Mo’Nique Flashes Hairy Legs at Golden Globes

Mo’Nique, who’s never shied away from speaking her mind no matter who was in the room, either made a bold statement at last night’s Golden Globe awards or just made a huge landscaping faux pas.

Mo’Nique, Golden Globe winner of Precious, arrived at the event last night looking radiant, glowing and … hairy.  She appeared on the red carpet, picked up the hem of her dress in what I’m assuming was supposed to be a curtsy-like move and flashed the world her very hairy legs.  Her very hairy legs.

The actress, who I find to be amusing, adorable and talented, has gone “rogue.”  And I don’t mean “rogue” in the Sarah Palin kind of way, but in the way that she still shows that she doesn’t give a fuck when it comes to the public’s perception.

Either that, or she had gotten her drink on in the wee hours prior to the award show and simply forgot.

Regardless, good for her.  I generally have a no-shave policy.  I’m not a hairy individual to begin with and I also have a two year-old, which means that I don’t have a lot of lone shower time, let alone time in the shower as it were, but I’m totally secure in rocking the fine hairlets that grow on my lower legs.  Would I be if I had pelts growing down there, I’m not sure, but I’m pretty confident in saying that I don’t care too much whether or not people see my hairy ole legs.

And clearly, neither does Mo’Nique.

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109 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Flashes Hairy Legs at Golden Globes

  1. I can’t stand when my legs go for more than two or so days without a shave. I don’t like how it feels, and usually they get itchy. I just feel a lot more put-together and cleaner if I’ve shaved. (Not to imply that women who don’t shave aren’t clean :P )

  2. I almost hate to admit, but my legs look very similar to Mo’Nique’s right now. Honestly, I’m too lazy to shave my legs every day or even every other day. Plus, it’s the winter time, and I live in Kansas, so not many people see my legs right now anyway.

    But aside from seasons and personal laziness, I’ve always thought it was strange that women are practically required by society to keep their bodies hairless from the neck down. It’s absolute insanity. I don’t like the totally shaved/waxed culture that has developed, whether it’s regarding our legs or any other part of our body with hair.

    Men don’t shave their faces, legs, or balls every day, so why should we?

  3. I think that she just does not care. She has arrived – what people think of her legs isn’t going to make or break her. Good for her, if that’s what she wants.

    I usually wax. It really is mostly painless, longer lasting – and when it does grow back, it is much softer.

    • From Webster’s 10th: Hygiene: 1. A science of the establishment and maintenance of health. 2. Conditions or practices conducive to health.

      Leg hair doesn’t make her a healthy or unhealthy person, and her decision to shave or not to shave her legs has absolutely zero effect on her health.

      So, Mr. Right Wing, clearly, this is not an issue of hygiene. It’s an issue of your personal preference. What you find disgusting isn’t that way for others. How about supporting her for her non-conformity to society’s ridiculous expectations.

      Disgusting indeed.

      • Non-conformity is a nose ring or pink hair, I can deal with that. Hell…Gwen Stefani looked cute with pink hair. Unshaved legs is just NASTY. Would you like it if Brad Pitt showed up with long hairs dangling out of his nose?

        • Seriously, dude, don’t call yourself Mr. Right Wing if you’re just a straight up chauvanistic asshole. You give the rest of us who lean to the right a bad name.

          And I am a beautiful woman and sometimes I don’t shave my legs. My boyfriend isn’t in love with my smooth, hairless legs, he’s in love with ME. No amount of hair anywhere is going to send him running. Good for Mo’nique. She’s talented and clearly her hairy legs didn’t keep her from winning a Golden Globe. She looked beautiful, and I found it quite refreshing to see that she had the (ahem) balls to show everyone what was going on down there.

      • If we are to follow this rule, then to be fat is to be unhygenic. Just throwing it out there.

        And having unkempt leg hair is just innappropriate for an awards night. Just like not applying makeup or brushing one’s hair would be. If you wish to not shave your legs, don’t wear a ballgown. Its that kind of sloppiness that disturbs me – like people who wear pjs to the corner shop to get smokes.

        • I think the point is that if a man wore something to an ocasion like this that exposed his legs (like shorts, a kilt, etc.) no one would say he looked like a slob because he didn’t shave his legs.

        • Interesting take on it, really.

