Four Women Tie Up, Torture Adulturous Male

6a00d83451b46269e20120a51cdc5f970cI suppose in this case, the old adage of “hell hath no fury than a woman scorned” holds true.

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Five individuals, four women and one man, were involved in an altercation this past week in Wisconsin, which left the male part of the group locked, bound and with penis superglued to his stomach – in a hotel.

The man was reportedly lured to the hotel room by his spurned mistress, while his wife and two other cronies entered and started raising hell.  The women bound the man to a chair and taunted him with questions like “Who do you love most?” and “Which of us do you want to grow old with?”.  Prior to leaving the hotel, the women superglued the infidel’s penis to his stomach.  The victim, after being misled, tortured and humiliated, chewed through his restraints (yes I know you’re thinking it: like the dog that he is, haha, how’s that cleverness workin’ out for you) and was able to phone law enforcement officials for help.

While all women will have the basic, similar charges, only one of them is charged with sexual assault.

You know, when I first came across this story, simply on the basis of being a woman who had been cheated on in the past, I kind of laughed.  I kind of felt good inside.  However, immediately afterward, I kind of felt disgusted with myself because this event was still an act of violence.  Put yourself in his place: terrified, embarrassed, violated.  Now, imagine that the victim was a woman.  Accosted in a hotel room, tied up, berated and sexually mortified.  Would that be as funny as this initially struck me?  Absolutely not.

I guess the bottom line of this story and subsequent lesson is once again: violence is violence no matter what gender you want to place on it.  What was initially funny enough to pee over is actually not so funny after you really think about it.  Just as ashamed as this man should be for violating his marital vows and going for sexual relations outside the marriage, the same should apply to these women.  They should also be just as ashamed for their infantile, vindictive revenge.

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30 thoughts on “Four Women Tie Up, Torture Adulturous Male

  1. If these were men assaulting a woman, all four would be brought up on the heaviest sexual assault charges available. This is ridiculous.

    • But if it was reversed, and the 5th torturer was a woman with 4 men( torturing a woman), then she would still get away with it , even though the guys would not LMAO.

  2. If anything this makes women look more pathetic— “Who do you love most?”


    he’s stupid for being a cheater, but they are far worse for their ridiculous actions. You feel a lot better if you learn to just walk away.

  3. I didn’t find that remotely funny at any point. It makes me slightly queasy to think about quite frankly. Those woman should be locked up, especially the two cronies who weren’t even involved in the infidelity.

    • I totally agree with you Rhonda. These women should be locked up for a very long time and also be on the list of sexual offenders. What they did is not right in anyway. As the author states, had this been done to a woman, the men would face every charge possible. These women should have too as well.

  4. Nothing about this was funny. Not even for a minute. I’ve been cheated on. Still not even remotely funny.
    They got out on $200 bail. What the fuck is that about?
    They should all be charged as sex offenders. Even the one who was just acting as a lookout.
    The only funny thing about this story is that one of the women, who was apparently so disgusted by the man cheating on her, called her friggin’ HUSBAND to bail her out.

    • I’m with you. At NO POINT reading this did I think it was funny, or understandable, and that dog “joke” didn’t even come cose to occurring to me.

  5. I’m glad to find that there is little sympathy for these abusers at this site.

    I had a lover once who referred to my penis as her “property”. I politely corrected this misapprehension. I really was polite about it, too, but we didn’t last long after that.

  6. You really shouldn’t be surprised, Dr. Psycho.
    Feminists aren’t anti-male, we’re pro human.
    And we maintain that women are equally as human as men.

    • Blurry, speaking as a feminist myself, there is no need for condescension. Yes, I have seen some nasty misandry at feminist blogs in the past, glad to see it is not common here.

  7. This is craziness! I am so ashamed for these women; what a cruel and disgusting act of violence. Of course, I can sympathize with any one who has been cheated on, man or woman, but obviously there are better ways to go about the situation. It really gets me angry that all they received was a slap on the wrist. These women took they term “crazy bitch” to another level!

  8. Honestly, I can understand being really pissed off like those women were. But to do something like that? Seriously. That’s just crazy.

  9. Yeah, that definitely NEVER struck me as funny, this story is insane. And based on the comments here…did they get registered as sex offenders? Because they really really obviously SHOULD be, all of them. This simply disgusts me.

  10. Super glue? OWW!! This behavior is worse in my eyes than cheating and cheating is way down on my list of appropriate conduct. There are much more humane and less crazy ways to get revenge.

      • I threw golf clubs out the window once. He was a real craphound. God it was funny watching him fume *snort* I wish I had video so I could put it on youtube for your amusement.

        • So, Frondi, what possession of yours would someone who knew you well and really wanted to hurt you throw out a window? I suspect in my case, it would be the laptop I am writing this on, especially since it contains writings and altered images that I haven’t backed up yet.

        • If they were a cheating spouse, I’d say the relationship was the thing she really cared about that had already been thrown out the window.

  11. i see nothing funny about this at all. yes, the guy sounds like a fuckwit, but violence is violence and should not be acceptable because the perpetrators were women and the victim was male.

  12. totally agree with this conclusion
    Violence generates violence

    (on the other hand, I secretly admit that I find the thing quite funny :P)

  13. I remember recently hearing about the (not recent) story of the woman who literally cut her husband’s penis off while he was sleeping and drove away with it, throwing it out the car window as she went. The first thing I felt was disbelief. There is nothing that he could have done to deserve such a reaction. Just as there is nothing a woman could do to cause a man to cut some part of her body off. Why can’t we all just get along? Or at least think before we act?

  14. “now imagine that the victim was a woman” – so it is more horrifying when it is a woman – 65% of domestic abuse in the US starts with the woman hitting her spouse – how about this; “imagine it is unacceptable PERIOD” to torture, harass, sexually violate, demean, commit violence – why is this STILL a gender issue? If a man murders a woman, death penalty – if a woman murders a man or several men – life in prison – “feminism” is a gigantic leap backwards for women, think for yourself, don’t let other people program your mind – THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY

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