Kate Gosselin Is A Monster, Refuses To Hydrate Daughter

Let me start off by saying that I don’t watch John & Kate Plus 8 and I don’t know a whole lot about this Kate woman except that she is the mom to eight children, has an unfortunate soccer mom shotgun haircut, is going through a divorce and that people really don’t like her. A clip released by Access Hollywood that shows Kate Gosselin with her wiggly eight children before going live for a segment has been creating quite the stir online. In the clip (above) Kate’s daughter Mady whines about being thirsty. Kate says that she is also thirsty and asks for a bottle of water, drinks from it, but doesn’t share any with her pleading daughter. Hitler-level monster stuff, right? Eh. First, just looking at those eight children fidgeting around is giving me anxiety, so I’m not going to pretend that I know how to appropriately tame a TV-ready army of suburban tykes. Secondly, Kate mentions that drinks are coming for the children and then, after Mady lays down the appropriate level of child-like manipulation (“you’re really mean…you drank it right in front of my face!”) Kate prepares to get the bottle of water but has to stop because they are going live in a matter of seconds. But of course, everyone is going crazy that this further proves that Kate is a monster from Hell who can’t stop spitting out babies that she can abuse and exploit.

Again, I don’t know the deal with Kate, but why is everyone overreacting to this? Have we become so accustomed to overparenting that we now admonish parents for not being able to indulge the whines of their children? Or is Kate’s behavior really evidence of neglect?

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28 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin Is A Monster, Refuses To Hydrate Daughter

  1. It’s not neglect, but it is super bitchy. I wouldn’t ask my kid to suffer through something that I was unwilling to suffer through myself.

    • I dunno about neglect, I am not a parent and such. It’s beyond obvious that she exploits those kids though. Plus I hear she’s a huge bitch.

  2. I am so glad somebody came out and said this. Have any of the people overreacting spent any time at all with children? They are manipulative, crazy little beasts (and I say that with much love for them, truly). They will pretend to be dying just to have something to do. 5 minutes waiting for some water wasn’t going to kill that girl.

    • Besides if she gave Mady water right that second, then all the other kids would want it right there and now, which would not work when they are about to go on air. Just because a kid whines doesn’t mean it is an emergency to give them what they want immediately. Just the opposite.

      • It’s true her daughter isn’t going to die because of dehydration, but Kate won’t either, so why drink in front of the little girl.
        Hideous behavior!

    • ok, both she and you are horrible people. I am just barely an adult and I take great offense at that, idiot! PS- my IQ is 162- 62 points above average!

  3. I don’t think she is horrible because of this, I think she doesn’t deserve the criticism for this, and that just because a kid whined does not mean they are going to die. The tabloids obviously have nothing to talk about these days.

    Kate is mean though.

    • She deserve the criticism for drinking in front of a child that just asked for water BEFORE her. Its just mean and it is sure as hell right to say so. No ofc you dont have to give a child all it wants the second they say so, a few minutes is ok for this kinds of things but for her to pick up the bottle and drink for herself. just NO. It sucks, big time!

    • She deserves criticism based on her truly abhorrent treatment of her husband. For this … well kids want stuff all the time and it does them good to get to wait for a moment.

      Also, in unrelated news, Kate is a huge bitch and a monster.

      • Wives treat husbands like that a lot. You should see how my brother in law and his wife interact. You’d think Kate was a saint then.

        She should have waited, admittedly. Or given the water to Mady then put it away. But I also agree that if you give one kid water, then they’ll ALL want some. My niece and nephew are like that, and there’s just two of them.

        Kate is a control-freak, a germ-a-phobe, and a power mom. I think she needs to step back a bit and not give the media more fuel for the fire. I think she’s doing what she thinks is best. NONE of us are in her shoes, not even close, so who are we to tell her what she needs to do and not do? Just let her live her life. I’m sure the kids will be fine. They’ve also said in one episode that as soon as the kids say they don’t want to do the show anymore, that will be the end of it. I respect that.

  4. It was totally dick of her to drink in front of Mady. But she knew they were going live soon, and if you give one kid water, you have to give all the kids water, and then no one’s prepared to go on live TV. Still. She shouldn’t have asked for water for herself.