          I just showed the pic to my son – who has been brought up in a fairly enlightened manner – and he said “ewwwwwww”!

          When I questioned why he reacted that way, he stated that her legs look like man legs to him.

          I guess if you are brought up in a society that equates smooth = women and hairy = men, you will have this reaction.

          I can kind of see where it wouldn’t bother most women. Most of us like hairy guys.

          I can also see where it would send confusing signals to many men – on a subliminal level they think hairy = men, then “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it’s a woman!

          Just a different perspective, I suppose.

        • ^ I think you hit the nail on the head, Blurry. The fact is that people have subconscious standards for men and women.

          If I haven’t shaved for a couple of days, and my fiance tries to touch my legs, I’ll shy away because I don’t like him feeling my “unfeminine” leg stubble.

          He, however, has RIDICULOUSLY hairy legs (my brothers call him “Sasquatch” because of it), and I don’t mind in the least. It seems perfectly natural.

          I think most people just automatically equate excessive body hair with testosterone.

        • I would absolutely say any man who wore shorts to a formal event was a slob. And regarding kilts, it is not done for much leg skin to be shown – kilts are long and are worn with socks that ideally meet the kilt fabric.

          it wasn’t until about 1987 that Princess Diana made it acceptable to wear bare legs to formal events, when she attended the Melbourne cup barelegged. before that it was considered rude to be barelegged at with a formal dress. Now I dont care if you plait your leg hairs or wax them into tiny little dreadlocks on your own time, it is a FORMAL EVENT PEOPLE. If you must show skin, it should be clean, manicured and show that you at least have had the respect to give the event the attention it deserves.

          People should also not: have unkempt beards, un coiffed hair, chipped nail polish nor unadressed suntan lines.

  4. The minute I saw this picture elsewhere, I thought that ZL might do a post on it. I personally don’t like the look, nor do I like the feel of it on my legs. I am one of those that showers and shaves everyday. The only exception I’ve had is when I was undergoing chemo. (one of the advantages)

    I may be mistaken but isn’t this more the norm for African-American ladies and ladies of European descent. Again, I’m not sure where I ever picked that idea up and I’m not even sure if it’s true, but more power to them if it is.

    @Mr. Right Wing Why is this poor hygiene? If your bathe your body what is wrong with this? Also, are you saying that men who don’t shave have poor hygiene? I don’t mean their faces, I mean their legs.

    • Don’t know about the rest of Europe, but my girlfriends all shave. It’s a little different in my mum’s generation I guess and I remember my dad once remarking that he finds shaving unnatural and one of these “Hollywood and fashion” things and that women shouldn’t be forced to do it.

      Nobody has ever told me to shave, I just like the feeling of smooth skin and feel more comfortable with it.

  5. She just doesn’t give a crap IMO. She couldn’t even find a flattering dress (look at the fat spilling over the top) so why bother with basic grooming? It’s gross when people do it on a regular day when they’re that hairy but she could make a little effort for such a special occasion.

    • Rhonda, Have you seen other pictures of her in this dress? I don’t see any “fat” spilling over the top. In fact considering her full figure I think she made a fairly wise choice in the empire waist.

      • Look at the edges, her boobs are smooshing out. You can see her bat wings too. A strapless dress is practically never flattering on a fat woman. She would have looked a lot better in something with straps or maybe throw a bolero on top of that dress.

        • Granted Rhonda, not a favorite of mine. But Sheez have you seen some of these “smaller” women that have their boobs shmooshed out. “Bat Wings” LOL, can’t comment, since I am heading there. AND I HATE THEM. Your comment just sort of surprised me after following our comments. All and all the leg hair freaks me out (my problem), just thought the dress overall wasn’t bad.

          During my chemo I gained a lot of weight. The idea that you lose weight depends on the type of chemo you get. I ballooned up to 192 pounds on 5″5 frame. My arms got huge (along with some other parts). I attended my stepsons wedding, you can imagine trying to find a dress! My sister finally came to the rescue and found a Chico’s basic loose fitting black, with a beautiful sheer floral cover. Trying to fit anything over large arms is trying, let alone the other large parts. Thank God those days are gone. (not totally in the arms though!) :)

  6. Rhonda is right, she looks like a slob. It’s the Golden Globes, if you don’t want to shave wear pants. What’s next? Hairy armpits at the Oscars? Visible tampon strings at the MTV awards? I fail to see how looking gross is some sort of feminist stance.

