If Billie Jean Is Not My Lover, Then Perez Hilton Never Will Be

039_30399michael-jackson-postersBy this point in time, I’m sure you’re all aware (and if you’re not, I apologize for the shock I’m about to deliver to you):  the legendary Michael Jackson passed away Thursday afternoon of full cardiac arrest.

Whether you loved the man or hated him, you can’t deny that he had style and finesse.  MJ had a fashion sense that was beyond his years and his choreography and song-writing skills rivaled the best of them.  Hell, in my humble opinion, he was the best of them.  I have to go ahead and say that I am personally and deeply affected by Jacko’s passing and I’ve always stood behind him one hundred percent, even throughout child molestation allegations.  I personally don’t think such a gentle-hearted creature could be capable of doing the things that he was so acidly accused of.  Call me stupid, call me naive, call me anything you want with the exception of a Michael Jackson-basher.  He was and always will be an innovative musical genius to me and my childhood and I will always treasure what MJ did in his career.

I remember practicing the “Thriller” dance at slumber parties when I was a child.  I remember singing my heart out to Billie Jean on high school bus trips and I remember the brother(sister)hood and camaraderie that overcame a resort that I visited in the Dominican last year, which had put on a performance of MJ’s greatest hits.  Jackson’s hits united a generation and paved the way for so many artists thereafter.  Every time I got into my car today, I would tune through the radio and all I would hear was Jackson’s hits.  Despite the fact of the disturbing circumstances, I felt it a paying tribute to the man’s genius and memory.  I, personally, will deeply miss Michael Jackson.

However, some individuals (namely Mario Lavandeira, better known as Perez Hilton, better known as the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media”) will contest the validity of Michael’s antics versus his untimely death.

The Michael coverage as of yesterday stated that the popular notion around the back-biting, venomous website was that Jackson had staged his heart attack and subsequent death as a off-putting ploy to avoid his up and coming tour this Fall beginning in London.  Lavandeira’s original and oh-so-eloquently-worded post stated:

We knew something like this would happen!!

Michael Jackson was taken by ambulance from his Holmby Hills home to a nearby Los Angeles hospital on Thursday afternoon!!

Supposedly, the singer went into cardiac arrest and the paramedics had to administer CPR!!!

His mother is even on the way to visit him!!!

We are dubious!!

Jacko pulled a similar stunt when he was getting ready for his big HBO special in ‘95 when he “collapsed” at rehearsal!

He was dragging his heels on that just like his upcoming 50 date London residency at the 02 Arena, of which he already postponed the first few dates!!!

Either he’s lying or making himself sick, but we’re curious to see if he’s able to go on!!!

Get your money back, ticket holders!!!!

I’m not sure what was more offensive: his overuse of exclamation points (almost as annoying as the overuse of ellipses) or his blatant lack of respect for what may or may have not been a serious medical issue at the time.  Unfortunately for Michael, his family and his fans, it was not a clever facade to re-market his comeback.  It was not a hoax.  After it was reported that Jackson did, indeed, suffer a cardiac episode and died afterward, Mario changed his original blog post to a more demure, humanity-friendly post, such as this:

Michael Jackson was taken by ambulance from his Holmby Hills home to a nearby Los Angeles hospital on Thursday afternoon!!

The singer went into cardiac arrest and the paramedics had to administer CPR!!!

His mother is even on the way to visit him!!!

For someone who always has to be the gossipy little center-of-attention bitch, the press currently surrounding Perez Hilton is not creating good publicity for him at all.  Dude’s digging his own grave with a huge, jaw-sized, underbite-shaped shovel.  You don’t have to be a Michael fan to find his unabashedly backward candor offensive.  I was never a fan of the sloppily-written “blog” myself, but I can surely guarantee you that I even won’t find myself accidentally on this twat’s page.

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36 thoughts on “If Billie Jean Is Not My Lover, Then Perez Hilton Never Will Be

  1. First of all: R.I.P. Michael, may your afterlife be happier than your real one.

    Second: I feel sorry for people such as Perez Hilton. The energy that goes into all this hatred and for what I ask? Seriously, what went wrong in this man’s life that he feels the need to bash like this?

  2. I have to confess I am a long time Perez reader, largely because his blog tended to be simple, and one of the few that updates gossipy trash on the weekend. His tendency toward harsh criticism of adults & children, as well as his general histrionics have always been unpleasant.

    His recent debacle with the Black Eyed Peas has actually forced me to research other sites in search of my trashy gossip news. What I find at your sites, and others (such as wwtdd, the superficial, evilbeet, pinkisthenewblog, as well as a number of blogs that you include in your blogroll) is that most of you are accomplishing the same task without all the jerkishness. Every site has it’s “bent” on things, wwtdd clearly seems to be a guy with a great deal of concern for his penis, so everything is always boiled down to that common denominator, however he’s never felt the need to label Bobby Brown’s teenage daughter a whore, or make fun of Adam Sandler’s child.

