Mother of Nine Suing Hospital, Physicians Over “Forced” Tubal Ligation

Tessa Savicki, 35, went into labor with her ninth child not knowing it would be her last.  She arrived at the hospital and gave birth to her now three year-old son, Manuel Flores.  He was born a healthy baby in December of 2006.  Before giving birth, Savicki advised physicians that she would like to have an IUD implanted, her choice of birth control.  Savicki awoke later on only to find out that she had not received the birth control she had asked for; she received a permanent sterilization.

The woman, now suing the hospital, multiple physicians and nurses, is claiming that she had never signed a consent allowing the hospital to perform the tubal ligation.  According to Massachusetts state law, a patient-signed release is to accompany any requests for a tubal ligation for a period of thirty days prior to the procedure.

According to Savicki, there couldn’t have been a more cut-and-dry request to have an IUD implanted.  Tessa states that she had brought the IUD in with her (a little unorthodox as far as I’m aware, but okay) on the day her Cesarean was scheduled and handed the device, in its unopened box, to the attending nurse.  Savicki states that the IUD was to be implanted immediately after the birth of her child but had received a permanent form of sterilization instead.

The woman currently has nine children and has custody of four.  Three are of legal age and on their own and the other two children not counted for are in the custody of Savicki’s mother.  All of the children, admittedly, are by several different men.  Savicki is on SSI and public assistance and claims that the general public has, and will, discriminate against her and judge her for many (if not all) of these factors.  Savicki states that although her life began at an unexpectedly-fast pace, it has evened out over the past ten years.  Tessa states she is now in a stable relationship with her fiance of many years.  This man is also father to the children that do live with them in their home.

When I first read this story, I automatically jumped to the conclusion of “sucks for you, but you’re a welfare queen anyway and don’t need any more children than you already have, okay, Octo-Mom?”  It probably sounds heartless, I know, and I challenge all of you to ask yourselves honestly whether or not you initially came to the same conclusion; many of you probably did, too.  After really digesting the woman’s story and brief background history, I’ve taken an entirely different stance.

Assuming that the woman’s lawsuit pans out to be proven legit, I kind of feel bad for her.  Not because Old Mother Hubbard who had like, forty kids or something couldn’t have her forty-first child — but because this is a woman, like many of us, who has had her rights stripped from her. Whether it was a reproductive right in her case or a right to vote in another woman’s case or even a woman’s right to stand up for what she believes in.  In any and all cases, it’s completely uncool and I honestly feel for this woman.

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65 thoughts on “Mother of Nine Suing Hospital, Physicians Over “Forced” Tubal Ligation

  1. If I ever can’t look after my child without extensive government help (and I don’t mean tax benefits or whatever) please, somebody sterilise me.

  2. My daughter’s bio-dad (always out of the picture) has 8 children with his girlfriend. They’ve always been on welfare. The kids are completely out of control and the whole family is just totally insane.
    I think my daughter thought she might have been missing something by not knowing them until she met them a couple of years ago. Now she thanks me on a regular basis for keeping us the hell away from that scene. She has minimal contact now, but she’s grateful that she never grew up around that mess.

    Even feeling the way I do about the insanity and irresponsibility that is their life, ( i hate it!) I would be super pissed off on her behalf if his gf was sterilized against her will. She has an IUD now, and I think she should just get her damned tubes tied, but she doesn’t want to. Maybe the very fact that she’s fertile, even if she never intends to have another child, makes her feel good. I don’t know. It’s her choice.

    There’s practically no limit to the amount of children that any one deadbeat dad can sire at one time. There are plenty of men out there who have 4 or 5 kids all the same age that they don’t support in any way, yet they aren’t being forced to get vasectomies. This is bullshit.

  3. I don’t know what’s with poor people wanting a tribe, if I was poor I would want one kid with a really rich guy so I could get like $20,000 a month in child support. Just sayin’ use your noggin girls.