  7. It’s interesting how everyone is up in arms because she didn’t shave her legs, when the reason that we all think she should shave her legs is because it is what society “tells us” is correct. If you go to other countries, people don’t shave their legs, or their arm pits, or their beards, it’s pretty much all the same thing, and it happens because society enforces it.

    • I honestly don’t care if she shaves or not.

      Me? I love smooth legs. Especially right after I wax and there are crisp, fresh sheets on my bed. I don’t know why that is, it is just one of those little pleasures in life.

    • Helen, isn’t that true about everything. Society likes thin women, no frown lines, big lips, big boobs, white teeth, etc…..I had this conversation with my sister once on how we as women will change or attempt to change our bodies based on what our society deems acceptable.

      Gets down to the basic reason for this website, putting feminism back into the bra. Instead of embracing ourselves for who we are, a lot of women will still fight to fit into the acceptable molds deemed acceptable for us.

  8. Personally, I’m more disgusted by the ratty-ass hobo rugs growing on Jon Hamm’s and Brad Pitt’s faces. Now that is some unhygienic looking hair.

      • Totally. My boyfriend has a beard, but he keeps it trimmed and even and not scraggly. I absolutely love it. So sexy. I don’t enjoy the rat’s nest beards, but I would put up with it if that’s what he wanted. Just like he would put up with my hairy legs if that’s what I wanted. :)

  9. I would NEVER, EVER wear a skirt or dress without shaving my legs first. Period. Unless I’m wearing leggings or something.

    But really. This is a fancy event. She she should have made more of an effort to present herself as well put-together.

  10. I am absolutely shocked at all of the negative comments directed towards a woman who decided to not shave her legs. I can’t believe this is a feminist website.
    How does a woman’s decision to not alter her body to please the masses somehow show disrespect? She clearly felt she looked beautiful, and anyone who is offering up scorn because she didn’t meet the social norm should be ashamed of themselves.
    God forbid she should wear too little makeup, wear a dress you find unflattering, or have too much body hair to meet your demands.
    It wasn’t so long ago that wearing pants was considered disrespectful and crass. Or showing your ankles made you a harlot.
    One would think that women have made leaps and bounds since then, but the comments here are an example to the contrary.
    This reaction is what is really disgusting.

    • Mo’Nique is a very beautiful woman. Obviously. And she did look beautiful. I just object to her lack of grooming, which, in my opinion, prevented her from reaching the level of presentation expected of a formal event. Have as hairy a pair of legs as you want, but why have hairly legs with a formal dress. Would you wear horseriding boots? would you wear a frilly apron?

      its just not…classy!

    • People are allowed to have opinions, Wicked. And in my opinion, unshaved legs at a fancy event look sloppy. And guess what–I don’t like dreadlocks, tattoos, fake tans, super-long nails, piercings, or raccoon-eye makeup either. Just my personal preferences, and I have every right to them, however “unfeminist” it may be to DARE think negatively anything a woman does with her body.

      • You can have whatever ‘opinion’ you choose. Just as you can be of the opinion that black people are lesser than white people. Just as you can think men are superior to women, or that gays shouldn’t have the right to marry.
        If you don’t like unshaven legs, then don’t shave your legs. But to publicly express distain for someone because of what they choose, or do not choose, to do with their bodies perpetrates negativity and breeds discrimination.
        This isn’t the colour of her dress, or the type of shoe she chose. This is her body, and she should be free to do whatever she likes with it without receiving blasting comments from others.
        It is the amassing of public opinion which holds women back, and I find it particularity troubling when such venom comes from other women.

        • The fact that you equate an opinion/preference on LEG HAIR to racism or sexism astounds me. Talk about apples and asparagus arguments.

        • To equate and to compare are not the same thing.
          I am simply giving examples of how voicing an opinion can have real effects, and should not be shrugged off as easily as you have done.
          The comments above are litterally denoucing Mo’Nique for what she has chosen to do with her own body. That is dangerous, in the same way denoucing someone else for their life choices or making assumptions about their abilities is dangerous.