    I guess we can refer to this as “classy”.

    I don’t know what the deal is with Perez–I would say that when an anti-hate group refuses to take your potential future donation, and states it publically, it might be time to clean up your act. For a a gay man who thinks “hate is never the answer”, he has staked his entire career on publishing hateful commentary about others.

    Juxtapose that with pinksithenewblog, also run by a gay man who includes gorgeous pics of his very cute little neice–he manages to dish the goods without the dramatic hate mongering, and certainly never stoops to insulting children on his site. You might consider including him in your blogroll.

  3. Hate and over the top statements get people’s attention.
    So for a while, he’ll have a lot of attention because he is acting like a complete prick. He knows he is and he’s proud of it – “Hollywood’s most hated site”
    But eventually people will get sick of the novelty of how nasty he is and will stop looking at his site. Or someone else will come along who is meaner and more shocking and boot him out of the public eye.
    But sites that have a real perspective and humor to them will survive.

  4. Perez is a narcissist, he says hateful things because he feels a grand sense of entitlement to do so but GOD FORBID anyone offends him. His feelings are more important than anyone else’s you know….

    And Sarah, I am sorry you are so upset about Michael but the statement about someone so “gentle” being incapable of child abuse is just all shades of wrong. No one walks around advertising that they are like that. Just look at how many priests and pillars of the community end up getting caught doing these things.

  5. I used to read PH’s blog daily, until Thursday. Of all of the disturbing things he’s ever written, that one broke the proverbial camel’s back for me. I also unfollowed his Twitter.

    Honestly, I think Mario has some seriously deep seeded issues. I think he takes it all out on the rest of the world. And anyone who does not agree with his opinions finds themselves on the receiving end of his ugly stick. (re: the crying video)

    I agree, he is digging his own grave. I think he won a few lawsuits and now thinks he’s untouchable. I await the day karma knocks on his door.

    • What he did to Carrie Prejean as well as Neal Patrick Harris is disgusting. He also said that he hoped Anna Nicole Smith died like 48hrs before she actually did then has a sudden case of amnesia and acts like he’s Mr. Compassion.

  6. Thank you Sarah for so eloquently and passionately stating the very sentiments I have held about his innocence regarding the molestation accusations, and also for emphasizing the very reason that I have never wavered in my belief of his innocence. I also wholeheartedly believe; as you do, that “such a gentle-hearted creature could be capable of doing the things that he was so acidly accused of”. I have not lived a sheltered or naive life, and have witnessed firsthand the evil acts that people can inflict on others, I stand firmly in my belief that he did not commit those heinous acts because he was just too gentle and compassionate to commit them. I will stand beside you and take the criticisms if or when they come because it meant so much to me to read your post that echoed my emotions so closely.

    As for Perez Hilton; I am ashamed to say that though I have long been disgusted by his site for all the obvious reasons, I still have occasionally been guilty of checking out his site on slow news days (which I realize is NOT an acceptable excuse). The episode with will.i.am this week pretty much killed any chance that I would be tempted to visit that cesspool again, I am still shocked to learn that within a matter of mere days he managed to find a way to dig a few layers closer to hell by so excitedly posting his disgusting, unfounded, and sick conspiracy theory. Then when realizing how deep he had dug himself, he only takes out the blatantly false and inflammatory information while leaving in his excited exclamation points as if this was a frivolous post on a celebrity hook-up, rather than apologizing and acknoweledging the very tragic loss of a beloved father, son, brother, uncle, and musical icon. I can now say with 100% certainty that NOTHING will make me click on that POS site again, and am ashamed that it took something this horrendous to get me to this point. I apologize for the length of this post, but like millions of other fans who grew up with Michael Jackson and believed in him I am grieving the loss of a great talent and a fellow human being who was violently forced by a cruel and selfish father into the harsh public spotlight that he was never able to escape throughout his very sad and troubled life; and thanks to the bottom-feeding paps, who captured photos of his dead body in the brief moment he was transferred from his home to the ambulance. I have also cut out the media outlets who aired or printed this photo and refuse to view it myself. It is sad to think of how many people have profited off of someone who tragically died while trying to make a comeback to start salvaging his dire financial situation; a situation he should have never been placed in thanks to the considerable wealth he accumulated throughout his career. Too bad his handlers did not share the same concern for him while they stuffed their pockets full at his (and his children’s) expense. Again, I apologize for the rant – there is just so much about the life and death of Michael Jackson that is heartbreaking and difficult for a lifelong fan to communicate as succinctly and eloquently as I would have liked. Bless you Michael; may you finally have the peace and compassion you so deserved in life.

