Does Not Compute: One Woman Lies About Rape = Most Women Lie About Rape

womenrapeOn Wednesday the New York Times reported that a woman admitting to fabricating a rape that landed a man in jail with a 20-year sentence. The accused rapist, William McCaffrey, met his accuser in Manhattan in 2005. His accuser, Biurny Peguero, accused him of raping her the morning after they met. Although the rape kit performed at the hospital did not provide DNA evidence against McCaffrey, a jury in the State Supreme Court convicted him in 2006 and he was given a 20-year sentence. Last year, a new DNA test on the bite marks on Peguero’s arm showed that the injuries she said she got from McCaffrey could not have been made by him or any man because they lacked the Y chromosome. This March, Peguero went to her priest and confessed that she had made up the rape to cover up a violent fight she had that night with her girlfriends and the priest urged her to come clean about the lie.

Naturally, blog commenters are running wild with this story. On the New York-based blog Gothamist, several commenters call the woman vaious misogynistic terms like “cunt” and “bitch” while others resort to more violent calls for action. Said one commenter who goes by the name of UnrepentantFenian: “Does double jeopardy apply here? Can he get out and rape her with impunity now? He should, with a fire hydrant” to which another commenter named Trilby16 responded: “Or with a sharp stick!” This is the internet so misogynistic calls for violence are nothing new when someone can hide behind anonymity. These guys are jerks and they are only furthering a culture that promotes violence against women, we all know that. What is perhaps more troubling is the amount of misinformation that comes up in these threads. One commenter remarks that they think that false rape accusations happen more often than true accusations which is completely untrue. As I mentioned in a previous post, only a small amount of rape cases ever lead to an actual jail time. McCaffrey’s sentencing was a rare case for anyone accused of rape. Even though it is in public opinion that most rape accusations are false, only 2% of all rape accusations are found to be false which is the same percentage of false accusations as for most other felonies. So if rape accusations are found to false as often as other felonies, why isn’t there a chorus of people insisting that most murder accusations are false? Another commenter on Gothamist also suggested the idiotic concept that no rape accusations should be brought to court unless there was a third-party witness. I wonder if that same legal eagle commenter would suggest that we start putting other pointless roadblocks in front of other people accusing someone of different, non-rape felonies. The basic consensus of the idiots in the comments is particularly amazing: one woman’s actions are representative of all women’s actions! Just because of one woman’s lie all rape victims should suffer! It would almost be funny if there wasn’t already an existing stigma against rape victims that they lying.

I’m not saying that Peguero isn’t a total asshole for consciously lying about a rape and sending an innocent man to prison just because she wanted to cover up a fight she had with her friends. I have experience working with rape victims and the two constant fears that the victims have is being accused of lying and/or being assaulted by their rapists’ friends and family for accusing their rapist of assault. There is a massive and heavy stigma that hangs over rape victims, particularly young female rape victims, that they are lying and this often prevents actual rape victims from not only reporting the rape but also telling their friends and family and seeking medical and emotional help to deal with the after effects of rape. Rape is not a sexual crime, it is motivated by power (as we can see with the Gothamist commenters calling for the rape of Peguero) and it leaves the victim feeling hopeless and without agency. The stigma of lying is incredibly powerful when combined with the rape victims already vulnerable self-esteem. Why does this stigma exist? It goes hand-in-hand with the stereotype that women are liars and manipulative. People lie, it is a fact of life. No gender is free from lying occasionally. Sometimes, people lie about very serious things, like felonies, but this percentage of people is tiny. However, women are always thought of as the people who lie the most. It isn’t a surprise then that a crime that is often associated with female victims is also one of the top crimes where the victim is often thought of as lying.

So Peguero is a heartless liar who falsely accused someone of rape. Does this mean that all women who accuse someone of rape are heartless liars? No. It is amazing that she went on with the lie for so long and that McCaffrey was even convicted considering how difficult the American legal system is to maneuver through if you are accusing someone of rape. I’m glad that an innocent man will (hopefully) go free, but this case reveals a lot about our attitudes towards rape and rape victims. I just hope that Peguero’s lie and the flood of misogynistic and ignorant comments by internet trolls doesn’t discourage actual rape victims from coming forward and successfully convicting their rapist.

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75 thoughts on “Does Not Compute: One Woman Lies About Rape = Most Women Lie About Rape

  1. Such a situation is difficult. It’s SPECULATED that 2% of reported rape claims are false. But then, many rapes are never reported. Still more may be ‘grey area’ or even totally unknown to the victim based on alcohol or how long ago it happened. We’re expected to sympathize with EVERYONE who claims rape, but it’s much harder to prove than any other violent crime. With murder, you have a body. With assault, you have bruises and cuts. But if a woman is simply raped, with no witnesses around, how are we to be SURE she was raped? Yet, what kind of heinous woman would claim something like that happened to her when it DIDN’T? It’s lower than low. And then, as many rapes against adult women aren’t reported, I’m sure the number of rapes against men and children that are never reported are WAY larger.

    There are just so many ways of looking at WHY people react to ‘I lied about rape’ like they do. And I think the anger at her is TOTALLY justified. She ruined someone’s life for what? She essentially raped his LIFE. But really, to take it out on other women? Not cool. Not cool at all.

    • As a victim of rape I am going to ask you please refrain from using the term “rape” to mean anything other than forcible entry of an object (usually a penis) into a victim’s vagina, anus or mouth.

      She destroyed his life and she is despicable, but she did not rape him. Rape is a unique crime with unique repercussions. It is very important to every victim I know (and I know many, sadly) that this distinction remain.

