m just starting my second year this fall at as you said a school you’ve never heard of.” Try breaking that up with some punctuation so that it doesn’t read like a jumbled mess.

          I find it incredibly unfortunate and sad that a teacher would laugh at or find any sort of humor in the use of calling women (women that you don’t know, especially) “bitches,” “bimbos,” or any other derogatory term. Calling us these things solves nothing. It helps nothing. All it does is shine a light on how juvenile and immature you are. I haven’t resorted to calling you a prick or an asshole, because it’s beneath me. You lost all credibility the first time you uttered “bitch.” I’m not “waaaah-ing” about this. Call me a bitch all you want, it’s no skin off my back. I find it entertaining, if not a bit sad that you feel the need to do so.

          I will once again voice my request that you leave this blog. You aren’t doing any good here, and none of us agrees with anything you are saying. So, please, go.

      • Hey Andrew, you can win the “I’m smarter than everyone” battle, since it’s so important to you. Go ahead, take it. And leave.

  20. Again – bait, hook, set – fish on. This is too easy. I should be ashamed of myself, but I’m not. Have a nice life Andrew. Enjoy reaping what you sow.

    • Again – you – think – you’re – pissing – me – off. As I type my responses I am only pondering whether or not you’d give good handies to my “handicapped” cap.

      Oh and yes I will enjoy reaping what I sow, I wonder when you become old and your hands are too frail to sow anymore, that you’re satisfied with what you’ve reaped.

        • I take it that I spelled something wrong again. Like I’ve said before spelling is an outdated skill nowadays, and I’m better at it than most people from my generation, I’m willing to say.

        • You just misspelled something, went on about how spelling isn’t important (ha!), and then said you’re better “at it” than most of your generation. Do you even read what you write before you post it?!

        • There’s nothing incoherent about it, spelling is no longer useful, but since one of the characteristics of my disorder is that I have an insanely good memory, I still remember most of the spelling lessons from first grade.

  21. Screw it, I’m bored and the fact that I’m not paying any attention anymore is evidence of it. It’s nice out, I’m about to go play tennis with some of my friends. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m out, I’m falling asleep and Sarah refuses to delete the defamatory comments by Georgie Girl, so I have no reason to be here, because it isn’t entertaining anymore telling you what you all already know but refuse to recognize.

  22. And I may as well come clean since I’m done posting, here because I’m so bored with you stupid wenches who don’t know your places. I’m not Andrew Ackner, I’m John Best, Andrew, doesn’t nearly have the balls to say what I have. He pretends to be willing to go uncensored, but he doesn’t really even know the meaning of it.

    • Ahhahahahahaha!! Nice try you tool. Your name is linked to your website. And then there is this:

      Autism is Bad: More Insanity from Andrew Ackner and Phil GluyasMar 10, 2010 … A quick Google of my name last night led me to an anti-John Best blog run by none other than Andrew Ackner and Phil Gluyas. ……/more-insanity-from-andrew-ackner-and.html

      Take your fight elsewhere.

      • I’m Andrew’s cousin. And I just googled his name to see if he would be speaking during the time I’m in from Chicago, and I stumbled upon this blog. This doesn’t sound at all like my cousin. He definitely wouldn’t be afraid to call you the things that he called you on this blog and he definitely calls things like he sees it. But this isn’t him, because Andrew is way more intelligent than this, and he is way more coherent. I just called him about this and he had no clue to what I was talking about. Somebody definitely impersonated him.

        It really isn’t that difficult to link somebody’s page, which that is Andrew’s website, but this wasn’t Andrew posting. I’m sorry that whomever did this gave you the wrong impression of him.

        • Ok whatever sock puppet Andrew, I guess it finally sunk in that you’re being an asshole that would not make any of your colleagues proud. Just LEAVE please.

    • After detailing all the clues, the masked villain is revealed…

      “Zoinks! It’s old Mr. Jones, the fairground owner!”

