Acetaminophen Reduces Pain, Fevers; Also Helps Aid Broken Hearts?

acetaminophen-helps-reduce-heartbreaks-effectsIn an experiment out of the University of Kentucky (which is probably in Indiana; I flew out of the Northern Kentucky airport once and it was in Indiana … oddly enough) researchers have shown the popular over-the-counter drug Acetaminophen (widely used in Tylenol products) to be a help in aiding matters of the heart.  Literally.

Measurements of the results of sixty-two patients surveyed spoke of how the Acetaminophen assisted in the healing of hurt feelings and social rejection. It was observed that the patients taking the drug for social pariah-ism were shown to have increased healing than those who were taking a placebo.  An MRI was also used in other subjects taking the drug in order to determine the precise increase in happy feelings when subjected to rejection.

However, excessive use of Acetaminophen has also been linked to many adverse bodily effects such as liver failure and stomach ulcers.  So, while you may have a happy, healthy heart and mind, your other imperatively-used organs will go to lunch.  Sweet.

It’s amazing to me that scientists can even sit around in their think tanks, debating myriad ailments of society and what seemingly-insignificant remedy could be used to achieve a solution.  It’s actually kind of a mind-blower. Who comes up with these notions?  Where can I get one of these jobs, just sitting around and hypothesizing all day long about the many uses of Miracle-Gro and how it could be put to use in the operating room?  Or something?

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7 thoughts on “Acetaminophen Reduces Pain, Fevers; Also Helps Aid Broken Hearts?

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  2. The popular painkiller acetaminophen (also known as paracetamol) may cause rare but serious skin reactions, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned. The analgesic is one of the most commonly and long-used drugs available, sold under numerous brandnames in the US,*-..’

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