      Thank you for your consideration.

      • Rape is a horrible crime but so is sending someone to jail for a crime he or she did not commit.

        Someone who has not been raped cannot know how a rape victim feels. And someone who has not been falsely (and deliberately) accused, disgraced, tried, convicted and imprisoned cannot know how it feels to have that happen to them.

        Unless you have been raped and also been deliberately and falsely imprisoned, you cannot know for certain which is worse.

        Don’t cheapen William McCaffrey’s suffering by suggesting rape is worse than false imprisonment. For all you know, he may have been raped in jail.

      • What? Having something stuck in an orifice for a few minutes is worse than waking up in prison every morning for 20 years for something you didnt do?


        We better start locking up the dentists and proctologists

        • You say “stuck in an orifice” like it’s just being poked and that’s all there is to it.

          Rape is undoubtedly incredibly painful (I haven’t experienced it but can only imagine) and is nothing like sex; it is being violated. It is traumatizing and can cause severe trust issues and psychological repercussions.

          Just as we can’t cheapen the suffering of those who are falsely accused, we should NEVER cheapen the suffering of a rape victim.

        • And it isn’t necessarily for a few minutes, especially if the rape is repeated. It could be hours, or days for a kidnapping victim.

      • “She destroyed his life and she is despicable, but she did not rape him.”

        Nope, she didn’t rape him…she just likely caused him to be repeatedly raped in prison.

    • Don’t kid yourself and say 2% of rapes are a lie as it is closer to 50%. I have been thrown into and accused about rape when I never even slept with the woman in question. I asked for DNA tests and medical proof but due to the stupid Costa Rican laws at the time as I was not allowed to request this information.

      False allegation and lies by woman happens and needs to be stamped out!

  2. The point that the false rape charges are the same 2% as other felony charges should get more attention. While Syd is right that this must always be an estimate, the 2% for all other felonies must be estimated in the same way.

    Any false accusation of a felony crime is always horrible (and there are not enough Hail Marys for one) but why the different reaction to the false charge of this one felony?

    • It’s at least in part because a rape accusation can get media attention, possibly at the national level, and ruin the accused person or persons’ lives.

      • Yeah, I would remain friends with a guy after he robbed a bank. But if he raped somebody, I’d lock my doors and change my number.

        • I’m talking about the mere ACCUSATION. That’s enough to ruin someone. I know people who have been kicked out of universities over a rape accusations that ended with Not Guilty.

        • I knew a guy who was fired just for an accusation of fondling. He was a youth minister and driving home a teenage girl from a bible class one night and she said he felt her up. A few years later she admitted that she’d lied and he managed to find another position but last I heard he still wasn’t comfortable working with youth groups despite all kinds of new rules about not being alone with any kids under 16 and so on.

    • The 2% number is wrong:

      “The media has largely ignored these studies and experts and has instead promoted the notion that only 2% of rape allegations are false. This figure was made famous by feminist Susan Brownmiller in her 1975 book Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape. Brownmiller was relaying the alleged comments of a New York judge concerning the rate of false rape accusations in a New York City police precinct in 1974.

      A 1997 Columbia Journalism Review analysis of rape statistics noted that the 2% statistic is often falsely attributed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and has no clear and credible study to support it.”

      Try to find the source study for that 2% claim. You won’t be able to.

  3. “Many cases are dropped because of insufficient evidence for conviction but this should not be confused with false reporting.”

    Let’s not go crazy with that 2%, the rate of cases dropped for insufficient evidence is important as well

  4. Ok, very few things make me genuinely angry, but that this stupid bitch lied about being raped to cover up a fight with her friends?! She destroyed someone’s life because–what? Because she had a friend issue?

    What the hell is this woman’s problem?? How can she possibly live with her horrible self?? And look at the aftermath of her incredible stupidity–she has quite possibly made it harder for REAL rape victims to be considered “credible.”

    Way to go.

    • I wrote my long-winded story below. I would love to show this woman my scars, the pictures the police took while I was in the hospital as evidence *that i still cannot look at without feeling ill* and tell her that I’ll trade her my wounds and reputation for her ‘not being raped’ any damn day. I’ll keep my daughter, though.

  5. Why did she have to cover up a fight with her friends ?????
    How did she have interactions with this guy/ how or why did she pick him ?????
    I do not think women understand how terrifying being accused of rape is to a guy. There is always that fear in the back of your mind, that even though you think it is consensual, and she seems to be into the sex, that the next day she is gonna scream rape. Ok after the 1st morning after the 1st time, then this kinda goes away, but it is still there .
    That some1 can ruin your life, over a thing that you think you are both into, but she decides near the end ( but does not tell you), or after that she is not into the sex, so you are raping/ or raped her- is just terrifying.
    Like Alzeatia states she would stay friends with a guy accused of robbing a bank, but not 1 accused of rape( even though he is still presumed innocent until proven guilty). Once you are accused of rape , even if you are found not guilty your life is ruined ( “as women do not lie about being raped”– yeah sure).
    I can see where the anger is coming from , and why it is being directed at this woman, even though it is being expressed incorrectly, but then when is anything ever expressed reasonably on the internet .
    This guy no1 is really going to believe he did not rape her, in the back of their minds they are gonna think he had people get to her, or fancy lawyers found a loop hole ( even though those are not the facts, and this is not the case). This guys life is F*k*d now Will people think bad of her, apart from a few idiots on the internet— nope, she will get sympathy and will probably become a feminazi icon.

