Megan Fox is an Ungrateful Bitch


Megan Fox is at it again, running her mouth and saying absurd, annoying and ungrateful things. A few weeks ago, she was telling reporters that women hated her because they were insanely jealous of her confidence. A few weeks before that, she was saying that had to be “careful” as to how she runs her life now that she’s a sex symbol. As if that wasn’t enough to make you want to gouge out her eyes with her clubbed thumbs, now she’s being rude and thankless to THE DIRECTOR WHO MADE HER FAMOUS, Michael Bay.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Megan said:

“I mean, I can’t s— on this movie [Transformers] because it did give me a career and open all these doors for me. But I don’t want to blow smoke up people’s a–. People are well aware that this is not a movie about acting.”

And yet, shit on this movie you did, you arrogant asswipe. I’m no Transformers fan but if someone deigned to select ME from hundreds of other gorgeous actresses to play a love interest role that catapulted me to fame, I would be praising the movie up and down and printing Transformers tshirts on Café Press like it was going out of style. Seriously, how ungrateful can you be?

It’s nice to see that Michael Bay is not rolling over and taking Megan’s asinine comments. He told The Wall Street Journal:

“Well, that’s Megan Fox for you…She says some very ridiculous things because she’s 23 years old and she still has a lot of growing to do.

“You roll your eyes when you see statements like that and think, ‘Okay Megan, you can do whatever you want. I got it.’”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Megan does say very ridiculous things all the time. It’s charitable of Bay to attribute her ignorance to her age, but I suspect she’s just genetic jerk. She’s probably always relied on her looks to get her through life – and now that she has the slight nosejob and implants, she is the hottest thing EVER and so she can do or say anything that she wants because people are rendered powerless in the face of such beauty. Megan is just another incarnation of Lindsay Lohan: bratty, entitled, disrespectful. Lindsay was also publicly scolded (remember Jane Fonda’s note to her regarding her Georgie Rule behavior?) and I have a feeling that the fate of Megan’s career will be similar to that of Lindsay’s. If Megan keeps up her shitty attitude and her loose cannon interviews, nobody will work with her, and in 15 years she’ll make an appearance on a VH1 “Where Are They Now?” show looked bloated, ill and defeated by life. I, for one, look forward to that blessed day.

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109 thoughts on “Megan Fox is an Ungrateful Bitch

  1. “People are well aware that this is not a movie about acting”

    Is that really an insult to a franchise built on giant robots which are also cool cars which punch and shoot each other? Michael Bay doesn’t make movies about acting, doesn’t everyone realize this by now? Do you watch Armageddon and get swept up in the performance?

        • I love watching stuff blow up too, (hell, it’s been my job to blow up stuff for the last 7 years), but I don’t like badly made movies…unless they have camp value.

    • I agree. Transformers definitely is not about the “acting”

      And I have to say that I do not agree with Marin. When Lindsay got her scolding by Jane Fonda and the producer or Georgia Rule hadn’t she already been hospitalised twice and been in rehab already. Yes, Megan has no internal silence key but to compare her to the fuck-up, Lindsay?

      That’s stretching it. She’s always professional and there have been no stories about her showing up late to jobs and interviews cranked out of her mind.

  2. I think I have to disagree with regards to her EW interview. Okay, so she doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut, but is she really wrong? Transformers just ISN’T a movie that’s acting-focused. It’s a good-time popcorn eye candy summer movie. This is a Michael Bay movie we’re talking about here!

    Sure, it was super unprofessional and in time, maybe she’ll learn. But I don’t think her opinion sounds ungrateful…and honestly, it seems quite petty and catty to assume that she’s relied on her looks to get through life.

        • use the little search box. it’s when she said that women hate her for her looks or whatever. and then this author ends with “nobody will work with her, and in 15 years she’ll make an appearance on a VH1 “Where Are They Now?” show looked bloated, ill and defeated by life. I, for one, look forward to that blessed day.” as well as “She’s probably always relied on her looks to get her through life – and now that she has the slight nosejob and implants, she is the hottest thing EVER and so she can do or say anything that she wants because people are rendered powerless in the face of such beauty.”

          it just made me laugh

  3. Hold me back. I wanna knock this bitch out – she needs to just stfu. Also, a far cry from La Lohan if you ask me. At least, at 23(happy birthday homegirl!) LL has toned down. LL was always too busy doing coke lines to even speak coherently, let alone be disrespectful.

    • OOO girl me to she complained when Michael Bay wanted every one to tour egypt or whatever i want to smack the shit out of her and no it has nothing to do with he confidence it has everything to do with her just breathing the same air

  4. The point is not that she insulted the intellectual integrity of a movie about giant robots, it’s that she’s only on the celebrity map because of said Transformers movie. She doesn’t have the star power or the credibility to be trashing the movie that gave her her start. If she was saying these things after several critically acclaimed non-Bay movies and a few award nominations, people would be less inclined to take her to task for it. But until then, she should just be glad anyone is even asking her to give interviews.

    • Substance matters not. You don’t badmouth your own movie if you want people to work with you. If she wanted to do that, she should have become a movie critic. UNPROFESSIONAL.