  4. My logical side says this is completely wrong and rights violations are never okay even if they’re entirely deserved, but my emotional side who is very concerned about overpopulation and irresponsible bitches being a drain on both the government and our limited natural resources kinda wants to take the doctor in charge out for a drink. If only someone would “accidentally” sterilize the Duggar mom, Kate, Octo-mom, and all their ilk, too.

    So I’m torn, I guess.

    • I’m with you, Nat.

      A hospital should not blatantly disregard a person’s rights and wishes, of course. But I agree…….how many more Octomoms do we need?

    • Now that’s not entirely fair. While pure numbers may remain a concern, the Duggars at least are self-supporting (and were before any media-money), and raise their children carefully. You may disagree with their beliefs, but it’s totally different from someone on government money and losing custody.

      • Exactly what I was going to say. While they do have a reality show they don’t get nearly as many benefits from it as other families and they’re not on any government benefits. I do have other issues with them but no financial gripes.

  5. Sticky topic to say the least. I can understand all of the different views on this story, but one thing remains the same, She never gave written consent for a tubal. Rights were violated, and a severe mistake was made on the hospital’s part.

    At least the Duggars and Gosselins found a way to support their kids. Again, I’m not saying I agree with their choices in any way or form, but they did find a way. Octomom needs her head examined and so does anyone having multiple kids on welfare for that fact. IMO

    Thirty five years old, single, on welfare, different baby daddies, and doesn’t even have custody of a few of the kids. Definitely a problem that society hasn’t found the answers for.

    Sometimes I feel that a lot of women take advantage of the system. “so I have another baby, I love babies, and welfare will support them.” What if there wasn’t a welfare system, would they still be making the same choices? Maybe it would be better to have a one year maximum payment period with employment training and subsidiary money involved. I don’t know what the answer is.

    It irks me to no end to see so many women popping kids when we as taxpayers have to support them. Hell, I would have had more kids than 2 if I could have supported them in the fashion which I desired.

  6. I do actually think, though, that all women deserve a year off work after having a baby, if they want it, to bond with and care for the baby. Even if that means they go on welfare for a year, I’m happy to pay taxes for that. I do love it that in Canada I get paid maternity leave and as it is based on my wage before I stopped working I get by pretty well and manage to save on it too!

    Probably because I let my husband pay for everything except the weekly groceries…. :)

    And if you want to save money, mums, use cloth diapers and breastfeed – the baby costs less than a cat to keep!

    • As another Canadian, I’m really not happy about paying taxes for that. If you want to take a year off after having a baby to ‘bond’, go for it – but you can save up and fund that off your own dime, not mine. I think that people who choose to have children also choose to make the sacrifice and pay for it themselves. I think that if I make the reasoned decision not to have children, I should not have to pay for someone else’s. And definitely not for the parents to take a year off.

      • I’m not a kids person and I don’t plan to have kids. However, I do realise that it is important for a society to work that children are born. At some point, when I’m old and can’t support myself anymore and HAVE to go and live at a nursing home I’ll be happy that all my tax money (and here in Denmark we’re paying some of the highest taxes in the world) helped families financially (one year of paid leave, child support, etc.) and paid that kid’s education (free education in Denmark + a monthly support from the state) so that he or she can take care of me in a professional way.
        I also realise that if we want economical success in general, then we need a constand flow of new, highly educated people, who can take over from people retiring. Because otherwise companies will die. And that will kill my job as well. And there’s many more examples!

        It’s an important investment for the future, also for my own. It’s expansive, but I’ll get my share for it as well.

      • You’re living in the wrong country then.
        The basis of our social system is that no one should be at a disadvantage when it comes to public services.
        Just as I may never have to go on disability, I may never have an extended stay in a hospital, I may never collect pension, and I may never go on maternity leave, I am proud to live in a country where we all have access to these public benefits.
        If we were all to opt out of the system’s benefits because we didn’t think we would use them, then the system would collapse. It is important to support what is best for all Canadians, and not just the individual. It’s the mentality of “We, not I” reflected in our social services that makes me proud to be a Canadian.