      “And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids and that darn dog!”

  23. Wow, way to mock the situation with a show that I watched old re-runs for when I was a little boy in the late 80s.

    This isn’t my cousin’s doing, I can vouch for that. If my cousin was knowingly being an asshole he would be apologizing left and right, at the moment of his first pang of guilt. I don’t know if it’s that John Best which would make sense based on the admission, or if it’s Johnny Quest, but I know it wasn’t my cousin.

    I am not a sock puppet, I have alerted Andrew on this. He isn’t too concerned about getting to the bottom of this, because as long as you understand this wasn’t him and have no hard feelings, than he has no reason to be angry with whoever did impersonate him.

    • Hmm, so Andrew’s cousin just HAPPENED to Google his name less than an hour after the person “impersonating” him admitted that he wasn’t really Andrew? How convenient!

      OR Andrew has now taken on two fake identities in order to make this situation appear to be an attempt to smear his reputation because he’s realized how bad it makes him look?

      Occam’s Razor says you’re lying. Who Googles their cousin instead of calling anyway? I mean at the least personal, shoot him an email or write on his Facebook…

      If it’s of no concern whatsoever, why did you bother posting at all? Why are you continuing to post, and why I are you disparaging my apt use of an internet meme and zeitgeist?

    • Well, Jerry, since I have current relationships with a few people on the aspergers spectrum, I tend to believe what you are saying.

      The repulsive nature of the above posts leads me to believe that they were written by a person with some sort of mental/emotional problems not a person afflicted with aspergers.

      I would urge Andrew to attempt to get to the bottom of this since his name is being linked right to his blog, and also if he does do public speaking on behalf of people with aspergers, these above posts could be quite damaging to his reputation and credibility. Thank you for the clarification.

  24. This is the real Andrew Ackner. Jerry googled my name because he just got a new phone and unlike me doesn’t have a SIM card because he doesn’t have AT&T. So he didn’t have my phone number. I actually called him a few hours ago to see when he’d be coming in town, and he told me about this.

    As he said, this wasn’t me blogging, and I had no idea about this blog. I told him to explain that it wasn’t me, until I got home from bowling with some of my friends and my girlfriend.

    I don’t know who impersonated me, I wouldn’t put it past John Best. But now that I’ve looked at the commenting thread, I have a strong hunch as to who Georgie Girl is that initially mentioned me, the person isn’t even a woman just an angry old man. (not John Best though.) The point is, while I admittedly am not one to shy away from obscene language, this definitely isn’t my writing on here. Look at my blogs, this doesn’t sound like me, just like somebody trying to sound like me by cussing a lot and bragging about all the accomplishments that I have made, moreso than I would ever consider boasting with people whom I argue.

    I definitely am not repetitive with my name calling, and contrary to the impersonation I don’t center my arguments on name calling. I may be verry arrogant, I won’t deny it, because it is true, but I’m definitely not this arrogant and I don’t think I’m above people unless I have grounds to tell me that I am, which there is nothing here that I could see, for me to feel that way. And usually when I’m better than people, I am down to Earth and cool to them unless they give me problems. And as my cousin said, I always apologize when I am wrong and am direct with my apologies, I don’t tip-toe and avoid the consequences of my actions. This wasn’t me.

    But anyways, I apologize for this whole mess, I didn’t cause it, but since my name is attached to it and yes it is embarrassing, it is definitely something that I need to clearly illustrate that I am sorry about the confusion and the extremely rude and hurtful words that were said attached to my name and linked to my personal website, especially since Sarah, I take it the owner of this blog, has a strong stance on not deleting comments, which is something that I highly respect, and a policy I love.

    Sorry about this whole mess, ladies, and I really hope there are no hard feelings about it. Thanks.

    Quote, the Autie “Nevermore.”

    P.S. Thank you vchilds for the support in that comment, and backing up Jerry’s post on me.

