Jamie-Lynn Spears: Hot Mama!

Jamie-Lynn Spears and Baby Daughter Maddie Brianne at LAX Pictures Photos

Just days before her boyfriend and the father of her child, Casey Aldridge, landed in the hospital after an ill-explained Louisiana car wreck, 18-year-old Jamie-Lynn Spears was snapped at LAX with her adorable baby girl, Maddie. Maddie turns a year in June. My, how time flies when it’s someone else’s baby.

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9 thoughts on “Jamie-Lynn Spears: Hot Mama!

  1. I like that she’s not in the press a lot. I feel like (unlike her sister) she’s focusing on being a mother. Go Jamie-Lynn!

  2. The google ads today were for ArabLounge, getting Arabs together for dating! I’ve always wanted a hot Arabian guy, but somehow I don’t think their site would cater to me.

    Anyway, yay! I’m glad she’s not a crazy bitch like her big sister yet.

  3. I have to give Jamie Lynn credit:

    1. She’s carrying her own child
    2. The little girl isn’t immediately identifiable a la Suri Cruise or even Violet Affleck (and I love Ben and Jen dearly and realize that they just get caught living their lives, which I totally respect, but still)

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