        • What if 40 million illegal aliens from some dirt poor country invade you and start sucking off the system which they pay nothing into? Will you feel the same way? American has an immigration problem in case you didn’t notice because unlike Canada we don’t require all immigrants to have 4 year degrees and proof of employment. We should adopt that policy but the asslicking politicians don’t have the courage.

        • @ Samantha: I don’t think that the requirement of “4 year degrees and proof of employment” will keep the illegal aliens away.

          Every rich country struggles with the problem of illegal immigration. Yes, not all to the same degree and I do realise that the USA is one of the favorites for illegal immegrants, but it’s still a huge problem for many other countries as well.

          But that does – as such – have nothing to do with general ideal of “We, not I”. I don’t think it would be wise to built a society on the fear of illegal immigration. A person can not survive in his/her own – you never know what you might need at some point. I’m happy to be part of a society that ensures security to every member. It’s a good thing.

        • In some ways it is easier to get into Canada than the US.

          I got a visa to work here with no trouble, and when I came here the guy who processed me in Toronto told me that I didn`t have to leave when my visa expired etc but that if i wanted to stay for ever I could just rip my passport up and claim refugee status….. Odd thing to say to someone I thought.

          I initially wanted to work and travel in the states and I had no chance of a work visa, even though I have two degrees and references from the Australian government etc.

          As someone who has never reaped a benefit in her life, went to private school,worked through university, and lived well below the poverty line, ate rice for a week so her cat could be neutered, its so nice to get maternity pay here for a year. Its the first time I have not worked since I was 16 and got my first job. And for that I heart Canada.

        • I am not opposed to all public services. The difference is that generally, all people get old eventually, and all people get sick sometimes. There is nothing to be done about it. You only become a mother by choice. (Note that I do favour pregnancy benefits – that’s not always by choice. But if you choose to have the child, and you want to take time off, that’s a personal choice that I shouldn’t have to pay for.

        • Kai, you NEED other people to have children. In order to support the weight of the aging baby boomers, we need a lot of people to have a lot of kids to prevent our financial system from collapsing.
          Not everyone needs to have children (nor should everyone), but some people do. And it only makes sense that we all pay for women to have children, and continue to build our population. Whether or not you actually take maternity leave or not, in the grand scheme of things, you are benefitting from it.
          RE: the immigration issue, beyond the terrible description in which immigrants are made the sound like parasites of some sort instead of actual people, yes, I certainly do believe that those in other countries have a right to the same social services that I do. That being said, having ’40 million’ (which even on the most discredible of blogs is still only stated as half of that number) moving into one system while only half of the residents are paying into it will obviously lead to a collapse.
          Beyond going into a thesis sized agrument on glocal governance to explain how this could come to fruitition, I can only say that I believe everyone should have access to social benefits, and I’m not sure what sort of person could argue otherwise (excluding the logisitics of the situation).

    • I think maternity leave in Canada is basically a tax refund, you only get paid up to the limit of your own taxes.

      Subsidised childcare, however, does come out of the general pot for those who choose to go back to work within a year.

      So while you do not support a mother who chooses to have a year off, you do support caring for children who’s mothers go back to work.

      At least thats the understanding I have.

      • I don’t know how it works, but I’ll take your explanation for the moment.
        It doesn’t matter whether it’s direct or not. If you are receiving your taxes back while on mat leave, then I am having to pay extra for the continuing operation of government. Everyone’s taxes are then raised to cover what is going back to you.
        One way or another, I’m still paying.

        • Using that argument then they would also be raised to cover day care, and then lowered once said child begins to pay taxes.

          And if there was no maternity leave, and I lived off my savings I would be paying no tax at all while using medical services etc and you would be offsetting that too, and I would be less inclined to buy expensive Canadian made products and organic produce that put money back into the economy.

          If there is a baby expenses in the care of it occur, and if you live in Canada or the UK or any other likeminded system then everybody wears it, no matter whether the mother works or not.

          If you want to put numbers on it, breasfed babies need 50% less medical attention in their first year of life, so you are proably saving on me anyway!

