Female Centenarian Found Strangled In Nursing Home Bed, Possibly Killed by 96-Year-Old Roommate

300hElizabeth Barrow had just turned 100 this past August.

Elizabeth Barrow, the night before things changed for the ultimate worse, had enjoyed a rare night on the town with her son at a nearby favorite restaurant. A gentle old lady and friend to many, lover of murder mysteries and needlepoint, was found strangled to death in her old folks’ home bed with a grocery bag over her head this past week.

Need I say how horrified I am?

Individuals connected to the case have stated facts regarding some odd goings-on over the past few months with Miss Barrow and her former roommate, a ninety-six year old woman who has currently remained nameless.  According to sources, the victim’s roommate had several times verbalized threats to the woman regarding the noise level of guests, the frequency of said visitors and sleeping arrangements.

Miss Barrow’s official cause of death, according to a Dartmouth, Massachusetts coroner, was asphyxiation due to manual strangulation.

According to Miss Barrow’s son, the woman’s roommate had a long history of bumping heads with Miss Barrow and despite family requests to have Miss Barrow removed from their shared room, Barrow instead remained steadfast and stated that she felt she could “patch things up” with her allegedly hard-to-please roommate.

Although the police have not yet named this woman as a suspect, Miss Barrow’s son claims that upon discovering her body, the roommate declared:

“You’re going to blame me for this and you’re wrong.”

I understand that there are many instances where nursing home staff are to blame in the negligence of an elderly individual.  I also can come to grips with the fact that sometimes freak accidents do happen, and to the extreme unfortunate.



I will be goddamned before I say that I don’t feel that Miss Barrow’s roommate had anything to do with this horrific murder.  This story reached out to me, grabbed my heart and twisted the bitch as hard and as fast as it could, all the while kicking me in the stomach and stinging my eyes with unwonted venom.

RIP Elizabeth Barrow.  It’s a sickening shame to live such a long and fulfilling life, just to have it snuffed out in such a violent and vindictive manner.

I suppose we’ll just see how this all pans out.

My deepest condolences to the family.

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4 thoughts on “Female Centenarian Found Strangled In Nursing Home Bed, Possibly Killed by 96-Year-Old Roommate

  1. Murder in a nursing home? That’s awful. And sadly, there’ll probably be a Law and Order episode just like this in a few months.

  2. Based on my experience with my great aunt and grandmother, the women in nursing homes are not much different from a bunch of junior-high kids. They would be resentful of the loss of independence and there was fear, jealousy and revenge. Roommates seemed to be assigned randomly, and the staff met their needs at a bare minimum. There were two men in the entire home, and many of the women fought over them like 7th-graders. With the varying stages of health and mental wellness locked together in those close quarters, it’s a wonder this type of thing doesn’t happen more often.

  3. I read in another article that the roommate was upset about the fact that Elizabeth had frequent visitors. Sounds like somebody who was jealous and bitter in their youth became disturbingly so later in life.

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