    • Also did they not do a test for vaginal bruising on her, during the rape test ???
      Did she have bruises/ tearing down there, if so from who or where, or how ????
      Would she have gone through the trouble to be screwed really hard, or used an iten violently on herself ??????
      Was she raped , but was covering up for the real rapist, as he was a relative, or friend, or priest, or maybe another latino ???
      Being catholic and latin did she have sex, worry about the sin of this/ or that she was pregnent so framed the guy or another guy for rape ?????
      Seems that the police, and prosecution did a really sloppy job here, as did his defence lawyers.
      She lied once ( it seems) about a much greater thing, why would she be telling the whole truth now.
      Her/ this story just does not add upto me

    • Seriously. Even without the legal aspect it’s horrible. One of my male friends dated a woman for about 8 months. All was well until they broke up and she decided to cry rape. Thankfully she didn’t go to the police (I suspect she would have been laughed out the station quite frankly) but she did tell some mutual friends and most sided with her despite the fact that her claims were clearly insane. My friend was seriously torn up about it despite the fact he knew he’d done nothing wrong.

    • No, I said if they did it. But I would be wary of somebody who was accused of rape until I had proved to myself (different than a court of law) that they hadn’t done it.
      My best male friend was accused by his teenage daughter of “being inappropriate” with her. I knew their history and knew that she wanted to move in with her aunt where there were no rules.
      I knew she was lying and I didn’t treat him like a child molester. If I hadn’t known them so well, I might’ve had a different reaction.

  6. I just wrote a paper on this and the 2% is not acurate. That number comes from a very limited study that said that after using female police to question victims false reporting fell to 2% in NEW YORK CITY. That number should not be used as some kind of naitonal average. It reflects a very small sample size, in one tiny area and can not represent cases of false reporting as a whole.

    20% are either false or don’t have enough evidence to investigate. That’s a consistant number from the FBI.

    Why don’t you guys do some research? Seriously? You could find this out from reading, like, a Wikipedia page. It’s such a disapointment to hear false information being passed around on this website in such a consistant manner.

  7. Like if the source is from a pro-women organization then it must be accurate even if the study it’s based on is too limited to be accurate? I don’t really follow.

    When you start reading enough statistics you see it’s easy for them to get twisted and become confused. Often studies are misrepresented by the media and false information is presented. I was totally surprised when I took Stats; it’s really easy to manipulate them.

    So there are three stats for this subject, 2% 20% and 40%. I’m just backing the one with the soundest research. All research is supposed to be unbiased or the study can be discredited. However research also has to have a sample size that can accurately reflect the population.

    • That report from/ about NYC you mentioned ( that I guess you used as a source for your paper).
      Did it state why a female is more likely to give a fake rape claim to a male officer, then to a female 1?
      If it does , do you have a link for the source material, and if so could you please post it, thanks.

      • There isn’t actually a study you can look at. Almost every single source for that statistic traces back to Susan Brownmiller’s book “Against our wills”. She got it from an unpublished speech from a judge who was quoting an NYPD source with no actual report. Some cop told some judge 2% 30 years ago and people have been mindlessly echoing it ever since.

        The rest of the 2% claims apparently come from an article about the judge’s speech.

        In relevant part, the judge’s speech reads:“In fact, according to the Commander of New York City’s Rape Analysis Squad, only about 2 percent of all rape and related sex charges are determined to be false and this is about the same as the rate of false charges of other felonies.”

        Somebody did a thorough study of the source and it all came back to that one unsupported speech.

  8. the women who falsely cry rape make me furious and i want to smack them in the throat. seriously, and i am not a violent person. it is so damaging: some innocent man’s life is ruined, his family and the fake victim’s family are negatively effected, and it makes it that much harder for a real rape victim to get justice, thus keeping real rapists out on the street to rape again. i think these women who admit to filing a fake report should serve jail time and also be forced to do community service at a rape hotline, just so they can see what it really is and how destructive their actions were. i also hate it when people use this as an excuse to bash feminism. it is not a male vs. female situation; in a false rape report we all lose.

    • Yes, there are liars and then there are women whose voice boxes should be removed. ‘Debarked’ as I’d like to call it.

    • I would rather see real victims getting an honest person on the other end of the line, someone with empathy and selflessness in their time of need. ANY representation of victims by false accusers would be inadequate. I would never want to see a false-rape-claim “victim” work at a rape call center solely for the sake of real victims.

  9. This is horrible. That poor man. I’m angry with this woman, it is so hard to get credibility when you are actually raped, she is just making it harder for all the women out there who go through hell dealing with real crimes.

  10. As a victim of sexual assualt, this kind of thing is so repugnant to me. Not only is it so horrible to claim that a rape occurred when it did not, manipulating people’s emotions & sending an innocent guy to jail, but as others pointed out, it just aids this unbeliveable stigma that faces rape victims’ credibility. Several of my friends know that I have been assaulted, & even then I have been present while they dismissed other girls’ accounts of assault as her “desire for drama”, “attention-seeking” or “stupidity for not realizing something like this would happen if she flirted os much”. This reaction is always shocking to me, but on the other hand I do agree that being accused of committing a sexual assault is so much worse than any other crime, as several posters have pointed out, & so perhaps this is part of the reason why people are slower to judge the man. It’s an odd juxtaposition: We take rape so seriously men’s lives can be ruined by a mere accusation, though not seriously enough that all victims are believed.