        • I don’t think anyone is denouncing her for what she chose to do with her body. Most of us have hairy legs at one point or another, shaving all the time is a drag and waxing can be painful and expensive. However, we’re not flashing our legs to the world at a large formal event. If she wants to have hairy legs 99% of the time then that’s entirely up to her. It is however expected that female guests will shave their legs for a formal event like this if they intend to show them off. She could have just kept her skirt down but no, she chose to flaunt the fact that she doesn’t respect the event.

          It’s not like we’re talking cosmetic surgery here. Not bothering to shave your legs for such an event is like not bothering to brush your hair or check your teeth for food before you head out. Basic grooming, practically free, and it takes about 5 minutes. The only reason not to is to insult the event and your fellow guests.

        • then why did you compare disliking leg hair at formal events (which the issue is, not LEG HAIR) with disliking things that on this site would be unpopular to dislike, such as racial equality? why didnt you say thinking white people are better than black people, thinking homosexual marraige was wrong, thinking rape should be more heavily sentenced, thinking people should car pool, thinking children should be given good lunches at school, thinking Sarah Palin is not representative of one’s opinion. The way you put it, you implied that to think leghair is unsightly and unacceptable at a formal event is a thought that only one stereotype of person would think. I’m queer, and educated, and read dostoyevsky (even if i cant spell his name) and was a vegetarian for 20 years, am a tree hugging eco freak who breastfeeds in public and I think her legs look fucking horrible with a formal dress.

          i denounce each hair on each legfrom the time she stepped out of her door in said formal dress, to the time she stepped out of her dress at the end of the night, at which time her legs became completely not worthy of my time.

        • I compared them because I wanted to give an example of what a mere opinion can do, as it was was suggested that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as if it doesn’t really matter because it is just an opinion. Well a collective opinion, and I’d argue that is what is forming here, can be matter a whole lot.
          The comment “I don’t much like the sight of an unshaven leg at a formal event”, is entirely different from the comments above, which as I mentioned, are outright denouncing Mo’Nique. The comments above are not simply stating a preference- they certainly could be seen as hateful.
          I can’t see how this could be seen as anything other than problematic.

      • The difference between “dreadlocks, tattoos, fake tans, super-long nails, piercings, or raccoon-eye makeup” and hairy legs, is that hairy legs are the natural state of things. It’s only our crazy society which has dictated that a normal body is unacceptable.

        *actually, I suppose dreadlocks could be considered the normal state of things as well, but the rest stand.

    • You’re so immature. You hate someone just because they don’t think hairy legs in an evening gown is attractive? What are you, a bull dyke with mental health issues? Even most gay people I know think hairy legs in a dress is gross. You should have heard the gay men at my job going “ewww” at her pic.

      • I’m an extremely intelligent, attractive, and occasionally silly hetero woman.

        You, are an overly sensitive dork You pick and choose what you want to see.

        And then are dumb enough to think that calling me a “bull dyke” is going to hurt my feelings.

        Woo. Woo.

        I’m guessing you’re divorced or will be.

  11. Calling her a slob, gross, and inapprorpiate in an online forum is most certainly denouncing her (def: to condemn or censure openly or publicly).
    If other guests, and the commenters here, are insulted by the natural state of her body, then they are the ones who should be denouced, not Mo’Nique.

    • You’re ridiculous. Obviously she wants the negative attention or she wouldn’t have lifted up her dress to show the whole world her hairy legs. Furthermore, comments aren’t required to meet with YOUR approval.

      • Of course she wanted negative attention. There’s no chance at all that she has no problem with hairy legs and was making a statement to that effect.
        Anytime anybody does anything outside the norm and then flaunts they want negative attention. Obviously.

  12. Those legs didn’t miss a day of shaving, those look like they have never been shaved.
    When i saw, i went ‘ewwww’. But then I reminded myself that that is stupid, and is demonstrating what an unfortunate product of my society I am. There is no reason at all to remove leg hair. I do it, I like the look and the feeling, but I understand it is a strange concession to strange norms. I have respect for a woman who is willing to show that she really doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks of her legs.
    Even if hairy-legs-and-strappy-heels is a really really weird look to me.

  13. i don’t shave my legs or my armpits! i think it’s badass that she went to some fancy schmancy awards show without shaving her legs. good for her.