  5. Megan Fox an ungrateful bitch? Maybe, maybe not…she is, however, an honest one in this regard. The Transformers movies are effects heavy and talent light. Bad acting, shitty writing, and Michael Bay’s reliance on toilet humor and cliched action (at total odds with his HUGELY overblown opinion of himself) permeate them.

    Some people may think it wrong for her to speak ill of the franchise that got her a start, but I disagree. If the movies suck (and believe me, they do…parts of them may still be enjoyable, but they are bad movies), she is well within her rights in calling them out.

    • YOur shitting me right if my ass is making a million dollars on a movie lik ethis no matter what it is about i’ll love it to death she didn’t have to take the fucking rolll but she did and that was a bad mistake but she should have stopped agreeing to be in the “shitty” movies cause guess what that dumb fucking bitch agreed to be in the THIRD transformers and bad movies you and that dumb ass are the only two that agree

  6. Ungrateful? No. Honest? Yes. If anything, she is knocking herself and not the movie.

    I have to agree with the other poster that stated it sounded like the person that wrote this article is jealous of Meagan’s youth and beauty. Hell, when I was 23, not only did I say stupid stuff, I did stupid stuff!!

    Even though as a rule, I get totally annoyed when attractive women claim other women don’t like them because they are jealous of them, at the end of the day it is TRUE! Not to toot my horn, I swear I am not conceited, but I cannot tell you the number of women who have told me that they used to HATE me because I was tall and pretty. My best friend hated me our whole freshman year of college, she would call me Florida Barbie to our other friends. Finally, I forced her to spend time with me and get to know me. We have been best friends, true soul mates, ever since the end of our freshman year (15 years ago). She finally admitted why she used to hate me– she admitted she was jealous of the way I looked and didn’t even want to get to know me.

    I have NEVER understood why women are SO judgmental!!!!

    • Did it ever occur to you that some of those woman where joking but if they did hate you it could be because you sound immature judging from how you assume that the reason why a woman doesn’t like another woman who happens to be attractive is because of jealously. Every woman in the world has someone who doesn’t like them, just not the beautiful ones.

      BTW, if your “best friend” hated you, she wasn’t your best friend. She just tolerated you for whatever reason.

  7. i hate her. honestly, i’m the first person to dislike how catty women are i equally cant stand women who are self-righteous because of their looks. hey so u lucked out in the gene pool and now u’ve had some minor surgeries done. thats wonderful. but the fact that she thinks she can shit on anyone and everything because of this is nauseating. and lets not pretend she doesnt, cause she does, allllll the time. i think she needs a very liberal dosage of humility.

  8. I may be the only confident woman in the world, but I’m going to venture and say that I absolutely love her. Yes, she is ridiculous. Yes, she is outspoken. Yes, she is cocky and confident. I love her. She is honest and doesn’t hold anything back just because she’s famous.

    Who knew that she would catapult into fame as she has? No one! Especially not her. She didn’t ask for it, nor did she know how famous Transformers would make her. She shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells speaking about the movie just because it made her famous.

    She’s a hilarious, blunt, and very confident woman. I absolutely love her. I wish there were more young actresses out there like her.

    • if there where more bitches like her Hollywood and the movies wouldn’t exist the bitch can’t fucking act honest yeah whatever i chalk it up to her being a dumb fuck hilarious not so much what you think is funny she thinks is schrizophrenia she’s dumb god bless hollywood for not letting more dumb ass in

      • Ami, you have honestly made some of the dumbest internet comments I have ever seen. (And I’ve read a few Youtube comments in my time)
        Let me help you with your grammar.
        ‘if there where more bitches like her Hollywood and the movies wouldn’t exist the bitch can’t fucking act honest yeah whatever i chalk it up to her being a dumb fuck hilarious not so much what you think is funny she thinks is schrizophrenia she’s dumb god bless hollywood for not letting more dumb ass in’
        First of all, I think you mean to use ‘were’ not ‘where’. Secondly, I think you left out some punctuation. (Periods and commas have a purpose, you know.) Thirdly schrizophrenia isn’t a word. Schizophrenia is. Fourthly, if you believe that Hollywood movies are top-notch, I really think you need to re-evaluate your tastes.

  9. I am a huge non-fan of Megan Fox for the things she says, but for the sake of everyone else, I’ll keep it relevant to this article…

    I find this incredibly unprofessional. I once made a comment on my facebook page about my job (literally, all it said was, “this place isn’t bad, but retail sucks), and my manager told me I had better remove it before the district manager saw it since I was up for promotion and they check on things like that. (sorry, that was a really long sentence).

    I also see magazine articles targeted to women who don’t have jobs, and the interview tips are always along the lines of “Don’t bash your former employers.”

    Just because she is famous for being hot doesn’t mean she can’t have some common sense about not burning bridges. I know Michael Bay makes movies targeted to guys that are full of bad acting and things blowing up. That doesn’t mean you get to bash them publicly if that’s what gave you your big break.

    And I’m 23. Older than her by 2 months. She can’t use that as an excuse, because she is old enough to know better. I am, and I’m not famous.

