Kidnapped Girl Found After 18 Years Of Isolation, Rape

assholegarridoskidnappersJaycee Lee Dugard, a 29-year-old woman who was kidnapped in front of her stepfather 18 years ago has been discovered by California authorities and reunited with her mother this week. Bay Area police discovered Jaycee after a man named Phillip Garrido came to their attention after he was spotted handing out religious material at the UC Berkeley campus with two young girls, ages 15 and 11, whom UC officers thought he was acting strange towards. The two girls are thought to be two daughters that he fathered with Jaycee whom he allegedly kidnapped in 1991 and kept in isolation in a “ramshackle warren of sheds, tents and tarps” in his backyard near Oakland. Jaycee’s story of survival, while it has shades of similar long-term rape/kidnapping cases which were brought to light recently in Europe (the most famous of these being Josef Fritzl, an Austrian man convicted of imprisoning and repeatedly raping his daughter whom he kept in his basement for 24 years) is rare and upsetting, particularly because her kidnapper was on life parole for a previous conviction for rape and kidnapping in 1971.

In 1991, Jaycee was snatched by a man and a woman in a van (now believed to be Garrido and his wife) as her stepfather watched her walk to a school bus stop in Lake Tahoe. A search ensued but no one could find any strong leads and Jaycee’s mother and stepfather eventually separated. During the time she was missing, it is believed that she was kept under complete isolation in the Garrido’s household and she was rarely or never allowed to leave the property. She had two known children with Garrido (meaning she would have given birth to the oldest child when she was 14 years old) and they were kept under similar isolation, although neighbors reported that they sometimes saw the two girls playing in the yard. Garrido was an apparent religious fanatic who started a church called God’s Desire and also kept a blog where he wrote posts about being able to control people’s minds and to hear and speak with angels. He also ran a print shop where he would print items for local businesses. It seems almost strange that in the supposed era of fanatic Googling that no one, not an inquisitive Cal student who had been handed religious material, his parole officer or one of Garrido’s print shop clients, thought to do even a basic search on the man and discover that he is a sex offender and batshit insane. Not that those things would have necessarily led to Jaycee getting found any sooner, but don’t you think that at least his parole officers would have been a tad interested that this man was babbling on about religious things and claiming he knew mind control? That wouldn’t have lead to them to maybe check out his house just once in the past 18 years?

And let’s not forget Nancy Garrido, Phillip Garrido’s wife, who allegedly was part of the kidnapping of Jaycee. While it is easy to focus solely on the man involved in this kidnapping, his wife also had a pretty heavy hand in the deal. In fact, women are often involved in cases like this. According to The Blue Heart Campaign, of the 30% of countries where the gender of a sex trafficker is known, more women than men are convicted of trafficking than men. While Jaycee’s case isn’t a clear cut example of sex trafficking, it is hard to draw clear distinctions in some cases between kidnapping-rape and trafficking, particularly when the victim has been imprisoned, as it were, for a long period of time. Unfortunately, women–particularly young girls–are often the victims of “stranger kidnappings” or kidnappings done by complete strangers. According to the Department of Justice, women are often targeted by stranger kidnappings more than men, it usually involves teenagers or school-aged children and it is often associated with sexual assault when the victim is female. In the world of kidnapping statistics, Jaycee isn’t that odd of a case, however her survival and eventual reunion with her family is rare. But the question still remains, why are young women more often targeted than young men in kidnappings? Obviously, the idea that women are physically weaker than men and sexually submissive plays into it, but when you are an adult targeting a child I don’t think that the strength of the victim is that much of a concern. (However, there are sometimes happy stories when a child victim beats off a kidnapper, like when 11-year-old Xochil Garcia escaped her attacker in 2007.)

Hopefully, Jaycee will be able to lead a healthy life after this. There is no doubt that it will probably be difficult, but it is at least heartwarming to know that she was eventually reunited with her family and taken away from her captors. Garrido, meanwhile, claims that his tale of kidnapping and repeated rape of the child Jaycee is heartwarming and that he expects people to be “impressed” by his story and his claim that he “turned his life around.” Yeah, dude, it sure is “impressive” how you kidnapped and rape a child and forced her to live in isolation is a series of tents in your disgusting backyard. But, again, I am interested in knowing where his parole officers were during this–where were his neighbors and the people who interacted with him who could tell he was insane? Did they think that having a tent city in your backyard was completely normal? Did they think that it was normal to claim you could hear voices and communicate with angels? If someone had suspected something, and considering that he is a repeated rapist and kidnapper you just know there must have been other signs he was giving people, could they have found Jaycee earlier? It is hard to wonder about these things in a hypothetical sense since we can never know the real answer, but we hope that now parole officers around the country are keeping a closer eye on their offenders.

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19 thoughts on “Kidnapped Girl Found After 18 Years Of Isolation, Rape

  1. I saw this on the news the other day and it’s really so scary. There was another story right after it about a woman whose own parents kept her locked up basically her whole life. She was 25 or something and they essentially starved her to death (the parents were overweight) because her mom was mentally ill and her dad didn’t want to interfere with his wife’s issues.
    It really makes you wonder why people think they can have so much control over other people’s lives. just taking them and ruining them.

  2. If I called the cops on every single nut who was yelling about weird shit on Berkeley campus every day… well I don’t think I’d make it to class ever.

