Birther Queen Bee Orly Taitz Is As Crazy As You Thought She Would Be

orlytaitzcrazySome day, years from now, we will all look back fondly on the early aughts and chuckle about the lunatics that used to dominate our cable news airwaves. Or maybe America will be ruled by these lunatics and we will have to engage in a bloody battle against China for livable space on the moon, like monsters. Who knows! One thing I do know is that Orly Taitz, the fake eyelash-wearing self-appointed leader to the birther movement, is a crazy person. Or, as her legal assistant, a disbarred self-described anarchist, would probably describe her, a “fierce crazy person.” Taitz was profiled in The Washington Post today and we got to learn a few new things about Taitz. First: she is indeed a working dentist/lawyer and she has set up two offices next to each other in some sad little strip mall in Orange County, California. Second: during the time of the interview she was looking for another dentist to join her practice in said sad strip mall and she was bombarded with applicants. To clarify: there are unemployed dentists out there who are begging to work alongside an infamous idiot. I grew up in crazy ol’ Orange County so part of me kind of wants to throw up my hands and say, “only in Orange County,” or whatever but I also want to hope that this is just a sign of how bad the economy is right now and that these dentists are just desperate and willing to work pretty much anywhere, not unlike when I applied for a job at Hollister earlier this year.

The rest of the profile basically deals with stuff we already knew about Taitz: she doesn’t believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States and she really enjoys wasting taxpayer money by filing lawsuits claiming that Obama is an illegitimate president and should be removed from office. All of the suits she has filed have been laughed and/or thrown out of court. One of Taitz’s most recent high-profile cases involved Connie Rhodes, a military doctor who didn’t want to be deployed to Iraq because she thought Obama was not constitutionally qualified to be commander-in-chief. The case was dismissed in September by U.S. District Judge Clay D. Land who famously told Taitz that “unlike in Alice in Wonderland, simply saying something does not make it so.” Taitz then let loose, told the judge that he was committing treason and compared herself to Nelson Mandela. The Mandela reference is just the tip of Taitz’s narcissism: later in the interview she says she believes that there is a much higher chance of violence against her than against President Obama, who, in August, was receiving 30 potential death threats a day, up 400 percent from threats made against actual hated President, George W. Bush. It isn’t that I don’t believe that Taitz gets death threats–crazy people love targeting other crazy people!–it is the fact that she thinks she is wanted more than the President of the United States. Someone needs to check to see if the acrylic from Orly’s cheap wigs are leaking through her skull and poisoning her brain. This woman is a narcissistic, self-absorbed ignorant nut who for some reason is still allowed to practice law and medicine (OK–dentistry) despite the fact she has proven herself time and time again incapable of working that brain in her skull.

Birthers haven’t been in the news that much lately, mostly because they were an easy August story for lazy news people to lap up. Maybe Taitz will drop her bizarre quest against America’s first African American President when people finally stop paying attention to her, but I doubt it she will ever stop her crusade. There is something legitmatly wrong with this woman’s mind and we can’t help but watch her latest antics. Like the rest of the conservative movement’s stable of stupid crazy women: Sarah Palin, Michelle Bauchmann and Betsy McCaughey, Taitz is a fierce train-wreck that we can’t help but watch her crash into mess after mess. The only bonus that we get with Taitz over the other women is that she has a fun wig and apparently gets her make-up applied on by the student theater make-up artists at Saddleback Community College. I almost don’t want her to fade out of the public eye because she is a lesson in how far personality disorders can go when left untreated. Also, she just completely ignores any evidence that Obama was born in the States. Even if Obama’s parents came back from the grave and told her that Barack was born in Hawaii, Taitz would ignore it. She is just that crazy! So, Mazel Tov Taitz, you’ve won our attention for the next five minutes, hope you enjoy it.

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14 thoughts on “Birther Queen Bee Orly Taitz Is As Crazy As You Thought She Would Be

    • Clearly she’s showing the world that women can not be trusted in positions of power because we’re all crazy and ruled by our hormones.

      Really though, I don’t have a problem with this type of article here. There just aren’t enough interesting and truly feminist issues left in the US to sustain a blog. We have equal rights for the most part, women can hold almost any job that men can’t and I suspect men who want to take on jobs that are traditionally women’s work are just as discriminated against; I know a few guys who are kindergarten teachers and every year they have trouble with several parents refusing to allow them to teach their kids because it’s just not natural for a man to want to do that so clearly they’re something messed up in their heads.

      There are issues left but they’re usually points of contention within the feminist movement. I know a lot of women fighting to be able to actually stay home and raise their own kids but other women are fighting against them and telling them to get out to work. How exactly is that empowering women anyway? Then there’s the burka issue; are women wearing them to exercise their freedom or are they being oppressed? There just aren’t any issues left that I can think of in which everyone who labels themselves as a feminist would be on the same side like in days gone by when we fought for the right to vote and own land.

      • Yeah, I know a guy who always wants to check the “minority” box when he’s filling out forms because he’s a straight male librarian. I also once dated a guy who was a massage therapist, and couldn’t even make a living at it, because people were skeeved out at being massaged by a man. And I can speak from personal experience that he was very talented.

        • I think I’d prefer a male masseuse come to think of it, I’ve always been more comfortable with having a male GYN. Somehow it makes me more comfortable having someone down there that I might have down there voluntarily, KWIM? There just aren’t that many around though. I know one local spa has a couple but they specialize in sports massage. I did know one guy who did it but we worked together (part time retail) and I’m not comfortable with someone I see every day seeing me naked and rubbing me down whether they’re male or female.

      • The website seems to claim that it’s about feminism – not ‘random links that feminists (as people, who, like all people, have diverse interests) might like’. It would seem logical that articles should be related to feminism.
        I find it interesting that the site’s writers appear to suggest (by the collection of off-topics, not this article alone) that feminism really means left-slanting politicism. It’s the stereotype and majority, and it’s showing through.
        If you want to write a website on feminism, it would be reasonable to have some things that don’t seem directly feminist, when you can show how it relates. That’s really interesting, and changes up the ‘Help! Help! I’m being repressed!’ refrain a bit. Things that have absolutely nothing to do with feminism really don’t make sense. Perhaps you need a new website for the random things?

        • “I find it interesting that the site’s writers appear to suggest (by the collection of off-topics, not this article alone) that feminism really means left-slanting politicism.”

          I’m really, really glad at least one other person notices that!

    • Not much. I’m still waiting for somebody to address the fact that NOW has decided that Dave Letterman sexually harassed his staff, absent of any actual proof.

      • I heard something about him having sex with some staffers but don’t know any details. It’s tricky when you have someone with all that power. Did he use the power to make them do it or were they just attracted to the power? I’m inclined to think he used the power to persuade them given how many women were involved.

  1. Soooo.

    Anyone have anything to say about the article in question? Because I find both this woman’s ‘political’ beliefs and her drag-queen makeup absolutely appalling.

  2. this woman is so insane i cannot watch her. her logic is loopy, her manner harsh & grating, and her voice makes me want to pull my ears off and throw them at her.

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