    Anyway, rant over. Happy 4th, everyone. :)

  10. Hey now. I don’t like Megan Fox at all. I agree she acts entitled, bitchy, and ungrateful, but let’s not compare Lindsay Lohan and her.
    If you remember, Lindsay did some difficult roles like playing two twins when she was only 11, in Parent Trap, and despite the tabloids and alcoholism and such, Lindsay is actually a talented actress.
    Megan is just a supposedly “hot” “actress” with no talent and a bitchy attitude.
    Say crap about her all you want, but don’t act like Lindsay has no talent when she does.

    • I agree. But I think Lindsay has thrown it away and it’s a shame. Megan on the other hand, I can’t stand. I can’t stand any women who feels all ‘self-righteous’ and shit because they got lucky in the gene pool. And if her looks are the only reason she’s confident (not because of her ‘talents’, say) then she is going to have a hard time when she starts to lose them.

  11. I didn’t realize she was that famous. I dozed off during the first transformers movie (after I turned it waaay down). She may be attractive, but she sure is dumb. Its stupid women like this Megan Fox (even her name is stupid) that make all men think attractive women are dumb. I hate when dumb women think they are being smart when they speak and nothing but drivel comes out. She sucks and probably sucked *&$* to get in a movie role anyways. No talent, loose lips sink ships – she is too dumb to ever realize it. I also look forward to washed up future reality star. Don’t think it will take 10 years to get there tho. I hope she never gets a “real” acting role, dumb turd head.

  12. Meh. I am going to say everything she says about Transformers is true, first off. The movie is 75% explosions, 25% various pg-13 rated boob shots. Megan Fox’s character could have been played by, well, a cardboard cutout of Megan Fox for the same general effect.

    And while her other statement may not have been the most prudent, I can see where she gets these ideas. I mean, people rave on about how hot she is, then she starts being more than ‘that chick in Transformers’ and all of a sudden, she’s ‘like totally not even that pretty’ and ‘she has a weird thumb’ and ‘we need to make blogs ranting endlessly on how much Megan Fox totally sucks.’ Really, in most cases, making an entire news bit about Megan Fox’s club thumb and reveling happily in the fact that she (GASP!) has an imperfection comes off as jealous. If she was anyone other than Megan Fox, everyone would agree.

  13. I’m going to have to go against the grain and say she’s a hot bitch and everything she’s said is totally true. Other girls ARE jealous of her because of how hot she is. Transformers was a fucking Michael Bay movie, for god’s sake.

    Not all women, certainly, but a lot of them.

    • Jeremy your a guy you know shit about what women think so let me enlighten you women hate that dumb fucking snotty bitches like her get the attention they don’t deserve men only like her cause she’ll give your ass head and if she gives me head i’ll love her too

  14. okay… C’MON!
    the statement “micheal bay’s films are not about acting”
    is just… true. it’s completely TRUE! she’s gutsy enough to speak the truth
    which is… admirable.
    i like her “i do what the fuck i want” attitude.
    i am jealous of her appearance, how could you not be?
    it is what it is.
    you can knock her but like… you’re in denial if you do!

    • AHH really? no shit it’s not about acting is it a damn crime now if the actors aren’t the center of attention and that do what the fuck i want attitude won’t get you very far there are several examples of that shit in hollywood right fucking now Lindsey lohan paris hilton and used to be britney spears til she got her shit together and am i jealous of that bitches appearance yeah if if i wanted a unibrow and a mustache shit how that for “i do what the fuck i want attitude”

  15. ‘Megan Fox’ (got to be stage name) is an adolescent prat. I watched her in Transformers 1 and (recently) 2 just to get an idea of where she’s at. Not a patch on Angelina – for all her flaws – Jolie. That woman has too much raw beauty/sexuality/charisma. It’s genetic. Megan, by comparison, is – well, just a girl. OK, I do need to be fair. Megan’s ten years younger. She will mature. She may, eventually, become a fine action films actor.
    Meantime, forget the comparisons.

  16. Megan Fox spoke the truth. Anybody with half a brain knows that Transformers was about robots and boobies, and she more than willingly provided half of that magic formula.

    She’s already sold out by being in a shitty movie, why should she have to sell out even more by pretending it’s ART?

    • listen shithead, that movie was not just about that, you know how many people in the fucking movie theaters wanted to cry when optimus died, enough to say that the movie wasn’t just about that shit, and even if a movie wasn’t about acting so what i know a lot of movies that have a just a main focus on the acting and they were horrible i mean look at watchmen for example, all about acting but it was complete fucking garbge and tell me i’m wrong about that, and i know a lot of you like to argue that, that movie (watchmen), was just about special effects, i saw more male nudity in that movie then special effects, why do you think all the people walked out on it, but like i was saying in a movie, sometimes, no most of the time if it’s all about acting, it makes for a boring movie

  17. I think she’s pretty but when I read an article about what she said to the director and all I lost all respect…. Just because she’s pretty does not give her the right to be a snobby Bitch.