  11. Long, true story of me. I’ll share it here because reading this brought me to tears or rage and hurt, even after 9 and a half years of ‘being used to it’. As a new student at Ridgetop Junior High near Seattle, Wa., a school full of rich preppy kids *and I wasn’t one*, I had alot to prove, and alot of people being rude to me. For some sick reason, the guidance counselor had decided to tell everyone to be nice to me because I was forced to leave my old school after being raped by a custodian. This, of course, opened up a lovely world of compassion from the other girls and female teachers. Oh, wait, then I woke up. I was called, ‘whore’, ‘liar’, ‘skank’, ‘gold-digger’ and every other thing you can imagine. The worst was when I decided to try out for the football team *yes, I’m talking Junior Varsity male*. I was then called a dyke, followed halfway home by a gang of cheerleaders and beaten up in the woods across the street from Harrison hospital, down the street from my school. But then my night in shining armor, a football player who had followed them and seen what they had done found me laying there and decided to help me out like a true gentleman with integrity. No, that didn’t happen either. He raped me. I fainted and needed stitches in places that still hurt when I think about it. I dragged myself to the street and then yelled until someone drove me across the road to the hospital, and they had all the evidence in the world and knew right off what had happened, without being told. When the police came, they guessed who it was when I told them it was a ball player from my school, whose name i didn’t know. He had a bad reputation already. And yet, when made public, his rich family’s first noble cry was, ‘Oh, so now she’s been raped twice? Seems like she accuses to get out of trouble when she thinks she’s pregnant from whoring around.’ DNA tests proved them wrong, but then they said I willingly gave it up. How sick. To know that someone has been victimized once, and if you victimize them again, thier story will be questioned. He used that against me. he was a good-looking rich football player and i was the new girl, sounds good, right? He got out of juvy time because mommy works for CPS and daddy is an orthodontist/attorney. My pride and reputation still have not been restored even though he put out 4 children and at least 6 pregnancies before graduating. I now have a beautiful 9 yr old daughter, and I’m 23. This is where this ‘all women lie about rape’ attitude has hurt me. Even though it was obvious to the police, the doctors that performed my surgeries, the police and the courts, I’m still ‘that girl that cries wolf’, and the custodian who raped me at my previous school tried to use my new rape case as a way to get an appeal. It didn’t work, but isn’t it lovely how we suffer because of other people’s stupidity and bitter arrogance?

    • Wow. I can’t even imagine your horror and pain. To say I’m sorry for what you went through doesn’t even begin to describe what I really want to say.

      You seem like a strong, intelligent young woman and I wish you and your daughter the best in life. If the football player was the dad of your daughter, I hope you took him and his parents for EVERYTHING they had to support your daughter.

      Stay strong and stay true to yourself.

    • I am sorry you’ve had to suffer in the most dispicable way. I hope your positive attitude takes you to truly great places.

      I have a question and if it is too intrusive please forgive/ignore me, but I’m genuinely curious….at 14, how was the decision to keep your child made? (vs choosing adoption or abortion) Did your parents provide support in that decision-making process? How have you addressed your situation with her?
      Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

  12. The 2% false rape stat is untrue and has never been confirmed by an evidentiary peer-reviewed study. It is a typical radical Feminist false stat, promoted and exploited by the sexual grievance industry, along with many other false stats, to maintain their funding.

    False rape allegations are not rare. They are common.

    “The stigma of lying is incredibly powerful when combined with the rape victims already vulnerable self-esteem.”

    The stigma of lying is not strong enough because it never results in severe punishment. The stigma on those merely accused of rape is much, much stronger – to the point that women are incentivized to make false allegations because of the disproportionate credibility the politically correct bureaucracies give them. Not that lying should excuse misogyny; far from it. But to suggest that individual false rape cases are taken anywhere as seriously as rape cases is untrue.

    “However, women are always thought of as the people who lie the most.”

    They don’t lie more. They lie about different things. Men lie about taking the trash out, getting directions, and at worst, cheating. Women lie about:

    1. Whether the father really is the father. At, we learn from various sources that of men who take DNA tests, 30% of them were not the father.
    2. About domestic violence. False allegations of domestic violence are rampant in family courts. There are many sources available on the internet for this.
    3. About their wedding vows. The vast majority of No-Fault Divorces are initiated by women, for few other reasons than “growing apart.”
    4. About rape. Every unbiased study shows that they are a serious problem, and anywhere from 25-50% of rape allegations are false. If you really want the studies, I’ll post them.

    So no, women do not lie more often. They just lie more often about important things.

    • Yeah. Because women can’t help but lie, and there is no possible way that your statistics are wrong.

      And because some rape allegations are false, surely we should discredit every single lying bitch that brings them up.

      • “there is no possible way that your statistics are wrong.”

        Here’s the 41% false rape allegations study:

        The 25% false rape allegation study comes from an investigation done by the Washington Post. I have not yet checked into its methodology, however. See it in the book “Until Proven Innocent,” pages 374-75. It will have several other studies cited there, including professional estimates by sex assault investigators such as Linda Fairstein and Craig Silverman, who assert that roughly half of rape allegations are false. There is also the 60% false rape allegation study by Dr. Charles P. McDowell, Ph.D., of the U.S. Department of Special Investigations. The exact citation:

        Charles P. McDowell, Ph.D., M.P.A., M.L.S., “False Allegations,” Forensic Science Digest, vol. 11, no. 4, December 1985.

        “Because women can’t help but lie…and because some rape allegations are false, surely we should discredit every single lying bitch that brings them up.”

        You just committed a strawman logical fallacy: you imputed something into my argument that I did not say, argued against what you imputed, and then declared victory. Never did I say that we should automatically disbelieve every woman that makes a rape allegation. People often fall into two camps: either they believe the claimant and assume automatic guilt of the alleged victimizer, or they disbelieve her and assume automatic guilt of the claimant. There is such a thing as considering a claim without necessarily accepting or rejecting it.