    • Nice try.

      However, unless I am getting this completely wrong – the avatar and the linking to your web site says otherwise.

      I’m willing to accept this backassward apology simply based on youth and foolishness.

      • Blurry, if I’m not mistaken, it is very simple to take a URL and press control c, and control v, since whoever did it has a beef with me, he likely know my web address by-heart anyway. Of course it’s the same avatar, the username’s the same. We both use my full name. Unless the automatic avatar is manufactured some different way, that is beyond my comprehension, there is no way I could have a different avatar than whoever impersonated me.

        It wasn’t me, I don’t know what else to tell you, it doesn’t even sound like me. I am not the one who said those awful things to you, so please let it go.

        • You are aware that Sarah and Sasha can just check the IP address that all of these are coming from, right? I’m sure if she did, they’d all be coming from the same IP address. Fucking nut.

        • I’m not sure how that affects me, Jules. I am not techno-savy. My only understanding of IP addresses is that they are the way computers can be identified, and that for some reason they automatically change every so often at randomness, and that I have blog enemies that could screw me over on this.

          I am not an expert on technology, but I am an expert in my own writing. If you notice before, my writing sounded one way, and now it sounds a different way. That isn’t just a change in tone, it’s also a change in voice. As an amateur in creative writing I hope at some point I learn to change my voice in my writing so I can sound like other people, more importantly my characters can sound like different people, but this early on, in my education, I only have one voice that I can work with at this point, and it looks like whoever impersonated me only has one voice too, because it wasn’t quite like mine.

          Let me know if the IPs match, because, if they do I think I may have it narrowed down to 3 people, who would know how to do this, and want to as well.

          Again, I’m very sorry about all of this confusion and anger/frustration resulting from it, but this really isn’t me.

        • The avatar is based on the e-mail address, not the username.
          I know from personal experience, having once used my name but the wrong e-mail address.

        • See? That was me using my right name but wrong e-mail address.
          And just so you know, these messages have the same rambling, incoherent style as all the rest of your messages do. The only thing missing is the vitriol.

        • It means that the owners of this site can log in and see where your comments have been coming from as well as your cousin’s comments. I’ll bet that they’re all coming from the same IP address, meaning that you (whoever the fuck you are) are responsible for ALL of them.

        • @Friends on ZL, I’ve been wrong before in my life a few times **grin**, but honestly I do not think these posts are from the same person. Again, I have close relationships with a few Aspie people of various ages, and the last posts ring true to me, while the various other ones are a rambling of a deranged individual. Take what you will from my opinion.

  25. They sound totally different, actually. While neither the other guy, nor I use good sentence structure, because I don’t worry about sounding good when I blog. How I sound is completely different, with how I describe things by word choice, and how I perceive things when I react to the them are different. And also the other person knew how to use commas, right and you can tell that I don’t even pay attention to them. This guy even, though he was pretending to be me, you can tell that he is a mean p.o.ed guy, and said person, definitely needs some issues worked out. I am not a mean, p.o.ed guy, and definitely not angry at any of you, because I could figure out within 10 minutes, who Georgie Girl was and, I wouldn’t really have cared had it not been for somebody else to go and impersonate me and make me look really bad.

    That doesn’t help me figure out who did this, because this is a simple copy and paste job when they put my email address in, and I instinctively put my own in when commenting, because I wanted to receive notification emails, once I started commenting. Sarah or Sasha, can you please tell me if the IPs are all the same, because that would narrow it down, to 3 people.

  26. Is this really still a conversation?
    No opinions are being changed here, no minds are being opened. No one is benefiting from this anymore.
    This thread should die. Quickly, and hopefully painlessly.