  7. I find this woman to be completely reprehensible. i wish there was a way to disallow people on welfare to have children. If you can’t support yourself, of the kids you have, why on earth should you be having more? I wish there were some form of certain conception-prevention, that had no side effects, and was reversible. I think in that case I could support it being mandatory in order to receive welfare.
    But that’s not the world we live in. Unfortunately, there’s not much to be done for people scamming the system.

    This still isn’t right. Much as I can’t stand this woman’s situation, I still cannot endorse an intrusion like this. It’s not okay, and if it was a mistake, people should be in big trouble. If it was a purposeful decision to go against her wishes, people should be in even bigger trouble. I hope she wins her cases. For the precedent it sets – even if I don’t bemoan her inability to have more children.

  8. This is just wrong. The fact that she has many kids and that she’s on welfare has absolutely nothing to do with it. Some doctor does NOT have the right to judge on behalf of the society and perform surgey.
    Yes, she’s a burden to the state (if we now look at it in cold and financial way…) but so are smokers. Or obese people. Or drug addicts. That doesn’t mean that doctors are allowed to snatch them from the street and to treat them against their will, is it?
    Yeah, maybe one thinks it would be nice if some people are forced to do certain things, to undergo certain treatment. But who will be able to make a decision that is morally and ethically correct?

    On a side note? Here in Europe there’s many countries, where the population just keeps groing older and not many kids are born (Germany even has a growth rate of -0.053% and over 20% of the population is 65 or older). Therefore, governments try everything to encourage families to have children…

  9. While I don’t think that this woman should be having any more children I find it reprehensible that a dr would do this. You can’t just go around sterilizing women without their consent.

    When I was pregnant with my son I went 11 days past my due date. One of the OBs in the practice felt that a week was too long and tried to talk me in to an induction. When I said no he went ahead and scheduled one anyway, telling me I was just going in for a NST (baby monitoring and ultrasound) to get me to the hospital. If I didn’t know what was supposed to happen I could have been hooked up to pitocin and in labor without ever being informed or giving consent. Not as serious as being sterilized of course but I remember that feeling of being betrayed and cheated by someone who was meant to be taking care of me and it’s not OK. This is one case where I’d have no issue with her suing the dr and going after his license.

  10. As horribly irresponsible and detestable as this woman is, she, too, has rights, and what the doctor did to her is awful. He should be suspended for at least 2 years for this.

  11. It is normal to bring the IUD with you to have the doctor insert it. The doctor will write a script for it, you pick it up and bring it to them, and they insert it. It is simply because doctor’s offices do not stock these things.

    She shouldn’t have more children, she shouldn’t be a burden on society, she shouldn’t be having kids if she can’t keep custody, but she should also have the same rights over her body as everyone else does. What happened to her was awful. Better for society in a Machiavellian way, but still awful.

  12. Question: What is the reason she gets SSI? That’s for disabled people so what is her disability? Is she mentally ill? Mentally retarded? That might explain her poor decision making.

  13. I believe that all rights should be accompanied by corresponding responsibility. I.e., the right to reproduce should be coupled with the responsibility of caring for your offspring.

    Although legally this woman seems the right to have as many children as she wants(-ed), she is not able to care for them without government assistance, thus not able to be responsible for her right.

    The issue at hand was the hospital making a unilateral decision and taking her legal right to reproduce (without having to support her children) away from her.

    I don’t think the hospital or the state should be able to make that decision. This brings up the sticky situation of welfare benefits for the kids encouraging the mom’s continued irresponsible decisions.

  14. I literally feel nautious when I see any of those Duggars. Everything about them makes me want to vomit. I can’t even read the rest of the comments now after they have been brought up.


  15. Quick question. Why is the word “forced” in quotations? She refused a tubal, brought an IUD and has given a tubal against her wishes. That is forced.

    • I figured it was because she wasn’t really forced in to it in the sense that she didn’t fight back. It was done without her consent but there was no force involved, KWIM?

