Exercise: Fail; Starvation and Cigarettes FTW!

obeseA new study says that more than fifty percent of women are unhappy with their weight; the same fifty percent aren’t concerned with being healthy, just being thin.

Women these days are so inundated with the majority of celebrity women being stick-thin, to the likes of Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan and the classic stick figure, Lara Flynn Boyle, just to name a few.  I’m not saying that it’s right to want to be overly-thin, but it’s kind of hard not to sometimes, especially when the media is filled with gorgeous women flaunting their impossibly perfect bodies with not an ounce of fat on them.

According to this same study, and I’m sure it excludes all of our favorite celebrity starlets,  a whopping seventy percent of the population studied is obese.

According to Keri Gans, registered dietitian for the American Diabetic Association, women nowadays are more concerned with the numeric value of their weight than they are with their cholesterol or blood pressure.

As sad as it is to say, I can agree with that to an extent.  I’m twenty-five (twenty-six in just four short weeks!) and I’ve always been very lucky when it came to annual blood work at the physician’s office.  My cholesterol has always been low, my sodium levels stable and my blood pressure right on target for someone my age.  All of my levels are on the rather low side, including my blood sugar.  In spite of that, I suppose lower blood sugar is probably a bit better than higher.  I consider myself quite lucky in that aspect, because I have a grandmother who has raging diabetes and she borders on the insane side of high.

In spite of my relatively good luck with health, I’m not what you would call the most active person in the world.  It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy exercise, it’s that I’d rather spend my time doing other things and the majority of my interests take up the excess time that I would otherwise spend exercising and becoming healthier.  I smoke, which is also not in my favor and as I’ve stated in my previous posts, I smoke for two reasons:  the former being that I enjoy my disgusting habit and find that the seven and a half approximate minutes it takes to smoke a cigarette very therapeutic and solitary.  The latter being that I am probably a little more than afraid to admit that if I quit, I’d gain weight.

So, here we are ladies and gentlemen.  The perfect example for this study.

Do I exercise?  Not nearly as frequently as I should.  I smoke, and with diabetes and also cancer in my family, I’m more than likely playing Russian Roulette with my lungs.  I eat pretty well; all organically-grown produce and dairy and I tend to stay away from refined sugars, but I’m sure my healthy eating habits don’t really compensate for my lack of vigorous exercise and my gross smoking habit.

I’m twenty-five years old and after reading this article and doing a little soul-searching of my own, I think it’s probably about time that I start taking a bit better care of myself.

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4 thoughts on “Exercise: Fail; Starvation and Cigarettes FTW!

  1. Indeed. This has been on my mind too. I’m similar to yourself, I’m of a healthy weight, if not on the thin side. I smoke, but i eat mostly organic produce – abhorring sugar and the greasy stuff.

    My partner mentioned yesterday that he was proud of how low his resting heart rate was, i rarely take exercise and yet there’s probably girls twice my size who could whoop me all over the gym.

    I look good on the outside, but what are my lungs and arteries doing? I have no clue about my resting heart rate, cholesterol, blood sugar etc? You only get one body- most people take better care of their cars!

  2. I’m in the same boat! I recently started going to the gym again. Back in the day, I was a dancer and played tons of sports so it’s going to take awhile to get back into that sort of shape. I also eat pretty healthy except for my beer and buffalo wing weakness. But my ONE thing is smoking. I’m terrified that if I stop smoking now, my metabolism will come to a complete halt and I’ll have to use a Rascal Scooter to get around the grocery store. *shiver*

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