      • I hate to be a bit of a smartass Joey, but, I’m not the one who’s being a troll. You and Jules, are the ones who seem to be doing a good job of it. I am only here to set the record straight and clear things up, and hopefully but less importantly figure out who impersonated me. But it seems, you cannot get over your anger and your grudges against, me that I didn’t cause. I hope at some point in the near future that you can move on with this, and I’m sorry that my bad-blood with other people were dragged here without my involvement or even knowledge of until yesterday.

  27. I just re-read this whole thread, and I noticed something else. The guy impersonating me mentioned that I’m in a Fraternity. Apparently (because I never blogged about this) he didn’t get the memo that I revoked my pledgeship to Alpha Sigma Phi, in the middle of March.

  28. these kind of blacks just don’t care,they feel no shame and they should all be sterilised,most if not all are criminals and junkies.

  29. “Moreso”, you are busted “Andrew”. Most damning is your persistent and repetitive emails that you have in common with the “evil Andrew impersonator”. Dude, you must be really embarrassed to work this hard to deny that you, young sir, are indeed the author of ALL the emails by the so called cousin, friend, neutral observer, IRS agent, (OK, to be fair, you didn’t pose as an IRS agent, but you get my drift), etc. “Hoisted by your own petard”.

  30. Aw fuck it. I don’t care anymore about hiding it, I am just tired of receiving email notifications from this stupid blog. My deepest apologies to vchilds, for lying to you when you thought I wasn’t lying.

    The fact of the matter is swirrel, all of you have said things to me were highly inappropriate and highly out of line, but apparently I’ve been in your minds more than you in mine.

    I sincerely am sorry for the things I’ve said, I admit I said them. When all of this started here things were happening in my life that sort of gave me a meanstreak that anybody would have had a hardtime conducting him/herself well. My best-friend for over five years betrayed me, and then ran around spreading crap about me throughout the Oakland University Campus, I dumped my girlfriend once realizing she wasn’t as great for me as I initially thought, and my fraternity was having trouble, a lot of our members left and I was contemplating really hard whether to abandon ship or not. And let’s not forget my hard academic load, and all of the responsibilities I had with the student clubs I was in. The point I’m making here, is while none of this excuses my earlier behavior, all of this stress I was under made it virtually impossible for me to be calm and classy like the person I normally work very hard to be. And I will admit that most of the things I said about you ladies are very true in my opinion, I shouldn’t have used such vile language to describe it, because that overstated in a bad way what I was saying.

    And normally I would’ve owned up to this, but it happened almost randomly that I came out of this mad-rage I was in for a few weeks. I don’t know if any of you have been plagued with a long-term meanstreak, but when you come out of it you’re only goal is to move on as quickly as possible, the right way to do it isn’t really a priority. I’m sorry for not being so quick about that, but I was incapable at that point in time.

    So use the age-old, ironic quote Swirrel, and have an endless grudge against me for the things I said. Because I have two other old quotes from the Humanities Department to use here.

    I am at fault and I am accountable for my words and behavior here, blame “people like me” for everyday you wake up and don’t want to get out of bed. In the meantime, I am not interested in continuing my relationship with all you fine gals, “so go ahead with your own life, leave me alone.”

    Once again, you were right, I was hoisted by my own petard, but “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

  31. Good of you to move on. Well done. We all have said or done things, that in retrospect, were not quite what we had intended.

    Onward and upward. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  32. Ha, I knew I was right. I can spot a liar a mile away. But thanks for apologizing Andrew, it takes a big person to come back and actually own up to what he or she did and admit to being wrong. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    • Thanks, but Shannon I just want to set the record straight that I never have nor will I ever be a liar. I’m a comedian, comedians aren’t liars. We’re full of crap but as Dan Ackroyd in the Blues Brothers said “Not lies, just bullshit.” Now I was lying, but that was only for the purpose of preserving my sanity at that point. If I had been less hasty about disowning my behavior I may have had a fair chance at making you believe that it wasn’t me.

      But I still would have at some point apologized for my behavior even had I managed to con you into thinking it wasn’t mine. Because I am too honest to even live a lie that I cleanly get away with.