    • a lot of people think that it does especially men nowadays, that why i thank god everyday i was born with more than half a brain

      • Ugh god I know my boyfriend and his friends are obbsessed with girls like her… I just laugh cuz they’ll never get her :]

  18. I really think you all are just jealous of her. Who cares what she says? Her purpose is entertainment. People LOVE to watch her. If she puts you in such a bad mood enough to make a blog post and rant about her, why even think about her. You are just making her more famous. And to say she is ONLY famous because of Transformers? 1) She has been here and there in the industry 2) You really think no one would ever find her? AND She does not think she is Angelina Jolie, she has even said she isn’t like her and said she would be embarrassed to even meet Angelina. If it pisses you off, move on. Jesus, where is the love people? You are all so hateful especially to someone who has no bearing or effect at all on your life.

    • i agree with you but like i said in my post people wouldn’t even give 2 shits about her if she wasn’t this world’s classification of hot, and as for the Angelina Jolie thing she said that she is hotter then Angelina Jolie but i think they look like twins

    • We are not all jealous of Megan Fox. Honestly, I’m neutral. I watch Transformers, and I don’t think about her again until I watch another movie she happens to be in. Same with all actors in general. Her beauty is no big deal. It will fade, life will go on. And believe it or not there are other beautiful women out there. A lot way more beautiful than her. (Yes, peope! It’s possible!) She’s just one you can pop into the DVD player (Blu-Ray, what have you).

      Kayla…if you read this…you said this article was funny…no laughter…just boredom

      • Charlotte is not saying EVERYONE is jealous of her.. She is saying that people that talk trash about her for no apparent reason are most likely jealous. For what reasons I don’t know. I am also neutral on the whole situation. I could care less what she says. I just think it’s completely stupid that everyone attacks this chick because she says one thing about a movie. And it happens to be true. But when other actors/actresses that the media like say stupid things or do stupid things the media some how justifies it. I would love to see the E channel just dissapear one day, along with all the stupid blogs like perrez hilton.

  19. i agree she is an ungrateful bitch but hey that’s thanks to the mindset that her beauty is what boosted her career and not this movie, and you know she thinks a lot about how hot she he is because look at the whole Angelina Jolie thing, most people if they were told they looked like her would take it as a compliment but Megan and all her uptight bitchiness thought it was an insult and in my eyes they look like fucking twins, and why the fuck do you people keep saying that Michael bay’s movies are not about acting, i’d say they are all about acting, like in Armageddon you guys are saying that is a strictly special effects and no acting whatsoever movie and i strongly disagree i was paying more attention to the acting and the comedy more than the big asteroid in that movie so you can kiss my ass, and to the other half of you that keep saying “oh Megan’s right all the way” if you guys stop thinking she’s hot and just discard that issue for a minute i bet you wouldn’t give a fuck what she thinks, hell i even bet you wouldn’t even give 2 shits about this post and go ahead and tell me i’m wrong

  20. Megan Fox is a bitch and her arrogance makes her ugly. she is acting like a spoiled little girl. I wasn’t saying stupid rude things like that 6 years ago when I was 23. She needs therapy! I agree with this author completely after seeing horrible interview after interview. Bitch needs a reality check

  21. Since when did being honest and straight forward make you a bitch? That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Everyone knows that Transformers is not a movie you go see for the acting. By the time I walked out of that movie I was brain dead and all I could see was Megan Fox running through the desert, and random explosions and robots.. Seriously, who cares. No one here knows her in real life so to say these things is very judgmental. How can any of you know what she is like if you have never even seen her except on a TV screen… Honestly, I hate people that write these stupid articles. All you people do is take almost EVERYTHING anyone says out of proportion. Just like when she said she supports the legalization of Cannabis. Everyone blew it WAY out of proportion, and next thing you know everyone is saying “Megan Fox supports recreational drug use” which isn’t the case. So she speaks her mind. So what? It’s better than most actors who are all fake and bullshit. At least she is being herself unlike 90% of America…

    • So, according to you, nobody can judge someone they’ve never met in person?

      Boy, that Kim Jong Il, he comes across like such an asshole, but I bet he’s just a big ol’ teddy bear when you get to know him.

      • Umm that comparison was the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You are trying to compare a dictator to a 23 year old female American actor who made an honest comment about a movie… Yeah I see the similarities… Ohh, and please tell me where I said “no one can judge anyone they don’t know”.. I said that it is ridiculous that these rumors about her being a bitch are all started because she made a comment about a movie. Ohh and the comment wasn’t even a bad one. It was a truthful comment. And Kim Jong Ill shouldn’t be judged either, even though he is a fuck tard dictator… But I know for a fact he tests nuclear weapons, OHH and he’s a dictator… And Megan Fox is an actress. . . Great comparison.