      • If you are numb and can not move your hands are strap to the bed and they have a sheet blocking your veiw HOW can you fight back ?

  16. Let’s not be dramatic.

    How many of you have applied and were awarded SSI?
    I’m pretty certain that if she is getting it, she deserves / needs it.

    My brother gets SS disability because of a seriously messed up back. He has had surgery 3 times, walks with a cane with great difficulty and is in constant pain.

    It took 6 YEARS to get it.

    They are pretty stringent, Just because there are some silly sounding illnesses on that list (gastric reflux? really?), they have to be off the charts severe before you’re going to get SSI for them.

    And the doctor is an ass. If the facts are as presented, I hope that she wins.

    • As someone with Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome who qualifies for SSI, gastric reflus should be on there. Have you tried working while vomiting seven times an hour until you become so severely dehydrated you have to be admitted to the ER?

      Sorry, just annoys me people don’t take it seriously.

      • Do you have selective eyesight as well?
        That is exactly the point that I made.

        “Just because there are some silly sounding illnesses on that list (gastric reflux? really?), they have to be off the charts severe before you’re going to get SSI for them.”

  17. ORLY? But the society is forced to support her and her idiots instead? And u know whats to blame for this 1st and foremost? RELIGION.

    • You’re blaming religion for the fact that she has 9 kids by different men without being married? Interesting.

      Or are you blaming religion for the tax and welfare system? I always thought the socialists (not necessarily the biggest fans of religion) were commonly blamed for that….

      • Religion has nothing to do with it, she had all these kids because single motherhood is glamorized on tv thanks to trash like Octomom. These women with nothing going on in their lives see all the attention someone like her is getting and they want that for themselves.

        • You must be joking, right?

          Do the math.

          Her eldest child is 21, this means she was 14 when it was born. The article also states that THREE of her kids are of legal age and are on their own. if the eldest is 21, this means that the other 2 were born within 3 years or so of the first.

          Wow. Three kids before the age of 18? This woman had no childhood, no teen years in the manner that we normally think of.

          Let’s all jump on the bandwagon now, scream about what a “leech on society” she is, what a terrible person / mother/ citizen she must be and loudly decry her poor choices in life.

          I don’t think that this woman ever really made a choice in her life, life just happened and she went with it.

          Unless you count her choosing to have an IUD implanted.

        • Blurry what is your point? Unless she was raped or is retarded it was her choice to get pregnant. If she knows what an IUD is then she knows what birth control pills are. They offer that shit in the public schools for heaven’s sake. She wanted attention, that’s why most teens choose to get pregnant.

        • Or maybe she made one mistake and then kept going. It’s completely absurd to assume from the mere numbers that any of us know her motivations.

        • I did read on a news site that she was raped at age 13 that resulted in a baby. The article also quotes her as saying something to the effect that Yes, she wasn’t stable for a number of years, but she is now in a 3 year relationship and the last few kids are from this guy. (I mean stable as in a relationship not mentally.)

        • Here is your comment, Samantha:

          “Religion has nothing to do with it, she had all these kids because single motherhood is glamorized on tv thanks to trash like Octomom. These women with nothing going on in their lives see all the attention someone like her is getting and they want that for themselves.”

          My point is that this woman has kids nearly as old as octo mom – how the hell could she have been influenced by her or the Duggars, or those John & Kate people?

          It just makes no sense.
          At all.

          I’m all for diverse and interesting points of view, but they have to make sense.

      • I’m confused, too. This is the fault of religion? How so? Nowhere in the article (unless I missed it, in which case, please tell me) was there a mention of any sort of religion, spirituality, or deity. Where’s your basis for blame?

  18. If u have a brain, u know how to make the connection, u dont need me or anyone else to enlighten u.

    “You’re blaming religion for the fact that she has 9 kids by different men without being married? Interesting” Ure gone in the head, dear, this was one the funniest and the stupidest thing I ever heard/read in my life. End of story.

    • It’s probably not the best idea to question other people’s intelligence when you use “u” for “you” and “Ure” for “You’re”. Just saying.

