Female Gamers More “Intense” Than Male Gamers

female-gaming-on-the-riseI’m not what you would call a “gamer.”  I’m not even exactly sure what that entails, to be a full-fledged gamer, other than the fact that you do, indeed, play video games.

I was a huge Super Mario Brothers fan when the older gaming consoles were popular; I actually had my husband buy me a refurbished Super Nintendo last year for Christmas.  Incidentally, it shit the bed a few weeks ago and needless to say, I am pretty disturbed.  Ah, well.  Next year maybe.

The husband has a PlayStation 3 and is addicted to the Call of Duty games. So not my thing.  I think the most interested in a game I’ve been in recent years has probably been The Sims.  And that’s pretty corny, according to DH.

However, despite the fact that I, myself, am not into “gaming”, it turns out a lot of women are — and they’re pretty hardcore about it.

A study out of the University of California states that more women than menthis year participated in the playing of online role-playing video games. Results showed that women spent on average four hours more a week than men who played the same game.  Findings also stated that women were “happier” when playing the game (namely Everquest II) and didn’t give up as easily.

There were several other interesting factors that came out of this study:  the women who played the game were, on average, in their thirties, exercised regularly and were not overweight.

I… don’t really know what to tell you about all of this, but hey — if it’s something you’re into, have at it, ladies!

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16 thoughts on “Female Gamers More “Intense” Than Male Gamers

  1. Awww my first comment vanished into the ether. Oh well.

    Anyway, I have been an avid gamer since the age of four when I first experienced the awesomeness that is the original Legend of Zelda on the NES. I was hooked for life.

    I’m thrilled that more women are getting into gaming. It’s been seen as a male-dominated field for too long, IMO. The fact that gaming now appeals to a much wider demographic is great.

  2. This makes me laugh. I especially like the note that the women who play are not overweight and that they exercise (aka, they aren’t gross spinsters whose only ambition is gaming). Woot!

  3. EQ2 is the best MMO out there. Period.

    I’m glad more women are starting to- or becoming more open about- game(ing). In the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that a lot of the stigma on being a “girl gamer” has kinda dissipated- store clerks aren’t going to second guess why I’m there, yadda yadda. I think its pretty cool.

    I just wish the stigma around women and computers would start to go away. I build my own machines (when I have the cash) and enjoy helping friends build theirs, but because I’m female, a lot of guys are straight up rude when I’m looking for parts, or showing off my latest Frankenstein. Sometimes, its almost bad enough to deter one entirely… ~~

  4. Ok this is off topic but I’m kinda in a rush so maybe you guys can help me out. Where can I find a decent frozen pu pu platter? My supermarket used to carry one that was really good but they stopped carrying it. I need it for a party this evening so lemme know ASAP. Thanks!

    • Trader Joe’s has a lot of good Asian appetizers, various kinds of dumplings and tempura and such. It’s not a platter but you could buy a few different boxes of different kinds.

    • Don’t know where you live, but Wegman’s and Harris Teeter (both regional-type stores) carry pretty sweet frozen Asian cuisine.

  5. Team Sims! I love the Sims so much I uninstall them when the academic year starts because otherwise I’d never do any work, just play play play!

  6. Hey if you really like the old super nintendo and stuff but don’t have one you could download an emulator and roms for it. as long as you own the games then downloading the roms is legal i believe.

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  8. Thank you for this article! I loved computer games since I was a kid, and my boyfriend for me into WoW about 5 years ago and I’ve played various games on an off since then. I’ve always found the topic of girl gamers fascinating, especially since I played mostly with guys. There are actually quite a lot of articles in online journals that discuss women and gaming, specifically how and what they play in comparison to men. I myself wrote a linguistics paper on the differences in communication between the genders while gaming online. I’m glad to see girl gamers becoming more accepted :)

  9. I love the sims too, but I am also a huge Mario fan. We got a Wii for Christmas last year, and you can download all the old school Mario games on it. It’s so much fun for me to see my four year old play games I played when I was four.

  10. Seriously, i was just counting the days to get Kingdom Hearts BBS from the store on day 1… What a dissapointment. I still believe in you guys and hope you can bring it for all of us who supported Sony with the PSP GO

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