        The kinds of lies I cited above are lies that women disproportionately make because the system, and chivalry, encourage them to do so. If we punished those who make knowingly false allegations, and had mandatory paternity tests upon the birth of all children, less women would be encouraged to lie about these things, and destroy the lives of those around them.

        Chivalry also plays a role. Riding in on a white horse to save the opposite sex when they are in an apparent state of distress or victimization is a disproportionately male phenomenon. It only makes sense, then, that with the disproportionate potential to abuse the power of the victimhood card, women will indeed disproportionately abuse it by crying wolf. Not all women, and not even most. But a significant number.

  13. “So if rape accusations are found to false as often as other felonies, why isn’t there a chorus of people insisting that most murder accusations are false?”

    That’s because a murder leaves dead and/or missing body. If a rape left a dead vagina on the ground it would be different.

  14. Does Not Compute:One Woman Lies About Rape=Most Women Lie About Rape.
    Your title is what really doesn’t compute. If only it was just ONE woman who lied about rape. The fact is many women have lied about it, and many more will continue to do so because they can. Lying is wrong no matter who does it and why. Apparently women need to be reminded of this because most of them are compulsive liers. They lie with impunity because they’re selfish cratures who really don’t care who they hurt, and to add insult to injury, they have the gall to talk down to men and smugly lecture them about how to behave. Most women are just a bunch of righteous snot noses who bring men nothing but trouble. The fact of the matter is, of all the crimes there are, rape is the most falsly reported. So it should come as no surprise women aren’t believed when they claim to have been raped. Instead of being angry with the men who have the courage to state the obvious, perhaps you should channel your anger at women, who by nature are compulsive liers.

    • All men are jackasses and bad spellers. No, wait, that’s just you. I’m guessing some woman lied to you are some point and boohoo for you but writing off half the human race is a bit extreme don’t you think?

      • no, I think he’s spot-on.

        Every woman I’ve ever known (I’m 38) beyond acquaintance (including even my mother) has lied to me about something life-changing to protect some selfish wish or action. Guys lie, too… but NOT with the same frequency or for ANY of the same reasons as I’ve seen repeated by all women over and over and over again. She admitted she just wanted some sympathy and she ruined someone’s life over that selfishness.

        Telling someone they don’t look fat in that dress is totally different than accusing people of gang rape. So rather than point fingers, perhaps we should set examples instead? You look fat in that dress, and this guy’s innocent.

    • “Apparently women need to be reminded of this because most of them are compulsive liers. They lie with impunity because they’re selfish cratures who really don’t care who they hurt, and to add insult to injury, they have the gall to talk down to men and smugly lecture them about how to behave. Most women are just a bunch of righteous snot noses who bring men nothing but trouble.”

      I can’t remember the last time I read something so wildly asinine. Get the hell over yourself.

      • Apparently I struck a nerve. Your response is typical. Don’t kill the messenger simply because you dislike the message. I would never rape a woman because they are filthy whores and I wouldn’t want to soil myself

  15. This woman commited a terrible unforgiving crime not only against this poor man but also against all women and rape victims who will have a more difficult time getting justice when being a victim of rape or any violent crime. This woman by lying took over 3 years of this man’s freedom. Plus even worse this man was sentenced to 20 years in a maximum security prison filled with killers, armed robbers, violent felons and real rapists. Real rapists deserve to be sentenced to 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 year prison terms and even life in some cases. But to protect the credibility of real rape victims and to deter people from falsely accusing an innocent person of rape or other serious felony an example must be set with this woman for falsely accusing this poor man of rape. She should be sentenced to the maximum term for perjury. There should also have new strict laws regarding perjury involving false rape accusations. An aggravated perjury statute punishable up to 25 years would be a great start. She must be sentenced to a long, hard prison sentence, an example must be made! She cared nothing about that man when she helped railroad him. When the new DNA eveidence came up only then she came forward and tried to get immunity from perjury charges. She must suffer serious punishment!

  16. “I think it’s because they’re using pro-women organizations like unbiased sources” -JorgeMacD

    “Umm what do you mean unbiased?” -Sara

    If someone is pro or con whatever, then they are by definition biased.

  17. If Biurny Peguero lives in fear of retribution from Gonzalez’s family/friends, then I’m okay with that, as well as everyone’s comments on the web that seem threatening. Just because someone’s male or female it doesn’t disqualify them from reaping their consequences. If their crime is egregious enough to inflict punitive harm on an innocent person and defame them for life, then they deserve every moment of paranoia, pain and suffering that they invited into their own lives.

    Lying is never acceptable no matter what any human tries to justify. If she randomly ends up with her throat slit over her actions, it’s most likely her actions that caused it, and it has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a woman. If someone Jeffrey Dahlmer’s her in prison, I have no sympathy for her, and I don’t feel that way because she’s a woman, I feel that way because of the content of her character.

    Whose to say that the number prosecuted in statistics are the only people punished for such things? Justice comes in many forms. Men kill other men on a daily basis over womens’ accusations of rape. Sucks if she lied about it, but some people take the law into their own hands when they hear about these situations because they have no faith in the justice system. Sounds to me like any legally-prosecuted rapist gets the easy way out compared to the animosity that crimes like these instill in the public.

    To any and all activists everywhere: You’re a douchebag. Advocacy is fine. Activists are the biased ones that place themselves on a pedestal and attack anyone that doesn’t agree with them. So their platform employs the exact same tactics that they’re speaking out against in order to spread your message.