    This story is bananas tho. I hope she’ll be okay.

  3. Jaycee Dugard could have been found sooner, the police themselves admitted it. It seems that a few years ago, one of Garrido’s neighbors called the police to report about that weird tent city in her neighbors’ backyard; the agent went to check it: he talked to the Garridos -and no way he didn’t know that he was a registered sex offender for chrissakes- but didn’t bother to check the backyard. Nice job. I just hope that Jaycee and her kids will manage to adapt to normal life, and be okay…

    • The cop didn’t know he was a sex offender. Because he didn’t even bother to do a fucking background check! Fucking worthless tool.

      The UC Berkeley security guard is the hero in this story. She trusted her instincts and got to the bottom of this situation. I super love her.

      • They had the two UC Berkeley security guards who investigated this guy on the Today show on Friday. Their observations were really professional and they both need to be recognized for the excellent work they did.
        Too bad the rest of California law enforcement didn’t do the quality of work these women did.

  4. I believe young women are targeted more to be kidnapped for the same reason that females are targeted more to be raped than males. And the reason that there are more male rapists. What that is I don’t know.
    I also think that females may be “involved” in sex trafficking more than males but that doesn’t mean they perpetrate a kidnapping or rape more often. They could be like this person’s wife or they could be “madams” or some other involvement that does not require violence. I would have to see the statistics

    • The reason why there are more man rapists?
      1. Men in general are physically stronger than women therefore able to subdue their victim more easily
      2. Because of physical anatomy (reproductive body parts), it’s easier for a male to force himself onto a woman than vice-versa
      3. A long history of male dominance that I won’t even get into

  5. This is some sick shit, but what I find the worst is the wife’s agreement. Really? Did she let her husband rape another woman under her own roof? She could have been the next one!! She must be mentally ill, because God knows if that ever happened to me I’d take the girl and run for the hills. I feel extremely sorry for Jaycee, I hope she can live a normal life from now on. And what about her kids? Sick shit, fucking sick.

    • You never know, she may have already been a victim and was being threatened by him. To go along with a kidnapping then live in a house where that child is in the back being raped by your husband, then be there when the child gives birth to 2 kids in the sheds and tents, you either have to be messed up yourself or really fear for your life. Sick sick stuff.

  6. Oh come on this view makes me sick.
    A woman knows her own mind is her own person, is equal to a man ……. untill she commits a crime then all of a sudden she is a victim, or mentally ill.
    PLEASE women can be just as screwed up as men MYRA HINDLEY, ROSEMARY WEST 2 name but 2. Girl gang violence is the highest rising crime rate at the moment in my country.
    Not believing that a woman would go along with this is foolish, she was probably the 1 who picked the girl, like in most cases of these predator couples
    Part of being equal in society is taking the blame for your own actions, and not blaming society or men for your actions.
    There is still idiots out there that do not think that women should be put in prison , no matter what crime they have commited. By reading comments here I am guessing most of you think that way.
    Also I like how some1 states that females who are involved in the slave trade are basically angels who would not harm a fly.and are basically victims of their partners or other men who are the evil ones– REALLY PLEASE REALLY. And if they are brothel keepers, and are using slaves they are responsible for every rape and pain and torture these girls go through, and for their deaths in getting to them and the ones who die in their charge. Remember if the girl has been kidnapped and put to work in a brothel she is not a hooker, getting paid for sex , she is a victim being raped constantly for the financial betterment of the brothel keeper, who is her victiminizer, so because the pimp is female makes her innocent — really.
    If you think about you instant reaction to this , that a woman would not do this to another woman– WELL DUHHH there is your answer of why there is more woman in the slave trade then men, as if it was a guy acting as a lure to these girls, then they would be dubois, but another young girl (acting as the scout and lure ), the victim is thinking That she is safe as another girl would not do anything bad to another girl. Moving that up it makes sense to have an operation run mostly by women, as authority will have that same sexist view, and will not look that hard into a group of women , ” as women would not do this to others of their kind”. Yeah sure they do not. Just like most kids that are abused in child pornography , are taken to the place by their mothers, who sit outside the door, hearing their kids scream as they are raped, then they get their pay and take their crying child home.
    Women are predators just like men, sooner you realize this the longer you might stay not a victim.

      • That bitch makes me sick. Seriously. I’m surprised she wasn’t killed when she got out of jail.
        Of course, Canadians are pretty even tempered, so I suppose that has something to do with it…

  7. This guy was also in jail for 4 months in 1993, who kept the girl there then? I think the wife should get just as much punishment as the husband, they are both just as guilty.

  8. I am just glad this didn’t happen in Austria. As a native Austrian I have had enough of people asking me “So, what is going on over there? Are you guys all nasty perverts and pedophiles?”.

    Unfortunately shit like that happens everywhere, all the time, just some cases get more coverage.

  9. Look, maybe parolees should be checked on more frequently, but you cannot, CANNOT investigate someone for “saying batshit things” and “believing angels talk to them”
    That falls firmly under freedom of religion, I’d think. And rightly so.
    There are a lot of people who say “God” speaks to them directly etc. If we classified them all as insane—well, there’d be a lot fewer Christians this side of the mental institutions…
    Nope, he should have been checked on solely for being a violent offender on parole. We should leave his belief in angels out of it…

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