        • No, it’s actually hard to know anything about someones character when you take one quote out of context. The only thing people really know about her is what they get from interviews, and the TV screen. And 75% of the time, those interviews are taken out of context so they can get ratings… You don’t ever really hear of her doing stupid stuff like other actresses her age do, so I think she is doing fine. She isn’t stupid, and really isn’t an attention whore like other A list females her age. I’m not saying she should be a role model for little girls, but you get where I’m going. She’s not pulling a Lindsay Lohan. . . But whatever I guess everyone has their opinions…

        • no she is comparing a dictator to a cunt who believes that without transformers she still would of broke out into the acting scene somehow when in all truthfulness she wouldn’t have gotten anywhere, she starred in like six movies and a TV show b4 transformers and what did that do for her reputation, not jack shit, only with the help of Michael bay did she get anywhere look at all the actors Michael bay helped get on their feet, Nicholas cage, will smith, the list just goes on and on so shut your fucking mouth you douche bag

        • Carlito… Are you a fucking idiot? Can you give me one disrespectful quote that Fox said about Bay or Transformers? No you can’t. Because Transformers was NOT about acting. And I read the comment above were you said people cried when Optimus Prime died… I feel sorry for you. Optimus Prime is a CG animation you fuck tard. Not a real person. There for IT can not act. And if you cried at that, then you are a fucking douche. And How in the hell do you know what would have happened to Megan Fox’s career, had she not been in the Transformers movie? You know what you sound like? YOu sound like a Transformers fanboy who did actually cry when a fake fucking robot died. And you sound mad that Megan Fox said one thing that is true about a movie. And how in the hell did Micheal Bay help Will Smith or Nick Cage? Yeah they both did movies for him, But they were BOTH established actors before that you cum guzzling cock jockey!

    • Who ever said that she was a good actress dick hole? Do you think Micheal Bay hired her because of her skills? NO. He hired her because she is nice to look at, and men are the target audience for the transformer movies… It’s a pretty simple formula.. Very sexy chick+killer robots+lots of explosions=Lots of money. And she knows that.. Which is why i don’t know why all of you idiots are so mad about. She knows that the only reason the is popular is because of her looks.. What’s wrong with that? If she is such a bitch then why are you worried about it? You don’t live with her, you will never meet her, you will never work with her. . . It sounds to me like almost everyone who talks trash about her with nothing except one honest comment to back anything up, are just jealous. And the comment she made doesn’t even sound that bad, until people like Perez what ever his name is make a huge deal about it.

  22. This is for the authors/editors of Zelda Lily…

    In a “Room of One’s Own” Virginia Wolfe ‘describes how men socially and psychically dominate women. The argument of the book is that women are silmultaneously victims of themselves as well as victims of men and are upholders of society by acting as mirrors to men. She recognizes the social constructs that restrict women in society and uses literature to contextualize it for other women.”

    -reference: 1920′s Womens Rights Movement (Wikepedia)

    Your article asserts that Megan Fox should just be grateful, stay pretty and keep her mouth shut. Are these comments coming from the words of a true feminist or Donald Trump himself???

    For a group of ‘so-called’ feminist writers, it seems that you are ‘uplifting’ Micheal Bay, and refering to Megan Fox in a more sub-human context to the Transformers Director. Fox does not have to ‘mirror’ her perception of the movie through the eyes of Micheal Bay. She is entiltled to her own opinion…as any other woman in America!

    I have also noticed that you had negative things to say about Jessica Alba in your other articles. Another woman who is outspoken. She challenged Bill O’Reily in the WWII controversy, and has NO reputation for partying and drinking (unlike the Paris Hilton’s and Lindsay Lohans). It seems that although you may not have a problem with women who are outspoken, but you seem to have a problem with beautiful women who are outspoken…Which labels you a HATER!!!!

    • You had me til you said Alba ad anyhing worth saying—she usually says stupid things—as in literally uneducated-but-tryin-to-sound smart things. She needs to not take herself so serously,or red up on the topics she blags about.

      But I agree with a lot of this. Yeah, I think Megan Fox says lots of pointless annoying things, and seems to try really hard for my tastes. But that’s no different than 99% of Hollwood.
      As fr her saying the movie wan’t really good? Why CAN’T she say that? Career saavy? Or maybe it is, because does anyone remember a single other interview this summer from anyone else in that (admittedly shitty) movie. At last she gets points for being closer to honest than everyone else who did PR forthis film.
      And the part about not being able to wait for the day someone is less attractive DOES scream shallow insecurity.

      Oh GOD…I’m defending Megan Fox, here…

      • She never said the movie was bad. She said it wasn’t an acting movie… Which is correct. The only person that was good in that movie was Shia. All the movies she is in, she is playing the Sexy chick, that doesn’t require alot of acting. She knows she isn’t a GREAT actor. But she also knows she is very pretty. So why not exploit it. She is doing good, and making movies that aren’t shitty like most movies that come out these days so why is everyone hating on her?

        • Actually, that’s partly why I’m on her side here. Sh didn’t even say the movie WAS bad–I think ppl are just itching to hate what she says for some reason.

    • “but you seem to have a problem with beautiful women who are outspoken…Which labels you a HATER!!!!”

      Angelina Jolie is a beautiful, outspoken woman who is intelligent. I have no problem with her.
      I would love for Megan Fox to stop saying stupid shit that perpetuates the idea that all she has to offer is sex appeal. I would gladly jump on the “Hey! She isn’t a dumb ass anymore” bandwagon.

      • Please THINK first and then comment LATER!