    I don’t care if you’re black, female, handicapped, islamic, christian, gay or heterosexual… your punishment and consequences should be no different than someone who isn’t in your sacred little protected group, and you don’t have any rights that extend beyond anyone else’s. Plain and simple. This isn’t a case study about violence and women. This is a story about cause and effect.

    Moral: Don’t lie.

  18. Dear Albert, Jay, Jafro & Gogonostop:

    There are so many things that you are missing here. I am not amused, nor impressed by your use of bullshit studies.

    HALF of all rapes reported are false?

    If this were true, and if it WERE true – the women filing the false reports would be subject to prosecution. Haven’t you ever heard of someone being prosecuted for filing a false report?

    I do agree that this particular woman should most definitely be prosecuted, in fact, I think it would be true justice if anyone who falsely accuses another person of a crime, and is convicted – their punishment should be the same as what they falsely accused the other person of.

    I find your attitudes rather shocking, though. Truly.

    You see, I am fairly positive that I am your typical rape victim. I know this because after many, many years of feeling dirty, ashamed , NO self esteem and a lot of self hate, I finally talked about what happened to me to a close friend, She, in turn confided her own experience. I have since discovered that this is not isolated at ALL.

    Our ages when raped varied, although most of us were under 16, but there is one thing that is the same in every case.

    None of us reported the rape(s).

    For me, I tried to talk to my best friend about it, but she just got angry with me (she had a crush on the guy) and said that I was making it up.

    If my best friend wouldn’t believe me, who would?

    25 years passed. I went through 2 husbands, innumerable relationships. I never enjoyed sex. Not one time. Fear would grip me, I froze, panicked. I became extremely adept at avoiding sex. My 1st ex used to tell me “Come on hon – remember – I get it once a month whether I need it or not”.

    I wonder how you fellows would feel if you lost the ability to enjoy sex for a quarter of a century? Even more, the thought of it scared the hell out of you and made you physically ill?

    Consider Jay’s statement: “if a rape left a dead vagina on the ground it would be different.”

    Well, Jay. I do believe one of those lying there is mine.

    The rapist took a lot more than my virginity that day.

    The good news is that I took my life back. It started the day that I learned that the rapist had been murdered in prison.

    It continued with the revelations from my friends – I no longer felt so alone.

    I’m in a normal relationship now – have been for the last 7 years. I must say the sex is amazing, too.

    I will tell you fellows this much – I will NEVER report a rape, so you don’t have to worry about this “lying woman” doing any false reporting.

    I will hunt the no good bastard down, torture him, then kill him.

    I promise!

    • I’m very sorry about what happened to you Blurry. I think everyone faces ridicule in public schools at some point in time, but what you endured exceeds anything that anyone should ever experience.

      People write checks with their actions, and that prick that did that to you definitely cashed out. I understand what a relief that was in a different context because after growing up without a father (and fostering extreme resentment which affected my life in multitudes of ways), he died from a degenerative brain disease and ALL of the animosity and resentment in my soul was relieved almost immediately. I hadn’t seen him in 18 years, but I found myself cleaning out his belongings from his brother’s house. The woman he left my mother for emptied his bank account and abandoned him when he first fell ill. He died alone, the same way he left all of his children.

      I’m not sure why you would be shocked by my views of the situation regarding Biurny, though? You did address me in your reply. It’s not that I don’t trust women, I don’t trust anybody anymore. You can easily see by my other posts that I am sensitive to victims of sexual abuse regardless of my trust issues. Those trust issues were created by real situations, and the same low-self-esteem-self-hatred thing can be caused in the hearts and minds of someone who’s ONLY been lied to or cheated on. In my situation, I did nothing wrong/everything right, and still became a victim. She screwed my cousin, one of my friends, complete strangers like anyone who would pay her bar tab. Even a worthless tri-lingual illiterate Brazilian immigrant that gave her (and thus me) a lovely disease. Hell, I even got blamed for it because of her insecurity and selfishness. She would look me in the eye and lie right to my face without conscience. Everyone in her family is still trying to reach out to me because they know a) how bad she screwed up, b) that I was nothing but honest and generous in their lives for 11 years and spent every holiday with them c) that she’ll never do better. IMO, any contact with any of them is harmful to me because they knew it was going on, and didn’t say/do anything about it or even warn me.

      At the same time this was going on, my mother did the same thing to my stepfather (as what I was going through), and after 25 years, and at 68 years old, after raising 5 kids and being the dad he didn’t have to be, my stepfather is alone. That’s not the age to start over. He didn’t violate a single wedding vow. Wow, what a prize! What incentive I have… to give all I’ve got and die alone.

      I managed to find ways to forgive everyone in order to lessen my personal baggage, but it permanently changes a person. Victims of sexual and psychological abuse become prisoners of their past. I have no desire to ever be in a relationship ever again as long as I live, and that’s damage done. I will not put myself in a position where I ever rely on another human being for anything whatsoever. Especially not my family. While that might not seem important to anyone reading this, it’s a loss to some lonely lady out there somewhere, or to every woman in an abusive relationship. I’m accomplished and have so much to offer, but I’m incapable of trusting anyone ever again. That certainly lowers my quality of life for something I didn’t cause, and is the opposite of my life’s expectations from the years before these things happened to me, so I do understand and empathize with you. Like you, I believe rapists should die. But I wish the same for anyone involved in infidelity. Some people think that’s extreme, but I guarantee the world would be a better place.

