Lube We Love: The KY Yours+Mine and Intense Review

en-intense_1_dtMany of you read my previous post, To Lube or Not To Lube, regarding the debate on the usage of sexual lubricating products. In that post, I mentioned that I might perhaps be more interested in using lube if someone were to send it to me, ya know, for free. The old adage of “ask and you shall receive” rang in my ears when I received an email from the good folks at KY — they’d read my article, and they wanted to send over a “care package” of KY’s newest lubing products.  (Thank you, thank you, thank you!)

The KY rep Fed-Ex’ed my awesome door prize — this included their K-Y Brand INTENSE™ (“a revolutionary female arousal gel clinically shown to enhance intimate satisfaction with 75% of women in consumer studies reporting heightened arousal, sexual pleasure and sensitivity where it counts most”) and K-Y Brand YOURS+MINE™ (“the first intimacy enhancement product for couples. Knowing it takes two to create a magical encounter, YOURS+MINE™ features two lubricants with different sensations. One is invigorating for him, the other thrilling for her and together they are . . . well, something to talk about”).

Prior to discussing my personal experience at which some will consider a, um, “length,” let’s hear from KY’s Product Director, Susan Tang, states:

“For years women have been asking us for a product designed to enhance their satisfaction.  KY Brand has answered with KY Intense, the only female arousal gel on the market backed by clinical studies and more than 85 years of knowing what women want.”

Not only did 75% of women using KY’s Intense report heightened sensation, but a whopping 90% reported an overall exemplary experience with their partner simply by dabbing a little of this goldmine gel here and there.

But for me, the KY Yours+Mine supplement kind of blasted everything else out of the water.  The Yours+Mine combo, which includes specifically-designed formulas for both men and women alike, perfectly accentuated KY’s Intense.  While other products have been generically designed for one party or the other during a sexual encounter, Yours+Mine has evolved into a sensation-blasting arsenal of super goodness that positively affects both parties in a symbiotic and reciprocal way.

Upon receiving my care package, I called my husband, who was attending class at the time.  I interrupted what was probably a simply stimulating classroom debate in order to advise him that our much-anticipated package had arrived, which I had pulled fresh out the box.  The general anticipation of trying something that has been so highly-revered definitely added to the excitement of the day.  Husband couldn’t come home fast enough.

Jump in for the sordid details!!

After he came — home, that is — we weren’t hasty in retreating to our sensually-lit sanctuary — the bedroom.  We were a little schoolgirl-like giggly about trying the new product.  When you’ve been married even for a short time such as us (two years, together a total of five), the slightest variation in your sex life promotes a great deal of excitement.  We began our process in the way we normally do — a little visual stimulation coupled with limited touching, which always adds to the general anticipation of The Deed — and then incorporated our very own gifthorse into the mix.  At first, with the Intense, I didn’t know what to expect; I was no virgin to lubricating products, but being that I had never tried this particular formula, I was excited and hoping not to be let down by the huge shadow that my expectation was casting over my… well, my “intimate areas.”  For the first millisecond, I felt no discernible difference.  Then, all at once I let out a great yell of “wow!” The gel more or less exploded into various sensations spiking at my toes and reverberating up to the roots of my hair.  I kid you not.  The phrase “heightened arousal” completely cheapens what this product actually does for women — and I mean that in the most literal of senses.

The anticipation grew and grew to an almost-incomprehensible climax and we backed it off a little.  We then pulled out the fun little test-tube shaped vials of Yours+Mine.  If you’ve ever used lubrication for your sexual encounters before and have had the problem where the lube seemed to dry up quicker than you could make good use of it, this product is so for you.  One pea-sized drop for either of us and it was all we needed.  This particular encounter had to be staved off several times in order to fully savor the delectable goodness that was ensuing.  When we finally decided to go full-boar, the ultimate reaction that we both had mutually experienced was like no other.