        Angelina was not considered intelligent or outspoken until she approached her late twenties. This was when she took her first 18 day mission to Sierra Leone and Tanzania, and was named UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador on August 27, 2001. What were her comments around the early stages of her career (roughly around Megan Fox’s age)?

        1. ” I am a punk kid with tatoos”
        2. ” I collected knives and always had certain things around.”

        …May I also add that she carried a vile of blood from Billy Bob Thornton around her neck.

        The craziest thing to come out of Megan Fox’s mouth? Attacking Micheal Bay, on what EVERYONE would agree on…A Robot movie that had very little to do with acting.

        As for Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox, I love and respect them, both..But let’s not forget who Angelina was before she became involved in third world politics!

        I think you are a HATER! Why? Because judging by your comments, I can tell that you’re very young, and clearly not well informed. Another reason? You’re probably around Megan’s age. And while Angelina does not pose a threat because she is older, Megan sure poses a threat to you!

        • Wow. You are so, so wrong. I’m 35, for one. I’m not at all threatened by Megan Fox. I’ve been a hot 23 year old. I was an intelligent, hot 23 year old. Men may have flocked to me for my looks, but they stayed because of my brain.
          Nobody ever walked away from an encounter with me thinking all I had to offer was good looks.

          I’ve never thought Angelina was stupid. Ever. I thought she was a bit of a freak, but that kind of thing doesn’t bother me. In fact, I assume she’s still a freak. I never paid attention to whether or not everybody else thought she was smart, because my opinions are not spoon fed to me by the media.
          I realize that she’s got a Mother Teresa image now because of her work with refugees, but that’s got nothing at all to do with how intelligent she sounded before she started working with the UN.

          Megan Fox bothers me because I don’t think the world needs another very vocal woman who plays off her looks without offering up anything intelligent.
          Do you know how hard it is to be taken seriously when you’re a hot chick? She’s not making it any easier for the rest of us by perpetuating the stereotype.
          That’s a large part of the reason I’d welcome a shift towards intelligence on her part. It would be great to have another beautiful woman saying smart things and working to change the popular opinion that pretty girls are dumb.
          In fact, my negative feelings towards Megan Fox have everything to do with being a feminist and nothing at all to do with feeling threatened by a beautiful 23 year old girl.

        • Alzaetia, what you just said was a very air headed thing to say, which is why most people are hating on Fox. She says she is hot, everyone thinks she is self absorbed and automatically thinks she is stupid. Please tell me why she is stupid, and then give me some proof of her stupidity. I don’t understand why people think she is uneducated.. Wait a minute! Yes I do! It’s because people like you make her out to be. you don’t know her, so how do you know if she is ignorant. Out of context comments are the only reason people think she is stupid.

      • I am around Angelina Jolie’s age. Trust me, I know!

        I can also remember how ‘catty’ women behaved in their twenties. I may be a bit older than you…But I can ‘smell’ a hater from 10 miles away! Trying to make Megan Fox appear “dumb’ and ‘unintelligent’ because you may feel that ‘intelligence’ is the one trait that you have over her? Judging by the way you present your comments, I beg to differ!

      • I am also a Feminist, which is why I feel the need to defend Megan Fox. You have to understand that in Hollywood, women who are beautiful are pre-labeled ‘bimbos.’ Trust me, their comments will always be taken out of context. Did you know that Megan Fox does not party, rarely drinks, and has been with Brian Austin Green (the same man) for 4 years? She is also a self-proclaimed homebody, who assumes the role of Step-mom to Brian Green’s young son, and sits at home with their 12 pets all day! But the media does not capture that side of her…Why? Because they feel that Megan Fox’s ‘real’ boring life’ will not sell magazines. So instead they choose to market her looks, and take her words out of context to ‘pre-label’ her a bimbo!
        She made an honest opinion. Which I think, is pretty factual. But what does the title of this article reads. “Megan Fox is an Ungrateful Bitch.” Come on !

        • I totally understand that it’s not just Hollywood that views pretty young women as bimbos. That’s sort of my entire point.
          I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I was hot at 23. I had to constantly change peoples minds about how smart I was because they saw hot girl and thought I must be stupid.
          My daughter is a very pretty girl and I shudder to think of how she’ll be perceived because of that.

          I realize that a lot of what Megan Fox says is taken out of context, but a lot of what she says is just plain stupid. And most of what she’s been saying for the past year has had everything to do with her sexuality and hotness. We know she’s hot, we have eyes! What we don’t know is what else, if anything, is rattling around in that head of hers.

          I don’t think that the statements she made about Transformer’s were inaccurate and I do think the title of this article was extremely bitchy. But in all honesty, it’s not smart to alienate everybody in your chosen profession before you’ve earned enough respect to withstand the backlash.