      McCaffery will live with being victimized by Biurny for the rest of his life regardless of whether or not she confessed to her priest or to a judge. My lack of sympathy for her has nothing to do with misogyny. Life is self-correcting, and justice comes in many flavors. She’s a criminal, and I hope she gets mangled in general population.

    • I’m convinced it comes down to women just acting selfish. In case you forgot, men can be raped, sexually assaulted and sexually harassed too. And what is the typical response from women to such cases? Utter indifference, scorn and contempt. But the same women who express such callous disdain for male victims, expect the rest of the world to stop spinning for female victims. A typical double standard the feminists dare not talk about. The fact is, I don’t see such hysteria like making a rape or sexual assault front page news when males are victims, and it’s because females by nature are selfish and demand special rights and special privileges and special treatment and think the rest of the world was made to revolve around just them.

  19. I would guess that about 25% of rape allegations are false. To all the woman who claim that rape is terrible; try sitting in a prison cell for five years, or so for something that you did not do. I guaranttee that experience will haunt you for the rest of your life. An unlike a rapist, those responsible will never take responsibility – the lying filthy bitch, the cops (pigs), prosecutor nor the judge. While the falsly accused struggles to get on with his life, the pigs, prosecutor, and judge will continue to get paid, build up their retirement accounts and move on to a compfy retirement, while looking at the falsely accussed and complaining as to why he is looking for the system to compensate them for his misery. This is why when misery comes to cops, i.e., the four pigs that got offed in Washington, I have little sympothy, other than to say – throw the pigs in the ground and take a leak on their graves – filty lying hogs.

    • I actually genuinely want to hurt you, I really do. There are so many things I could say right here, but let’s go with: why would you think cops are pigs? Because they are human and therefore some of them are assholes…?

      • I was taken off guard by the “women claim rape is terrible” bit myself.
        But then it just degenerated into total insane nonsense.

        • Yeah, my favorite part was the comparison of getting raped to sitting in jail for 5 years. Apparently they’re comparable. You know, getting your pants and underwear violently ripped off in a dark alley and having a stranger force himself inside of you, possibly impregnating you, OR sit in an air conditioned cell, getting 3 meals a day and exercize. Tough one. Real tough.

  20. Well i will put my two cents in. I got falsely accused of rape by 3 BEST friends. I had sex with one, she even called her friend afterwards and chatted on her phone. She wasn’t drunk but had a boyfriend. Who found out we had sex.

    2nd one i went over to her house, her little sister and 2 friends were sleeping on the living room floor (where we were sitting) Yet in her disposition, she said i was chasing her around her living room and her sister lied on the stand saying they (the 3 kids) were sleeping down stairs. My only win there was, HER witness, a guy, said he saw me pull up in her driveway, and he left her and HER SISTER and 2 freinds in the living room.

    The 3rd girl said I tried to kiss her and she didnt’ want me to. (i got nailed for that, cause i seriously couldn’t remember kissing that particular girl that summer, cause it was my first summer with my new sports car and was tagging a TON of girls.) And i was drunk and having fun most of that summer.

    Gee, think the 3rd was was telling the truth either? LOL

    So, here are 3 best friends, pissed at me, cause they found out they were not the “special” ones in my life, and found out about my many other girls I had been with that summer.

    They wanted revenge

    I got arrested, name trashed in my home town, and after 5 years of going to court and back. I was proven absolutely not guilty on 2 and my lawyer told me to lie on the stand about the 3rd and that kiss. But i was a moron and believed in the judicial system. I told teh truth. I couldn’t remember. I got charged with sexual assualt, had to pay 1k and 1 year probation.

    For what? Cause 3 girls got pissed, lied to get me royally fucked. And you know why ultimately why they did it. Because even if they got caught lying, NOTHING would happen to them.

    So now this small blog has 3 guys with false claims. I guess we must be those 2 percenter’s those womens group claim.

    Be damned if a women is scared to come forward with rape, because if she’s caught lying she will be put in prison. That’s bullshit and a cop out so those liars don’t get charged. IF YOU REALLY WERE RAPED, YOU HAVE EVIDENCE AND YOU HAVE NO FEAR OF BEING FOUND A LIAR.

    For the rest of the liars. You all deserve jail time.
    I AM A VICTIM. MY CIVIL LIBERTIES have been taken away. Can a rape victim say the same thing?

    I needed a pardon just to go on vacation. I can’t own a gun to protect my family. I have a stigma of being a “sexual assault” criminal. I can’t work with children or old people. so volunteer work is out.

    All i can say is “fuck you, you women’s libbers” you truly are despicable. Do i sound angry, damn right I am.

  21. “cause it was my first summer with my new sports car and was tagging a TON of girls.”


    Actually, the civil liberties of a rape victim have been taken away. Liberty, for one, pursuit of happiness, perhaps?

    Statistically speaking, it’s far more likely that men falsely accused of rape are going to post on this blog than men who actually raped, so whatever percentage the false accusations might be, yes, the three posters might be part of it.

    “fuck you, you women’s libbers” is not exactly a statement that will bring you sympathy. It is the fault of the equalists that you have obnoxious girl friends? You didn’t even put the blame on the extreme feminists, which are the only logical slight connection.

    While I think false accusations should be crimes in themselves, and prosecuted as such, you’re not a great ambassador for your story.

    (pauses to laugh again at your claimed sports-car exploits)

    • Well claimed sports car exploits or not. I like telling the truth and let others decide what is right and wrong. Of course everyone see’s thier way as right. But if I tell the story exactly how it went down. Ether I look bad or good. It will give an honest approach to me growing as a person.