      This is why Comedians would be great leaders, if only people weren’t too stupid to elect politicians. If Bill Maher ran I would vote for him hands-down.

  33. Georgy Girl is right on! No errors in her disertation.
    The regulars handled this like pros.
    I can’t say enough about your refusal to feed the ultimate troll, Andrew Ackner, and Phil Gluyas. They are in hot water as we speak.
    Hate-filled, crazed, so-called reps of the Asperger’s world, you both got some of what you both deserve, I hope I can catch the next few public outings!!!!

    • On the contrary, Deena, I am in no hot water at all. In fact I gagged someone not that long ago for saying things very similar to GG and they now owe me in excess of $50,000 in defamation damages. Her comments are an error riddled fantasy and again I call on them to be removed from this comments area.

  34. Yes, I’ll let you know when and where my next speaking gig is Deena. So you can see that none of these words you’re using apply to me. When this thread took place, I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown, I was in a bad place mentally, I was, bitter, angry, lost, insecure and ready to spring at anybody. I had a rough year and I came this close to ruining my own life and destroying everything I am, because I had a rough time trying to adjust to college life and adulthood. In the process I had said some awful things on many blogs and forums that weren’t me as my true self, they were me in a very wretched state. I’ve already apologized for the disgusting and inexcusable things I’ve said on this forum, I wasn’t myself. Fortunately, I’ve gotten back to a good place and have been headed on the right track for close to a year now, which is a completely different direction than this thread went, which again I wish I could take that back, but I can’t, so apologizing and moving on is all I am able to do. I have made great strides in rebuilding my life, and my projects and endeavors after I nearly ruined it trying and failing to adjust during my Freshman Year of College. I made some mistakes along the way a year ago, but while I accurately claim to be a positive role model and a good person, I’m still only human, I’m still a 20 year old who still has growing up to do as I experience life; I’m not perfect Deena, I’m sorry if you feel that I claimed otherwise, but I never did.I still find myself to be a great role model, and I believe every word I’ve said on my personal website about the Spectrum and about other people and I believe that I still am proof of the things I say, despite the crisis I had to overcome; it reminded me of the fact that I am fallible. Not even the best of us are capable of always shooting strikes, the key is making spares– fixing the situations that you left standing at the first go around, and that’s what I’ve been doing, trying to continue to do the right thing and separate myself from the shameless and despicable man I became a year ago. I’ve moved on from this even though you apparently haven’t and I’m sorry that the things I said had such an impact on you that they’ve lasted more than a year. I’m sorry that I said the things I had posted in the past, but I can’t remove them, and really, I wouldn’t want to if I could, because it’s a good reminder of my limitations and every now and then I need something to keep my feet on the ground. I am Andrew Ackner, a proud Autistic Man, who doesn’t mind being humbled every now and again. Have a good day, night, morning whatever, it’s 3 AM whatever this time of day is called.

  35. Andrew, I was not aware that you had such an amazing turnaround. Congratulations to you and you are of course, correct; no one is perfect, including me. Andrew, it isn’t about me not ‘moving on’, it’s about the things I have heard, read, and experienced first-hand with you from 1-2 years ago. I never even saw this blog until a few days ago, and I could only go by what I had experienced and what I read on this blog. I am very close to someone with your form of autism and I do know how it can affect various forms of communication. I thank God that you are recognizing those harmful character tendencies, and have made a concerted effort to change. Evaluation of oneself and our own behaviors, is 1/2 of the battle already won! We ALL have our issues and every once in a while, we need to keep ourselves in line, so to speak. You are a very young man, and I thank you for clarifying your position so eloquently. It is very good to hear. May God be with you in all of your life’s endeavors. I too apologize for assuming that you were still the same as I was reading in this blog. You set the record straight, and that’s a ‘standup’ thing for a young man to do. sincerely, Deena

  36. Glad we could settle this. The reason I had made the “you not moving on” comment, was because I had misunderstood something you had said and I thought you were a member of this blog, who was bitter about the comments I had made and out of “sour grapes” was trying to attack me because you hadn’t gotten over the stuff I said here. When you commended the “regulars” for not feeding the troll, I thought you were saying that you were either a regular reader or a regular poster here as well. What blogs in particular if I may had you read and heard those things about me?