Allow me to conclude my review by saying that I have not been, nor am I, any particular breed of prude; I’ve had many lucky individual encounters in the course of my sex life.  That said, this particular encounter was, by far, the most satisfying experience I have enjoyed in my entire sexual existence to date. I only expect more to come, being that KY has generously bestowed its graces upon me.  When we finally do run out, I can definitely guarantee that I will become a life-long consumer of these products.  (Until KY comes out with an even bigger and better brand of pleasure-inducing components  –that you will surely hear about directly from this horse’s mouth.)

I applaud, I applaud.  My final verdict on the multiple-orgasm-inducing new KY products?

Heh-heh-heh.  Wait for it… Wait for it…!

A standing “O.”

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18 thoughts on “Lube We Love: The KY Yours+Mine and Intense Review

    • I suspect what KJK is saying is that they don’t appreciate the advertising and reviews and won’t be reading this blog anymore. There’s been quite the backlash against this sort of thing lately, mostly because some bloggers are accepting the gifts and posting positive things without disclosing that they received free product in exchange for the positive reviews. I know that’s not the case here and personally I appreciate the disclosure but I can see why people might be offended or put off.

      Also, I have only the vaguest memories of html from college but doesn’t putting a / in front of something indicate the end of that thing? Wouldn’t /unsubscribe be a double negative and mean that they’re actually starting to subscribe again?

    • Many people ‘subscribe’ via a feed reader that delivers the posts to them, rather than coming to visit the website. I suspect that is the meaning, not that it’s a pay subscription.

      • I’m going to ummmm…conduct a parallel study of this product. Purely in the interest of fairness and stuff. (Thanks Sarah!)

  1. The Intense comes with a little diagram that shows you where the clitoris is so you know exactly where to put the gel. I jokingly told my husband, “Now I know why it increases pleasure. It helps guys find the right spot.”

  2. What a scandal–bloggers getting free stuff and writing a review about said stuff.

    Open a magazine. Editors have been doing the same thing for decades.

    • True but people are up in arms none the less. I suspect it’s because magazines are so clearly a commercial entity and all the ones that I read at least are perfectly honest about it i.e they’ll say that they receive a couple of hundred beauty products a month or whatever.

      It’s a big issue on mommy blogs and beauty blogs in particular. If the blog says “this company sent me that product and I loved it” then that’s fine. If they just post about this great product that they found without mentioning that they found a six month supply of freebies on their doorstep then it’s not the honest and impartial review that a lot of people look for on those types of blogs. If a fellow mom recommends a baby product people want it to be because she genuinely likes it, not because the company is sending her freebies to pretend she likes it.

      • We totally copped to the fact that we got it for free. You guys, I have ALWAYS been good, on any and all of my sites, about announcing when something is sponsored/freebie and when it’s not.

  3. Me and my girlfriend have had bad reactions to KY products!! First time it was KY warming gel that made her have a painful burning sensation. This time it was worse, I had a terrible allergic reaction, KY intense gave me painful sores on my dick and painful urination for 2 weeks, so no sex and pissing razor blades for 2 weeks!
    I went to a doctor after a few days of pain and she couldnt figure out what it was so she tested me for stds, after a week of panicing my std test came back negative and me and my doctor figured out the KY INTENSE was the cause!!!

    I strongly recommend you DO NOT USE KY INTENSE!!!
    use a hypoallergenic water based lube… unless you want to piss razor blades and get chemicle burns on your dick for two weeks of agony and sexual frustration.


    • I’m having a similar reaction to the lube, what did the doctor say to do about the sores? Or did you just have to wait it out?

  4. Is K-Y Intense Arousal Gel safe to use during oral sex?

    I wouldn’t recommend using K-Y Intense Arousal gel during oral sex because two of its main ingredients are two of the main ingredients that can be found in brake fluid and antifreeze, not to mention most health agencies don’t consider those ingredients safe to ingest either.

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