    • How do you “know” he was gentle and compassionate? You didn’t know him personally. People that knew him personally said he was a pedophile. My next door neighbor was a gentle old reverend who the community loved….he was also a pedophile. Do you still OJ is innocent too? And Chris Brown? Wise up.

      • How do you “know” he was not gentle and compassionate? Even I only stated that I “believed” him to be gentle and compassionate. Many more people who knew him personally said they knew for certain he was not a pedophile. The truth is, you can’t prove he was any more than I can prove he wasn’t – but at least I state that I am basing my beliefs upon observations of his character; not just tabloid headlines that made lots of people rich. I have survived the abuse of a pedophile, but I do not jump to believe every accusation based on that experience.

        For the record, I am was the only child of my beloved single mother who died a very violent and unexpected death seven years ago. I was forced to grow up very quickly, take on large financial and legal burdens, and make heartbreaking decisions at a time I just wanted to die. I have seen things that no one should ever have to see, so please do not insult me by telling me to “Wise up”. I can assure you I am wise and strong far beyond my years. For the record, I’m pleased to see that some form of justice is being served to OJ – though not nearly harsh enough to atone for the crime he got away with. And Chris Brown is a little punk who needs to spend at least a few months in General Population. (BTW, clear photographic evidence of the abuse both of these men inflicted upon their victims exists and has been seen by millions.) But since – like you, I know none of these people personally I don’t care to argue with you about my thoughts on each of them. My post was about my feelings and BELIEFS about Michael Jackson and Perez Hilton ONLY; which I stand by and am more than entitled to. I’m always willing to agree to disagree with someone as long as they treat me with respect, but I do take offense to anyone who presumes to think I live in a fuzzy little world with rose-colored blinders on.

      • Masquedance said it best. Michael was never convicted of molestation charges. Chris Brown has been charged and OJ was charged at his civil trail for both of the wrongful deaths.

        You have absolutely no proof that Michael ever did anything, so maybe you should wise up.

  7. Oh come on! very few pedophiles seem like horrible monsters on the outside, thats part of what makes the crime so hard to catch and prove.

    • Yes pedophiles do try too come off as nice guys on the outside, but they definitely DO NOT try too come off as childlike or eccentric.

      If Mister Jackson had been guilty he wouldn’t have had this whole Neverland fantasy world, and he never would have written that song “Childhood”, he would have tried too come off as mature and normal, which he wasn’t, and he didn’t need too pretend too be because he was innocent.

      That’s just an opinion though.

  8. Oh please can’t we just let him rest in peace? Whatever he may or may not have done has been discussed at length already a few years ago…

  9. I agree with Berit. If he had walked around leering at children and buying porn off news stands, we’d say he was obviously a pedophile. And if (as is the case) there was no evidence that he did anything wrong except rumors, people say well, pedophiles seem usually seem normal so he must be a pedophile.
    Complete Catch 22.
    It can’t be settled. Now the man is dead. Leave it alone.

  10. While I understand as a Jackson fan you would feel horrified at Perez’s bashing (something which has made the rounds of the internet extensively) I find it funny that suddenly everyone is unanimously a Jackson lover now. I have no opinion either way. He is a superstar! He is not your friend or lover or someone you have intimate knowledge of, grow up. How can any of us claim to KNOW if the allegations against him had any base in truth? You can’t. You can look at all the evidence (or lack there of) and you still won’t have a clue because you are not involved.
    Also I know a ton of people hate Perez, yada yada, blah blah. He does post really mean things, nasty, nasty, things. That doesn’t make him wrong. He pushes the envelope and he is gay, the cards are not in his favor; and yet he still has one of the most popular websites. This whole “debacle” you mention with the black eyed peas is honestly just sad, more so in the internet’s response. People call is karma, they say he deserved it or that he had it coming. But honestly that is complete BS. It is not like he wrote a bunch of lies about BEP, they (they meaning those involved in his attack) basically hated him for giving an opinion. After a confrontation the punches thrown seemed to me more of a response to Perez calling Will.i.am a “faggot” in quite an ironic move.
    What really bothers me in this is the stupidity of this post and the oddly conformist nature of a proclaimed feminist website with apparently a severe lack of new material. It is sad, I sort of liked it when I first read some of the posts. Maybe it is just this poster, who knows.

  11. I have always felt bad for MJ. I wish peace and happiness to his children and family.

    Please remember that he was never convicted of child molestation. America’s motto: Innocent until proven guilty.

    He was a great entertainer and a master of music. His talent was unbelievable. I will always love MJ!