  37. I was surprised when I heard a full grown 26 year old woman, prime years we’re talking here, was raped by a 15 year old child. Had it been any other way, the woman could have been charged with statutory rape. Only later did they mention he had a scissors and that the woman was disabled. Anyway, as far as the charges go, they should treat him like an adult and send him to the big house instead of the kiddie playpen.

  38. Either people truly care or they do not. But, the ones who do/did would be recognized and rewarded. Those who do/did nothing would be held accountable by God. When victim(s) is attacked or abused, everyone, stranger or not, should take action against the suspect(s) and protect the victim(s).

  39. Don’t be fooled by the highly manipulative Andrew Ackner. He wonders where we can find things about him? LOL. Just go to his blog where this chap thinks he’s a comedian. He’s not changed one bit. Still the same angry hateful cyber bully he’s always been. Sure hope this young man gets on psychotropic drugs soon. He’s got a dim future ahead without serious mental help. Here he is recently in his own words on his own blog. He seems obsessed with calling a man named Oliver Canby a well, just go see it to believe it.

    • This comment needs to be removed as well, as it is an impersonation of someone I know. The real “Cube Angel” would never say something like this.

  40. Wow. Just reread anything on here. Holy crap! Did I really think the things I said on here were clever? Man, you were right, talk about youthful idiocy, I guess I had a bad case of it when I was on here. I haven’t read schlock this bad since I read self-proclaimed “film-critic” Rex Reed for no reason making stupid attacks against my celebrity crush, Melissa McCarthy. I was a fucking idiot when I was nineteen. And I don’t fully understand how I could have been so blind as not to realize it. By looking at the (in my vast vocabulary, I still lack a solitary word to describe how God awful my posts are)ness of the things I said here, and compare it to my more recent comments and postings on my Facebook wall, guest speaking events and stand up comedy performance, I see a lot of growth on my part in the last several years. Obviously I am still an outspoken man, who says what he thinks and isn’t afraid of offending people, but seeing the side by side comparison, really shows that I have in fact grown up a lot, in many ways in the past four years. And while I may say what I think, my thoughts have a much more mature quality to them, that I clearly lacked before.

    I’m not ashamed of what utter garbage, and travesty is on here, anymore than I’m ashamed of the fact that I didn’t master the ability to tie my own shoes until I was in the fifth grade, or that I once thought it was a good idea to wear a purple zoot suit in my stand up comedy act (what the Hell was I thinking there? Did I really think I was pulling that off? I really should have listened to Bill Bushart when he told me not to buy that thing!). I’m proud of the fact that I worked so hard to improve myself, to become a better person, and that I will always continue to do so, all in the constant effort to be the best man I can be. Am I perfect? No, but I try, and that is why the people who love me, put up with me, and know I’m worth keeping in their lives. Is it a little bit embarrassing to have to admit I once was the little, angry, cocky prick who said such horrible and uncouth things on here? Yeah, but I feel more pride in who I am now than I do shame in who I once was. This is something I can show my kids, once me and my fiancé have them to show them their wise old, Pa, wasn’t always so wise, and used to be a real jackass. I don’t feel bad about this, because it doesn’t do well to dwell on the past, good or bad but to merely take all that you gain from it with you, because if you dwell in the past, then you are preventing yourself from dwelling anywhere better. That is my little tidbit of wisdom, it was very enlightening to me to stumble back on something from the past, really was able to help me highlight my own growth as a person and a writer. Thank you. And good luck everybody.

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