        • aphrodite, so because you’re a feminist you feel the need to defend megan fox? why – because she’s a woman? because she doesn’t party, drink and has been with the same man for more than a minute? so what? there are millions of girls like her all over america. let’s be real: megan is a pretty young woman with minimal talent who knows that the more outrageous she is the more she will stay in the media. she chososes to market her looks, and the media is happy to oblige. she talks about alot of shit she has no clue about simply for the shock value (mental illness! cutting! bisexuality!) and when she gets criticized by women she pulls out the old patriarchal card of “women don’t like me” meaning the rest of us are fat, old and ugly and we are threatned by her. that is the same excuse rush limbaugh pulled out for women who didn’t like sarah palin. you are certainly allowed to like her or not, but i don’t think it is based on whether or not one is feminist. i actually have no real opinion on her as i’m assuming she will fade away in a year or so when people get tired of her.

      • Thanks for the insight…and I apologize for any negative comments or prejudgements that I made towards you. Interesting debate!

  23. We have to also understand this brilliant capitalist machine called “Free Marketing.” The interviews hit the internet before the magazines hit the newstands. “Negativity” is widely publicized, the viewers/readers get a biased perception of the actress, and the magazine sells a million issues!

    FYI: Angelina Jolie may have only ‘appeared’ intelligent in interviews prior to her UN involvement because she kept her political stance private, and did not comment on anyone in Hollywood. Which in my opinion is a validated PR move…But keeping quiet does not necessarily deem a woman ‘intelligent.’

  24. To Snapdragon—

    You’re entitled to your opinion of Megan Fox. But as a Feminist, I take a firm stance on on a women’s divine right to exercise her Constitutional rights to SPEAK HER MIND! Which she clearly did in this article despite the “disrespectful title” that was attached to it. As for marketing her looks, please read my comments on “Free Marketing.” and “Capitalism.” I have said all I can say on this subject. Please feel free to comment on someone else’s comments.

    PS. Sarah Palin was chosen as VP. Megan Fox is an actress not a politician. Her comments were based on a movie that “everyone will AGREE on, that Transformers had very little to do with acting.” Palin, however, commented on…Lets see…nothing…because she knew basically…nothing! on Foreign Policy, Economics, and US History! I would have to say…not a strong argument on your part!

  25. aphrodite, my point is that you and limbaugh both used the same tired old cliche that if a woman criticizes an attractive woman it is because she is jealous and/or threatened. if i use your argument i could say that as a feminist i feel the need to defend sarah palin, and the only reason you don’,t like her is because she is prettier than you. same argument, different foot; still ridiculous. of course megan fox has a right to say whatever she wants, so does sarah palin but i don’t have to agree. that does not make me jealous of either of them. i will agree however that this post’s “ungrateful bitch” title is really unnecessary.

    • Snapdragon-

      You are entitled to your own opinion. But my FIRST comment was addressed to the writers of this article. I felt that Megan’s right to freedom of speech was being overshadowed by (in my opinion) a disrespectful title, “Megan is an Ungrateful Bitch.” It’s quite obvious that these ‘so-called’ feminist writers were being CATTY! If they addressed her comments as “not a brilliant PR move”, or “career suicide.’ Then maybe the premise of their argument would have been more validated.

      Rush Limbaugh would have found any excuse to defend any Republican. I am a well-educated woman, and have never defended air-heads! (not even Sarah Palin). So please do not think for a second as a Feminist, that I am on a mission to defend ALL women! Although I find Megan Fox to be extremely outspoken, nevertheless I never believed that she was ‘uneducated.’ When Megan Fox spoke on the legalization of marijuana, she was pre-labeled the “Wild Child’ and a “Crack Whore.” Bill Maher and Justin Timberlake speaks on the legalization of marijuana, label them outspoken liberals!

  26. Well all I can say is that I think that AMI is a dumb bitch. Couldn’t really care less how much of a bitch Megan Fox is, I’m just annoyed because i made the mistake of reading ami’s comments. SHE DOES NOT USE FULL STOPS ARGHHHH!!! :P

    Oh and Joshandrok thanks for making her shut up on your September 16, 2009 at 7:44 pm comment.

  27. -To Alzaetia

    Thanks for the insight…and I apologize for any negative comments or prejudgements that I made towards you. Interesting debate!

    -To Joshandrok

    Thanks for making Ami’s “ranting nonsense” irrelevant!


  29. I never liked her. From the minute I saw her in ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’, I though to myself, “This is probably her true character in reality.” And right I was, to find that she not only stole her mother’s car and shoplifted when she was younger, but she is now comparing Michael Bay to Hitler. She is a conceited, ignorant bitch and she doesn’t deserve any of the attention that she is receiving. She is also wasting her breath when she says, “Women are jealous of her confidence.” Confidence? Honey, please. She’s not the only pretty actress out there. Her looks may get her by in life, but her acting sucks, because she can’t hide the fact that she’s an overrated slut. And that’s what kills me, the fact that she is one of the biggest things out there because of her small part in Transformers. Give me a break, seriously.

    • She’s trying waayyyy hard to imitate Angelina Jolie right down to copying her dopey tats. It’s kind of pathetic that she doesn’t see how lame and foolish this makes her look.

  30. Regardless of whether she is right or not about what she said in the interview, she shouldn’t be bashing the movie that made her what she is. That’s ungrateful. You don’t see me going around and complaining about all the bad things my parents did, no matter how right I am. I have no right. They made me what I am. Same with Fox and this movie. It is ridiculous.