      Cant’ learn anything if you slant your life to always side with you.

      Ps, i have every right to be very pissed at all womens libers. I am not looking for sympathy. But the point of my story was to show that 2% claim is bullshit.

      • I can play this with you, at 4-5 I had a babysitter who repeatedly molested me I would try and hide and was physically hunted down, I would cry and he would punch me in the chest I told me father and he called me a whore and beat me up. At 8-9 my fucking principle brought me into his office and tried to molest me I started screaming and crying hysterically and it brought help, the next year he was fired for being a pedo (fired and covered up not sent to jail as the press would have been bad for the school) the last time I was 10 and was so severe that for a week my mind broke from reality until my mother came home from a business trip and suddenly I snapped back, I can barely remember anything except his hands, and to this day I have an idea of who it was but I really don’t want to have that confirmed because it’s sick as hell. I have every right to hate men, but I don’t. You however, you can suck it for all this woman hating bullshit.

        • correction, babysitters son about 13 (found out later he was being raped by his mothers bf) also please don’t take this as a bashing of babysitters because that one was very brief and after that we had an amazing one that took care of us for years and whom I absolutely love and think about.

        • I didnt’ say all women, moron. I said ALL WOMENS LIBERS. you know, the women that truly believe a women can do everything a man can do.

          That’s a fucking farce and everyone with a grain of integrity and honestly knows it.

          Men cant’ do everything a women can do. But you dont’ see us starting support groups, trying to convince everyone we can, and try to hang women now do you? We just accept it. It doesn’t mean we are lesser person, or less than a women.

          Why the fuck do women believe they have to try and force people to believe they can do anything a man can do. Because if they do not, it makes them feel less of a human being or woman. Thats’ fucked up.

          The real reason, cause women’s libbers are all sick in the head, that’s why. Inferiority complex, brought on by themselves.

        • Wow. Tell us how you really feel. And don’t hold back. And disregard that it is spelled “woman” for the singular and “women” for the plural.

        • Your’re RIGHT, 3 Men! I CAN’T do everything a man can do. No matter how hard I try, I will NEVER be able to effectively pee standing up.

        • During my flight into Iraq, I had to use the bathroom in a C-130. Guess what? No bathrooms. What they have is a coffee can for women and a mesh covered sieve-type hole that allows the urine to be released outside the aircraft. It’s half up the wall, a good 3 feet. I thought it was disgusting that they wanted me to pee in a coffee can, I didn’t want the flight crew to see my pee for some reason. I could tell there was alot of palletts and gear strapped near that wall so I asked if I could use the wall potty. The flight crew looked at me like I was crazy and said a woman had never used it but knock myself out if I wanted. So I closed a curtain, using the pallets and the wall I wedged myself up to the right height and successfully peed out the side of the freakin’ C-130. I was so proud. Haha! I would have felt pretty accomplished the whole day if weren’t for the fact that I was the only one to lose my lunch on the tactical descent. (The plane spins and zig zags as it lands to make a more difficult target). So it was a draw…

  22. This woman was sentenced to 1 to 3 years in prison, why didn’t she have to serve the same 20 years that he was about to have to stand? Had they not proved he did not do it he probably would be in jail for the remainder of time. What if he had a Wife, who may have left him remarried, kids who never would speak to him again, lost his job of course, friends lost, not to mention rumors say guys in prison tend to rape the rapist. Nightmares, sleeping with one eye open in jail because everyday his life is in jeopardy. I have a wife, mother, aunts, and a sister and i will kill for each one so I would never want any of them to ever go through a rape ordeal. And i also have a Dad, uncles and brothers and if they were falsely accused I would kill for them too, so If I got my hands onthe lying bitch whose knows how I would react. Is one worse than the other no. but is the punishment the same no way, thats why these guys on this sight are pissed. Don’t down play the case by saying that most rapist are not convicted if this was a smart writer she would agree that even 1 injustice is 1 injustice to many. But she wanna focus on someone calling for the man who calling for double jeopardy, or third party when obviously they are angry comments. I will say it like this When she took his life away, she might as well have been raping him everyday for those 6 years because every day thats how he felt. the author of this article should be crucifying this lady asking for more time because after reading about this it will be a doubt in my head as male! Sorry

  23. So, this author has no better use of time than to sling around the word misogynist? What a seriously pseudointellectual evaluation that is. The fact is that the terms “bitch” and “cunt” do apply to such evil people, and they should be used with impunity. Double jeopardy also applies, and is perfectly legal. I defy you to prove otherwise. You cannot. If you’ve got a problem with men who are angry at this inexcusable crap that is excused by society and rationalized about by the feminists who want to call gender bigotry (irony?) at the drop of a hat, then it is just that: you having a problem. There is no excuse for female manipulation of what is already very excessive privilege, and the fact that this sort of thing happens routinely is disgusting and chauvinist beyond any kind of male behavior, and I am fed up with it, so don’t you dare make excuses.

    Don’t you even think about it. If you bled for free speech and then sat in a jail cell for being the wrong gender after you fought for the United States of America, then we’ll talk.

    If you would sully how much hatred sick liars deserve when they take advantage of the “Justice” System, then obviously you have no idea.

    Apparently you also have no idea that the majority of rape (all violent crime, actually) victims are male, too. Quite the cherry on top of the disaster that is. And we can’t identify that feminism is evil?

    “When a man is falsely accused of rape, he can sometimes benefit from the experience.” Spoken like a true bigot. The irony is that, since this man is innocent, he will be raped. Many times.

    And you won’t care.

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