      • *raises eyebrow*
        Lesbians don’t love leg hair any more than any other group of people.
        Poor Elizabeth must have forgotten that her sole purpose for being is to attract a mate. Silly girl…

        • “Poor Elizabeth must have forgotten that her sole purpose for being is to attract a mate. Silly girl…”

          Actually it is in the grand scheme of things. I hardly think nature intended for women to live alone for life in a cabin with hairy legs and no offspring.

        • @SassyPants: As all this hair keeps growing back all the time, I have the feeling that nature actually did intent women to have it. Now sitting childless in a cabin, that might be a different matter…

        • So a person who isn’t looking for a mate has a cabin in the woods to look forward to?
          I don’t think nature had cabins in mind when it developed caves.

      • Well, no matter her preferences, maybe she attracts just that one right person? Because of who she is? And because that person loves her for that? Maybe, to some people that is more important than changing the nature of your body?

        • If you run around the planet dressed like a slob, overweight, with hairy legs, hairy pits, no makeup ect. I doubt you will attract a quality mate regardless of your sexuality. Even animals groom themselves to attract mates. Geez. Take some pride in yourself!

        • Who says that not shaving your legs equals being “dressed like a slob, overweight, hairy pits, no makeup ect.”? And anyways, different people might think differently about what a “quality mate” is. You make it sound like you want to win a prize for your “quality mate”. As if was some kind of dog at a show. Interesting approach.

        • She’s wearing make up. And a shiny dress with matching shoes. She lifted her dress to show off her hairy legs.
          I’m pretty sure she was taking pride in herself. Obviously she has a different measure of pride than you do.

          And for the record, that hot guy she’s standing next to is her husband.

  14. OK Hypocrites….how do you ladies feel about BACK HAIR on men? Yeh, I bet if some guy showed up to the globes shirtless with enough back hair to resemble a Geico cavemen you would all find that uber attractive. I can just hear the EWWWWWWWWS!!

    • Shame on any formal event security who would let a topless man in.

      pet hate of mine = men who walk around the streets topless. wonderful on the beach. Not on the street. I dont want your hairy sweaty man body brushing me in a queue! bleugh!

    • I have no issue with hairy guys but I would have issue with any guy showing up to a formal event shirtless. Just like I have no problem with her having hairy legs but I take issue with her showing up at a formal event without bothering with basic grooming.

      • Are you considering leg-shaving to be ‘basic grooming’? Why?
        I understand mentioning if her hair is greasy, or her pits smell, or she is otherwise unclean, or her dress doesn’t fit, or whatever, but why should removing leg hair be considered basic grooming? It’s unnatural and unnecessary, and strange that our culture has taken it to be so important.

    • My boyfriend has a fairly hairy back. It’s not one of the things I consider a great feature of his, but I don’t have a problem with it either. That’s part of him, and I love him for things other than his hair or lack thereof. If it grew into a massive furry pelt, I would also be just fine with him deciding to remove it, but would never require such a thing.

    • My boyfriend has a slightly hairy upper back, but you can’t really see it because his hair is so light. And his millions of freckles camoflauge (sp?) it. :) I would never ask him to wax his back. It’s HIS back!

  15. Even trannys shave their legs! No self respecting tranny would wear a skirt with hairy legs. Have you ever seen hair on Wendy Williams legs????

      • I am of the opinion that “Mr. Right Wing” may just be an amplified personae of what one might expect an American conservative to be, entertaining themselves at the reactions of others.
        No one could actually spout all of that nonsense and sincerely mean it.

      • I think he’s talking about Wendy O Williams, lead singer for the Plasmatics. She wasn’t a tranvestite,but kinda buch and totally sexy. Would preform with shaving cream and bandaids as her costume,and a chain saw. Was one of the first real annimal rights spokes person,and a macrobiotic chef. She shot herself about ten years ago.

  16. Mr Right Wing is being tongue -in-cheek and everybody is rising to it. He is saying some things he believes, and then others just to get peoples knickers in a twist.

    Rather than getting upset, its better to let him play the devil’s advocate.

  17. I think one thing you are all missing is the weather in Los Angeles. It was pouring, and if you notice, many of the women lifted their hems from the ground. My take was
    she didn’t expect to show her legs. (and more power to her if
    she did)

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