      • Thank you, Sydney.

        I can’t even bring myself to do that when I’m texting.

        Whenever I see someone using those shortcuts, I kind of feel as if it is a form of disrespect. This person wants everyone to listen to their opinion, but it isn’t worth an extra 2 keystrokes to do it correctly.

        • I agree, completely.
          I can accept typos, because those are mistakes. But the purposeful butchering of words annoys the shit out of me!

        • As someone who knows this lady I will tell you if she had a better mother in her life she most likely would not have all these children. She was rape for the first child at the age of 13. Her mom knew about it and blame her for it ” what a mother ” then she met her daughters father remember she is looking for someone to be there for her since her mom was never. after she had her daughter they broke up and she then was with the father of 4 of her children for many years ” RIP to there dad” who might I say work every day of his life up to the week before he past and he did pay child support . She has been with this man father of 3 of her children for many years as well. Her mother has 3 of the kids and she has been fighting to get them home for 9 yrs her mother like she did to her is letting the kids be abused she has the proof the kids getting hit with wire made to kneel on rice pick up by there ears off the floor and there head slam into the wall. I can say this she is a good mother the children she has are being taking care of not being abused Oh was it said just found out her mother is smoking crack and was in the hospital due to she stop breathing. Ms Savicki DON’T have DCF as her mom does.Nor dose she use drugs or drink. I can’t help but say something when everyone is putting her down maybe if the state step in when she was growing up and took the kids away from her mother she would have had a family that loved her and showed it instead of her living with a mother that only cared about what ever boyfriend she had at the time. Yes she has 9 children but I can tell everyone this 2 children are on welfare 1 is getting off this month. Someone should be asking the state about children that are left to be abused you see they know it is going on there they took 2 kids from her mother and 1 from her brother then DCF took all her brothers kids cause he was beating 1 of his many baby moms ! Tessa is trying to make a better life for her children I see no where in any of the storys writing did it say that she had to stop going to school cause her mom was not watching her son when she came hom from school she found him with nothing on in front of a AC that was on high and his pamper was not changed all day as her mom was sleeping until 4 in the afternoon. Tessa has had a appointment to get her GED for 2 months now she wants to go back to school and get a good job. So my point is why is no one asking why the girl had a baby at 13 and where was her mom. regardless of her income how many kids she has the point is something happen to her she did not want. So please find out everything before you talk threw your butt!!

  19. I think the doctor and hospital are wrong in this case, even if I’ve never understood why having children is such a sacrosanct right and why we, as a society, allow people who are unable to take care of their children on their own to breed unhindered. In very few other avenues of life is such irresponsibility toward human life tolerated.

    Or maybe in all avenues of life is such irresponsibility tolerated and I just don’t hear about it.

    • Maybe because the alternative is just even more unacceptable? I would love to say that if you have a child and are on welfare, you must be on perfect birth control as well, in order to continue to receive welfare benefits. (ie. If you can’t take care of the kids you have, you sure can’t have any more.)

      But at this time, there is no method of birth control that is completely effective, and without other side effects, such that it could possibly be government imposed. Let alone enforceable. And for men, there is nothing as of yet. And I don’t consider permanent forms workable, as they destroy the future a person could have after they’ve got back on their feet. To force a woman to use birth control that has other effects on her body is just not something I want a government getting anywhere near – even if it means we lack a solution for the leeches.

      • Oh I agree with you on all your points.

        I was just pontificating about why we as a society, rather than the government, have allowed such a reckless behavior to continue. And I know it’s only a small percentage of the population that engages in the practice of having more babies than they can support financially and emotionally. It just seems in our children-first world that we would have some sort of solution or discussion about how to prevent this behavior.

        I’m just thinking out loud. I don’t have a solution or even a way to approach such a solution.

  20. She should be thankful, now she can sue and will be able to pay for her kids. She doesn’t need anymore and the world doesn’t need for her to raise anymore high school drops out that plan to live off the government for the rest of their lives.

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