    • She didn’t bash anything. She said the movie wasn’t about the acting. And it’s true. She didn’t go out and say “don’t see transformers because it’s a shitty movie that is about nothing buy action and seeing me run through the desert in a skimpy shirt and tight pants”… She said that movie isn’t about the acting. That’s it. She then complained about working, which 99.9% of all people that work do.

      • Well if that were my movie I’d be pretty upset to hear it talked about in that light. Obviously as a director I would have spent a great deal of time trying to find good actors. It’s really not about what she intended it to mean, good or bad. The fact is what she said can be interpreted is different ways, including the bad way. It’s okay to express an opinion like that on a personal level, but in front of millions of fans? That’s inconsiderate and can be taken as offensive. Hence this conversation and page.

        • Micheal Bay should know his movies aren’t about acting. And just because you have good actors doesn’t mean you are going to have a movie that has good acting. And she wasn’t saying it as to mean, the movie just has terrible acting. She was saying in a sense that the movie doesn’t have MUCH acting. There is too much going on in most of Bay’s movies to have time for award winning acting scenes. That’s how all of his movies are. That’s what he is known for. Have you never heard the word “baysplosion”. I believe that phrase refers to Micheal Bay’s movies pretty much entirely relying on special effects and big explosions. . . Micheal Bay is a smart man, and he knows that men like action and explosions and very sexy women. And he knows that when he combines the very sexy Megan Fox, with big ass robots shooting the shit out of everything, he will fill the seats in the movie theater, and the shelves in movie buffs houses. . . It’s a pretty simple equation. He doesn’t give a damn what Megan Fox says, because if anything, she put the majority of men in the seats. If they would have cast Reese Witherspoon do you think that the movie would have grossed half of what it did? NO! It would have flopped. And also, it’s easy for you and me to express opinions on a personal level… That’s mainly because we aren’t A list actors/actresses. . . That was her personal opinion. And also, until you read the ENTIRE unedited interview, I don’t want to hear anything about what you people think. 9 times out of 10, this quote was taken out of context, just like 90% of all quotes taken from A-list celebs. It’s called making headlines, getting views, and ratings. It has obviously worked on this site hasn’t it?

  31. She’s not really all that beautiful. Google ‘megan fox how to lose friends and alienate people premier’ and you’ll she her true face before the plastic surgury. She’s pretty but nothing special. Breast implants, rhinoplasty, hair extensions, and lip fillers do not change genetic code guys. She’s a fake woman from head to toe. Add to that her borderline retarded intellect and she’s not much of a prize. Her manufactured looks are what got her to this point in her career and that’s a terrible message to send to the young girls of today.

  32. Megan Fox sounds like an ungrateful, slutty, bitchy, carpet muncher..(could go on saying nasty things about Fox but it’s too much for one comment)..Megan Fox should try and go ask daddy if he can get her into Big Name movies instead of asking real directors like Michael Bay…seriously I hope this cunt bag dies in a pool of her own vomit

    • You just used the words ‘Michael Bay’ and ‘real director’ in a sentence. I think I’m may become physically ill.

  33. Sure sure she’s being honest, but it goes a lot into context, your rep, talent, and intelligence as an actor(ess). She doesn’t have much of anything: she’s not a good actress, it takes more than making faces and changing your voice. You have to have depth, and she’s barely deep enough to go puddle bouncing in. Transformers isn’t about acting, duh. Its about big cars and fight scenes. But she couldn’t act in a better move so has no right to talk. And nah I’m not jealous of her at all, I just don’t think that winning the genetic lottery gives you the right to be a bitch. Being honest also isn’t the same as being disrespectful, and she’s the latter. No right to talk and no verbal finesse. I’d say I’d give her 6 years but today’s stars don’t need an IQ or talent so who knows.
    , Seph

  34. Megan Fox is a total duche sometimes!!!
    she once said on an interview… that she doesnt think shes all that beautiful. but if u dont think ur all that beautiful then why get implants and plastic sugery? Megan Fox is honest? more like hypocritical.
    im not judging her just saying if shes actually doing that, that it is wrong and a big lie to humanitary, she deserves to rott in fkn hell if she ever says another quote like that on an interview.

    I rest my case. oh and btw she is hott but not enough to be fkn gorgeous ive seen sexiierrr ppl then her, like seriously. Megan your not Gorgeous!
    just hot and thats all youll ever makeup to be you and ur big mouth!!
    (if u actually said that) it would just make u super fkn fkn fkn ugly!!!

  35. Actually.. Transformers isn’t about the acting. She’s right. It’s about visual appeal. Which is why she got a start in the first place. Because she’s visually appealing. So.. this is just a rant by an ugly jealous person to draw attention to themselves by feeding on other peoples misguided disdain. If it was about the acting.. The cast would have been made up of people slightly more well renowned for their dramatic performances… by why would they waste the special effects budget on people with more well established talent. So the comment doesn’t reflect an attitude of ungratefulness.. just a firm grip on her own reality. Something half the people that have post comments on here seem to be lacking. Get a Life.

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