  12. I’ve gotta say, I wasn’t really a fan. Sure he made good music, but ever since he turned white and went batshit crazy I haven’t been a fan. Someone on Evil Beet said, “To me, Michael was the last of the mythical icons of this world.” I don’t agree with this at all. Perhaps if he died back when Thriller was released, but now? Nope, sorry. About the pedophilia thing… you don’t pay off people if you’re innocent. You just don’t, sorry. It’s not like any jury in the country was going to convict Michael Jackson of anything. The same could have been said about OJ when he was still known for more than (allegedly) brutally murdering people. Remember that book he was gonna write? Yeah, come on, he did it. Why is this country so easy on celebrities? If any of us (excluding if you’re a celebrity, I guess) had the same trials we’d be found guilty for sure! I think the last celebrity anyone sent to prison was Nicole Ritchie, for like 28 minutes.

    That being said, I’ll save the tears and marching with signs and shit for when Cher dies. Oh yes, I said Cher.

  13. While I am not going to act like ‘well, he’s dead, so I’m going to pretend buying your way out of trouble with fame is okay,’ Perez Hilton is kind of a douche. In general.

    Also, he’s just going to keep being a douche if we keep giving him attention. He LIKES us to be outraged at his doucheyness. Blogs like this are what give him power!

  14. Why would an innocent man settle out of court for large sums of money each time?

    I can’t believe idiots that support a child molester. Almost all of these idiots are female for some reason. If he had been molesting little girls instead would the feminist inside you cared a little more?

    • Fame. While he might get LESS support if it was a little girl he’d still have plenty of people saying that the little tyke was a lying whore.

      The fact that it came up twice is another indicator. Okay, it happens once? Maybe they’re just gold diggers making up stories. It happens twice? That’s a warning flag?

      I like his music, but that doesn’t make him a good person any more than me liking Britney Spears makes her a good mother. His death is sad, but to say ‘drop it’ shows a severe degeneracy of our society, when we care more about the death of a man who clearly was not in the best health simply because he was on TV than the lives of those who still have to live with what he MOST LIKELY did. Victims of abuse don’t just ‘drop it’ when their abuser dies, goes to jail, or moves away.

      • He was sleeping in bed with children at the age of 45 by his own admission. Who does that other than pedos?

        On an even sadder note, Debbie Rowe just publicly stated that those kids are not Michael’s, that they were conceived with an anonymous sperm donor and that she wants nothing to do with them. How tragic, these poor kids have no one now.

        • I know for a fact that at least one did not. I remember hearing that one family had a history of iffy behavior, so I don’t know what that kid might have said. However, it’s Michael Jackson. He had more money, fame, and power than anyone else alive at the time, and scores of fans who OBVIOUSLY put him far above any commoner. It’s not impossible that he or his people paid or threatened those people to say otherwise. No one else on the planet could even have these charges brought up, even if they were proven to be outright lies, and get away unscathed. Michael Jackson, on the other hand, became MORE popular and has people defending him with things like “I know he’s a gentle wonderful loving person and would NEVER EVAR DO THAT” simply because they like the way he sings and dances. Whenever the neighbor kid goes nuts and shoots up the school, doesn’t everyone who knew him personally say something like ‘wow, it’s a shock, he was also such a nice, quiet, polite kid, I don’t believe he’d do that!’ You never believe it when the kid’s own family and friends say it. Why the HELL should I believe it when a person is vouched for by professional publicists and a bunch of starstruck fans who’ve never met the man?

          Unless you want to tell me that he REALLY only had 2 plastic surgeries, the voice he used while singing and in interviews is TOTALLY not exaggerated, and he DEFINITELY had vitiligo?

    • re-visit the Martin Bashir interview and tell me if you still believe he was a molester. He was wacky and childish, but I believe he was very scared of anything sexual. I believe the idea of sex was something scary and uncomfortable. So, no. I don’t believe he touched these kids.

      • Every man has NEEDS even a child like freak. If he wasn’t getting it from adults then he probably got it from kids and justified it to himself as “love”. What’s really disgusting in all this is that all these doctors Michael had on his payroll and not one of them had the moral compass to 5150 him like Britney Spears. Michael was clearly in need of psychiatric treatment.

        Perez is a parasite.

        • Just because someone is weird doesn’t make them an evil pedophile who cannot control their disgusting lustful fantasies.

          I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what really happened, but there was enough evidence, DESPITE all the odd behavior and disgusting innuendos, for a jury to find him innocent on every account he was charged on.

  15. I was never a fan. But he was never charged and never convicted. Whether he bought his way out of it or just got rid of someone taking advantage, we’ll never know. Two people knew in each of those situations and one is now dead. I’m not supporting him or becoming a fan of his because he died, I’m just saying that we will never know the truth, so why keep slinging opinions around? It accomplishes nothing. To quote a too much used phrase- it is what it is. Arguing about whether he was a pedophile can have no resolution and is useless.

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