    • baahaa! Dickmove! So true. If I were one of those kids, I would get the others to band together and get the f*%k out of that place. Seriously, running away would have to be way better. ;)

  5. How about turn off the fucking camera, send the media away, close the door, give the kid some water and be a parent instead of an attention whore?

  6. one – no, it’s not *that* big a deal.

    two – as a couple other people have pointed out, if the kid could wait for water, so could the mom.

    three – what’s so wrong with a kid taking a sip of water on camera? i don’t see how that would have been the end of the world – especially considering that what these people are famous for is *doing normal things, such as eating and drinking and whining, on camera*.

    people are really eager to put kate gosselin down – and nobody, no parent, would ever want to be judged on one reaction to one discontent child.

    but the kid could have had a drink, and everything would have been fine.

  7. one day, I hope to live in a world free of gosselin gossip. I don’t know why, but it drives me bananas. some people don’t like kate as a person, and I get this, but the insane backlash that has occurred just blows me away.

  8. There are two people who want a drink, one of them gets water but refuses to let the other one have a sip. It doesn’t matter what their relationship is or their respective ages are, the water hog is a big meanie. If I just saw that clip I’d think that the mom was a stupid cow but knowing what we know about Kate this just adds another check to the ‘bad mom’ column.

  9. I hope I never ever hear about this family or that “spiedi” nonsense again. Who made these boring ass people famous? (giving stink eye to BEET)

    Really, can’t you focus on someone more important? Like Brad Pitt? The lack of Pitt pics on evilbeet is disturbing.

  10. she is a bitch. she’s a monster; I’ve watched the show for a few seasons and I cannot watch anymore because of her.

  11. I am apparently somewhat alone in this, but as a biologist and someone who spends a lot of time working outside, being dehydrated really is an unhealthy thing, especially for children. I’m not saying that it was a huge deal that Kate didn’t give Mady water RIGHT AWAY, but I also don’t know how long shoots last and also agree with the sentiment that …what’s the big deal if the kid drinks on video? I understand kids are whiny and if she was asking for candy, toys, something less important and basic than water, I’d agree with the comments that kids need to learn patience. If all the kids needed water, then …they should have gotten water, filming or not their health should come first. That is my two cents.

  12. It might have been b!tchish to drink the water in front of the kids, but the kids don’t have to do any talking for the interview either.

  13. I really understand your point. I adore little kids, but they do whine a lot about very little. It really doesn’t matter, and the mom was about to give her some water when they went on air. I feel bad for her, because she has EIGHT kids and an absent husband so it probably really sucks for her. I get that they could have been dehydrated, but usually those clips are pretty short.

  14. People also seem to forget Mady is the whiny one. She’s always whining and complaining about something. I’m sure she’s really a sweet girl at heart, but she over exaggerates everything to the 10th degree. She probably barely even knows what “dehydrated” means.

    Please, find someone else to gossip about. If we stop buying the magazines, they’ll find someone else to harass. Where’s Lindsey Lohan been?

  15. What to say first..The children, there are eight children, all vying for attention, especially when they are in an enclosed space..Maddie wanted water,yes! Kate had water and yes did take a drink from her bottle but like was said in another comment, as she was picking up the water bottle again the cameras went off..obviously she was going to give Maddie the bottle..done deal, so let’s get over that one.. Everyone is calling Kate cruel and a bitch with a germ phobia, so the woman likes order and a clean home enviroment, what’s wrong with that. As far as discipline is concerned, someone has to be the enforcer. It seems that Jon likes to go with the flow and try and please everyone, so Kate is left with the job of being the one to correct any bad behaviour and not put up with the constant tantrums, especially from Maddie. I have been in her shoes and ignoring the ‘acting out’ was the best way of dealing with it, even though it might look like she didn’t give a damn. The show begins airing again tonight and so they are bringing up all the old media footage of who did what to whom and how things were done or not done..The only comment that I agree on, is that they are making money out of this but are putting the majority of the money away for the childrens future and that can’t be a bad thing..I hope that like Jon and Kate said, when the kids have had enough they will call it quits and go on with their lives and be as normal a nuclear family as it surely will be, as possible.

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