Your Facials: Now with More Sperm

frontpage_faceSpermine, a powerful anti-oxidant originally discovered in human sperm, is said to diminish wrinkles and smooth the skin. The substance is now being synthesized in laboratories and sold by a Norwegian company called (seriously) Bioforskning. Spermine facials cost $250 at Townhouse Spa, where the substance is penetrated with ultrasound and infrared light. But I’m sure you can get a similar facial for free if you post an ad on the appropriate section of Craigslist.

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19 thoughts on “Your Facials: Now with More Sperm

  1. Pay someone 250 dolllars to put a strangers jizz all over my face?
    Hell i can just go to my boyfriend who i am pretty sure would PAY me 250 dollars to have that chance.

  2. I actually was watching this documentary on the 70s porn industry (Deep Throat, Behind the Green Door, etc.) and some older woman was commenting on how she’d let her partner come on her face just so she could rub it in. Gross, I know, but this woman’s skin looked amazing. Much better than most aged porn stars look after years of tanning, smoking, and drugs. Just sayin’.

  3. Ech, too far!! It reminds me of that Ugly Betty episode ages ago when that woman injected duck sperm or something into her face…

    • On that note, does anyone remember the episode of Nip/Tuck where the spa that Julia owned sold face cream with jizz in it and Joan Rivers was dabbing it on her face?

    • Now you just made gag! And thats not an easy thing to do… Did you know that there is a superstition that if a man does swallow menstrual blood it puts a spell on him where he will always be madly in love with that person and will be thier slave?

      • I’m guessing any man willing to redwing a woman is probably already very much in love with her, as giving oral is inherently a selfless act.
        And really? Redwinging makes you gag, but we ladies are expected to enjoy getting jizz in our faces? Fuck that shit.

        • He wouldn’t have to pull out so you wouldn’t have to get it on your face, Silly…. Just spit it into a tissue then you can add it to you Oil of Olay… That would increace its value by $200 bucks!

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